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2011 - 2012 School Profile

An Independent Public School 10535 Zelzah Avenue, Granada Hills, CA 91344 • Phone 818.360.2361 •

SCHOOL PROFILE AT A GLANCE  Granada is a top ranked independent charter high school in California with an Academic Performance Index score of 876. Since becoming a charter school, the API has increased 115 points.  In 2006, Granada received a full six-year accreditation with no midterm review from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) through 2012.  In Spring 2011, Granada was identified as a California Distinguished School.  Based on the Spring 2011 STAR test, 82% of our students are proficient or above in English Language Arts and 80% are proficient or above in life science.  All Granada students take college preparatory courses that meet the University of California A-G entrance requirements. Graduation requirements are also aligned with the A-G requirements.  Students took 1,900 Advanced Placement exams in May 2011 and 82% scored a three or higher.  On the 2011 California High School Exit Exam, 92% of our students passed the Language Arts portion and 94% passed the Math portion.  67% of the class of 2010 met the UC/CSU entrance eligibility requirements.  Granada’s 2010-2011 in-seat attendance was 98%.  The 2010-2011 school year had a dropout rate of less than 1%, one of the lowest in the State of California.  Based on the 2011 Senior Survey, over 93% of our graduates are attending a post secondary school. Of those, 51% are enrolled at a four year university and 49% are enrolled in a community college.  The graduating class of 2011 totaled 831. Students in the class of 2011 who took the SAT I scored an average of 527 in Critical Reading, 563 in Math and 532 in Writing. Our students easily exceeded the national means of 499, 515, and 491 respectively.  The National Merit Program recognized 90 of our Class of 2011 and Class of 2012 students: 7 National Achievement Outstanding participants, 9 Hispanic Program Scholars & 2 Honorable Mention, 12 Semifinalists, and 60 Commended Students.  Fall 2011 enrollment is 4135  For Fall 2011, special education students number 263 with FAPE.  For Fall 2011, English Language Learners students total 157.  Revenue per pupil is approximately $8650.00 for the 2011-2012 school year.  GHCHS students speak more than 40 languages other than English at home. The student body represents over 35 different states and 61 birth regions.  Our student ethnic break down for the 2011-2012 school year is as follows: 36.2% Hispanic, 32.1% Caucasian, 25.8% Asian, 4.7% African American, <1% Pacific Islander, <1% Native American Indian, and <1% declined to state.

2011 EXTRA-CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES The opportunities for group involvement on campus are varied and plentiful. Student Clubs and teams are updated every year based on student interests. Clubs often foster camaraderie, hold fundraisers and perform community service. Teams do the same, but with the added element of competition against rival schools. Examples of organized groups include but are not limited to: ACT & SAT Prep American Cancer Society American Diabetes Association American Red Cross Art Club Audiophile Club Autism Awareness Club Black Student Union Book Club Chess Club Children's Hope Choir Club Christian Club Deaf Culture Club DESI Club Drama Club Eco Plant Club Filipino Club Filming, Directing, Writing and Editing Fitness and Nutrition Club Future Business Leaders of America Game Development Guild Gay-Straight Alliance Global Relief Fund Got College Club Granada Does Something Granada Hills Leo Club Heal L.A. Highlander Band Student Council Highlander Strings Association Interact Club Italian Club

Jewish Student Union Key Club Korean Club Krochet Kids Latinos United by Culture and Education Mandarin Bilingual and Cultural Interactions Club Middle Eastern Student Association Mock Trial Club Model UN Club Muslim Student Association One Million Ways One Voice Power and Strength Spread in Our Neighborhood PTSA Club Quill and Scroll Society Rachel's Challenge Reach Out and Read Southeast Asian Student Association Starlight Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Foundation Club STEM Council Table Tennis Club Tartan Yearbook Club The Water Project Toms Campus Club Trading Card Club Urban Arts Club With Eyes Wide Open World Vision Supporters Club Youth Against Poverty

SUPPORT SERVICES Nine Full-Time Guidance Counselors Two Full-Time College Counselors Fourteen Peer College Counselors (PCCs) One Full-Time Career Advisor One Full-Time Career Transition Counselor One Full-Time Nurse Three Part-Time Nurses One Full-Time Social Worker One Full-Time Psychologist

One Executive Director One Chief Business Officer One Chief Operating Officer Six Administrative Directors Three Discipline Deans One Attendance Dean One Full-Time Academic Programs Coord. One Full-Time Testing Coordinator One Full-Time Special Ed Coordinator Two Half-Time Athletic Directors

