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Some people think that football players get “special” treatment. Uddenberg had no hesitation when saying, “The “special” treatment we get isn’t because we are football players, it’s because we have earned it.” School is hectic on its own, but try adding three hours of football every day and an additional four hours on game days. With an hour of study table the players don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed. Like every other performers football players are expected to put on a good show, and like performers there are always butterflies bound to happen at some point or another. “When you’re out on the field and 1,000 plus eyes are on you, there is no other feeling comparable in the world, but when you make a mistake it is a bit shocking to think that all those people saw it. But no one really remembers mistakes; it’s the big plays they remember! ”Just like any other sport it is good to set some goals for yourself; an example of good goals would be Uddenburg’s hopes for his upcoming seasons. Blake Uddenberg, A GHHS football player proudly “Every day I have practice, I try and work hard to dons his white crewneck that is exclusive to the team impress the coaches. Not just for the next game but for members. the next year. I want to be on the field during fishbowl story and photos by lizeth lopez next year; I want to be making the tackles for a loss but in order to do that you have to do hard work every When most people single day beforehand.” think of a football player It is impossible for any they usually imagine a tall, aspect of our lives to handsome guy who all the have no effect on who girls want and all the guys we are today and sports want to be. Most people are no exception. With also tend to imagine a self the opportunity to “make centered jerk that gets new friends and have away with whatever they teammate bonds” it is want with a wink of an a perfect experience to eye and a charming smile; broaden your view of thankfully that isn’t always the way people work. the case. Blake UddenWith less than 1 in burg, a sophomore, is a every 17 high school football player for the Gig senior players will go Harbor High School Tides. play football at a NCAA When asked for his member institution. THE MUCH LOVED game of football is a timeless tradition at opinion on the stereotypiEven less than that 1 in Gig Harbor High School. The games this year have been cal football player, Uddenevery 50 of NCAA senior going well, and the boys work hard at practice everyday to burg was glad to put that football players will get represent our school at their games. stereotype to rest. Accorddrafted by the NFL it ing to Uddenburg, “People seems like a good idea believe football players are jocks that are too good for to have a back up plan. Uddenberg seems to have it everyone else. planned out just in case, by saying: They think that we are stuck up and focused on two things; girls and football. The football team I know “I love football and I would love to play in colisn’t even close to the typical stereotype. I, personally, lege! But if that’s not God’s plan for me, hopediffer from it because I am kind to everyone, focused fully his plan will be for me to go to Annapolis and on school, and involved in the community. I may be obsessed with football, but I have many other hobbies become a Navy Seal.” as well.” -Blake Uddenberg


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//07 “I love football and I would love to play in col- lege! But if that’s not God’s plan for me, hope- fully his plan will be for me to go...

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