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Great tips for choosing ideal furniture for your home Home is one place where you like to relax and live freely. It is where your heart is. Even if you travel all around the world, the feeling that you get when you step into your home is very special. What gives a home this miraculous quality? It is the ambiance, interiors, furniture, artifacts – all these are a reflection of your personality and style. To give an aesthetic and personal touch to your house, decide the type of furniture that should be arranged in each room. There are a lot of options to choose from - cane furniture, antique furniture, wooden, teakwood, wrought iron, there are many options. Before taking a decision it is better to analyze each room, including its size, style and structure. This greatly helps in making the right choice. If you want to live decently and close to Mother Nature then cane furniture is a great choice. It is not only eco-friendly but friendly on your pocket too with varied styles available at affordable prices. If you prefer a majestic ambiance, then go for furniture pieces made of teak, rosewood or mahogany. They add a touch of old world charm and elegance. Furniture can greatly manipulate the comfort level of a room, so keep this in mind while selecting furniture. It should not hinder your daily life in any way in terms of space constraints. Here are a few valuable tips that can help you in the selection process: Wood Quality & Specifications – It is a vital factor to be considered while buying furniture. Quality of the wood decides the durability and endurance level of the furniture in use. Investment in furniture is not something you do often. So it is essential that you focus on wood quality and choose the best wood which matches your budget and weather conditions. Type of wood- The market has various types of wood to offer; there are furniture made of hard wood and softwood. Hard wood is taken from deciduous trees like cherry, walnut, birch, mahogany, maple and oak. While making furniture, the moisture content in the hard wood is removed using air drying method. Thus the furniture made using hardwood is long lasting and will serve for hundreds of years. Softwood is taken from coniferous trees like redwood, pine, fir and cedar. As the name indicates, furniture made of softwood is prone to scratches and dents. Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of furniture made of softwood. Design, Shape and Styles – Everybody likes modern and designer furniture. While selecting the furniture for the living room, lounge area or guest room, make sure you choose the one that is apt for the room. If the space in the guest room can accommodate a sofa, then do not go for simple chairs. Buy a sofa set which comes in your budget. Similarly, for dining room, you can select contemporary or traditional design with an archaic look. Sleek models also are in great demand. Texture and Furniture Finish – Before buying a furniture piece, check its texture and finishing details. Quality wood work has a good finish. Three processes that contribute to quality wood work are sanding, staining and finishing. Good quality furniture will be free from rough spots; it will have smooth finish. Such finished material has a superior impression and also saves getting hurt from sides or sharp corners of the table or other furniture items.

Furniture to be avoided – Check if the furniture selected by you has splintered edges, rough surface, tear drops around the edges, and cloudy surface as well as dull spots. All these are pointers to bad quality, so avoid it. Furniture like ornaments can be passed from one generation to another as ancestral property. So it is essential to double check quality and durability before buying it.

Great tips for choosing ideal furniture for your home  
Great tips for choosing ideal furniture for your home GH Johnson Trading offers superior quality and varied styles of home furniture for decorating your home. GH John...