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Discovering Oneself Through Colors



The Challenge of Designing Your Home Together

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Adam Vs Eve




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Men & Women

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ve of Food…

Beyond The Gender Divide Destinations That

CHALLENGE & INDULGE! When Style Meets Comfort




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TheClashOf Trends


The F a s h i o of WEARING The


Style Sins For Him & Her


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The Challenge of Designing Your Home Together

That Will Change

Everything You Know About




Discovering Oneself Through Colors





Flaming Hot 9Couple Spots

Relationships That Men


Backstage of The Modeling Glamour! Youssef Spahi



Men & Women

Really Be

In The L

Says Hi

ve of Food…

Beyond The Gender Divide Destinations That

CHALLENGE & INDULGE! When Style Meets Comfort


Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Digital Platform & Event Community Managing Editor - CEO Ghada Sakr GhadaSakr@MagnificentOnline.Com Editor-in-Chief Eslam Salah Associate Partner Bahaa El Hemaly Media Manager Yumna Mohamed

He is tough, she is soft. He is laser-focused, she is an overwhelmed multi-tasker. She wears her heart on her sleeve, he tucks it away! It’s true, our adam and eve are two planets apart. They’re wired differently when it comes to every little thing in life. But maybe it’s the way it is because opposites are made to attract… and if adam & eve were feeling, thinking and operating exactly the same; life would have become such redundant act, and emotions wouldn’t have thrived between them! So to call it quits on the everlasting battle between the sexes, here we’re studying the stereotypes, the scientific facts and the different functioning mechanisms of the pink and blue planets to bring them together in a pool of understanding of each other’s differences, and each other’s likes and dislikes. There’s hardly a chance anyone will ever win that battle if it kept on; too much fraternizing with the enemy, you know ;) Cheers

Career Coaching

Contributors Amal Hejazi Hana Arafa Manal Mandour Marwa Hassan Nader Issa Passant Essam Reem Salem Reham Meky Sarah Osman Sarah Samir Sue Ryan


Makeup Tricks

By Sarah Osman

“What on earth is going on with you, men?”, “why are you escaping your responsibilities these days?” We’ve been hearing this kind of statements nowadays from many women; regardless of their marital status. So what’s happening here?! Well, let’s just take a flash back to 1899… when a woman was so helpless, staying at home, waiting for the future husband to knock on her door and take her as a house wife; who cares for nothing except for the house and children! Each woman was keen to be up to her husband’s satisfaction. Even if the husband cheated, she would be patient and protect her home and never ask for divorce. Not only that, she might also blame herself thinking that maybe she wasn’t attending properly to his needs and that’s why he cheated on her! It’s the time when the biggest culture legend of (SY EL SAYED) created weak, helpless women giving in to unsuccessful marriages and losing their rights of freedom and to look after their own needs and wants. Then a different generation came out refusing to stay bounded to the irrational traditions that put all pressures on women and give men the right to cheat, lie, abuse, etc under the belief that “men are the masters who have the right to do whatever they want”. All of a sudden, came the super hero of all women” Qassim Amin” with his book, “The Liberation of Women in 1899”. Amin believed in women’s cause, and he has been historically recognized as one of the first Arab world’s feminists. At the beginning, many people were against his ideas, but he managed to defend the cause and achieve the purpose.




7 with

Cover Photo Credit: Ayo Ogunseinde

Adam Vs Eve Issue LE 49

Adam Vs Eve Who Is a Better

Ghada Sakr

To be a strong independent woman or not to be… that’s the question! Nowadays, most women miss being pampered, miss enjoying their feminism. They have to work hard to gain their living. It’s not about just building a career path; it’s about fulfilling their own demands without the need to ask for help. They believe now

have reversed!

the roles

If you believe the roles haven’t reversed that much lately; well take a quick look around you!

See how many women now are responsible for taking care of their homes financially. See how many girls now break-ups from a relationship because their partners are not responsible enough to face any financial or emotional problems, and just leave all work on the girl. The 80’s generation especially has witnessed too many unstable relationships, and the main reason for breakups was “irresponsibility”.

Now that the roles are reversed, girls started to feel so independent and boys started to make use of that. They started to depend on their women to handle any problem because they knew they would be strong enough to face it alone without any help. And the result was miserable eventually! Women started to feel they are playing both roles, and men started to be so fragile, rarely using their masculinity in the right way.

Since then; women have proudly taken their role in society, started to join many occupations, and started to be independent! They learned how to work things out on their own. They challenged themselves; and managed to be pilots, ministers, police officers, and other occupations that were known only to be for Men. Women were thinking; we are multi-taskers, we can do it; and they actually did it! But, are they happy now?


So what do you think happened nowadays

Is it a problem in bringing up boys and girls? Are boys now spoiled by their mums who make all their wishes come true, and don’t bother asking them for any kind of responsibility? Or is it because the dads are bringing their daughters up to be responsible and to face society so courageously, which resulted in having more responsible girls than boys?! We’re not talking about all men of course. It’s just that real men are really becoming a minority. Being a man is not about body building, amazing muscles and strong physique. It’s about your traits and the way you treat your lady.. how you make her feel secure no matter what! Even if you are 100% confident she’s strong enough to deal with all the difficulties life has to put in front of her, make sure she feels that you’ll always be there for her!


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AAVVA Reveals La Vie En Rose Collection in Star Studded Show In their first-ever, exclusive fashion show; AAVVA _the Dubai-based label, revealed their La Vie En Rose Remix, showcasing 60 stunning pieces that were inspired by French singer Édith Piaf’s most iconic hit combined with the 1960’s pop art era. The Fashion show saw well-known visitors, from Dubai Design District’s young and creative vibe to the evening a-list guests, join in to show their love and appreciation. Likewise, AAVVA’s night was radiant with stunning styles, shining colors, of course, invigorating music.

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NAILS INC. Nail Polish Alexa Camo

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LONGCHAMP Unveils African Inspired Collection at KIZA

Representative Office 212, District 2, Zone 1, Off Tessein St. Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

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The world-renowned French leather goods and clothing house LONGCHAMP hosted fashion’s elite at the upscale African dining concept Kiza for the launch of its new SS 18 collection. In a location that perfectly encapsulated the vibrancy and culture of the new season, Longchamp brought about a sophisticated, exotic collection for the modern, independent and cosmopolitan woman who appreciates luxury. The event was a true reflection of Longchamp’s tradition of excellence with each piece of the collection a symbol of French craftsmanship and savoir-faire.

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Rima Bohsali Brings Lebanese Couture to Egypt!

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In a special fashion show held to showcase the beautiful creations of the Lebanese designer Rima Bohsali, society’s glitterati got indulged in a mix of traditional patterns along with trendy modern designs in one of Ramses Hilton’s highlyregarded fashion nights. Organized by Onsy Barakat, the event featured 25 models glowing with the latest numbers of Rima’s Haute Couture. Rima is a Lebanese fashion designer with 25 years of experience who focuses on unity in variety of items as evening, wedding & ready-to-wear dresses, accessories, and daffini. The show was attended by Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ghada Wali, State Officials, Ambassadors and celebrities who all enjoyed the beautiful show and the lavish dinner that followed.

