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Sir Ian McKellen visits Glenthorne! Sir Ian McKellen, one of Britain’s greatest ever actors, visited Glenthorne on Friday 26th November. Sir Ian, star of 45 films, including roles as Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings”, Magneto in “X-Men” and Sir Leigh Teabing in “the Da Vinci Code” came to Glenthorne High School to talk about his life, acting and activism – Sir Ian is a cofounder of Stonewall, a charity campaigning for justice and equality for gay people in this country and all over the world. Sir Ian proved to be every bit as charismatic as his characters on the big screen, giving an enthralling assembly about his life and work and talking very frankly about growing up as a young gay man and how difficult it was to tell members of his family about his sexuality. He firmly supported all our school messages about accepting others for what they are and showing tolerance and kindness. He also gave encouragement to all students taking exams in the near future, using a misquotation from “Lord of the Rings” in a bellowing Gandalf voice: “You will pass!!” Sir Ian then toured the school meeting Drama students and signing hundreds of autographs in the “Willow” at break time. Thank you to Sir Ian for a truly exhilarating and inspirational visit!

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In true Halloween style the Year 7s and 8s came dressed to

terrify on the 21st October 2010. Organised by the Head Student team, the Halloween Disco was a great success having pupils dancing and singing all night with some surprise performances by the teachers! At the end of the evening prizes were awarded for the best costumes; for the girls a terrific Zombie Bride and for the boys a stylish Gremlin with a top -hat. The evening was enjoyed by all and the Head Student team look forward to the pleasure of hosting the Christmas Disco next year.

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In late October, a group of Year 12 students were fortunate enough to take 4 days out of their halfterm and jet off to New York City! Arriving at school at around midday, after carefully selecting my luggage and packing it into the largest case I could find, I could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was chatting and parents were flapping about as we eagerly prepared to leave, sliding the suitcases carefully onto the coach and quickly grabbing a seat. We glided through check-in and boarded the plane only hours later, everyone impatient but equally excited knowing we would be landing in the ‘Big Apple’ in only eight hours time. After arriving at the hostel in New York we grabbed some food in the local area, it was around 10pm local time, which meant it was 2am in the UK. We had all been awake for around 18 hours but despite the exhaustion from travel everyone was so overwhelmed by the sight of Times Square and Central Park that there was a burst of energy from the group as we returned to the hostel to get a much needed good night’s sleep. Day one and our first real taste of New York. We strolled through Central Park, which was absolutely stunning, with sunset-shaded leaves dressing the trees, pleasantly surprised by the baking weather. Having packed two scarves and a coat and other winter items it was obvious that I would have to buy some different clothes and luckily we got an opportunity to ‘splash the cash’ later that day spending big in Abercrombie and, of course, Footlocker. If you’ve been to New York you will be aware there is a Footlocker on every corner, which suited our group perfectly, never missing out on an opportunity to buy another pair of Converse shoes. I was amazed by Grand Central Station, seeing it on television is incomparable to being there in real life, which can be said for the whole city as well. Another day of big plans greeted us on the morning of day two. Still buzzing from the day before, we were briefed by Miss MacGillivray, Mrs. Jarrett and Mr Gay who accompanied us on the trip and everyone felt enthused about our evening trip up the Empire State Building. But first, more shopping. We went to the famous Macy’s and the shops surrounding it. My purse lost most of its weight after an hour’s shopping in ‘Forever 21’ and happy with my purchases, I returned to the group. When everyone was back and counted, we walked the short distance to the Empire State Building where we began our ascent laden with bags. Two escalators, one challenging group photograph and a lift or two later and we were at the top.


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The muggy weather that day had caused a mist to fall over the city and so it seemed as though the tiny lights of the city disappeared delicately into the clouds, making ‘the city that never sleeps’ seem peaceful and magical. It was so beautiful. Our final full day was set to be full on as we jumped aboard a bus and began a tour of the city. After absorbing as much information as we all could, it was time to visit the Statue of Liberty. It was smaller than I expected but again so surreal to see in real life that it’s something I’ll never forget. After a ferry and metro journey we arrived in Times Square which is absolutely indescribable. Everywhere around me there was something else to look at. The bright lights were so amazing, hundreds of people were rushing past me on the street but I was so captivated by the view that I didn’t notice. After a little more shopping, we went for dinner at Applebee’s which was so tasty and hilarious. The whole group got along so well that there were so many funny moments we won’t forget. Our last morning entailed a trip to Bloomingdales and some more shopping where I picked up my iconic ‘I heart NY’ T-Shirt. Wearing it home, I felt sad we were leaving but the week had been intense and I was knackered! Judging from the amount of people snoring on the plane I could tell everyone felt the same. It was one of the best experiences of my life and even better than the clothes I had brought home were the memories I have that will stay with me forever. Celia Hackling 6C

