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I DO THE WRITING-SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS AND MAKE MONEY. James W. Brown-Ghostwriter-Article Writer-PLR Content Provider and More! Thanks for stopping in. As a child, I loved the show, “The Friendly Giant.” As he would say, “Look up, look way up!” Everything you need to know about GhostWriterGold can be found in those links. You don’t know me and you’re wondering what I am all about. Well okay then, grab a coffee. I’ve always got a pot on myself. One thing you will notice from the outset. I’m just a little bit different from the other ghostwriters you might have checked out. My clients tell me I write with an edge, I have phrasing that makes them sit right up and take notice. I started out as a freelance copywriter in 2007 and recently I switched to ghostwriting. A professional ghostwriter that is. You see back in the 70′s, I was already ghosting. I wrote poems and short stories for all the boys in shop class, because they just couldn’t do it on their own. Perhaps you can write, maybe even better than me. However you just don’t have the time or you hate writing. You need great written content. So where to go? Well I invite you to hop up to the navigation bar and have a look at the samples and testimonials. Now if you are like most people and you get that little chill of excitement from reading my samples…look to the right. Yes, your other right. It’s that little opt-in box, where you go and get a PDF sampler. It contains a wide variety of my content and it got raves from the internet marketers that requested it. Oh I hear you. You are wondering about cost before you make any sudden moves. Okay here it is. Hold on tightly to that coffee mug. I currently charge $20.00 a page. So what is in a page? Well I advertise it as being around 450 words. But I have this bad habit. I like to treat my customers like Gold. So what people usually get back is anywhere from 425-800 words a page. Now obviously I can’t fit 800 words on a single page, so like my coffee cup, it runs over. Look at it like this. When you order a 50 page ebook, that should be 450 words a page or 22,500 words in total. But, if I have done my job and you did yours by providing good information…that 50 page ebook will most certainly top 22,500. It’s as good as Gold. Oh yes, last thing and I think you’ll like it. I plan on running specials, just like I do in the forums. So don’t delay. Signup in that opt-in box. Every once in awhile, you’ll get a little update from me. Sometimes it will be news about what I am up to and what special pricing I am currently running. You’ll never get an affiliate offer or any other kind of sales pitch, just information to help you out. Not convinced I can make you shine? Well here is an email reply and a testimonial from two repeat customers. From Jhet. She is a lovely lady, very giving of herself. She is using me for ebooks, articles and email autoresponders. You can visit her at “” An inspiring speaker. “James, I had a second look at this first one you made.. It’s PERFECT! sorry what was I thinking??? – I must admit I browsed at it quickly and right away I had judgement because of course I did not know the

Hannibal story you were talking about. RIDE ON with your BRILLIANT HOOK!. “ From Helene. Helene has an amazing website full of how to do it content. Helene is a repeat article customer and I recently completed a package of 45 articles on a wide variety of topics for her.

“I get a heap of my writing outsourced to a handful of writers that I trust to deliver the product I order. I have been disappointed many times by writers I have ordered from in the past.

But this is the second time that I have placed an order for articles with James, and once again I am delighted with what has been delivered.

He had to write on a large mix of niche subjects and he researched them well, and wrote the articles in a friendly ‘informal style’ that was ‘conversational’ while still including all the facts and tips that needed to be included.

James has a unique style of writing that makes his work stand out from the rest of the more bland ‘tips and facts’ type of content writer. I highly recommend that you try him out on your next project.”

Helene Malmsio-You can visit Helene at “” Australia Questions? All questions cheerfully answered. Just use the Contact up there in the header bar. Best, James W. Brown p.s. Up in the Ghostwriting Services-you will find out all the types of content that I write. Hint-I could write a 600 word article on dust bunnies if need be.

How About A Sample Right Here:

The importance of Websites to Small Businesses.

Many small business owners put off the idea of creating a business website or blog, for a variety of reasons. The main issue they often discuss, is the difficulty of getting the site

up and actually being found by local customers. Having a well developed small business website is essential for today’s market place. One of the first objectives in getting started…is picking the right domain name. Whenever possible, business owners should use specific keywords related to their business. Using the city and another word in combination, will allow customers to find the site easier as they tend to type in common keywords during a search. An example would be-“” This is likely a set of keywords that someone who is in severe pain, would key in. When doing the search, it is possible that the domain has been taken. One way around this, is to do a search for variations on the domain registrar that you are using. So how does one go about registering a domain name? You can start by going to This a very popular spot for registering and then transferring the name to a hosting company. The price and the support staff, give an edge over hosting companies that also sell domain registration. During the registration process, you will also be asked if you want free WhoisGuard Protection. The answer should be yes, because this is where your ownership and information of the domain name is protected from theft. The average cost of unlimited shared hosting is approximately between $3.00 to $5.00 a month. This is a decent price, considering that you can have one main website and then unlimited add-on domain names of websites or blogs. Now if you are going to need a lot of ram space for your website, you might consider VPS instead of shared. With a shared plan, everyone is drawing from the same source. Virtual Private Server starts around $16.00 for the first month. VPS is the middle ground between shared and dedicated servers. Here the Hosting companies allocate a specific amount of ram space from their main server to you. Dedicated servers are much more expensive, coming in at around $140.00 a month. Your company will really need to explore what your server needs are before making this hosting decision. Now that the domain registration and hosting is setup, it’s time to decide what platform to use. The number one platform for a blog is definitely Wordpress, due to the ease with which it can be installed. In fact, if you are with Hostgator-when you are in the Cpanel, you see a piece of software called Fantastico. This is specific for setting up Wordpress. Now if your small business that is going to be putting up a website with hundreds of pages, including content, photo’s, videos or many documents, then Joomla is an all in one option. Joomla is a content management system that allows you to build the website

and then it keeps track of everything uploaded to the site; for easy access…very much like a library system. Will you be selling products directly from your website? Then you’ll also require a shopping cart. Online shopping carts, allow visitors to pick out items, move to checkout and then make payment so the delivery can be made. One good option to explore is Zencart. This cart was developed by business owners for business owners. Zen-cart understands the need for simple to install and use cart-software. During the process of setting up the site, you’ll need to decide on the look. In Wordpress, you can install and also instantly change the theme and appearance with a couple of quick movements. Wordpress also functions on paid themes, so if you need something special you can purchase a specialty theme with many different functions. Now that your website is up and running, its time to add content. Having plenty of content will bring in visitors. You’ll start with core content, which is the back bone of your business. There is a need to do some serious keyword research and you can use Google’s free keyword tool for that. It’s best to setup up a notepad file and copy/paste long tail keywords into this document. Once you have all your keywords, you can start adding articles, blog posts and such…all specifically written with optimum keywords. It’s been shown that over 82% of your customers found you by doing online searches for specific keywords. Your seo efforts in your content won’t be enough however. You’ll also need to do some sem work, bringing inbound links that show your site in multiple online directories. By setting up your small business website correctly and managing your costs at the same time, you are giving your business a chance to be very competitive in your marketplace. Word Count 802

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