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Sixth Form Open Evening 2012

A Level Success Page 3

Glenthorne welcomed well over 500 visitors to the school on our Sixth Form Open Evening on 17th October.

GCSE Success Page 4

It was an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and successes:

Kenya Page 5 & 6 Great North Run Page 7 Language Days & Othello Page 8 Year 7 & 8 Halloween Disco Page 9 Year 7 Football Year 8 Basketball Page 10 Rugby Super 10s Valencia Roadshow Page 11 Dates for the Diary Page 12

Our recent outstanding OFSTED Report; The best A’ level results we have ever achieved: a 100% pass rate and 38% of students achieving A and A* grades in 2012; Many of our students going on to study prestigious courses at top universities, including Oxbridge and Russell Group universities; over the last two years we have seen students reading Medicine and PPE at Oxford, students reading Law at Warwick and Combined Arts at Durham to name but a few. There was a presentation in the Hall to inform visitors of all of the opportunities offered by the school and to hear two Head Students talking about their experiences and the opportunities that they have benefited from whilst here at Glenthorne. We offer a comprehensive range of academic and vocational courses and an Academy Programme for those wishing undergo professional training in a specific area alongside academic study. Our Open Evening gave visitors to the school an opportunity to meet current Sixth Formers and the Subject Leaders of all of the courses available, thus enabling prospective students to learn about our ethos and values and to see the school’s excellent facilities and resources at first hand. Thank you to all visitors to the school and particular thanks for your positive and highly complimentary feedback. We hope you enjoyed your visit and do not forget the approaching deadline for applications to our Sixth Form: 23rd November!

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GHS News

Prospective Parents Evening 2012 Glenthorne welcomed well over a thousand visitors to the school on its Open Evening on 19th September and many more came to see the whole school in operation on Open Morning on 21st September. For the school, it was an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and successes: our excellent GCSE and A Level results and our recent outstanding OFSTED Report; for parents, an opportunity to meet staff and pupils from the school, to learn about our ethos and values and to see the school’s excellent facilities and resources. There was a presentation in the Hall to let parents know about the opportunities offered by the school and to hear two Year 7s talking about their experiences on their first day at High School. Parents also had an opportunity to tour the school with Glenthorne pupils and to see exciting experiments and demonstrations and participate in numerous activities.

Thank you to all parents who visited the school, particular thanks for your positive and highly complimentary feedback. We hope you enjoyed your visit!

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6th Formers celebrate A Level exam success Our 6th Formers celebrated record-breaking A Level results in the summer. After two years’ dedication and hard work, it was great to share their joy, delight and relief at achieving such well deserved results. Our Year 13 students surpassed all previous records to achieve the best results in our history: a 100% pass rate, 38% of grades at A*/A, 66% of grades at A*-B and 90% of grades at A*-C. There were many outstanding individual performances and we are proud of the results of all our students, but the following students’ results were particularly impressive: Sophie Wills (2A*s, 2As), Sian Blewitt, Anabelle Iratni, Aaron Lewis, Caroline Lewis (A*, A,B), Megan Barnes, Celia Hackling, Guillaume Redonnet-Brown, Rebecca McGoran, Alex McGoran (A,A,B), Holly Murphy (A,A,B,B) and Jack Dandy (A*,B and a double Distinction) and Charlie English (A,B and a double Distinction). Such excellent achievement means that students have gained places at prestigious courses including law, aeronautics and sciences at top universities including Durham, Warwick, Sheffield, Kent, Southampton, Royal Holloway and Cardiff amongst others. Their example is an inspiration to younger pupils with high aspirations at the school. Congratulations to all our Year 13 students and their teachers; we wish all our students well at university and in their chosen careers. Year 12 students also enjoyed great success in their AS Level results which were published this week and have shown great potential for excellent results next year: 94% (A*-E), 18% (A), 49.4% (A-B), 74.1% (A-C). Congratulations to all our students but especially the following who achieved outstanding results: Harry Smith and Matthew Burman (3As, 1B), Hannah Cann, Andrew Forrester and Natalie Thomas (2As, 2Bs), Rhys Mohr (3As, 1C), Daniel Bar and Jack Barnes (2As, 1B, 1C).