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Mr Griffin, Mr Ford and Mr McRae would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this

Total raised ÂŁ335.53

As this fund raising extravaganza has been so successful, ideas for the next event are already in the pipeline‌..


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What will you be doing Christmas morning? Lazing around, opening presents and snacking on chocolate? I will be taking part in a sponsored swim in the sea at Brighton dressed as Slash!

Why? Next Summer I will be travelling to Kenya with my Explorer Scout group to help build a health centre in a small village, along with some Kenyan Scouts. 20 years ago my group helped to build a small hut in a tiny village to be used as a medical room. Every 2 years they have returned to develop facilities further within the area. Thanks to the scout group, the site now has fresh clean water, a maternity room, showers, school rooms and accommodation for a visiting doctor. The plan for 2011 is to build a toilet block and perimeter fence. The experience will teach us all some basic building skills and will also contribute to our Queen's Scout and Duke of Edinburgh awards. All us explorers will be paying the costs for our flights, food and other things we might want, but funds need to be raised for building materials for our project. At the last estimate this was £20,500. The project is called ‘The Cowdray Health Centre’ after our main supporter Lord Cowdray. We have also been offered funds from some local businesses. There are many other fundraising events planned like Christmas card sales, social events, bag packing at supermarkets, auction of promises, raffles, car washing, etc. But we need even more funds for the project to work, either from businesses or just the odd person. Please can you sponsor me to take part in the swim on Christmas morning. Cheques payable to ‘Merton Park Explorer Scout Unit’ can be sent to me at school by the student office or you can come to DH11 at registration or you can find us on The following link gives details of the last visit. Thank you for your help. Ashley Mapp 11L

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Year 13 Geography weekend in South Wales 12th -14th November. Friday afternoon saw a group of very wet and cold Geography students try to carry out a river study. Finding the source of the river was the first challenge. Trying to keep dry was an impossible challenge. Fortunately Saturday turned out very pleasant and the sand dune study on the Gower, an area of outstanding natural beauty, was very successful. Sunday morning involved a visit up into the ‘valleys’ to see the impact the closure of the steelworks has had on communities such as Ebbw Vale. This was followed by a descent into a coal mine at Big Pit. Overall the weekend was really enjoyable and the students managed to carry out some very good Geography investigations.

UCAS Year 13 have been busy applying to university. This year there are 90 applications that will be sent off to UCAS from year 13, who will be applying to such universities as: Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, St Mary’s and Kingston to name a few. William Attwood has some words and advice about his experience this year, when he was applying to university. ‘ My advice to anyone applying to university would be to see as many as possible. This makes it much easier to make an informed decision about where you want to spend the next three or four years of your life – it also gives you the motivation to get your application in quickly to get the place you want. There is a great deal of advice on hand, about what to include in your statement and entry grades etc. On top of this you get a feel for the place and that is really important. The application is not as hard as you think it is. Obviously, writing about yourself is a horrible experience, but if you are applying for a subject that you are passionate about, inspiration comes easily. A lot of Universities will tell you to get your application in early – and that is true. Within a week of submitting mine, I got an offer (even before the UCAS Confirmation letter arrived). Good Luck to all the Year 13s this year who are applying to university!

LotC Awards for Excellence and Innovation We are delighted to announce that the school has just won a prestigious national award as the best school in the London Region for Learning outside the Classroom (LotC). This is a tremendous achievement and one we are truly proud of as it acknowledges the importance the school places on extra-curricular activities and recognises the huge range of clubs, trips, teams, enrichment, performances and productions run by the school and recognises our diverse activities from World Challenge to Challenge Week, from ArtsOne and MAG&T provision to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Thank you and congratulations to all the staff for the time and effort they devote to ensuring that pupils at Glenthorne get the best possible opportunities.

