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Ghost Hunt or Scientific Evening? One of the first decisions for any Paranormal Events Company is whether to invest money into lots of ‘Ghost Hunting Gadgets’ or allow the Guests to use their own senses. One could argue that it all depends upon whether the owners are mediums or Parapsychologists. For example Mystical Ghost Hunts are owned and run by Most Haunted and Living TV Resident Medium Chris Conway, and Paranormal Intelligence Gathering Service (P.I.G.S) are run by Paranormal Investigator Tim Brown. Chris provides gadgets to his guests but encourages them to use their hidden senses. He feels that everyone has the gift of 6th Sense. This tactic produces great results, which creates a ‘buddy attitude’ throughout. People are genuinely delighted to come across information, which could ‘potentially’ be related to the location. This is not proof of Mediumistic or Paranormal Proof. It is merely a very interesting occurrence. On the other hand Tim and his P.I.G.S team prefer to rely more on the side of scientific Gadgets. However, it has to be pointed out that, like Mystical Ghost Hunts, Tim also likes to give his guests both sides of the Coin. He likes to bring in a Medium. This tactic also produces wonderful results. Many of the gadgets respond very strangely in the apparent, ‘Haunted Rooms’. Again this could be a coincidence, or even the electricity running through the location. However, once again it has to be put into the, very interesting box. So it seems that in the end there is no right or wrong way to investigate the Paranormal with the General Public. Both ways produce their own very interesting results. One could argue that the perfect way is indeed to have a mixture of both. This then allows the guest to decide which way he or she would like to utilise. It all boils down to what feels right on the night!

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A very interesting article, which tackles the old debate amongst the Paranormal Community ... Spiritual Ghost Hunting or Scientific Investig...