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Manchester Orchestra takes audience by surprise

Indie-rock band took over the State Theatre last month and enthralled audience with their unique sound and ability to tell stories through lyrics with a transcendental and full sound Rachelle Mourra

Graphics Editor A hush flooded the State Theatre as Andy Hull walked up to the microphone, sweat dripping off his light brown beard and onto the stage’s wooden floor. “Several women’s magazines/ stacked up on top of a picture of me/when I tried to call/no one answered.” Andy Hull froze everyone in their spot as he softly sang “100 Dollars.” August 25th, Manchester Orchestra took the small venue, State Theatre in downtown St.Pete, by storm, along with openers Chris Staples and The River City Extensions. They opened up with Deer and flawlessly played it but, no one expected anything less from Manchester Orchestra. For people that had never seen them live before astonishment filled the room as they played, their breath taken away, but the usual didn’t expect otherwise. Manchester live sounds better than they ever will on a record or CD, I’ll start with that. They give a great live performance and the en-

ergy of the crowd and the members’ make the whole experience intoxicating. The only downside, I must say, was that they didn’t play “I Can Feel A Hot One” one of the best songs they’ve released, but given the show didn’t slow down the beat of the songs until the very end I can’t blame them for playing other songs instead, like Andy Hull’s solo project, Right Away, Great Captain. Right Away, Great Captain is a project Andy Hull started in 2006. Andy’s sweet voice fills the tracks in the recently released, The Church of a Good Thief. Girls screamed and threw themselves on stage, desperate for just the simple guitar picks lying on the floor, used or unused, and the set list that were taped to the stage’s floor. Security laughed, the band members glanced from back stage before they went on their way out. Manchester Orchestra knows exactly how to put on a show. They know how to communicate with their song and they show the true meaning of a real artist, lyrically and ability wise. Check out Manchester Orchestra:

Event Calendar ◘ Oct. 9– Band and orchestra fall concert, 7:00 p.m., GHS Auditorium

Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Rachelle Mourra/Pony Express

Vans Warped Tour brings heat to summer On July 29, the infamous rock music festival opened its doors at Vinoy Park in St.Petersburg with acts Mod Sun, Mayday Parade, BlessTheFall Lead singer of Mayday Parade, Derek Sanders, sports a plethora of bracelets given to him from fans. The band played in the heat with the energy of the sun. Their set included songs from the new self-titled album, to some classics like “Black Cat” and “Jersey.”

◘ Oct. 16– Chorus fall concert, 7:00 p.m., GHS Auditorium ◘ Oct. 20– Thespians competition, all day, Wharton High school ◘ Oct. 25– Applause Drama presents: One Act performance, 7:00 p.m., GHS Auditorium

“Hippy-Hop” rapper, Mod Sun, is a charismatic character with infectious music infusing reggae, hip-hop and soul. He set up the mood for the day with a fun and vivacious performance.

Lead Guitarist of Rise To Remain, Ben Tovey, stands out with his heavy riffs and distinct flowing melodies. The British metal band took their name literally as they rose among the charts and remained there with the support of their loyal fans from all over the world.

◘ Oct. 30– Orchestra concert, 7:00 p.m., GHS Auditorium ◘ Nov. 3– Marching band MPA ◘ Dec. 4– So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2012, Straz Center’s Carol Morsani Hall, Tues. 7:30 p.m., tickets starting at $39.50 ◘ Dec. 5-7– Drama One Act Festival, University of South Florida

Lead singer, Andy Hull builds up the show with slow and hypnotic guitar strums. They revved up fans, who started swaying back and forth, as they belched the lyrics along with the band.

BlessTheFall’s lead vocalist, Beau Bokan, drives the performance with a restless pace creating an euphoric experience for his audience. Bless The Fall is set to be on next year’s line-up with their iconic performance.

