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The ICX Flow has 4 main steps:

Sales Preparation For an appropriate sales preparation you have to conduct proper SEGMENTATION & TARGETING. At the end of this step you know WHO you want to approach for sales. Then you have to identify the best approach on HOW to do this through setting the POSITIONING strategy.

Selling Once the positioning strategy is defined you move into EXECUTING THE POSITIONING STRATEGY which brings us to SALES AT THE LOCAL LEVEL: • Sales meetings/appointments • Constant follow up’s • Signing the TN-Form


Matching&Delivery This is one of the LONGEST parts of the process that will ensure the success of others. This step starts with all the logistical processes that AIESEC will run such as entering the TN form on, matching the form & exchanging acceptance.

Matching&Delivery Once these are in place we are moving into the processes that focus on the processes that are focussed on the interns experience like reception, preparation, induction into the organisation & Local Committee etc.

Matching&Delivery The last part of this step is focussed on building a relationship with the TN taker which includes organisation preparation & intern integration into the organisation.

Re-Raising This is the last step which will ensure the success of the RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT PROCESS that started with selling.


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