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Can Men & Women Really Be Just Friends? Discovering Oneself Through Colors With


For A Reason W

hile single women around the globe panic with every Valentine’s Day that passes, single men seem to remain relatively calm. Is it solely because they don’t have a ticking biological clock telling them that it’s time to start a family, or is it that they simply enjoy being single? I am not generalizing, but hey girls! If you ask a guy about his marital status, he’s most probably gonna reply “I’m only awesome because am single!” It’s how most guys are… If it’s someone to cuddle with regularly, sign them up! But someone to break bread with for the rest of life! Stokes!! Of course a man would want someone who loves him and who he loves back. But, somehow he still prefers to be the ultimate bachelor guy! Sure, some of these guys might just not be ready to marry YOU! But, it’s still safe to say that many of them really aren’t ready, or don’t want, to marry!’


Why Men Choose to be Single?!! By Reem Salem

Wondering why? Here’s why guys plan to fly solo for as long as they can, let’s have a journey in their mind to know!

No More Gossip

I’m Married My Work RolestoReversed!!

Who is a Better BOSS?!

Mr. Flirty

Sometimes it’s just fun for guys to know that they’ve still got “it”. “It” being the ability to make a total stranger laugh or blush. Being single means he can flirt with whoever he wants whenever he wants, and that’s a liberating feeling. Flirting also keeps a guy young at heart, and we all know that men are in no rush to grow up. This will never ever changes ladies!

Single For A Reason!

A Macho Fear of Commitment!!

Happily Ever After


The L Word… Who Should Say It First? What Men & Women Really Want?!

Couple Dine-Out Spots!

Boys or Girls…

Which is Easier to Raise?!

In The Love of Food…

Interview with

Section Name

Cairo Foodie Couple 36

Mag Looks Backstage of The Modeling Glamour!


Youssef Spahi

The Clash of Trends

LIGHT UP THE PAL ACE W I T H YO U R O W N M A G I C . Write a fresh page in the majestic history of the Gezirah Palace with a wedding for today’s modern bride and groom.

Style Sins For Him & Her!

Blend timeless splendor with stylish chic in any of Salon Royal, Eugenie, Salon Vert and the grandeur of Aida Ballroom or enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and stunning views of the Nile from Almaz.

Between Fantasy and Reality with

Final Wedding ad Magnificent Magazine.indd 1

Ayman Lahmouni



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9/21/16 3:35 PM

Beauty Turn-Offs

7 Makeup Tricks That Men Hate!

Books That Will Change Everything You Know About Relationships.




Rossano Ferretti

Women Fragrances That Smell Great On Men & Vice Versa! When Style Meets Comfort



Media Corner

The Exquisite World of Hairstyling

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First Time MOM & DAD!


What’s Shopping for The 2 Planets?!

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Apples Of Z Heart

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A Macho Thing

Guys can’t stand women who gossip constantly, and they would quickly opt for being single than having to endure a “gossip queen” girlfriend or wife. Let’s just try to stop this girls! Enough is enough!





He, She and the MOVIES!


10 Underrated Movies to Enjoy Watching as Couple!

84 86 88

Zodiac 55 53

The Astrological Truth Behind


‘Men from Mars, Women from Venus’





A Night of Dining Dazzle with Kamala! Celebrities, influencers and media figures were invited to an extravagant dinner at Kamala Restaurant, to taste the new refined dishes of Conrad’s elegant diner. During the event, Thai chef Atita Tuparsa created an exclusive menu with flavorful plates from South East Asia. In the background; Kamala’s stylish oriental décor and sophisticated mood lighting proved it to be an outstanding dinning spot for all Asian cuisine lovers!

NEO Takes Clubbing at Hilton Corniche to Next Level! Hilton Alexandria Corniche kicked off the festive season with the opening of Alexandria’s newest hot spot; NEO Lounge & Bar. Cairo’s influencers, press & public media joined Alex’s elite for a special night of clubbing in a dazzling atmosphere. Attendees were treated to a wide selection of fine cocktails and delicious sushi bites while entertained by famous Jazz band “Screwdriver” along with an Ukrainian DJ who flew all the way to Alex to complement the night with some energizing melodies.

Ruen Thai Adds Extra Layer Of Exquisite Dining to Dusit! In a dazzling night of glam and glitz, Dusit Thani Lakeview Hotel celebrated the reopening of its lavish Ruen Thai restaurant. Massively renovated, musically exuberant and Thai delicacies bountiful; Ruen Thai made an exquisite comeback with the attendance of society’s glitterati. All glamorous guests were treated to sumptuous dinner, exotic drinks and spectacular performance by singer Adel Haky and violinist Azmy Magdy turning the opening into some upbeat party.

Aqua e Luce Sets Exotic Thursday Experience With Brazilian Flavors!

In a unique event characterized by Brazilian razzle dazzle, Aqua e Luce invited city’s key media figures and influencers to witness an authentic churrasco night where Chef Eduardo made sure to satisfy guests’ exotic food lusts. The sushi, gourmet salad and cheese bar were just a small part of the experience that went on with 11 different juicy meat cuts including filet mignon, tenderloin, top sirloin, picanha, and more!





AAVVA Reveals La Vie En Rose Collection in Star Studded Show In their first-ever, exclusive fashion show; AAVVA _the Dubai-based label, revealed their La Vie En Rose Remix, showcasing 60 stunning pieces that were inspired by French singer Édith Piaf’s most iconic hit combined with the 1960’s pop art era. The Fashion show saw well-known visitors, from Dubai Design District’s young and creative vibe to the evening a-list guests, join in to show their love and appreciation. Likewise, AAVVA’s night was radiant with stunning styles, shining colors, of course, invigorating music.

LONGCHAMP Unveils African Inspired Collection at KIZA

The world-renowned French leather goods and clothing house LONGCHAMP hosted fashion’s elite at the upscale African dining concept Kiza for the launch of its new SS 18 collection. In a location that perfectly encapsulated the vibrancy and culture of the new season, Longchamp brought about a sophisticated, exotic collection for the modern, independent and cosmopolitan woman who appreciates luxury. The event was a true reflection of Longchamp’s tradition of excellence with each piece of the collection a symbol of French craftsmanship and savoir-faire.

Rima Bohsali Brings Lebanese Couture to Egypt!


In a special fashion show held to showcase the beautiful creations of the Lebanese designer Rima Bohsali, society’s glitterati got indulged in a mix of traditional patterns along with trendy modern designs in one of Ramses Hilton’s highly-regarded fashion nights. Organized by Onsy Barakat, the event featured 25 models glowing with the latest numbers of Rima’s Haute Couture. Rima is a Lebanese fashion designer with 25 years of experience who focuses on unity in variety of items as evening, wedding & ready-to-wear dresses, accessories, and daffini. The show was attended by Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ghada Wali, State Officials, Ambassadors and celebrities who all enjoyed the beautiful show and the lavish dinner that followed.


