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8 Wa s t e 8.1 Categorizing waste and wastewater emissions 8.2 Defining Solid Waste types and general calculation procedures 8.3 Calculating emissions from solid waste disposal 8.4 Calculating emissions from biological treatment of solid waste 8.5 Calculating emissions from waste incineration and open burning 8.6 Calculating emissions from wastewater treatment

9 I n d u s t r i a l P r o c e s s e s and Produc t Use 9.1 Categorizing IPPU emissions by scope 9.2 Defining industrial processes and product uses 9.3 Calculation guidance for industrial processes 9.4 Calculating product use emissions

10 Ag r i c u lt u r e , F o r e s t ry a n d O t h e r L a n d U s e 10.1 Categorizing AFOLU emissions by scope 10.2 Defining AFOLU activities 10.3 Calculating livestock emissions 10.4 Calculating land use and land-use change emissions 10.5 Calculating emissions from aggregate sources and non-CO2 emissions sources on land

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Pa r t III :  T r ac k i n g C h a n g e s a n d S e t t i n g G oa l s


11 S e t t i n g G oa l s a n d T r ac k i n g 136 Emissions Over Time 11.1 Setting goals and evaluating performance 137 11.2 Aligning goals with the inventory boundary 140 11.3 Tracking emissions over time 141 and recalculating emissions

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12 M a n ag i n g I n v e n t o ry Q ua l i t y a n d V e r i f i c at i o n 12.1 Managing inventory quality over time 12.2 Verification 12.3 Parameters of verification 12.4 Verification process

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App e n d i c e s A Overview of GHG standards and programs B Inventories for local government operations C Methodology reference










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The term “city” is used throughout this document to refer to geographically discernable subnational entities, such as communities, townships, cities, and neighborhoods. In this document, “city” is also used to indicate all levels of subnational jurisdiction as well as local government as legal entities of public administration.


Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories  
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