Rachelle Mourra/Pony Express

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arts & entertainment New restaurant PDQ gives good vibes, good food



Recently opened fast-food joint PDQ takes fresh food craze to a new level with everything from their just-squeezed lemonade to their tender breaded chicken and sweet creamy milkshakes Lilia Zinszer


Opinions Editor

Rachelle Mourra/The Pony Express

If you haven’t heard of the new food crave, PDQ, you have been living underneath a rock. PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality, and they stick to their word, the food is amazing and refreshing. When you firsts walk in, you are immediately welcomed by the PDQ host and the spunky vibe of the interior. Unlike some other restaurants, the PDQ staff is happy and ready to help you in any way. There are televisions for the sports fanatics and outdoor seating for those willing to withstand the Florida weather. Everything there is made fresh daily; there’s no need to wonder if those chicken sandwiches were made last week. The menu is minimal so, that there is never too much decision making. For the main entrée options range from a sandwich, a salad or chicken. And the sides are just as simple and delicious. My order, the crispy chicken sandwich meal, blew me away. The first bite of the sandwich was the perfect combination of mayo, lettuce and pickle, and it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. My mouth was full of flavor and my taste buds wanted more. Another must-have, the chicken tenders were absolutely delectable and succulent. The shake was a regular chocolate shake and seemed just as good, maybe even better, than one from of Steak n’ Shake.

Options for sides vary from fries, coleslaw or apples with toffee dip and everything is fresh. The best parts of the menu though, are their hand-spun shakes. The flavors vary from your traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to your specialty shakes, which include Oreo, malt and seasonal. At first glance, PDQ may start to get you thinking that it’s just like any other restaurant in the area, but it’s not. The prices are not terribly unreasonable at all. Everything is under $7 and in a nonworking student’s budget. So, if you’re in the mood to try something other than your routine eateries, then I suggest that you try PDQ and experience all that it has to offer.

Employees in the open kitchen working hard to show customers that they are indeed people dedicated to quality. The workers made sure that their kitchen was clean and safe for cooking the day’s products.


Movies and TV ‘Breaking Dawn: part 2’ will not disappoint

Fall television With the fall season rolling in, everyone’s favorite TV shows return and new series begin. Check out the returning shows that will give a hot fever this season

Emily Charlow

Copy Editor

Every year since 2008, each of the awardwinning books of the Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer, has hit the big screen as a smash hit and crazed audiences. Since the release of the originalTwilight, die-hard fans have been anticipating the arrival of the last and final movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, hoping the series ends with a bang. Breaking Dawn is the only book in the saga to be broken up into two movies due to an overwhelming amount of action, events, and graphics. If the book were made as one movie, it would have been over four hours long. No one could put down the last book in the saga. Each page read threw everyone under a bus, like (spoiler!) when Bella was dying during child birth and only pages later, Jacob imprinted on her daughter. There is no reason why the movie wouldn’t be just as good as the book. Anyone who has read Breaking Dawn knows exactly what to look forward to in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Part 1 of the final Twilight movie lead through Bella and Edward’s wedding, their many troubles through Bella’s pregnancy, and all the way up to the point when Bella transitions from human to vampire. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 left fans at a cliff hanger when Bella opens her new vampire-red eyes. If the last and final movie follows the outline of the book, Bella adjusts to her new life as a mother, wife, and vampire, triple whammy! But Part 2 will really focus on the quest to keep Renesmee safe from the Voltu-


Grey’s Anatomy– ABC, Thursdays, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, Premieres Sept. 27. The dramatic 8th season finale left everyone in awe, with the plane crash disaster and the loss of a close person, all there is left is to rebuild. Photo courtesy of ABC network


. Gossip Girl– CWTV, Mondays, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, premieres Oct. 8. The final season of GG will be explosive, all the truth will be revealed, all the gossip will be resolved and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find who Gossip Girl is.

Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

ri. Renesmee is considered a danger to the vampire world, since she is half human half vampire. In order to protect Renesmee, the Cullens have to round up hundreds of vampires for a strong army against the Volturi. The love between Bella and Edward was what won Twilight fans over. Girls idolize Bella and Edward’s relationship, which can most definitely be described as “the most epic romance.” Ratings went through the roof when fans found out the on-screen love was also off-screen love. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship only made Twilight that much more popular and made Bella and Edwards love more believable and true. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be another top-notch box office movie for the Twilight Saga. This movie is the best of both worlds.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros Television

3. Glee– Fox, 9:00 p.m. ET, Premiered

Sept. 13. The well anticipated season of the glee aftermath of some of the major characters has begun. The new season follows Rachel in NYATA and keeps up with the kids in the Glee club. With the lead vocalist gone to pursue a better future, who will be the next Rachel?

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television

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