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Fall, 2015 Issue No. 10

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What Is Up with the GRU Department Self-Assessments? Clay Sprouse, Chief Audit Officer

What Is Up with the GRU Department SelfAssessments? New or Not?


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Entity Level Controls: 3 What Are They & Why Are They Important?

This is a relaunch of a prior program that was considered valuable and successful.

There are numerous benefits of the department self-assessments.

What’s It All About, Auditors?


What’s new about the assessments?

What can you expect when you get the survey and how do you complete it?

Understanding Financial Statements


How do you get more information if you need it?

Meet the Intern



Internal Audit Staff Clay Sprouse…………………..CAO Kathleen Boyd ..... Assoc. Director Crystal Corey ......... Audit Manager Will Barnes ............. Senior Auditor Sheryl Brown ...............I.T. Auditor Rufus Copeland…………...Auditor Sarah Wilder………………..Auditor Lisa Kedigh………Admin. Asst. III Shannon Runger…………….Intern

The Office of Internal Audit's purpose is to support the mission and vision of the Georgia Regents Enterprise by: providing independent and objective management evaluations; identifying actual and potential problems; providing corrective guidance; developing management recommendations; and providing consultative services in accordance with professional internal auditing standards and compliance review guidelines.

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As many of you know, the department self-assessments are not new. We were doing these assessments on the Health Sciences Campus before consolidation. These were hardcopy books of checklists, best practices and ready references for department managers. The department self-assessments were stopped during a turbulent time of change when we created more integration with the medical center and then consolidated ASU and GHSU. Now that we are emerging from that time as Georgia Regents University and Georgia Regents Health System, the time is right to relaunch this valuable program.

Benefits The benefits of the surveys always were and still are that business managers and administrators had this quick reference for managing a department and ensuring compliance with numerous rules, procedures, regulations and policies. The checklists can be used to give you and your management assurance that we are doing things right. The tool also provided additional options for training and management evaluation and oversight.

On the back end, Internal Audit is able to gather information about the success of the compliance and risk management processes across campus. This information will be used to help responsible areas such as Human Resources, Compliance, Health and Safety, Procurement, and others to understand how well their programs are working.


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The Audit Connection Fall 2015  

Issue No. 10

The Audit Connection Fall 2015  

Issue No. 10