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Another record-breaking year for GCSE students! Our Year 11 students are celebrated outstanding GCSE results in August. 83% of students gained 5A*-C including English and Maths (4% up on last year). Congratulations to students and staff who worked so hard to gain these results: the best in our history and over 25% above last year’s national average! 96% of students gained 5A*-C (5% up on last year) 26% of grades were at A*/A and 87% of all grades were at A*-C. The results are just reward for students’ effort and determination over the past two years. Students achieved well in all subjects, but we are particularly delighted with students’ attainment in English Language (86% A*-C) and Maths (91% A*-C). We are proud of the achievement of all students, but particular congratulations to Grace Connoley (7A*, 4A), Paul Paine (7A*, 3A), Hannah Kern (6A*, 5A), Danielle Swan (4A*, 6A, 1B) and Lorna Kagema, Alfie Lanham-Brown, Kiera McGuire, Ryan Packer, Natalie Rumbelow and Gwilym Turner, all of whom achieved ten GCSEs or more with at least three grades at A*.

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Kenya During the summer, 8 Glenthorne students from Year 11 and 12 went on a Camps International Charity Trip to Kenya. The main purpose of this trip was to help the less fortunate by engaging in community, wildlife and environmental projects, but it was also a great adventure; we went on two safaris and climbed Mount Kenya! We all had our different reasons for wanting to go on the trip, some of us wanted to have an adventure, others to see how people in the developing world live. It is an expensive trip and cost £3,500, so fundraising for the trip was a challenge itself! We started fundraising nearly two years before the trip: amongst us, we did many car boot sales on Sunday mornings, got sponsorship from family friends and relatives, did sponsored activities, including a walk around Richmond Park and, of course numerous sweet stalls at school! Some of us had part-time jobs too which helped with buying the equipment. Most of us really thought we would struggle to raise all the money, but once we got organised, it became easier.

Whilst we were in Kenya, we stayed on 3 different campsites: Kaya, Imani and Tsavo, we helped to improve the local community by building part of a school for the children and working on a project to build a house for a local citizen. We planted trees for a tree plantation, made japatis, made elephant dung paper, went on a bush adventure and learnt about different types of animal dung and their footprints. Poverty in Kenya was truly astounding for all the wrong reasons. We have all seen the pictures on the TV, but seeing it for real is very different. It was so sad to see how people live- the children don’t have shoes and walk around barefoot, with flies buzzing around them because they aren’t clean. The clothes the children wear are ripped and tatty because they can’t afford anything new. Everyone in the community lives in huts made out of straw and mud that they have built themselves; 10 people were even living in one house smaller than a UK bedroom, made out of flip flops and rubbish!! At one particular school that we visited, the children only ate at school; they got one meal a day and didn’t eat at the weekends, so would faint on Monday mornings. On top of this they walked miles every day to and from school only sometimes to find they had no teacher and no textbooks. You truly learn the value of education when you see how desperate they are all to learn and it’s certainly one thing I’ll take with me from the trip and will always remember.

