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July 2013 A Monthly Publication for Balsam Mountain Preserve Members


hope you enjoyed some of the special events we put together for you during the month of June: Wings & Beer, Social Hour at the Stable, Johnny & Brian’s Fish Fry, and Tavern On The Green were all fun and well attended. We’re going to continue to bring these types of fun outings to you throughout the summer and hope to also bring more live music to our gatherings. If any of you have ideas for special activities centered around food and drink, I would love to hear from you. Please mark your calendars for some of the special nights we are planning this month: July 4 – July 7 July 10 July 19 July 26 July 31

Balsam’s Independence Week Celebration Highland Brewery Beer Dinner At Balsam Barn Dance At The Stable Tavern On The Green Johnny & Brian’s Fish Fry

On the Real Estate front, things are definitely picking up! Inquiries from our marketing efforts are significantly higher than this time last year, as are Discovery Visits from interested families. In the second quarter, our in-house sales team sold one developer homesite, two resale homesites (both listed with an outside broker), and two Boarding House shares. All total, 7 of the 10 new property transactions this year at Balsam (70%) have involved our inhouse brokerage team, and we look for bigger and better things in the upcoming quarter. Road plans for July include placing a layer of asphalt on the approaches to the three bridges on West Clubhouse Drive to make entry and exit much smoother. We will also be applying fresh gravel to targeted areas throughout the Preserve. As always, thanks for your continued support of the club and community! by Bruce Fine, General Manager



dress is country cowboy Friday Night’s Theme Buffet and Bar Will Take Place at the Barn  Details and Cost To Follow

making summer

memories JULY EVENTS

There is no better place to spend time with family and friends this summer than at Balsam Mountain Preserve. The events planned this summer provide limitless opportunities for making summer memories.

Independence Day Weekend July 4-7

Highland Brewery Beer Dinner July 10

Barn Dance at The Stable

1-Day Member-Member/Guest

July 19

July 20

Tavern on The Green

Fish Fry

July 26

July 31

SAVE THE DATE Highland Brewery Beer Dinner Wednesday, July 10th One of Asheville’s most successful breweries is coming to Balsam Mountain Preserve. Representatives from Highlands will be on hand to pair their favorite beers with Chef Ryan's food selections. More details to follow.


on the


Visit the Nature Center to share your latest sightings at Balsam Mountain Preserve! June continues to be a great month for warbler songs! In case you have not already heard, there have been a few rare sightings this month on the Preserve;

  

A Timber Rattlesnake was discovered on a homeowner’s property A Bear and Skunk were sighted on the golf course Box Turtles were spotted on Sugarloaf and Preserve Roads We want to know what you have spotted on the Preserve this month! Visit the Nature Center or please send pictures to

lakeside Your Membership at Balsam Mountain Preserve provides you the opportunity to visit not one, but two lakeside communities. Featuring ship stores, markets, swimming pools nestled alongside outdoor pavilions, and boat, jet ski and kayak rentals— the opportunity to explore Lake Keowee and Lake Greenwood and all of their scenic beauty awaits.

- Lakeside pool and hot tub - Waterfront Cabana with outdoor dining - Private sandy beach adjacent to lake - Boat rental based on availability and request

Grand Harbor Golf & Yacht Club 101 Grand Harbor Boulevard | Ninety Six, SC 29666

- Lakeside pool complete with fountains and Jacuzzi - Cabana grille - Full day boat rentals available 7 days/week - Kayaks, Skis, Single & Double Tubes, and Knee Boards available to rent