INTERVENTION SERVICES One Intervention Programs Coordinator Tutoring: Mon-Thurs 3:30pm-5:30pm and during Zero Period Granada Summer Transition Academy for All Incoming Students LIBRARY SERVICES The GHCHS Library Media Center has recently been refurbished to the future. Adding to its expansive collection of 28,000 books, the library now features 40 new computers, a classroom computer management system, a networked printer system and DVD/VHS/Cable TV hookup for presentations. A separate laptop room features another 18 computers for extended class accommodation. The Library Media Center is also accessible from the school's website. The Library Media Center website, updated bimonthly, contains the library's online catalogue (Alexandria), an "Academic Cybrary" with links to over 200 online databases, tutorial sites, academic journals, and high quality art imagery sites as well as a parent resource page, book nook, local library links, and an "Ask the Librarian" link via the school's Gaggle e-mail system. ATHLETIC TEAMS Our Athletics Department has 14 individual sports, 45 teams and approximately 700 student athletes. B=Boys G=Girls C=Coed BG=Boys & Girls Teams F/S=Fresh/Soph Team JV=Junior Varsity V=Varsity Baseball (B, F/S JV V) Golf (BG, V) Track & Field (BG, F/S JV V) Basketball (BG, F/S JV V) Soccer (BG, JV V) Volleyball (BG, F/S JV V) Cross Country (BG, F/S V) Softball (G, JV V) Water Polo (BG, JV V) Equestrian (BG, V) Swim/Dive (BG, F/S V) Wrestling (C, JV V) Football (C, JV V) Tennis (BG, V) SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE CURRICULUM Most of our classes are year-long two semester courses based on the Carnegie unit. Students earn five credits for each semester class passed. GPA is determined on a four-point scale. Advanced Placement courses are given an additional point and honors courses are given a half point more. All classes, with the exception of college courses exceeding 30 credits and physical education courses, are computed into the college GPA. GHCHS does not rank its students.

A-G Classes (College Preparatory Classes) Granada offers an extremely rigorous College Preparatory Program. Students at Granada are REQUIRED to take classes that meet the University of California A-G requirements, including foreign language. The World Languages and Cultures Department offers Spanish, Spanish for Speakers, American Sign Language, French, German, Italian, Korean, Korean for speakers, Mandarin Chinese, and Mandarin Chinese for speakers. The core academic classes are designed to prepare students for the rigorous demands of college. Advanced Placement and Honors Program Granada Hills Charter High School offers a rich and varied selection of AP Courses. Currently, students can select from over 24 different AP courses with a total of 46 sections offered. AP Class offerings include: Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics C, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Environmental Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Psychology, Human Geography, World History, English Literature, English Language, American History, US Government, European History, Music Theory, Studio Art, Drawing, Italian, Spanish Language, and Spanish Literature. Granada also offers a comprehensive honors and college prep program. Granada Summer Transition Academy for Incoming Students Students matriculating to Granada from middle schools or other high schools attend a two or four week summer academy designed to provide a successful transition to Granada. Successfully attending and passing the academy is a graduation requirement. The academy assesses current learning and prepares students for the rigors of the school year. The two week program concentrates on accelerated English and Math Prep classes with a focus on reading, writing, critical thinking and study skills. The four week program also focuses on Math, English Language Arts and Study Skills. Both programs include assemblies which cover topics such as graduation and college requirements, surviving high school (sexual harassment, suicide prevention, anti-bullying), drug and alcohol abuse, academic integrity, internet safety and orientation information. Upon completion of the program, students will also have received their school ID, locker assignments, and fall schedules. School for Advanced Studies Granada offers School for Advanced Studies (SAS) course work and a SAS Diploma, which is designed to support and expand articulated Gifted/Talented programs in local schools. Students in SAS have full access to all that Granada offers. An SAS permit also allows students outside of the geographic residential area to attend Granada. For more information about this permit, please contact the counseling office. Humanitas /New Media Program (HU/NM) The Humanitas/New Media Program offers a challenging college-prep curriculum that stresses critical reading, writing and thinking in a project-based, interdisciplinary, team-taught approach to learning. The liberal arts curriculum incorporates fine art, digital media and film production in collaborative learning environment. Interested students have the option to participate in this program upon enrollment.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program (STEM) The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program at GHCHS offers a rigorous four-year high school math and science curriculum designed for students interested in related careers and college majors in math, science, engineering and technology. Interested students have the option to participate in this program upon enrollment. Global History of Ideas Program (GHI) The Global History of Ideas Program presents a unique curricular approach in 9 th through 11th grade English and Social Studies. A team of teachers collaborate to integrate the philosophical foundations of classical Western and Eastern philosophy with core literature. The English Language Arts course is comprised of texts that provide philosophical, literary, artistic and historical approaches to the influences that shape our world. In conjunction with the ELA course, students are enrolled in science and history classes that compliment ideas learned in the GHI program, so that students can understand multiple perspectives in analyzing texts. Students develop critical reading, writing and thinking skills through interdisciplinary essays and reading of primary texts. Interested students have the option to participate upon enrollment. Global Business and Finance Program (GBF) The Global Business and Finance Program is a grade 10-12 interdisciplinary Career Technical Education (CTE) and liberal studies program blend designed by a team of teachers. Business concepts and related current events are integrated into the core coursework of English, Social Studies and Math along with a foundational CTE business career preparatory course at each grade level. The Money and Banking Course, Business Statistics, Global Economics and Entrepreneurship complete the program. Eligible 11th and 12th grade students will have access to job shadowing, internship and business mentors provided by community businesses to provide real-world experience and career exposure. Unique business-focused guest speakers and field trip opportunities directly tied to curriculum are incorporated throughout the program. Interested students have the option to choose this program upon entry to 10th grade. College Prep Career Pathways Students may choose a career pathway which can lead to a certificate program and/or college. Core academic courses in the career pathways satisfy the A-G requirements. The Granada philosophy maintains that all students have access to post-secondary options including college. The STEM Program, the Humanitas/ New Media Program, GHI Program and the GBF Program have all been successful in educating students about the array of career paths available and more programs are currently being developed to meet the needs and interests of students. Virtual Program GHCHS offers a full range of individually tailored educational programs through the Virtual Program. This program uses cutting-edge technology and comprehensive instructional design to reach the different learning styles and multiple intelligences of our students, while providing a rigorous, engaging, and interactive curriculum, that ensures student success. This program includes web supported learning combined with on-site workshops and one-on-one tutoring with credentialed teachers. All GHCHS on-line and web-based courses are certified by the NCAA.

