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Nick Anderson

Gresham HS • Integrated Media Dept • Graphic Design • Mr. Cook


GD2 N.Anderson



Design Statement:

This portfolio represents. . .

The work I’ve done in my Graphic Design 2 class and everything I’ve learned this semester.

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N.Anderson GD2


Vector Bubbles DESCRIPTION

In this project I followed step by step instructions to create a realistic bubble. I used different gradients, colors, and lighting in order to preform this task. By making this bubble I was able to learn how to create realistic objects and to show the reflection and colors an object can have.


GD2 N.Anderson

Perspective Illustration DESCRIPTION

In this project I created a realistic 3D environment. By using the perspective tool, I created buildings and objects. From this project, I learned how to effectively use the perspective tool and to create a 3D environment with illustrator.

N.Anderson GD2


Character Generator DESCRIPTION

In this project I learned to create a believeable character out of an inanimate object. I learned to create cartoon features and to be able to create a character with three different emotions.

Cartoon Character Design - Marvin - Nick Anderson- 3/4/2013 6

GD2 N.Anderson

Line Art Illustration DESCRIPTION

In this project, I retraced a shoe of my choice with the tools provided in illustrator. I tried to make it look realistic by using different lines and colors to give it a more 3D look to it. This project taught me how to effectively trace an object to make it look realistic in illustrator.

N.Anderson GD2



DESCRIPTION This project was to make an iPod using the tools illustrator has. I used the various tools to make symmetrical shapes in order to create a realistic looking iPod. This project taught me to use the pen tool and other tools to their full effect.


iPod Playlists Artists Songs Settings About

GD2 N.Anderson

A. Nick Ipod

Fall Leaves Illustration DESCRIPTION

This was the first project of this class that I made. I used the pen tool to trace over leaves and to add color too them to make it look like a leaf pile. This project was to get us familiar with the tools that illustrator uses, specifically the pen tool.

N.Anderson GD2



This project was assigned to test our abilitiy to test our ability to create a realistic ad you might see in a magazine. I used various techniques to give the reader quick information about the product. I made 1/3 of the page the brand and product name, 1/3 of the page important information the reader would want to know, and the last 1/3 the actual product the reader would want to buy. This project taught me various design elements that graphic designers use in their ads.


GD2 N.Anderson

Photo-montage DESCRIPTION

In this project I had to put together a series of images that relate to me in a single image. I used photoshop to give these images different lighting, shading, and to reflect when needed. This project taught me how to further use the tools in photoshop.

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N.Anderson GD2


Student Planner DESCRIPTION

In this project I was given the task to create a student planner for the school year 2013-2014. I used a pattern with two colors to give it a simple look. I made sure to add appropriate text and images to give it more of a Gresham High School feel too it.


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N.Anderson GD2


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Gd2 portfolio  

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