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August 2013 A Monthly Publication for Balsam Mountain Preserve Members

Tavern on the 6th Green

Year-To-Date Real Estate Sales Update


he first seven months of 2013 are in the books and real estate activity at Balsam is running at a torrid pace. According to our records, there have been 29 transactions year-to-date at Balsam, which is more than all of 2012 combined! Since The Challenge Golf Group acquired Balsam in November, 2011 there have been 54 real estate transactions compared with only 2 transactions in the first eleven months of 2011. Along with the improvement in sales comes an improvement in the number of Club members. When The Challenge Golf Group acquired Balsam in November, 2011 there were 97 members in the Balsam Mountain Club. Today there are 127 members, an increase of 31%. Keeping this trend moving in a positive direction is one of the real keys to the future sustainability of the Club and the community and we can assure you we are laser-focused on this point. It’s an exciting time right now for new home construction as well, as there are three active homes going through the Architectural Review Committee for approval to begin construction this Fall. That’s the first time in many years there has been that much activity at one time before the ARB. Additionally, we are anticipating several more homes to submit for approval within the next five months. While home and homesite values are still not where we would like to see them primarily due to foreclosure activity, the desirability of an investment at Balsam clearly is improving, and values are trending upward as well. The developer homesite sales we’ve recorded this year have averaged $223,000 per property, and a resale homesite that was sold last year for $105,000 was just re-sold in July by our in-house brokerage for $150,000. The devastation brought on by the collapse of the real estate market in 2008 cannot be ignored and it will take time for values to re-establish themselves. We are committed to being part of the solution at Balsam.

Our in-house brokerage, located just off the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway, has led the renewal in real estate activity at Balsam over the past two years. The 29 transactions this year break down as follows:    

3 Developer Homesites 22 Resale Homesites 1 Builder Speculative Home 3 Boarding House Partnerships

Of these 29 transactions, we have been the selling agent on 23 of them, or 79.3%. Our in-house brokerage transactions break down as follows:    

3 Developer Homesites 16 Resale Homesites 1 Builder Speculative Home 3 Boarding House Partnerships

Accounting for nearly 80% of the total transactions here does not happen by accident. We are generating big numbers of inquiries and tours with our six figure marketing campaign, which includes:        

Billboards both locally and in downtown Asheville Asheville airport advertising Prominent ad in “A Look At Asheville”, distributed in most hotel rooms in the city Magazine ads in Business North Carolina magazine Internet advertising with Google and Bing Web portals such as and National E Mail advertising with Smart Touch Interactive LiveSouth real estate shows in Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and Long Island

In addition to the above, I’m excited to announce that we will be prominently featured in Executive Golfer magazine in October as part of an exclusive interview story with Arnold Palmer. Clearly the old adage that “the Developer is only interested in selling their own homesites” has been proven false both this year and last year. To that end, we are dropping the requirement we set forth at the beginning of last year that we will only list property owned by a Club member at Balsam. As we continue to lead the market recovery, we will now accept listings from any Balsam property owner who wishes to list with our in-house brokerage. Thank you as always for your support of Balsam and please let us know if we can assist you or your friends with any real estate needs here on the mountain. We want to extend a special thanks to Hance and Cathy Myers, Rey and Kathy Velez, and Buddy and Cathy Wikle, Balsam owners who have all referred friends that joined us as owners and members this year. Support like this will make a big difference in our drive to grow the membership to the level we want and need it to be. We look forward to more referrals from more of our Balsam owners this year and into the future. Bruce Fine, General Manager and Joe Dellinger, Broker in Charge

IN TRIBUTE We are saddened by the loss of Balsam Mountain Preserve Member Alfred Osterhout who passed away on July 24, 2013. He was married to Melony Osterhout and was father to Dustin (Melissa) and Bryan and grandfather to Carlee, Jaxsen and Emmett. Please keep Al’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Al will be missed by his fellow Members and the staff at Balsam Mountain Preserve.

WELCOME NEW OWNERS Several new families have purchased at Balsam Mountain Preserve! Please join us in welcoming;

Roger & Cindy Dean - Lot 59 - Ormond Beach, FL John & Carol Landers - Lot 237 - Houston, TX Eric & Dionniece Lewis - Lot 55 - Tupelo MS Jay & Elizabeth Monge - Lot 97 - Charlotte, NC Josh & Susan Nemzoff - BH Partner - New Hope, PA Karl & Lizzette Van Osten - Lot 173 - Tupelo, MS Edwin & Giselle Velez - Lot 262 - Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

Discover more ways to enjoy your Membership. Explore the Balsam Mountain Member Website for an online directory, calendar of events and more.

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Goes to the Dogs ?

We appreciate even the furriest of Members on the Preserve! HOWEVER, please do not let your dogs roam free on the golf course during golf hours of operation.


on the


Visit the Nature Center to share your latest sightings at Balsam Mountain Preserve! July has been a month of baby turkeys and bears! Other sightings this month on the Preserve include;   

A Ring-Necked Snake was discovered in the Nature Center garden A beautiful array of moths, including a Luna Moth were seen at the Nature Center Box Turtles were spotted on Sugarloaf and Preserve Roads

We want to know what you have spotted on the Preserve this month! Visit the Nature Center or please send pictures to



dress is country cowboy Friday Night’s Theme Buffet and Bar Will Take Place at the Barn  Details and Cost To Follow


iltmore has topped the list of preferred destinations for foodies and travelers for years. It’s also a frequently visited destination for wine lovers, which has helped lead the way for the Biltmore wine brand to expand nationally to 30 states. Biltmore Wines is on track to become a fully national brand within the next two years.