LIGHT UP THE PAL ACE W I T H YO U R O W N M A G I C . Write a fresh page in the majestic history of the Gezirah Palace with a wedding for today’s modern bride and groom. Blend timeless splendor with stylish chic in any of Salon Royal, Eugenie, Salon Vert and the grandeur of Aida Ballroom or enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and stunning views of the Nile from Almaz. Say YES to #MarryMeAtCairoMarriott...




B e a u t y

Blush Your Brush for Charm JW Ladies! Going with its tradition to indulge the ladies of JW Charm Club in some extravagant gatherings that bring beauty, fashion and entertainment to the hotel’s finest members, JW Marriott Hotel hosted a special “Blush Your Brush” event with Amira El Malky; one the most sought-after make-up artists for weddings, engagement parties and high glamour occasions. The event highlighted the ladies’ tools for extra charm; from skincare to glamour makeup, in the sophisticated setting of Cheops Ballroom.

Liberty is the New Trend with COCOON from Christophe Gaillet

To express a personality that suits the modern ladies, L’Oréal’s Christophe Gaillet launched a new collection COCOON in which liberty is the real theme. Gaillet styled the hair in perpetual motions: waffled, plaited, wavy and fastened while introducing beige hues of hair that is so trendy, along with shades of amethyst that are presented into a paradoxical combination to give an amazing classic look.

No More Glue With Éclat Nails!

Created to enable girls to have control over design, color and style; Éclat Nails brings high-quality nails that are to eliminate the use of tacky nail glue! The stylish Éclat _founded in 2017 by former fashion model Dima Klaus, is redefining the standards for press-on nails as it mixes style and quality with ease of use in order to complement any woman’s look. Once applied, you can wear your new, beautiful nails for up to a week, and they are easy to remove with no risk of damaging the natural nails.

K7L Bring Together Heritage, Present & Future!

Arabs were among the first people to use the original eyeliner K7L… Now K7L is back to our Middle East, but it didn’t come alone this time. Linking the past with future, K7L is offering an eyecatching collection of cosmetics that is mixing the authentic Arabic flavor with the modern look; guaranteeing a stunning outcome for the ladies of the Middle East.



Whether you are looking for an elegant open air ceremony, or a remarkable indoor classic wedding venue, we will ensure that your day is a resounding success.





Our chef will be delighted to tailor make your own menu or just select one of ours. For reservations please call +20 1001604031


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Netflix Doubles Down on Fans’ Love!

Against the shadows of the great pyramids, it was the time for top media figures to Netflix & chill! Netflix succeeded in hooking more and more Egyptian viewers with the wide range of movies, kid content, documentaries, stand-up comedies and critically-acclaimed Netflix Originals. Taking the power into their own hands to watch whenever, wherever, and on whatever device of their choice; fans across Egypt are still discovering new ways to enjoy Netflix’s entertainment on demand after 2 years of netflixing.

OPPO Launches F5 to Capture the Real You! In a cozy event held at Dusit Thani Lake View, OPPO unveiled their latest premium model “F5” featuring newly-introduced A.I. beauty recognition technology; a technology designed to “capture the real you” as per their motto! In a soothing atmosphere, guests got to experiment with Oppo’s new selfie expert that is set to personalize beautification for subjects according to the surrounding settings to guarantee the best Selfie experience to all users. All attendees, including the rising star Amina Khalil, took a glimpse of the new smartphone’s unique design and A.I. beauty recognition where they got to capture outstanding selfie moments with each other.

Azadea Group Launches 11 Stores in Mall of Egypt!

In a day of fashion frenzy, Azadea Group launched 11 new stores representing Azadea’s international brands in Mall of Egypt. Selected media were invited to an exclusive view of the stores where they got to examine the new collections of Winter 2018 in menwear, womenwear, eyewear, and more. The new stores included Massimo Dutti, Punt Roma, Pull & Bear, Sunglass Hut, Bershka and others. The day of exploring Azadea’s new stores in Mall of Egypt reached its peak with an all-you-can-get-in-one-minute draw and exclusive gift cards for the movers and shakers of town to grab their own preferred items from any of Azadea’s stores all over Egypt. A gift that for sure had every one fired up with excitement.

Nelly Karim Ambassador for L’azurde 2018 Collection!


In an exclusive event held at the elegant Excelsior hall of Royal Maxim Kempinski, L’azurde announced Super Star Nelly Karim to be their new brand ambassador while pulling the curtain on their new jewelry collection for year 2018. The new collection promotes individuality and uniqueness with iconic superstar Nelly Karim as the inspirational figure for L’azurde modern woman. L’azurde has seen many brand ambassadors, including Tunisian actress Dorra, and Lebanese diva Elissa, both strong female superstars in the MENA region who stand for diversity and women empowerment.

LE MERIDIEN CAIRO AIRPORT T +2 02 2265 9600 cairoairport

TASTE THE UNCOMMON Innovative flavours and creative presentations transform our carefully curated fare into a sensorial spectacular. Elevate your dining experience with Chef Zhu special creations at China Red. Savour the moment at:


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ENBD Announces Winner of Brand New Maserati!

Wadi Food Celebrates 2nd Olive Harvest Festival!

In a marvelous celebration in the Lake View hall of Dusit Thani Hotel, ENBD announced the lucky winner of a luxurious Maserati Ghibli 2017. Out of 729 customers participating in the draw of ENBD’s Liabilities Campaign; Mr. Abdel Rashid _the receiver of the exquisite Maserati present considered it the most creative award he’s ever witnessed within the local banking sector.

On a sunny winter day and off the beaten tracks, the Egyptian leading agribusiness company ‘Wadi Food’ celebrated their second Olive Harvest Festival under the slogan “From our Trees to your Table”. The festival took place at Wadi Food’s limitless farms at CairoAlex Desert Road. Media figures, foodies, and other invitees were hosted by Wadi Group to enjoy a splendid breakfast prepared by Wadi Food’s products, followed by a joyful competition to handpick olives, and a tour in the farms to view the whole production process.

Le Meridien Cairo Airport Brings Creative Meetings to Town! In a special event, Le Meridien Cairo Airport revealed its future-oriented meeting concept; a brilliant vision that brings the country’s unique flavors and popular interests to the meeting room. The new interactive meeting spaces are set to offer corporate, entrepreneurs and voyagers the attractions of the local culture just a few feet away from their flights.

RiseUp Brings Startups Together With Investors! For the fifth year in a row, the rising phenomenon known as RiseUp has turned into a start-up community bringing to town regional entrepreneurs with global resources, supporting new products, and enhancing ecosystems. The summit kicked off with incredible participation from all over the world bringing startups together with investors in an event that was considered a huge testament to the important role entrepreneurship plays in our region.

VOX Cinemas Open In Alex!

Majid Al Futtaim group announced a gift for Alex residents in 2018 with VOX cinemas opening in City Centre Alexandria. Just months after opening in Mall of Egypt, Alex’s VOX cinemas are set to provide a life time entertainment with seven screens, 1,500 seats, and high definition sound technology. Movie lovers will be able to book their tickets online and get to enjoy a well-catered meal for booking VIP seats.

