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Fact Sheet for the 2012 Entering Class Applications Received Total applications received Entering students enrolled Ratio of applicants to enrollees

2,384 230 9.6 to 1

Class Academic Qualifications Overall grade point average Science grade point average Mean MCAT score

3.7 3.64 30.47

Educational Background The 230 students in the 2012 entering class, 190 at Augusta Campus and 40 at GHSU/UGA Medical Partnership, have diverse educational backgrounds. 87 biology 17 chemistry 9 microbiology 15 biochemistry 12 psychology/biology 2 cellular biology

2 engineering 6 genetics 2 mathematics 11 biomedical engineering 2 english 13 neuroscience

4 exercise and sport science 4 biological sciences 7 economics 1 pre-medical 3 molecular biology 6 foreign language

Other majors include: double-major science, philosophy, ecology, health science, political science, religion, music and others. • One member has a doctor of physical therapy degree. • Another member has a doctor of philosophy degree. • One member of the class has a PharmD degree, 18 members have Master’s degrees, 4 have triple degrees, 46 have double degrees. • There are 87 females and 143 males in the class. 223 are Georgia residents and 7 are non-residents. • Four students are enrolled in the MD/PhD program.

MCG Fact Sheet  

Fact Sheet for the Medical College of Georgia's 2012 Entering Class.

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