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Why ?

The AIESEC Experience

Engagement with AIESEC Why:This is the official online interaction of any AIESEC member with AIESEC. During this process the new recruit is required to sign up on and build a profile which would be on display to all existing members as well as alumni present in the AIESEC Network.

Exponential Leadership Program

Team Member Program Why:It is one of the most crucial ways in which a new recruit starts its journey on the path of leadership development. During this program the AIESEC member would be exposed to a practical team experience and would gain access to the global network as well as various resources available in AIESEC such as wiki’s, files and news.

Team Leader Program Why:A team leader experience culminates in an individuals personal and professional developments with project and team management. provides a platform for leaders to assign roles and evaluate the performance of the project/team through various administrative and performance tools.

Exchange Why:This is one of the important tools on which provides a platform to carry out various exchange processes as well as focus on the demand and supply along with other components to boost exchanges. The system also tracks all exchanges in the AIESEC Network and provides a detailed analysis on the current performance of various regions and entities in the AIESEC Network. The exchange process on is similar in both GCDP and GIP.

Life Long Connection

Life Long Connection Why:Life Long Connection is when your about to complete the experiential leadership development programmes and would be no longer be a active part in the programmes in this phase. This stage would still allow you to access the global network as well as share and update personal learning's and developments through individual profiles. A member in the life long connection would still be able to analyze the performance of his local committee and would still have access to the global news and developments.

Wikis A wiki is a small promotional page on, which may be used as a tool for information management and promotion. Wikis can also be made for a specific team or entity and enable users to be able to find them more easily by appearing on the Team and Network Pages.

Events An event on is a page which encloses all information with regards to the event and the purpose for the event. This page provides details on the following •Purpose of the event •Date •Time •Hosting Entity •Any other information. The event can be promoted with the entire AIESEC Network and all sorts of help / support from various entities can be availed.

Files Files is a data base ( information tool ) of various files on diverse topics which are uploaded by different AIESEC Entities across the AIESEC Network. Files can be used as a tool for information management and as a resource for training and operations in different Entities. is a play ground, where the more you play with it; the more you learn and explore in AIESEC. Robert Collier Rightly Said: “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

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