GROHE Celebrates Launching Blue Home


In a cozy setting at Ora Resto Bar, GROHE celebrated the launch of their award-winning Blue Home System in Egypt. Guests at the event were treated to a special live cooking show with Celebrity Chef Andrew Mitchell using a fundamental ingredient: filtered water from a GROHE Blue tap. During the event, Mitchell pointed out the importance of using fresh filtered water to enhance food taste especially that now we can have any type of water we need just at the touch of a button!

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The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa westincairo westincairo ©2018 Marriott International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Westin and its logos are the trademarks of Marriott International, Inc., or its affiliates. The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa *Terms & conditions : This rate is not available during applicable dates and / or peak periods.


Road 90,New Cairo City, Katameya Dunes, Cairo, 11835, Egypt T +202 23228000 www.westincairokatameyadunes. com

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Beyond a Fairytale Wedding Celebrate your special day in one of Cairo’s Landmarks. Leave the planning to us and enjoy a dream wedding at Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino. Find out more at SHERATON CAIRO HOTEL & CASINO Galae Square, P. O. Box 11, Cairo, Egypt T (20) (2) 3336 9700





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Hot Spots

Destinations that


& INDULGE By Sue Ryan

Pack your bags… it’s WEEKEND TIME! Gentlemen, we have a new adventure in the wilderness for you to hunt animals and climb the mountains. Dear ladies, let’s spoon-feed your feminism by some painting lessons at the art gallery or an afternoon tea at some elegant hotel. And for the families, get ready for the beach time where mammy can sit and watch daddy and the kids braving the waves. In the past, that would make a suitable introduction to destination choices for men and women,

but it’s 2018 now!

Choices for some might still fall in these traditional patterns; however nowadays you can’t classify destinations and recreations as masculine or feminine. So, let’s have a look at destinations with enjoyments and activities that we classify as Challenge and Indulge. These categories are interchangeable for men and women. Men may choose to indulge in one of the less strenuous places; while women may opt for a challenging activity. If you think you fit a category more than the other, then get off your comfort zone and head to the one you’re not familiar with. Only by trying new things we find ourselves; and by learning a new skill or having a new experience, we discover our hidden soul!

Moraine Lake, Canada


Canada’s Rocky Mountain towns put you in the midst of overwhelming scenery, spectacular mountains and lakes of colors that you should see for yourself because photos don’t do them justice. And if your plan is to enjoy some laziness, cozy hotels are available for those who want to take in the breathtaking views from the warmth of the indoors. Moraine Lake Lodge in Banff National Park is one great option for that as the rooms have private balconies that overlook the lake; in addition to hand-crafted log furniture and a soaking tub in the bathroom _a real retreat from urban life! There are no telephones or televisions to help you completely immerse in the natural environment.

Challenge: Snowshoes are your ticket to paradise

around here! According to experienced hikers, snowshoeing is recommended even for first-timers because “anybody can do it”. A three to four hour wilderness trip that includes snow shoes, poles, hot beverages and homemade power bars to keep your energy up are available at Great Divide Tours To top it up, Moraine Lake Lodge offers free guided hiking and free canoeing as well. You will want to get out on the lake even if you are not an enthusiastic boater, to enjoy the outstanding views surrounding you. Other activities include helicopter tours, snow coaches, gondolas, and river rafts; so the options aren’t scarce for one-of-a-kind adventure experience where you get to learn about this magnificent World Heritage Site.

Ningaloo, Australia

Indulge: Australia is the

world’s biggest island, so make sure to include some coastal time. And why waste your vacation in a normal beach resort when there is Ningaloo Reef Resort, located on the beachfront at Coral Bay, where you can experience so much more there than beach lazing?!

Challenge: Here you can

swim with whale sharks (which are harmless) and see humpback whales closely. Whoever had tried a whale shark swim said it is life changing! In addition to the whales you can see turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, schools of squid, and even coral spawning -depending on the season. Videos and photos of the most recent swims and boat tours are available at Ningaloo Marine Interactions provide Edu-Tours, drawing on the knowledge of their marine biologist and 20 years of combined crew experience in the area. You can be part of research and identification, and may even have the chance to name any newly discovered manta rays. http://www.


St Catherine & Sinai Trail Indulge: Most visitors of St Catherine visit the Monastery

and perhaps climb Gebel Musa (Mt Moses)… But there is much more to discover, and a longer stop-off gives you a wider picture of Sinai’s life than what most visitors have while watching the historic sites on their way to the Red Sea resorts. Indulge in some Bedouin experience: take time to visit some of the gardens and see how Bedouin grow and use multiple of plants _of medicinal benefits and other uses, learn the intricacies of Bedouin embroidery, or enjoy a special Bedouin dinner. You can find more about these activities here:

Challenge: Starting from the Gulf of Aqaba and ending

at the highlands of St Katherine, the Sinai Trail was launched in late 2015 and is by far Egypt’s long distance hiking route. It connects old trade, travel and pilgrimage routes in one minimum hike within the wilderness. It’s sure to appeal to those who look for a holiday that is more than just a time to relax. It aims to preserve traditional Bedouin knowledge of the Sinai; document the landscape’s ways, stories and poems, and the traditional skills needed to pass through it; and to give a space for safe, positive interactions between people of all backgrounds; challenging the mainstream perception of Sinai as a place of danger.

Given our “Adam VS Eve” theme of this issue, it is interesting to say that hikers on the Sinai Trail were 65% men and 35% women. And the first Egyptian to complete the full Sinai Trail was a woman - Asmaa Amr. If you are interested in being part of the change, see videos and more: and

Bologna, Italy

Indulge: When Italy is mentioned;

the first cities to pop up in head are Rome, Venice or Florence; but there are other fascinating cities you should discover there. Unlike Egypt; Italy was not a united country, and each former state has distinct cultural treasures to be enjoyed. Bologna has a wealth of extraordinary artworks which are easily spotted in the churches and other historic buildings throughout the city. It is also a food lover’s paradise; you can have cuisine specific tours with local experts taking you to the best delis and strolls.

Challenge: Now it’s time to

fasten your seat belts and pay a visit to the city’s Ferrari Museum! A half-day trip from Bologna; and you can pass by to the Enzo Ferrari Museum and Fiorano Test Track and even have an exhilarating test drive.

Get a Bologna combo and enjoy both aspects, you’re not going there every day.


