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And taste Sales

• The selling process has six key steps. Virtually every sales interaction will follow these steps, whether it lasts several minutes or several months




Contacting/Calling/ Networking






Company profiles

Fragmentation Language: Companies that have specific language needs to work with international markets. Location: Companies within specific city areas. Size: Small and Medium companies can be a better fit than the Big companies, since they might not have and established HR budget and department to actively look for new hires. . Project-based: Companies hiring for short-term projects or providing outsourcing of project management Based on your own interests: Just approach the companies within the sector that you would like to work for in the future, so you feel passionate about it, but more importantly, you begin building your own professional network.

Contributing to Change, Aspiring for a Better World

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Research Local Magazines: You can find out about companies that are succeding, failing, or with specific needs in your own city. Economic Publications: You can learn and be updated about relevant/current business and economic trends. Government Reports: You can get to know better which sectors are thriving the most. Chambers of Commerce: You can find about new small and medium business that may need AIESEC services. Industry Associations: You can learn about specific needs and trends within the respective industry/sector to approach the companies with a tailored and relevant HR solution. Award Winners and Nominees: Such as the Best managed companies, the Fastest growing companies, the Major exporters, etc.

Company profiles

are very useful to identify the specific needs that we can meet through our products and services before making an approach. This is the info that we need to identify from their websites: Product, Services and/or Main Activities: To offer specific EP profiles that might be relevant for their type of business. Community Guidelines or Activities: To engage the relationship before even offering products and/or services Career Opportunities and HR needs: Direct and specific information to offer the exact EP profiles they are looking for. National or International operations: To offer either the GIP or the National Partnership to support graduates recruitment. Contact info: To directly engage a person to create a relationship before doing the pitch.


Company contacts



Company contacts

Corporate Websites: Sometimes the companies list their staff in their websites to show their expertise and experience. look for pages like: About Us, Contact Us, Our Staff, etc. Ask LC Members if they know people working for the selected companies. Ask AIESECers’ Parents and family members if they know people working on the selected companies or in any other company that they think could benefit from AIESEC’s Global Internship Program. Ask BoA Members for contacts within the targeted organizations. Ask Alumni for contacts within the targeted organizations. Ask past TN Takers if they feel that they need help in other HR areas, or ask for an endorsement letter. Ask current TN Takers if they know people from other organizations that could benefit from AIESEC to endorse our program and put us in contact


- Remember that the goal of the call is to get a meeting, not to make a sale. - You should use your own style and words. - Think of them as EQUALS, don't think that they are superior or better than you - Getting through to the decision maker - Ask the receptionist when the person will be in the office - Always ask Why Not? if you encounter obstacles and/or rejection - When they say they can't do something ask them that CAN they do - Catch the person's interest in 30-60 seconds of the conversation


Attending Networking events could be very useful, but you CAN'T forget to reach out to your already established networks such as: • • • • • • •

Family University Teachers and Students Alumni Other clubs or organizations you are part of Friends & their friends Clients etc.


MEETING Agenda Questions Follow Intro Summary Closing Examples







Follow-up… Follow-UP…FOLLOW-UP !


Suggest the next steps to engage relationship beyond the meeting: -Follow-up with a phone call • Set a date that is agreed upon for you to receive their feedback or preference on next-steps • Confirm or get contacts to book a second meeting with decision makers or leaders from other areas & departments • Send detailed information about something specific. i.e. Stats, previous experiences, conferences info, other intern-taker companies contacts, available EP profiles.

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