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Making Texas Green & Healthy NEHA 2016 AEC HUD Conference GHHI is thrilled to be in San Antonio as the presenting sponsor for the NEHA 2016 AEC and HUD Healthy Homes Conference. We are proud to take part in the environmental health training, education and networking to advance the healthy homes movement.

GHHI Staff & Mia Hodges

Kids Are Great Advocates! Last April Mia Hodges, a fifth grader

from Pond Springs Elementary in Austin, Texas, needed answers. She was inspired by the national problem of lead poisoning, and had chosen it as her subject for a study project. She contacted GHHI to ask for 10 minutes of our time to learn more about the issue. What she got surprised Mia, her family and her school! On May 13th Ruth Ann Norton, President and CEO of GHHI, and her team, paid a visit to Mia’s school. In a school assembly they addressed the long term effects and cure for lead poisoning, and explored its social and economic consequences. Thank you to Mia and Pond Springs Elementary for engaging the next generation of concerned citizens, bringing us closer to a future without lead poisoning!

GHHI - San Antonio

GHHI continues to support the great work of San Antonio, one of GHHI’s original sites. As a HUD Lead Grant recipient, San Antonio is producing

green and healthy units that are both lead safe and comfortable for local families. GHHI San Antonio has crosstrained and re-certified local home inspectors to comprehensively assess homes, enabling them to identify a full range of hazards, such as lead based paint, energy efficiency defects, and home based asthma triggers.

Ruth Ann Norton, Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, Elizabeth “Betsy” Spencer, Director of Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, Sabino “Pio” Renteria, Councilman, District 3

GHHI - Austin

Last February GHHI signed an agreement to partner with the City of Austin and local organizations to develop a comprehensive intervention model to make Austin homes safer, healthier and more energy-efficient. The GHHI Austin Compact was signed by more than a dozen City of Austin stakeholders committed to systemic changes that will help the city more effectively provide home-intervention services to Austin residents. “This compact turns an incomprehensible bureaucratic labyrinth into a single open doorway,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said. “Now, these families only have to go to one place to get home improvements that will make their lives healthier and safer.” Austin residents have access to multiple interventions that address health and safety hazards as well as energy-saving deficiencies. Services can include lead abatement, hazard remediation, safety upgrades and weatherization.

Join us for the 2016 Annual Executive Leadership Institute August 29 - 30, 2016 Austin, Texas

GHHI’s Executive Leadership Institute offers the best and brightest thinking in the green and healthy housing movement. It stands as the preeminent annual meeting of practitioners reforming government, public health, housing, energy and workforce systems. Twenty-five GHHI cities will be engaged learning to improve and expand their program models. This year’s Institute will include sessions on the business case for healthy homes, emerging philanthropic models, healthy housing impact on improving school attendance, nonenergy benefits of energy efficiency, aging in place, certifications and training, and data and evaluation. There will also be a track for partners in our Pay for Success feasibility projects. Attendees will have opportunities for direct dialogue with leaders from key sectors, cross-sector discussions, peer exchange and networking. Register at

Pay For Success Houston In Houston, GHHI has launched a Pay

for Success feasibility study site with UnitedHealthcare, part of a cohort of healthcare partners across five sites participating in asthma-focused Pay for Success feasibility studies led by GHHI. Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the project will focus on asthma trigger reductions to improve the health, social and economic outcomes of families in Houston.


Green & Healthy Homes Magazine: National Edition  
Green & Healthy Homes Magazine: National Edition