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Ghassan luxury brand generated this boutique range by experiencing the multitude of products that has flooded the market over the years. Ghassan collection was inspired by the beauty of nature that is offered by the vast lands of Australia. In conjunction with Ghassan laboratories, and using advance technology, the ideal formulations for skin and hair care ranges was developed. Ghassan has added the benefits of organic and natural ingredients along with botanical extracts and essential oils, resulting in pure indulgence of the products made. Ghassan is one the most luxurious boutique brands produced from Australia.

Love Life. Respect Nature. Ghassan

LUXURY SKIN COLLECTION _________________________

FACE ____________________________________________________________ Â


Anti-age moisturizer, perfect for daywear. Hydrates skin whilst reducing fine lines and other signs of aging. Rich with anti-oxidants, combat free radicals the skin encounters daily.


Restores moisture and balance, improves skin, reduces signs of aging. Enhances cellular regeneration, and reproduction of collagen ensuring the layers of skin is hydrated and soft.

FACE & BODY ____________________________________________________________ Â

ULTIMATE Repair Serum

Deep action serum that reduces the signs of aging by repairing damage on the skin especially caused by the sun and free radicals. Reduces sagging to the skin and wrinkles.


Calms, soothes and tones the skin whilst lightly hydrating face and body all day. Mist all over where there is lack of moisture in the air, and feel refreshed.

FACE ____________________________________________________________ Â

INVIGORATE Face Cleanser

Feel refreshed and moisturized, great to use for removing make-up and other impurities from daily activities. Prevents blemish when used regularly.

PURIFY Face Mask

Gently exfoliates within 5 minutes, revealing soft new skin. Prevents blemish. Oil free formula. Remove build-up.

EYE & BODY ____________________________________________________________ Â


Immediately relieves the eye area from puffiness, dark shadows and expression lines. Light weight non-oil based gel firms the skin around the eyes, and provide lift.

LXURIOUS Body Treatment

An all over firming and smoothing cream to give the skin lift and hydration all day. Protects against photo-aging, enhances cells efficiency, and neutralizes free radicals.

LUXURY HAIR COLLECTION __________________________

SHAMPOO ____________________________________________________________ Â


For normal to extremely dry, and chemically treated hair. Repairs damaged cuticles. Adds protein for strengthening, and provides moisture.


For fine hair. Gentle to use on sensitive, oily or irritated scalp. Soothes and calms the scalp. Hydrates, gives volume and shine.

TREATMENT & CONDITIONER ___________________________________________________________ Â

MASQUE Treatment

Luxurious, 3-minute pampering treatment that provides strengthening, moisture and shine. Mitigates damage caused by chemicals, heat styling and the environment. Repairs cuticles. Adds moisture and gives hair a silky shine.

SEAL Conditioner

Light weight conditioner, seals moisture to the hair leaving it soft and manageable.

WEARABLE TREATMENT & SERUM __________________________________________________________ Â


Leave in wearable treatment and detangler. Provides hair with the added benefits of strengthening, protection and manageability. Can be used with thermal styling tools for volume and straightening, or leave in for defined soft curls. Gives hair natural shine.


Non-oily serum, immediately removes frizz, and rejuvenates tired tresses in an instant. Adds shine.

STYLING ____________________________________________________________ Â


Medium hold styling shaper, gives hair texture and volume. Removes frizz. Can be use with thermal styling tools for protection.


Strong hold clay. Flexible to use. Water soluble. Ideal for short hair. Can be used with thermal styling tools.

Ghassan Luxury Skin Care  

Ghassan Luxury Skin Care

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