Special Programs and Education The Special Programs Office includes the Special Education Clerk, Speech Language Pathologist, Special Education Coordinator, Special Education School Psychologist, Transition Counselor, and Director of Special Education. The Special Education Department includes the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, Special Day Program, and the Resource Program. All programs emphasize inclusion and mainstreaming into the General Education classes. The Special Education Department offers a variety of special classes to support students with the California High School Exit Exam, STAR Testing, and intervention for students who have particular difficulty with the curriculum. The department also sponsors cutting edge programs such as the Co-Teaching program that teams special educators with general educators in a general education classroom made up of general education students and special needs students. Technology on Campus GHCHS has over 1500 computers on campus. In addition, the renovated Library Media Center has over 50 new computers for student use. All classrooms have at least one student computer and many have small labs with 3-18 computers. The Visual and Performing Arts Department has full computer labs in the Digital Imaging, Cartooning and Animation, and Guitar classrooms. Other full labs are located in the Special Education Resource Center, English Language Learner classrooms, and ROP classes. Students have GAGGLE email and school computer accounts for campus and home computer access. They receive internet safety training through the GHCHS Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet, i-SAFE assemblies and library orientation. All students are expected to utilize technology for classroom assignments, research and communication. Students are further expected to be proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) before graduation. Home Access Center Parents can register for Home Access Center in the Counseling Office. Once parents are registered, they may log-on to view their student’s progress, attendance, assignments and grades. Email notifications are also sent when students miss assignments or receive failing grades. Sign ups for Home Access Center is handled through the Office of Counseling and Support Services. Students can access the Student Access Center using their gaggle login and password. Edline Parents are informed each weekend of upcoming activities and events through the Edline call system. Edline also allows staff to keep parents updated and informed of their child’s attendance with the simple ease of a phone call. Teachers use Edline to record discipline comments, class memos, testing due date reminders and more. Web Page and E-Mail GHCHS employs a full time Webmaster who updates the web page in real time continually throughout the day. The web page is connected to our electronic calendar system that displays “live” school event information. Parents and students are e-mailed the Daily Bulletin as well as other announcements and information. 10535 Zelzah Ave â&#x20AC;˘ Granada Hills, CA 91344 â&#x20AC;˘ 818.360.2361 For more information about enrollment, please contact the attendance office.

2011-2012 GHCHS School Profile  

2011-2012 School Profile - Granada Hills Charter High School