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Year 8 MAG&T Maths Challenge

On 22nd November 2010 six of our gifted Year 8 mathematicians took part in the Sutton Year 8 Maths Challenge and achieved fantastic success. Shamail Ahmad, Alice Baily, Elise Matthews, Sarah Nedjai, Max Smith and Sean Sullivan competed against teams from 13 other comprehensive and grammar schools from the Borough and came second overall, winning the runner-up trophy which was presented by Sir Ian McKellan in whole school assembly! There were 3 challenges during the day which were presented and marked by professionals: •

Challenge 1 was led by an Actuary (GHS came 2nd in this particularly difficult challenge)

Challenge 2 was run by a Project Manager who works for the Mayor of London (GHS came 2nd again!)

Challenge 3 involved working with a Chemical Engineer (GHS came 4th)

Glenthorne representatives were praised for their consistency and excellent numeracy skills. They showed brilliant team work, an excellent logical approach to all tasks and impeccable behaviour. All the work and preparation for entering the event was organised by Miss Erving and the day was an excellent opportunity for the pupils to see and experience where and how maths is used in real life profession and situations. At the end they all said that they felt inspired to carry on studying Maths at least to A-level and maybe even further. The students represented Glenthorne exceptionally well and we are very proud of their achievement. See below for what our pupils thought of the day!

On Monday 22nd November 2010 6 pupils from Year 8 went to Carshalton Girls High School to take part in a Year 8 Maths Challenge- the first ever Year 8 Maths Trip. The 6 pupils were Sarah Nedjai, Alice Bailey, Elise Matthews, Max Smith, Shamail Ahmed and Sean Sullivan. These 6 pupils were chosen because they were the best 6 mathematicians in their year group. Glenthorne were 1 of 15 schools that were signed up to take part, however 2 schools dropped out. All the other schools also had 6 of their best mathematicians. The other schools were: Carshalton Girls, Wilson’s, Wallington Girls, Wallington Boys, John Fisher, Overton Grange, Greenshaw, Cheam High, Stanley Park, St Philomena’s, Nonsuch and Sutton Grammar The trip started off when Mr. Glover took us to the petrol station, the minibus had no petrol. Upon arrival, at Carshalton Girls, we were welcomed by a group of students who took us to the hall for the challenges. The first challenge was held by an actuary who helps you to choose the correct insurance or pension plan. Our challenge was to find out whether men are better drivers than women. Our task was to work out the premiums for the different aged people who drive different cars. We found out that women are better drivers than men and that’s why women’s insurance is cheaper. Then came the second challenge was held by Ominyi, who is a Programme Manager for Transport for London. Our task was to improve Manor Road- Wallington. We had a list of equipments and prices we could use however it wasn’t that simple we had to make sure we never spent less then 3.5 million or more the 4 million, this just made it that much more interesting. Our third challenge was held by a lady who worked for a company who produced headache tablets, toothpaste, lucozade etc. The challenge was that a new tablet was coming to the market and in the tablet that was split in half to make two categories, Magic Ingredient and Other Materials. We had to find a cheapest supplier from three different countries and figure out who was the cheapest etc. This challenge we thought was the hardest of all. Finally it came onto announcing the winners in Challenge One we came 2nd by only a few marks, in Challenge Two we came 2nd by 1 mark then finally in Challenge Three we came fourth. It then came to the overall winners Wallington Boys came first, and Glenthorne High School came 2nd , this was a massive achievement considering that we were up against selected schools - we were only a few marks away from first. It was a lovely experience and I hope that Glenthorne High School can take part in more challenges just like this one. Written by Sarah Nedjai and Alice Bailey 8H