Dead Sea, Jordan

Indulge:From Cairo you can fly to

Jordan in about an hour, or you can opt for the longer route by ferry from South Sinai. People would visit the Dead Sea mainly to take owe-inspiring photos of them appearing to float on water. But the place has more to offer. Dead Sea mud and salt is renowned as a treatment for the skin, so checking in to a resort there is a great opportunity to pamper yourself. They offer some spa services there that are unique to this location! Take a look at the spa menu for the Kempinski hotel where you can also have excellent views of the Sea


Hiking environments close to the Dead Sea offer a more vigorous escape from urban life as well as enjoyment of peace and beauty. Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve, Wadi Al Karak Waterfalls Trail, and Wadi Assal include diversity of wildlife, waterfalls and canyons that are bound to stimulate your adventurous side to a great limit. For tours in Jordan contact

Dahab, Egypt Indulge: Many Egyptians have

lately discovered the reason why many foreigners skip Sharm el Sheikh and head straight to Dahab. More laid-back than Sharm, Dahab tends to attract divers and artists offering its own style of luxurious accommodation of relaxing on the purest beaches. Thanks to an entire street of cafes and restaurants by the sea with the Sinai Mountains in sight, nothing can beat the indulgence of a good meal in Dahab. Except perhaps a night in the desert with a traditional Bedouin dinner!! That is actually my kind of luxury – sleeping under million stars and learning from the locals about their traditions, laws and history.

Challenge: Whether you’re an

experienced mountaineer or still want to learn, Dahab is homeland for all climbing and bouldering enthusiasts. If you’re climbing for the first time, a half day is suggested; while experienced climbers can camp overnight in the valley to get the most of the climbing experience. Here’s where to book climbs and bouldering trips close to Dahab:


Joie De Vivre By Sarah Osman


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus… almost everyone has heard about this book and is able to relate to the proven differences in nature between men and women. They both respond differently to different situations, and think differently depending on how they are: too practical or too emotional. Whether you noticed it or not, Adam & Eve are known to act differently in these areas…

1.Dressing up Women

tend to spend half of their time choosing the clothes they would wear for work, for the gym, and particularly for a special event… and don’t get me started on WEDDINGS! ;) The ladies would go shopping and spend hours choosing the right outfit, only to change their minds a day or two before the event! They start to get hesitant about their choice: Was it the right dress? Was it the right color? So much overthinking! And the most shocking part is that they might totally change the look on the day of the event and choose to wear a totally different style. (Yes, it happens!)


on the other hand would go shopping on the same day --maybe a couple of hours before the event, get dressed in no time, and guess what?! They would feel completely satisfied about their look :)

2.Solving Problem Women’s

emotions drive their actions, leading them sometimes to inconvenient consequences. But they’re known to make the right decisions when thinking more practically.

Men have a rule: one plus one equals two. They are too practical to let their hearts control their actions.


3. Stress 4.T ME

Management Management

Women unfortunately don’t deal wisely with stress!

Anyone could easily figure it out, when a woman is feeling tense. They tend to cry and sometimes scream when they are under too much pressure.


can hide their feelings! They think it’s weak to reveal their emotions. Their reaction to stress tends to be more aggressive as if they’re trying to make a trouble out of nowhere.


are excellent multi-taskers. They work, bring up kids, take care of the house, keep contact with family and friends, and the list goes on and on… Sometimes, it seems like they’re having some super powers or something!

Men ironically blame women for not focusing on one task at a time. They might spend ages on just one thing, thinking it’s the best way not to get distracted.

5. Bringing Up Kids Men mostly choose to

play the role of the fun parent. They hardly take part in the nasty chores like studying for the kids or taking them to the doctor, but they would always tell the kids to listen to mummy :D

Women do their

best to raise their kids in a friendly yet safe atmosphere! But, sometimes, it’s quite hard for them to keep tuned with all external influences! And though they aspire to be friends with their little ones, they are more likely to stay strict when it comes to discipline; which makes them sometimes the less favorite parent.

Men and women will always have different natures. But that’s how they’re meant to be… to complete each other through their differences. Simply, check out a woman’s reaction to a cockroach in the house! See Ladies, men play important roles. They would go so bravely and kill that revolting creature while you would go screaming for ages :) 25

Joie De Vivre

Can Men & Women Really be Just Friends By Amal Hejazi


A very confusing, puzzling and sometimes misunderstood relationship is the one between a man and a woman. Meg Ryan and Bill Crystal starring in the movie “When Harry Met Sally” actually raised that question up; convincing a nation of moviegoers that sex always comes between men and women, making true friendship impossible!


sychologists have studied and discussed this cross-gender relationships for years. Through their researches, they found out that sexual tension is the biggest reason for the failure of a malefemale relationship. And there is always the fear that the relationship may develop to a romantic level; a thing we wouldn’t worry about in a friendship between people of the same sex. So on behalf of Magnificent, I asked people from both genders to see their take on this topic.

The first opinion was from a female HR Consultant and Personal Skills Trainer; Raghda. She thinks that friendship between men and women is possible as long as it’s under the term “respectful relation”. Swapping experience and knowledge is very vital and important between the two sexes. As an expert, she stressed on dealing decently with the other person to make sure the relation is in the right form. Soha explained, as well, why it is very healthy to have friends from the opposite sex. She said that she finds relief in sharing her stories or problems with men and hearing their advice. For her, the outcome is much better than sharing with female friends. Sometimes it’s the jealousy between women, and sometimes it’s just wiser to tell a man. She added that it’s fun to know men perspectives, as that turned out to be very helpful in her relationship with her spouse. Amany; a married, middle-aged, English teacher; who is a friend of mine, told me that it’s 100% impossible that a man and a woman can be real friends. When I was shocked at her answer, she proceeded with evidences that made me feel like she has a point! First, she said that a man and woman in a relationship are rarely honest about having friends from the other sex. She’s quite sure that you would never find a married woman saying that she has a male-friend. It’s only accepted when the woman is free; she thought so.


Gigi is a tourist guide who works in a field full of men, and she can’t help but make new male friends every day. It’s not a problem at all, she started, as long as you know your limits. You should identify your relationship. Knowing that it’s build on respect and exchanging experiences and nothing more, is the best way to keep this relationship successful.

Men look to this friendship in a completely different way. Let’s say most of them admit that they have female friends, and are so proud of that! First we should all agree that to be friends with someone means the following three points:


You see each other frequently, e.g. a co-worker, a colleague, a fellow lady in the gym. The frequency is very important and then comes intimacy.


You spend a lot of time together; not only at work or wherever you’re used to meet, but also spending leisur time together.


To share things together, such as stories or private information; which needs a good amount of trust. Asser is the first gentleman I asked. He told me that it’s not impossible to have a female friend especially if they are both married, in this case they will make real good friends. When asked about the reason, he replied that married friends will know their limits and will never be sexually attracted. That also requires a reasonable amount of trust from their spouses, or else they will be jeopardizing their marriage.

Walid felt quite different; he didn’t only oppose the idea of having a female friend, but even refused to have one! When I looked surprised; he said that women can only be colleagues, co-workers, relatives or wives; but certainly not friends. He preferred to live safely and away from troubles. He enjoys hanging out with his male friends who share the same everything, so why bother himself with making female friends! It’s always risky; mainly because women tend to understand things in a wrong way and believe that when a man is a friend now it’s because he wants to move to another level later on!

What Do Experts Say?

Tarek, another gentleman, defended the idea of having ‘lots’ of female friends, but with a long list of restrictions. He loves to share stories with the ladies, but some manly topics are out of question. He thinks as long as both parties know their boundaries, nothing will go wrong!

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it may explain this shared belief that men and women can’t be real friends. Blame the sexual tension!