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GHS News

One of the most challenging things for me in Kenya was remembering how much my daily routine had changed and trying to adjust to it. Waking up and making sure I was ready to go, zipping up my tent to ensure nothing big and vicious got in and sprinting to the morning briefing took a bit of getting used to; never mind climbing a mountain, I could barely keep up with the basics! Ensuring I had taken my malarone, anti-malaria tablets, taking part in the water-run and constantly applying the factor 50 sun cream; all of this was somewhat overwhelming. I remember thinking; I can barely find my way to the toilet, how on earth am I going to climb the second highest mountain in Africa? But somehow, I just about managed it. As well as the physical challenge we had personal challenges. It’s really tough being away from your family and friends for 4 weeks. Getting on with and putting up with the same 26 people for 4 weeks! And of course not having all of the privileges we have in the UK, like warm showers, running water! Of course, we had to do our own washing every single day, both clothes and washing-up(!), and we had to help make 3 meals a day; we tried new Kenyan food as well as English food and had fruit and a cup of tea with every meal. We learnt to shower in under a minute, how to speak basic Kiswahili and most importantly to be grateful for everything we have in the UK. A 3-day trek up Mount Kenya was the culmination of the trip and undoubtedly the hardest thing that any of us have ever done. On the first day we climbed for 4 hours; we started to get out of breath quite quickly. After about 3 ½ hours, it started to rain really heavily so we threw on our waterproof trousers and jackets and carried on walking until we reached our destination- Old Moses. I was so shocked to see that we were still at the bottom of the mountain, sleeping in tents that were absolutely tiny, with a toilet in the middle of nowhere! The next day we filled up our water bottles from the river and put water purification tablets inside the bottle to clean the water before heading up the mountain. This day was an 8-hour walk and we were getting higher and higher, heading through the clouds. We were walking all day, uphill which was really tough- a lot of us were struggling but we were determined to make it to the top. The combination of climbing for three days and the high altitude left us all feeling exhausted and sick, actually being sick and having an awful headache. But reaching the top of the mountain and watching the sun rise was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced, even if it was absolutely freezing! It is definitely mind over matter, most people can make it, but at points it feels like you might die. One thing I'll always remember about Kenya is how beautiful the country is, honestly the most magnificent views I’ve ever seen. Almost everywhere you go looks like a perfectly framed photo and I for one was extremely glad to be rid of the greyness that we're all so used in Sunny Sutton. The people we encountered were almost all universally friendly, perhaps it was just because we were foreigners; but it was poignant to notice that despite having next to no possessions, the people we met were utterly content with their lives. It proves that you don't need to have much in order to enjoy life: a lesson I think everyone can learn from. Reaching the top of the mountain was definitely the highlight of the trip for me, and served as a fitting metaphor for all that we had been through. Fundraising for two years was difficult and it often seemed like an impossible goal; we all did it though and standing on the summit watching the sun come up felt like an apt reward. When I got back to England it felt like the whole trip had come and gone in an instant. I met some amazing people, had a fantastic time and came back with some incredible stories. I urge anyone who gets the opportunity to travel like we did: do it, I guarantee you won't regret it!

By Katie James, Aliza Catlin, Hannah Macdonald & Alfie Lanham-Brown


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Great North Run I decided to seek a place on the Great North Run raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) following the death of Mr Cook. My place was confirmed in early July giving me roughly 10 weeks to prepare myself to run 13.1 miles - factor in a two week holiday - and I had 8 weeks to improve my stamina from my usual 4k (just under two miles)! At times the training was extremely challenging and I will admit – though with some embarrassment – that it was often the cheesy pop music I’d installed on my iPod that kept me running around the streets of Sutton in preparation! However, on a more serious note, my main motivation for the whole idea came from my determination to support such a good cause that was so close to the community here at Glenthorne High School. MND strips people of their ability to be mobile and independent, often when they are still in the prime of life and therefore it seemed appropriate for me to fight physical illness with physicality activity. I found it highly motivational to see how generous people were and to get the support of my friends, family and even people I didn’t know via the internet. Finally, after all the preparation, the day of the run arrived. I awoke in a Travelodge in Sedgefield – not very glamorous, but when you’re running that’s the last thing on your mind! – and headed up on a Metro service with my mum and sister who’d wrapped themselves up in massive coats. On arrival at the start line there was a scramble to get into the run and I had to walk near enough 13.1 miles to get to my place! Finally I set off running with my motivational music playing loud and thousands of other runners at my side, ahead and behind me. At various points in my run there were other MNDA runners who gave me a thumbs up or just a big beaming smile. 2 hours 37 minutes later I made it across the finish line! The sensation of pride was more prominent than the pain in my legs (despite the moaning I did to my friends the next day). To date I have raised roughly £2000 and the money is still coming in! I’m still collecting money and comments of congratulations are still being sent. I’d like to thank everyone who has donated money and the support they have offered me. Not only has it been an inspiring experience but it has also been an educational one, I’ve taught myself to have self-belief and determination; you never know, maybe I’ll be running a marathon soon! By Emma Chadwick Y13