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Year 11: “Ready,  Steady,   Cook!”  On Thursday 25th November, the Year 11 core Gifted and Talented pupils took part in a Ready, Steady, Cook teambuilding session. The challenge had been set: to cook a two course meal for just £5 and the best was to be judged by Miss Hurd, Miss Dear and Miss Djemil. With only an hour to do the cooking, the teams set about cooking up a storm! The list of meals was extensive: from curry to carrot soup and from blueberry pie to biscuits. The teams worked arduously to make a meal to astound the judges. As time passed there was a flurry of work as the final preparations were made for the finished meals. Each team’s meal was placed in front of the judges to be scrutinised and the judging began. The teams waited in anticipation to see who had been declared the coveted Year 11 Ready, Steady Cook champions! The judges voted on the taste and presentation of the food, but also the teamwork showed by the competitors. Overall the quality of the meals was outstanding and the judges found it difficult to choose between them. But eventually a winning team was decided…. Natalie Thomas, Taylor Fulton, Zohra Mennaceur and Bianca Noble were declared winners with their superb pasta main course and apple crumble dessert and each won a £5 voucher as their prize. Finally, it was time for the pupils to taste their own meals and that of other teams and the predominant agreement was that everyone had cooked something to be proud of! The teams showed great team spirit by working together to produce meals that wouldn’t have looked out of place in one of Britain’s top restaurants! By Aliza Cat-

lin 11S


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On Wednesday 24th November year 11 attended the Sutton Careers Fair at the Westcroft Lesiure Centre in Carshalton. The Careers Fair, organised by Connexions included a number of employers, further education colleges, universities, training agencies, volunteering organisations and demonstrations to provide something of interest for all of our students.

There was a great range of career paths represented, from vocational options in construction or hairdressing, to careers with the police, army and navy and all the way through to chartered accountants, and financial services. It was great to see our students taking a keen interest in all of the stands, and getting as much information as possible. It certainly opened their eyes to some of the opportunities available to them. The highlight of the careers fair was obviously the Glenthorne Academy stand (pictured right), promoting our golf, football, music and drama academies. The academy stand was popular with both Glenthorne students, (who clearly enjoyed seeing the school represented) and students from other schools Last, but definitely not least, a big thank you to the science department for supervising the trip, it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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COPE ‘Working With Others’ Projects

As part of the COPE level 3 Certificate, Year 12 and 13 pupils have been working in small groups to plan and undertake projects to demonstrate their skills working with other people. The projects were designed to either support pupils in school or help others in the local community. In school activities included an inter-form sports tournament, after-school art club and a talent show. Community projects included a visit to a local care home to entertain the senior citizens and helping in a primary school. (Miss Buchanan) Here are some of the details: As part of our COPE course, we visited Malmesbury Primary school and started an art project based on the subject they are learning which is ‘Light and dark’. We designed pictures of nocturnal animals with them and then made a puppet out of their design. We really enjoyed these sessions and feel the children did too! (Danielle Richards, Laura Lawton, Kelly Angell and Lucy Astwood) We organised a day for our group to go and visit a nursing home in Sutton. Whilst we were at the nursing home we entertained the residents by playing games such as Connect Four, Scrabble and Dominos. By playing these games it made the residents feel comfortable and enabled them to enjoy their day. We also talked to them, in which they explained their experiences in life, and what they used to do before they came into the nursing home. We really enjoyed our day there as well as the residents too. (Gamze Bellikili) We are holding an inter-form quiz for the new Year 7s. The top two forms will go head-to-head in their year assembly. The winning form receives sweets to share out. This will make the year 7s feel more welcome to the school and help them build relationships with their peers. Furthermore the quiz is educational so will teach year 7s information they wouldn’t usually know. The quiz should improve communication skills and help the forms to work together as a team. (Rebecca McGoran) For my ‘Working with Others’ project I went to Abbey Primary School and completed a creative music task with 12 pupils in year three. Each child made two instruments, a plate shaker and a rain shaker, then my group and I taught them a song that they could sing and play their instruments to. It was a fantastic event and the children really enjoyed it. (Emma Matthews)

Y7 Interform Football Tournament Abbey Primary - Plates & rain shakers

Sutton Care home visit

On Saturday 4th December, the whole Robotics team, otherwise known as Brainwash, went out to The American School in London by tube. When we arrived there, we were fascinated at the size of the school. We had to present two different presentations; one about the robot we had built (Speedy) and the other one was about our project which was based on Sleep Apnoea. The other thing we had to do is program the robot we had built to perform different missions on the playing board. The competition was tough as we were competing against teams from some very prestigious schools like Harrow. On Friday, school was closed for everyone because of the snow, but the robotics team came to school for four hours to work on our presentations, despite the difficulty of getting to school! We worked really hard before and after school and we deserved to do really well in the competition; we came 2nd after the first round, then we went to the semi-finals, we came 3rd over all 15 teams which is a great achievement. This was our first experience of the competition and we hope to improve by next year and come back with a trophy! Overall we had an amazing day and we are all looking forward to doing it again next time. By Aysha Ahmed, 9C and Eleanor Cuzner, 8L