John Gray, who believes that men and women can’t be friends, comes from another era in which women stayed at home and men were in the workplace. The only way they could get together, then, was through romance. Now, it’s different case. Men and women work together, share sports interests and socialize together. This cultural shift has encouraged psychologists, sociologists and communication experts to put forth a new message: Though it may be tricky, men and women can successfully become close friends. What’s more, there are good reasons for them to do so. John Gray, on the other hand, says ”I don’t see it as a problem at all when women relate to men more than women. Where it can be a problem is where women deny their feminine side, and see it as a form of weakness. That’s a common phenomenon, and that is a problem for relationships. It’s hard for her to open up and be vulnerable. In some cases, that denial of femininity shows up as liking to hang out with guys. But it can also show up as liking to hang out with girlfriends, and she just tends to find girlfriends that are also quite shutdown to their femininity. Guys who like to hang out with girls and have lots of girlfriends, typically are two categories. There’s the guy who just likes girls and also has male friends. But there is another guy who hangs out with girls because they listen to him talk about his feelings, and he’ll say guys don’t relate to that or like it at all. This guy has a problem because guys won’t want to hang out with him, and girls will be like friends to him, but they are never going to want to have a relationship with him. You won’t feel an attraction to him if you’re a woman, if a guy is too much like a girl.

Steve Harvey; the American best-selling author & stand-up comedian who is the host of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and the writer of “Act like lady Think like a Man”, has another point of view. He says that if a woman thinks that she is just a friend, she is delusional. Harvey’s friends are all men and he has no female friends, because he is incapable of doing so. He explains why men and women can’t be just friends saying that they think they are just friends because they have made it absolutely clear that nothing else should happen. But he thinks that whenever they (and by they he means men) have the opportunity _if there is a crack in the door, they will slide in and go further. He also said that this is how 99.9% of men think! Well, I had to search for the religious opinion. I asked a well-known Sheikh who explained the friendship between men women and was quiet clear in identifying that the feeling of love is the source of life and the highest of human relations. Therefore, we can’t deny or condemn this pure emotion, but we should know how to put it in the right frame. So, when a man feels attracted to a woman, he should do the right steps: engagement then marriage. Whatever the challenges of male-female friendships; researchers agree that both genders have to openly and honestly discuss how their relationship will go, whether sexual attraction is a factor or not, and just establish boundaries!


Joie De Vivre

Discovering Oneself Through Colours… Interview With

By Ghada Sakr

Mark Wentworth Colours can be very tricky, yet very empowering. One colour can change your day, if not your whole life! It is very important to know more about yourself, your motivating colours, and it is always vital to recognize the colours linked to your feelings of stress and fear. That’s what we found out when we interviewed International Colour Ambassador & Specialist, Mark Wentworth…

Q. What inspired you to become a colour specialist?

I’ve loved colour since I was a child. I remember being totally fascinated by rainbows; they somehow appeared full of stories and possibilities. I never knew then that I wanted to work with colour. It was only when I was in my early twenties that I first met my future colour teacher and knew that I had found my vocation in life. That was 30 years ago, but I’m still being inspired by colours till date.

Q. Being a colour specialist, are you continuously discovering new things about colours and their relation to people?

Every day I’m understanding and learning the subtlety of the way colour works and how it helps people to understand themselves and others a little bit more. Recently a mother told me that she got to know her son, through his colours. They made her stop worrying so much that he’s not actively part of a group. She understood that he’s totally present but just not how she thought he should be. Working with colour really is an art form and takes a lot of time and dedication, however I wouldn’t trade it for anything at all.

Q. How do color preferences of people tell about their personalities?

We all have likes and dislikes of colour and it is from these that you can start to understand the character traits of a person. Our likes show much more about how we want others to see us, and often tell about how we would like our life story to be. These colours support us on our life journey. Our dislikes of colour, which I’m always interested in, inform us about the blocks and the challenges we need to overcome in order for us to live the life we were born to have. If life was like a film, it wouldn’t be so exciting if the main character got what he/she wanted in the first scene, it’s the experience and the whole story that makes achieving what we aim for more fulfilling. Our colour preferences give life to our stories.


Q. So, what if the person’s choice in décor is totally different than his/her choice in clothing? The colours we have in décor may often be different to what we choose to wear. I’ve found that people might like a colour as a wall colour for example, but would never wear it. That can simply come down to suiting a colour or not, based on hair/eye colour and skintone. I describe our décor colours as our solid and permanent support system. If it’s been a tough day at work, there’s nothing like coming home to a space where we can let go and recharge! Colours in décor ideally do that for us. Colour in clothing I describe as something similar to a weather system; it’s always changing! The colours we choose to wear support our emotional and mental states of being, which is why I advocate more for choosing your clothes on the day rather than planning, as some people do, the night before. How you feel then may not be how you feel the next day. It’s like when you have a favourite item of clothing of a specific colour; you wear it, you love it and other people comment on how well you look in it; yet some days this same item of clothing doesn’t look right or feel right. That’s how colour works in clothing; it supports our changing states of being. It somehow seems to know how we are feeling or even going to feel before we do.

Q. Up till now, parents will choose pink when it comes to their baby daughter’s room and clothes, and blue when it comes to their son’s. Do the colours we get exposed to when we are kids play a role in our character? And what do you think is better in that sense?

Pink for girls and blue for boys. This has been the most commonly used phrase for expectant parents in the developing world for many generations. Today, I think that’s changing somewhat! In ancient China when certain colour dyes were very expensive, blue being one of them, it was considered more worthwhile to dress your baby boy in blue and your baby girl in pink; pink being readily available and not expensive. This is because when a son got married, his family received a dowry, whereas a daughter would cost the family money. The colours we are surrounded with as children can certainly play a part in shaping our characters. For example, we may unconsciously associate a specific colour with our grandmother because that was the colour her house was decorated with or a colour she wore a lot, and when we were with her we always had a great time. Later in life we may love that colour because it makes us feel nourished and cared for. Now is it the colour that does that or the association to the colour? Equally it works the other way around. We may have had bad experiences; we forget the experience but connect a colour to it. We then have a dislike for that colour. Colour, including the expensive blue dye and the inexpensive pink dye, is always innocent. It is us who make it guilty and us who add the story to the colour.

Q. As the colours we have in our lives affect our productivity and decision making, is it right to insert certain colours in our daily life even if they are not appealing to us?

There’s always a way to bring colours into your life, even if they are not your favourite. Each colour has its own full spectrum of shades and tones; so I think anyone can more or less always find a shade of the colour that is appealing to them. For example: there’s burgundy which is a shade of red and rose pink which is a lighter tone of the same red. If there’s a colour we don’t like and yet it’s in our work environment, it actually becomes counter productive to our decision-making and effectiveness. In such cases, I would recommend being very conscious to the colours someone would wear in that environment to help balance the maybe not so positive effect of the surrounding colours.