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Spanish & French Language Days Year 9 students learnt the benefits of learning a language and watched video clips of Gary Lineker speaking Spanish and Jonnie Wilkinson speaking French and made products in the language promoting healthy eating. Students started off the day by taking part in a Speed Dating Knock-Out Challenge whereby students had approximately 1 minute to ask each other questions before moving on to the next person. Anyone speaking English was disqualified! One group made an advert using powerpoint promoting healthy living with Mrs Senthamil, another group made up songs to do with the topic, to the tune of “Someone I used to Know” by Gotye with Mrs Potts and Miss Dorn and the other group made board games encouraging players to use French or Spanish with Mrs Lopez and Mrs Walker. The day was finished off by watching Ratouille in the foreign language and listening out for all the food vocabulary that they had learnt. Students worked extremely well as a team and presented their adverts, songs and board games to the rest of the group. ¡Lo pasamos muy bien! Nous nous sommes bien amusés!

Othello performance When studying Shakespeare it is important to witness his work the way he intended – on stage! As such, on Wednesday 3rd October year 13 English Literature and Drama students from both Glenthorne and surrounding schools watched a performance of Othello by The Watermill Theatre Company. However, prior to the performance a group of us took part in a workshop run by one of the performers – Lizzie. In the workshop we discussed ideas of jealousy, morality and how we can link Othello to the modern day. This gave us a stimulus for possible ideas for our upcoming coursework. The performance itself was a somewhat contemporary portrayal of Shakespeare’s classic which linked well to our discussions in the workshop and many of us found it to be (or not to be!) an intriguing interpretation. The use of only three actors and dual rolling meant that some characters were not included yet not all their lines were omitted. By using a phone to represent other characters, we were still able to understand the premise of the performance but at the same time were given an alternative perspective. We particularly approved of the use of sound effects such as the heartbeat which ran behind the drama at particular points of tension. In such a way we felt this to be the underlying heartbeat in Shakespeare’s work as seen through the use of iambic pentameter. Overall the play was extremely enjoyable and allowed us to get an idea of Shakespeare’s words being turned into actions which will definitely aid us when considering our forthcoming coursework . By Aliza Catlin & Leah Prendergast (Y13)

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Year 7 & 8 Halloween Disco On Thursday 18th October 2012, Glenthorne hosted its annual Halloween Disco for Year 7 and 8. In the run -up to the evening, the Head Students were seen running around the school trying to decorate and prepare the hall for the arrival of the younger years. As the clock struck 6:30pm, a range of ghosts, vampires and zombie brides arrived at the hall, ticket in hand, waiting to be let in so they could dance the night away! Nearly all the students that attended dressed up for the night and some fantastic costumes were worn! A prize was given to the best dressed male and female which was awarded to Kane and Sheya (year 7) and a special prize was given to Mayce (year 7) for her amazing make up! There was face-painting, apple bobbing and a tuck shop available which were all a massive hit with the students. During the night, everyone had the opportunity to have their photo taken on the special green screen which had been put up for the evening, and a projector showed some of the spooky photos which were taken! If you wish to purchase your son or daughter’s photo, more information will be available soon! The evening was a massive success and seemed to be enjoyed by all – including some of the teachers who were spotted dancing to “Gangnam Style” several times!