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After a snowfall of nearly an inch on Tuesday, Mr Griffin and Mr Summers decided to take the 2 Year 10 boys groups outside for their lesson, period 3. The boys were a little apprehensive at the start but after we said they can get coats, gloves and hats on, they soon seemed to be excited about the lesson. We took the boys through a long warm-up to get ready (see top right photo) then proceeded to play two games of football, side-by-side. The boys found the football very hard to play because of the snow, however it seemed that all the boys enjoyed themselves! Here are some photos to show the ‘snow lesson’ of 2010!

A great experience for the boys, Mr Summers and Mr Griffin!

Boys Football Year 7

Y7 Boys Football Fixtures + Results 2010/11






Man of the Match

19 Oct

Cheam (h)

District Cup/Sutton League

Lost 3-2

Blake, Bettell


21 Oct

Stanley Park (a)

Sutton League

Won 7-0

Keen (3), Blake (2), Joyce,Feeley


4 Nov

St. Bonds (h)

London Cup

Lost 5-4

Blake, Bettell, Lindsay


15 Nov

Raynes Park

County Cup

Lost 4-2

Cork-Walker, Lindsay


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Year 8 Date 20/10

Opposition Stanley Park

Result Won 9-0

8/12 10/11

Overton Grange Cheam

Won 3-2 Won 4-0

Scorers Bucknall (3), Jux (2), Bellikli (2), Bouchez, Own Goal Bellikli, Jux, Bucknall Bucknall (3), Bongo



Won 4-0

Sutton Cup Bucknall (3), Bongo


Hollyfield (a)

Won 6 - 1


All Saints (a) (Dagenham)

Lost 2 – 0


Howard of Effingham (h)

Lost 4 - 1

Surrey Cup Bucknall (2), Bongo, Winfield, Bellikli, Mohr London Cup

National Cup Bouchez

Comp League

Man of Match Lowe/Barnes

League League




2nd Round

Bucknall / Duggan

London Cup


2nd Round


Year 9 Date






Robert Clack

Lost 0-4 Lost 0-1



Man of Match


T. Young


B. Marshall

Congratulations to Olliver O’Dwyer and Callum Wilson (Y9) for being selected for the Surrey Schools U14 County Squad.

Ollie captained the County team against Sussex.

Callum Wilson

A huge well done to Toby Young (Y9) for being selected to join the U14 Chelsea Football Academy.

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Year 10 Date





Lost 0-3



Lost 2-4


R. Challoner

Lost 1-3

Year 11



Man of Match


L. Stanley

Stanley (2)

League & Cup

L. Stanley


Surrey Cup

D. Tyler

Y11 Boys Football Fixtures + Results 2010/11






5 Oct


Sutton League

Casey Mom Pelingu

2 Nov


London Cup

Lost 1-2 Won 2-0

Stanley 2, Mom Stanley/Eden

Under 18 U18 ‘A’ Team Fixtures + Result 2010/11 Date 5 Nov

Opposition Kennett(a)

Competition National Cup

Result 2-2 (3-4)

Scorers/mom DeCruz, Wilson Mom Beaver

17 Nov



13 Oct


County Cup County Cup Surrey League

McCabe 2, De Cruz 2 Mom McCabe Bedford 2, Proctors, Frank,

3 Nov


5-2 0-5

Academy Academy Results so far; English Colleges League team beat Charles Darwin 3-2, beat Ernest Bevan 3-2, beat Uxbridge 1-0, beatSothgate 1-0 currently top of league. National Conference League/Cups drew 1-1 with Tooting & Mitcham, lost 1-2 to Woking, beat VCD Athletic 3-1, beat Chessington & Hook 9-0, beat, Molesey 5-0 Paris Downes has been offered trials for England Colleges U18 football team. Girl’s Trampoline 2nd in the competition at Carshalton High School for girls-again! Best Individual score was Lauren Moss Girl’s Netball Year 9 Netball Tournament. The girls narrowly missed out on a place in the final beating Cheam, Overton and drawing with Sutton High. Sadly, Jackie our netball coach will be leaving us in early January. She has made a massive contribution to the standard of Netball at Glenthorne. We thank her for all her hard work she has put in with the girls. She will be greatly missed, especially by the Year 9 team who have worked with Jackie since they came to Glenthorne in Year 7. Boys Golf Harry Phillips WON the Epsom Pro Am in October, which then gave him the opportunity to go to Italy, Verona for another golf comp. Harry and his playing partner came 6th out of 39 pairs Boys Rugby Year 8 lost 17-12 to Cheam Year 11 beat Wilson’s 19-17