Q. How are colours used as a way of healing? There are many ways to use colours for healing and it’s something that has been used since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks left many records of their uses of colour for healing, ranging from placing coloured materials over specific parts of the body, to sitting in a prescribed coloured room depending on your ailment. Colour is one of those things that is always there, and because it’s always there we can tap into its healing potential quite easily. Going for a walk in the green nature or looking at the blue sky or sea can all be incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing. There is also colour light therapy, aka chromotherapy, which projects coloured lights onto the person. Again the colours used are dependent on the symptoms of the individual. These are just some of the ways that colour is used for healing; the potential though I believe is vast. Each year there are new developments and discoveries that take us further in our understanding of this natural phenomenon called colour.

MARK WENTMORTH Q. Does color therapy really work?

I think everyone agrees that colour has an effect on feelings & behavior. Otherwise it wouldn’t be used so extensively in advertising and marketing. Almost 92% of our purchasing choices are based on colour! So whether you see it as a therapy or not, it clearly does have an impact. If we actively and consciously use colour in a way that supports us; whether it’s the colours we wear, the shades and tones in our home, or even as simply as the colours in the images we have as our screen saver; then it’s fair to say that we are using colour therapeutically for ourselves.

Q. Is there a relation between someone’s zodiac sign or gender and the effect that colors have on him/her?

There is a correlation between colours and zodiac signs. Each colour like each sign has associated characteristics. Aries, for example, is known for being active and dynamic, much like the colour red. I work with a system called Colour Profiling where your birth date relates to one of nine colours. That colour is known as your Life Path Colour and it helps you to understand how you relate to the world. To calculate a Life Path Colour, we use the ancient art of numerology. Numerology takes the date of birth, adds all the numbers together, and keeps on adding them together until finally the number is reduced to a single digit between 1 – 9. For example: 12 – 4 – 1964 1 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 27 = 2+7 = 9 Each number then has its very own colour equivalent, and they are as follows: 1 = Red, 2 = Orange, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Green, 5 = Blue, 6 = Indigo, 7 = Violet, 8 = Rose, 9 = Gold. Introduce a shade or tone of your colour into your life in whatever way you wish, and you will advance your overall wellbeing.


Q. What is the best and worst feedback you got about color therapy? The worst feedback is probably when someone tells me they don’t like their Life Path Colour. The reason it’s the worst, is because very often this person’s life is not going as well as they wish and their dislike of their colour kind of reflects that. So rather than say it’s the worst feedback, I would say that I feel sad when I get this kind of response. The other annoying kind of feedback is when someone says they’ve used the colours I suggested but nothing ever happened. Again, it’s by exploring a little bit further that the person realizes things have changed in their life, but in a gradual and subtle way. Just like nature changing without us really noticing, change happens naturally with colour. I have lots of stories of when people’s lives have totally transformed because of color, and they started living life as they imagined it to be. Some of the most rewarding experiences have been where people really felt desperate not knowing what to do, such as this lady who was having great difficulty in getting pregnant. She’d tried all kinds of different IVF treatments, she and her husband did their best to improve their diets and lifestyles; but still no pregnancy. We worked with colours, and soon after she became pregnant! I was very happy to meet her son some years later; a son she never thought possible when we first met, and yet colour created the cure for her story to change from impossible to possible. Even after 30 years, I am still in awe of what colour is capable of.

Q. From your experience; when furnishing a joint home, which colors and items men would go for and which would be the choices of women? From what interior design friends of mine have told me, one of the biggest disagreements between any couple when it comes to décor is about colour. I think the reason for this is because women have a fuller colour vocabulary than most men do.

ADAM vs. EVE Some say Eve is the only friend for Adam on Earth, and some say Eve got Adam out of heaven. What do you think of the relationship between Adam and Eve? I think the key to understanding the dynamic between Adam and Eve is relationships. A relationship is about relating to and connecting out beyond ourselves to another. From the colour perspective, I would be curious to know their colours and which they like and dislike to help them deepen their relationship with each other.

Which is a better boss?

Both of them have the capability to be the boss, I guess it depends on the skill set needed for the job.

Which are harder to raise: boys or girls?

-My Joie-De-Vivre motto is…

Laugh a lot, cry a lot, live authentically, love truly, do what you love, create lots of memories and arrive at the end of your life saying “I did it all!”

- Things I barely go out without…

My passport! These days I travel a lot, so it’s rare for me to go out without flying off somewhere in the world. If I’m travelling I barely go out without having at least one book with me, I’ve recently discovered audio books and absolutely love being read to. I think it’s because it reminds me of my grandmother and me sitting next to her whilst she read stories to me.

- My all-time role model …

Mother-in-law and father-in-law?

I have many role models, some are real people and some are fictional from books or films. One of them is Walt Disney! The reason for that is because when he was younger, he got fired for his lack of imagination. I love the fact that he then went on to create a whole world based on imagination! Another person would be Oprah Winfrey. Again despite her upbringing and her gender, she continued on and followed her life’s calling. Carl Jung would be someone I would have loved to have a conversation with. His work in psychiatry brought imagination back to the picture. He encourages people to tell stories and to dream.

Male-lead movies or female-lead movies?

- Best books to read about color therapy…

Depends on who is raising them. No child comes with an instruction manual or a refund policy, so it takes both to raise a child.

Mother-in-laws sometimes get a raw deal. There’s almost an expectation about how they’re going to be and to act. And there is almost a shocked relief, when someone states that she’s actually quite nice!

Both, depends on the storyline.

What will you do if you had a $500K? And what you think a person from the opposite sex will do with it? If I had $500k I would bring forward my idea of creating a colour program especially for children, and teach it in different parts of the world. Part of that program would include developing support groups using colour, storytelling and drama for young people suffering from varying degrees of mental illness. A woman I expect would equally do something that she feels passionate about.

A man and woman in the kitchen: would they reach a healthy delicious meal, or burn the house?

They would create a delicious healthy meal together; I say this because this was my experience growing up. My Mum could cook but it wasn’t her favourite thing, she did it just for our sakes. My Dad, on the other hand, enjoyed it. So he would help her, and sometimes he would do it all. They worked together as a team so both myself and my brother grew up beyond gender specific roles.

Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy by Faber Birren, this is a classic on colour. Birren is responsible for the green in “exit” signs and the yellow/black in warning signals for hazardous materials or spaces. Add a Little Colour to Your Life – this was a little book I wrote many years ago and is a brief introduction to the many different areas of colour; from clothing, décor and healing to Life Path Colours. It’s available as an ebook in English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and hopefully soon in Arabic.

- If I weren’t a color specialist, I would be…

A film director. Or a creative director. Some place where I would be able to create experiences for people whether through a movie or an event.

- Life will be happier if..

I say people would be happier if we started to bring balance back to our lives and stop being so focused on what other people think of us, or how many likes do we have on our latest social media post. I believe we are currently too focused on quick fix materialism. If we acknowledged and accepted our differences, we will most likely find that in our differences we would recognize our similarities. If my colour is green, for example, I’ll never be red. So instead of spending lots of time and money trying to be red, or telling others why red is not ok; why not become the best green to ever be. People will be happier if we start from the beginning and start from the place of ‘how do I relate to’, just like Adam and Eve learnt to.