Reserve at Lake Keowee 190 Village Green Loop | Sunset, SC 29685

In the kitchen with Ryan Queen One of Balsam’s longest tenured employees, Ryan Queen is a chef that has great passion for cooking, loves to tell you the way things are, and does not ever hold back on his comments! Having always had a natural inclination for cooking, Ryan attended Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC and excelled in the culinary technology program. His training led him to a myriad of positions including line chef, station chef, and sous-chef, polishing his skills in order to advance to his current position of executive chef. Did you cook growing up? Yes, I have always had a love for being in the kitchen and growing up I enjoyed cooking things that I love to eat. What is your best cooking advice for a home enthusiast? One of the most important things about cooking is having common sense and keeping it simple. Without any equivocation, simple is always better. What is your favorite spice to cook with and why? It would be impossible to choose one but it is important to know how to blend spices. Cooking reality shows seem to be multiplying. Do you have a favorite? I love the unconventional style of Good Eats, hosted by Alton Brown. What’s the funniest kitchen incident you’ve ever had? What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen, I’ll just leave that to the imagination.

Just for Fun Favorite kitc hen gadget? Besides my kn ifes, the blend er makes life so much ea sier. Favorite sou thern meal? Anything with fat pork produ cts. Favorite Nas

car driver?

Tony (Smoke) Stewart

Utterly delicious. Elemental in its goodness. French onion soup transcends its simple building blocks to become a deeply dark and flavorful dish. Here's Chef Ryan’s basic template for making French onion soup.

Ingredients 4 2T 2T 1c 1/2c 3qt 1/2c As needed As needed

Julienne Yellow Onions Chopped Garlic Chopped Fresh Thyme Sherry White Wine Beef Broth Heavy Cream Croutons Gruyere Cheese

Instructions Caramelize onions in butter over low heat until they turn dark brown. Add garlic and thyme. Sautee’ for another 5 minutes. Add sherry and white wine. Turn up the heat. Cook until some of the alcohol has cooked out. Add beef broth and heavy cream. Bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Ladle soup into a serving bowl. Top with croutons, then with shredded gruyere. Broil on high heat until the cheese is golden brown. Serve. by Ryan Queen, Executive Chef

Snake, Rattle and Huhhhh?


would like to clarify a rumor that has begun on the mountain—namely, that I’ve started a cult and use rattlesnakes to initiate members. Okay, that’s true, but what isn’t true is that I’m bringing in rattlesnakes from outside the Preserve and releasing them here. I would never do that and it also wouldn’t be good for the rattlesnake. Oh, and it also wouldn’t be all that good for public relations. What’s problematic too is that once you move them from their home territory, it can be a death sentence as they then cannot find their winter homes and would most probably perish in the cold of winter. Many of you are aware of the snake BMP resident Mr. Belfore found and subsequently had me catch and move away from his homestead (see picture below). This was a large eastern timber rattlesnake and was a pleasant chap with a disposition to match his pleasantness. He has been relocated to a new home in the Nantahala National Forest and will never be heard from again, although we did exchange e-mail addresses. That stated, timber rattlesnakes are found on the Preserve, as are other species of snakes, but anyone’s chances of seeing one are slim to none. They are secretive, perfectly camouflaged and mostly nocturnal animals. We’ve asked (and have been pleasantly surprised by the responses from BMP members) that folks not kill these animals as they play a hugely important ecological role in keeping the rodent population in check. If you happen to see/find one on the Preserve please call Michael and he will gladly relocate the animal for you if that is the best solution for the given situation. Picture below is ‘Belfore,’ a black-phase timber rattler and on the right is a yellow-phase.

by Michael Skinner, Trust Executive Director


AWARE? Know Before You Go


f you encounter a bear which does not seem to be frightened of you, i.e., it doesn’t run away or it stands its ground:    

make yourself look as large as possible by waving your arms, yelling, etc. throw objects, e.g., sticks, rocks, etc. at the animal LEASH your pets; bears will kill dogs if they feel threatened and/or are hungry/starving carry an air horn, starter’s pistol (these fire blank rounds and can purchased on-line); preferable caliber is .32 (for the bigger bang), bear strength pepper spray, etc. don’t keep food ‘smellable’ to a bear at your Balsam home or in your vehicle; fact: in optimal conditions a black bear can smell a can of opened sardines up to a mile away! if you do feel you’ve come across a bear by whom you feel frightened because of a possible odd behavior, inform the Trust or Balsam security as soon as possible. never approach a wild bear

Fact: There are more black bears in the eastern US, statistically-speaking, than since before European settlers first arrived in this country, which is a testament to effective management, ample food supplies and their ability to survive. We should be able to get along with these critters but we will deal with any problem animals.