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Glenthorne Girl & Boy of the Term – 1st half term Year 7:

Ashleigh Blenkinsopp (7N)

Callum Stoneman (7N)

Year 8:

Alyce Bishop (8L)

Scott Bouchez (8T)

Year 9:

Becky Evans (9N)

Callum Wilson (9S)

Year 10:

Natalie Rumbelow (10H)

Jamie Montebello (10L)

Year 11:

Zoe Lee (11T)

Billy Casey (11N)

6th Form:

Georgia Morris (6O)

Jamie Backshall (6C)

Glenthorne Girl & Boy of the Term – 2nd half term Year 7:

Emma Hepburn (7L)

Daniel Haughton (7H)

Year 8:

Sarah Nedjai (8H)

Jack Davies (8H)

Year 9:

Monique Bongo (9N)

Toby Young (9N)

Year 10:

Lauren Moss (10R)

Jay Bateman (10T)

Year 11:

Nicole Cannon (11L)

Luke Payne (11G)

6th Form:

Kayleigh Hobbs (6I)

Sonny Acres (6E)

How do I achieve this??



ADVANCE NOTICE: Could parents please note the dates for the academic year 2010/11. Please avoid booking holidays in term time. All holidays taken in term time will be classed as unauthorised absence. TERM DATES AUTUMN TERM : Half Term :

Wednesday 1st September to Friday 17th December 2010 Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October 2010

SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Tuesday 4th January to Friday 8th April 2011 Monday 21st February to Friday 25th February 2011

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Tuesday 26th April to Thursday 21st July 2011 Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2011

INSET Days: Tuesday 4th January 2011 Friday 24th June 2011

Occasional Day: Friday 29th April 2011 - Royal Wedding

AUTUMN TERM : Half Term :

TERM DATES 2011/2012 Monday 5th September 2011 to Tuesday 20th December 2011 Monday 24th to Friday 28th October 2011

SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Wednesday 4th January 2012 to Friday 30th March 2010 Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2010

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Monday 16th April 2010 to Friday 20th July 2012 Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2012

Key Dates: 17th December 2010: 4th January 2011: 26th January 2011: 1st February 2011: 7-9th February 2011: 16th February 2011: 21st - 25th February 2011: 1st March 2011: 16-17th March 2011: 23rd March 2011: 31st March 2011: 6th April 2011: 8th April 2011: 18-22nd April 2011: 29th April 2011: 2nd May 2011: 4th May 2011: 30th May - 3rd June 2011: 10th June 2011: 22nd June 2011: 24th June 2011: 29th June 2011: 6-8th July 2011: 7th July 2011: 11-15th July 2011:

18th July 2011: 21st July 2011:

Last Day of Term: Pupils Finish at 1.15pm Staff Professional Day (pupils not required to attend) Yr 11 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Higher Education Evening - 6.30-8.00pm Whole-School Production Yr 7 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Half-Term Yr 11 Revision Evening - 6.00 - 7.00pm Gym Show Yr 9 Choices Evening - 6.00-8.00pm Spring Concert Yr 10 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Last Day of Term - Pupils finish at 3.10pm Easter Revision Sessions Occasional Day for Royal Wedding May Bank Holiday Yr 8 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Half-Term Sports Day Awards Evening - 7.30pm D&T & Art Exhibition Staff Professional Day (pupils not required to attend) Summer Concert Yr 10 Aspirations New Year 7 Induction Day & Evening Yr 7, 8 & 9 Challenge Week Yr 10 Work Experience Yr 12 Careers & Higher Education Preparation Work End of KS3 Celebration Last Day of Term - Pupils finish at 1.15pm

GHS News December 2010  

News and events from Glenthorne High School

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