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Sports Year 7 Football National Cup

Following a well attended football trial, the year 7 team’s first game was drawn against Bridge Academy away in Hackney. After a long drive the team were ready for the challenge and after a well contested first half they unfortunately went 1-0 down, due to a late free kick that drifted in under the cross bar. Shortly after half time and an inspired team talk, Glenthorne scored two quick goals with Scott Walker and Nathan Ross finding the net. Bridge Academy piled on the pressure during the second half and bundled in two goals in quick concession with a third late on in the second half. Fortunately due to a late strike by Sid Dack the game was 3 – 3 at the final whistle. At the end of extra time, it had been a well fought draw with Glenthorne coming back from 4 – 3 down with a late equaliser making the score 4 – 4. The boys unfortunately lost 9 – 8 on penalties after a tense half hour, but the boys learnt a lot from the experience and will come back stronger in their upcoming fixtures against Cheam and Sutton Grammar. Mr Castle.

Year 8 Basketball Well done to all the 9 boys who took part in the basketball games away to Sutton Grammar. Both games were competitive and well fought with Glenthorne A unfortunately losing 18 – 4 to a well organised opposition. Glenthorne B played an exceptional game of basketball beating Sutton Grammar 18 – 10. Well done to all the boys who took part, be prepared to represent the basketball team again against some challenging opposition!

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Sports The Glenthorne Rugby Super 10s

The Glenthorne Rugby Super 10s tournament was once again a complete success with 8 different schools competing across years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Unfortunately as a school we did not bring back the trophies due to some strong opposition; however, we did have a promising start for our year 7 team. Glenthorne Year 7s were pitted against some tough, more experienced opposition and fought hard. They did lose both of their group games; however, they demonstrated promise and commitment. Well done to all the boys that took part, keep training and we will have success.

Valencia FC Football Roadshow Congratulations to Melissa Lang and Billy Vanstone who were selected to take part in the Valencia Football Roadshow. During the day they both received professional coaching from Valencia’s Academy coaches who have had experience coaching some of the world’s top players. This was a fantastic opportunity, well done to you both. Mr Castle.


ADVANCE NOTICE: Could parents please note the dates for the academic year 2012/13 and 2013/2014. Please avoid booking holidays in term time. All holidays taken in term time will be classed as unauthorised absence. AUTUMN TERM : Half Term :

TERM DATES 2012/2013 Tuesday 4th September 2012 to Friday 21st December 2012 Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November 2012

SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Monday 7th January 2013 to Thursday 28th March 2013 Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February 2013

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Monday 15th April 2013 to Tuesday 23rd July 2013 Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May 2013

INSET Days Monday 5th November 2012 Monday 15th April 2013 Friday 28th June 2013

AUTUMN TERM : Half Term :

TERM DATES 2013/2014 Monday 2nd September 2013 to Friday 20th December 2013 Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November 2013

SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Monday 6th January 2014 to Friday 4th April 2014 Monday 17th to Friday 21st February 2014

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 to Tuesday 22nd July 2014 Monday 26th May to Friday 30th May 2014

Key Dates 6th November: 8th November: 9th November: 12th November: 15th November: 16th November: 19th November: 21st-22nd November: 23rd-25th November: 28th November: 29th November: 5th-6th December: 11th December: 12th December: 13th-21st December 13th December: 17th December: 21st December:

Y7 MAG&T Parents Evening Y9 Theatre Visit Dance Show at the Secombe Theatre Y11 English Mock Exam, 8.30am Y13 Theatre Studio Visit (Evening) Y7 Immersion Day Cohort 2 (7H, R, S & C) Y7 Immersion Day Cohort 1 (7G, L, N, T & O) MAG&T Drama Visit (Evening) A Level Drama Exam A Level Biology Visit Y9 Parents Evening with Subject Staff, 4.30-7.30pm Y10 BTEC Production visit to the National Theatre Creative Arts Evening Y11 Textiles Visit to the Clothes Show Y12 Parents Evening with Subject Staff, 4.30-7.30pm Y11 Mock Exams Y8 Theatre Visit BTEC Musical Theatre Showcase, 6.00pm LAST DAY OF TERM: Pupils finish 1.15pm

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