Save The Date Friday, August 23rd Biltmore Wine Pairing Dinner from 6:00-7:00 in the evening Complimentary wine tasting followed by Wine Paired Dinner. Details and Cost to Follow.

Time to Opine on the Opiliones


had an interesting discussion with both a BMP member and one of the Trust’s volunteers recently which revolved around facts about spiders. This particular discussion was about daddy longlegs spiders; a.k.a., granddaddy longlegs. Hmmm…sounds a bit like a swashbuckling pirate doesn’t it? “Arrrgggghhh mateys; we’ll make off with our booty soon and be on the high seas before noon.” “Arrrggghhh.” The townsfolk were in distress about the pirate known as “Daddy Longlegs.” I digress. So, the while daddy longlegs are in the Opiliones order of the Arachnid class, they are separate from true spiders, which fall into the Aranaeid order. The following information and photos below should help clarify the ongoing myths and misinformation surrounding these two groups of Arthropods. Confused? Okay, let’s see, the daddy long-legs everyone is used to seeing around here (pictured left) is just one of a few Leiobunum spp. found on the Preserve. They differ from true spiders such as the Araneus spp. (pictured right) by 1) having no venom or silk glands (which of course means they cannot be the most venomous spider in the U.S. – a common myth – and, they do make webs); 2) having two eyes as opposed to eight (usually) on true spiders and their second pair of legs serve as antennae; 3) having their body sections joined to look like Photos by M. Skinner one whole piece as opposed to true spiders where you see two distinct sections (this is clearly evident in the true spider in the photo because of the color differences) and 4) they can ‘chew’ their food whereas true spiders use fangs to subdue and suck the ‘oyster’ out of their prey. Okay, so, now you’re each spider experts, yes? I expect to hear wonderful spider stories from your next social event. And, as always, enjoy the amazing bounty of life on the Preserve. by Michael Skinner, Trust Executive Director

July Golf Tournament Results Ruby Valley Cup Congratulations to the Ruby Valley Cup Winners! Sugarloaf Team: Dave Walters Michael Fulbright Rod Hanlon Randy Parker Dave Sparks Leading point scorer for the Sugarloaf Team, Randy Parker, tees off on #18.

1-Day Member/Member-Guest Saturday, July 20th 1st: Rod Hanlon & Charlie Gregory 2nd: Dave Walters & Steve Neubeiser Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all that participated!

Coming Up‌ Thursday, August 15th - Friday, August 16th Ladies Golf Clinic: 10:00-11:30am $30 per person RSVP to

Sunday, September 8th — Monday, September 9th Teams: Tees: Format: Cost:

1 Balsam Mountain member + a Professional of your choice Members: Palmer Tees / Professionals: Black Tees 1 best ball of the twosome, amateurs will play 75% of their handicap $400 per team

Payout Individual Low Pro $400 2nd Place Pro $150

Team Payout (based on 10 teams) 1st - $2170 2nd - $930

Skins Optional team skins $40 per team per day *All payouts will be in CASH

For a complete schedule of events please visit the Member Website at

~ Kids corner~

party like it’s summer!

Happy Birthday

to the 53rs

SNAPSHOTS FROM THE PARTY Family and friends gathered to celebrate the birthdays of Ken Torok, Janie Stratigos, Andrew Manidis, Tom O'Neill, Margie Gill, Mike Frey, Scott Huse & Elaine Fulbright.




alsam Property Owners David and Terri May just took the Stallion Championship at Arabian Horse Association’s Region 14 event at the Kentucky Horse Park. Now their stallion, Master Jullyen V is qualified to compete at the US Nationals in October! Congratulations David, Terri and Master Jullyen!

Club Hours of Operation Pro Shop: Open 7:30am to 6:00pm, closed Tuesdays. Tee times begin at 8:00am. Practice Park: Open 7:30am to 6:30pm, closed Tuesdays. Trail Rides: By Reservation Only. Pavilion: Open 24 hours. Fitness Center: Open 24 hours. Pool: Open 24 hours. Tennis Courts: Open 24 hours. Turnhouse: Open 11:00am to 3:00pm, closed Tuesdays. The Boarding House Restaurant: Light Continental Breakfast: Mon – Thurs, 8am – 10am Breakfast: Fri – Sun, 8am – 10am Brunch: Sunday 11:30am—2:00pm Lunch: Wed – Mon, 11:30am – 2pm Dinner: Wed – Sun, 6:30pm – 8:30pm *Reservations Requested

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Sales Executive Sales Executive Marketing Manager RIDGE Lines Editor

Nature Center / Balsam Mountain Trust: 828.631.1060 Michael Skinner: Executive Director Blair Ogburn: Sr. Naturalist Dawn Williams Tox: Administrator

The Reserve at Lake Keowee The Nature Center: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily

Contact Balsam Member Services at 828.631.1000 for all Activities and Reservations.

Grand Harbor Golf & Yacht Club Contact Balsam Member Services at 828.631.1000 for all Activities and Reservations.

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RIDGELines | August 2013  
RIDGELines | August 2013  

A monthly magazine on the events and happenings at Balsam Mountain Preserve in Western North Carolina.