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Saving, A Habit Not To Miss

by Abdul-Rahman Ghalayini

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Date: November 20th 2010

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It was mid July of 2008, when I intended to make my regular visit to a dear friend of mine, who I knew him by the name "Savings", and appeared to be lonely lately during what i call it as "the modern time".

In fact, most of my close friends, who were between 25 and 42 years old, left my dear friend "Savings" alone and started to avoid him in the past few years for unexplained reasons. They looked to be always busy or pretending to be very busy in order to avoid looking into my dear friend's eyes or getting into making regular visits to his place, while he never tried or thought about leaving them in anytime, specially in the difficult times or old days. Actually they were, unintentionally, reflecting their real situation of struggling between running after their exotic dreams, and catching-up with their realities, while leaving my dear friend "Savings" unattended as an old, unneeded, and expired friend. I tried one day to stop one of my friends and ask him about his weird attitude towards my dear friend. He was, at that time, hardly willing to give me sometime to talk, and replied that he was in a hurry and busy fighting so many people searching for the beautiful girl called "Employment". He assured me, while he was running, that once he finds that beautiful creature "Employment", he will have the time to discuss my dear friend "Savings". I asked myself, does that beautiful creature, as called by my friends, "Employment" have that much of beauty to attract almost all my friends. What about my other friend "Entrepreneur"? On my way to my dear friend's place, I saw three of my old friends in a restaurant having their lunch and enjoying their break, as it turned to be for me. So, I passed by to say hello, and I found them busy talking about how they were trapped by the beautiful creature "Employment", and what difficulties that they are facing in order to leave her for joining my other friend "Entrepreneur". Immediately I invited them to join me in my visit to my dear friend "Savings" for his advice. Although they expressed some-kind of appreciation to my invitation, they showed no interest to see him at the moment and promised to visit him the moment they get the chance to leave "Employment" and join "Entrepreneur". I couldn't understand their hesitations at this point in time but I excused them as I saw plenty of my friends attracted more and more towards the sexy girl "Desires", and leaving her reasonable sisters "Needs" and "Wants" unnoticed. Being trapped between "Employment" and "Desires", I found that there is no 2 /4

way for them to get out of this loop safely. So, I stood up and excused myself in order to continue my journey to see my dear friend, when one of my friends, who was eating burger, whispered into my right ear to remind my dear friend "Savings" to transfer all his belongings to my dear friend's little brother "Speculations", and, then, turned to my friends to tell them that he took the decision to transfer all his belongings to my dear friend's brother "Investments", as a smart thing to do. Surprisingly, I asked myself what did drive him, my friend, to transfer all his belongings from a mature guy, my dear friend "Savings", to the little brother, my dear friend's brother "Speculations", and to bring this decision to my friends' notice saying that he is transferring all his belongings to my dear friend's brother "Investments". Anyhow, I felt it was not of my business and continued my way towards my dear friend's place. I kept telling myself that everyone has the right to say whatever he wants, and the other persons are mature enough have to interpret whatever they hear. When I arrived to my dear friend's place, I found that old guy sitting on the old coach and looking too busy in carefully arranging my friends' belongings. When I asked him, with amazement on my face, on what he was doing, he told me that his little brother "Speculations" was coming in few minutes to collect all of these belongings to go into an adventure journey in the deep sea to bring similar materials from the bottom of the sea. I looked stunned at the idea and how this child appeared to be so sure and was able to convince almost all my friends that he would easily find and get similar materials to their belongings from the deep sea. Were my friends blind from the reality because of greed, ignorance, or jealousness? Didn't they use their education and reasoning to understand that the case was impossible to be true. But I sat down on the ground next to my dear friend's coach watching the little brothers "Speculations" and "Investments" taking all the belongings in a hurry. At that moment, which i don't forget, my dear friend turned to look at me with a scary expression on his old and wise face, and asked me not to worry, and told me with assurance that all my friends will come back one day, but wheelchaired by that time. Today and after around two years of the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, I always remember the terrifying words of my old dear friend. 3 /4

Will you take the chance and keep visiting this old guy regularly?

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Saving, A Habit Not To Miss  

saving vs. investment and speculating

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