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CHAPTER 1 Introduction

holistic approach to measuring their GHG impact, as well as identify opportunities for realizing more efficient urban supply chains.


Local government operations

In addition to compiling a city-wide GHG inventory, local governments may also want to measure GHG emissions from their own municipal operations via a local government operations (LGO) inventory. An LGO inventory allows local governments to identify GHG reduction opportunities across their jurisdiction and demonstrate

leadership in taking action. While this is not a requirement of the GPC, LGO data may also be useful in compiling information for a city-wide inventory. For example, activity data from city-owned or operated buildings, facilities, landfills or land can be more precise than estimating activity data from those sectors based on scaled regional or national data. Appendix B provides further information on developing an LGO inventory.


Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories  
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