Bear Aware Click Here for more Information What you can do

by Michael Skinner, Trust Executive Director

To report

a problem bear Call 828.631.1060




July 6-7th, tee times from 8:30am

July 11th, 10:30-11:30am

$70 per Member

complimentary, limited to first (8) members that sign up



July 18th-19th

July 20th, 8:00am-1:00pm tee times

$30 per player per day

$40 per Member, $80 per Guest



July 25th, 10:30-11:30am

July 27th, 2:00pm

complimentary, limited to first (8) members that sign up

$12 per Member

Tavern on the 14th Green

Kids Flock to


riety of ids have enjoyed a va y this camp activities alread summer, including orts, water sp am te , ip sh an em hors es and art. It’s sports, nature activiti for the kids and a h nt o m t ea gr a en be lot of fun!

Katharine Nuck

ols works on he r birdhouse.

The Smok

ies at Min

gus Mill.

Animal Yoga w

ith Blair!

Summer Camps Hauser and Ha

nlon grandchild ren look for bu gs in the grass.


Campers inspecting a box turt

Walker Hanlon

Touches a scre

ech owl!

Balsam gra

Hello from the Grea

t Smokies!

. and Wa ndkids K.J

lker play in

a creek.

One of the beau tiful clay bird nests mad e by the kids.

Club Hours of Operation Pro Shop: Open 7:30am to 6:00pm, closed Tuesdays. Tee times begin at 8:00am. Practice Park: Open 7:30am to 6:30pm, closed Tuesdays. Trail Rides: By Reservation Only. Pavilion: Open 24 hours. Fitness Center: Open 24 hours. Pool: Open 24 hours. Tennis Courts: Open 24 hours. Turnhouse: Open 11:00am to 3:00pm, closed Tuesdays. The Boarding House Restaurant: Light Continental Breakfast: Mon – Thurs, 8am – 10am Breakfast: Fri – Sun, 8am – 10am Brunch: Sunday 11:30am—2:00pm Lunch: Wed – Mon, 11:30am – 2pm Dinner: Wed – Sun, 6:30pm – 8:30pm *Reservations Requested

Club Staff and Contact Information Administration: 828.631.1040 Bruce Fine: General Manager Tina Jones: Business Manager Member Services: 828.631.1000 Amy Coggins: Manager Balsam Care (Maintenance & Cabins): 828.631.1000 Pro Shop: 828.631.1009 Drew Marshall: Head Golf Pro Activities: 828.631.1063 Stables: 828.631.1066 Natalie Altendorf: Stable Manager Security / Main Gate: 828.631.1011 Main Gate Emergency: 828.508.0116 Sales: 828.631.1001 Joe Dellinger: Bill Minus: Jamie Aquino:

Sales Executive Sales Executive Marketing Manager RIDGE Lines Editor

Nature Center / Balsam Mountain Trust: 828.631.1060 Michael Skinner: Executive Director Blair Ogburn: Sr. Naturalist Dawn Williams Tox: Administrator

The Reserve at Lake Keowee The Nature Center: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily

Contact Balsam Member Services at 828.631.1000 for all Activities and Reservations.

Grand Harbor Golf & Yacht Club Contact Balsam Member Services at 828.631.1000 for all Activities and Reservations.

Balsam Mountain Preserve | 81 Preserve Road | Sylva, NC 28779 866.452.3456

RIDGELines | July 2013  
RIDGELines | July 2013  

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