Mag Cuisine

Bringing Adam & Eve Together!

9 Flaming-Hot



Food has a lot to do with making the relationship between Adam and Eve prosper and move to the next level.. Eating out, cooking together, even some kinds of food can be an aphrodisiac for both genders! Researchers have recently proved that certain kinds of foods, particularly garlic and carotenoid-rich vegetables like carrot and tomato, make Adam especially attractive for Eve! And you know what?! The smell of a pumpkin pie with lavender proved to be a turnon for the gents!! Want more, yeah we thought so… how about we hand you a list of some flaming hot, romance oozing spots that are sure to make your heart grow fonder and your taste buds swoon?! Whether you’re a sea-food lover, a veggie, or just looking for a place to chill out; there is something on this list for you and your special someone to enjoy!


So let’s bring back the butterflies you first had as a couple, while indulging in some super appetizing cuisines!!

Cairo Marriott

So your idea of a night-out is romantic setting, soothing music and flavoursome dishes to turn your date into a rendezvous extraordinaire?! Cairo Marriott’s Torii restaurant will cater to your every need. This hidden teppanyaki treasure of the palace is mixing tastefulness with glee in some enchanting atmosphere. You’ll have your eyes full with the teppanyaki live show stir-frying your main course while indulging in some of the best sushi in town; the kind of sushi that makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine!! Not to mention their lobster and shrimps, dipped-in-rich-ginger-sauce, are to die for! When you wrap your meal up with Torii’s sweet-and-sour symphony of ‘banana sambousek & lemon ice cream’, you’ll know that heavenly experiences are yet to be enjoyed on earth! If you’re craving sensorial interplay of the varied textures and flavors of Lebanon, then Mezzeh is the place to go! Le Méridien Cairo Airport Showcasing innovative tastes from the Levant combined with flavors from cuisines across the Middle East, Mezzeh at Le Méridien Cairo is perfect for an intimate dinner followed by shisha. Highlighting the Levantine tradition of sharing through food, you and your loved one will enjoy an array of unique plates to showcase the restaurants’ signature dishes in a warm contemporary setting.



Now how about experiencing authentic Italian flavours presented in a contemporary atmosphere of stylish décor, modern music and an open kitchen?! Radisson Blu’s signature Filini is definitely the place to be for such Radisson Blu an outstanding hangout experience! The Restaurant serves Italian food crafted out of selective ingredients. It’s where you get to indulge in a purely Italian menu of pastas, pizzas, steak, risottos, salads and decadent desserts. You can treat your donna to Carolina Lime Chili and Red Caviar sauce presenting Trout Mussel Carpaccio; the newcomer to the restaurant’s lunch and dinner menus. Over on the dessert options, Filini’s Chef added a must-have Crème Burlee With Trio Chocolate and Walnut. Also make sure to pick up a BLU BLU Cream Spaghetti with Vanilla Ice Cream _served with strawberry or chocolate sauce, for the best finale!


Imagine serene pool hues and the Nile River as your backdrop Four Seasons First Residence while you enjoy authentic Shami pleasures with your loved one. From the ambience to the food, Aura at Four Seasons First Residence offers the perfect combination of oriental meets contemporary! Be ready to relish in the Shami delicacies personally prepared by Chef Nidal Hamadany _who travelled all the way from the Sham region to share his passion in the heart of Cairo. You’re in for a marvellous treat with Aura’s signature dishes: “Kouzi Al Sham” _a four seasons favourite for all guests, hot and cold Mezzehs, Manakeesh, and the modern exquisite takes on desserts bringing about yummilicious Walnut Date Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream and Arabic Cotton Candy. Whether it is an indoors experience of enjoying authentic Shami cuisine or outdoors opulence of a private cabana overlooking the pool and the Nile that you’re looking for, Aura is your ideal spot for a memorable night-out to infinitely ignite the romance!


Sheraton Cairo

In this casual yet extraordinary hangout spot for couples, you get to enjoy an upscale, contemporary spin on the trendy Italian, New York style. Offering an interesting assortment of two cuisines merged together and dishes that are impeccably prepared to the highest standards; Chef Antonio Carrano _Head Chef at Cairo’s first New York Italian restaurant Giannini’s, is keen on bringing his culinary philosophy from one nation of food lovers to the other! The place is designed with minimalist décor of high end material, marble floors, and an open kitchen to complete the cosmopolitan ambiance. You’re sure to whisk your sweetheart away with such worldly dining experience _complimented with pre-dinner drinks and food sliders; panoramic views of the bustling River Nile; and elegant, no-frills atmosphere where enticing aromas and succulent textures and flavours command centre stage!

OSMANLY Kempinski Nile

Embark on a journey to the past and dine like a Sultan as you discover the flavours of the Ottoman Empire at the Osmanly restaurant of Kempinski Nile Garden City. Serving traditional Turkish dishes, this one-of-a-kind eatery offers an exquisite and varied menu seven days a week that would guarantee a treasured banqueting experience for you love birds. Deciding on just one dish might be difficult, as there are so many delicious meals on the handcrafted menu. But make sure you don’t miss on Osmanly’s latest culinary indulgences including a range of savory snacks. And you won’t be living the full Osmanly experience until you give their signature Hünkar Beğendi a try! This mouth-watering braised beef tenderloin dish served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree, offers an incredible combination of exotic flavours surrounded in history. The name of the dish is believed to translate to “the sultan/sovereign liked it”, which many claim reflects directly on its exclusive origin.


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Lounge and Bar

Ramses Hilton

For those who appreciate fancy, your dating spot is on the 36th floor of Ramses Hilton. They say OPIA is not just a word, it’s also an emotion; and you sure are up for some intensive emotions at Ramses Hilton’s OPIA Lounge and Bar! You will definitely be dazzled by the view of Egypt’s Nile meeting the skyline. But this is just a small part of the OPIA experience…OPIA offers handcrafted cocktails and tasty bites that were prepared by mixing the best ingredients with the newest techniques to create a sensation of perfect flavours and textures. This is a rooftop indulgence you wouldn’t want to miss and an exquisite night spot that is sure to make you and your date have the time of your lives in just one fraction of the night.

Paloma Westin Cairo Resort


In the suburbs of Heliopolis, Italiano Restaurant of Concorde El Salam Hotel is an ideal destination for Concorde El Salam Italian cuisine lovers who have a desire for an overall ethereal experience. The restaurant with its outstanding indoor view of ancient Italian antiques _aptly set in wooden shelves, Roman-like columns, and appetizing menu full with pages of original Italian dishes, will sure get you both in the mood for some Italian exquisiteness. Add to that the excellent service and the heavenly food served in a romantic, serene environment; and you’ll be living a real-life Venus & Adonis story that you shall remember for years to come!


What's better than keeping your mind sharp, your body enriched, and your taste buds indulged?! You can have all of that and more at The Westin Cairo’s Paloma Restaurant where inspiring venue meets personalized service and delectable cuisines to create one-ofa-kind dining experience for you and your belle to relish in. In addition to featuring diverse buffets showcasing wide array of international cuisines, Paloma gives you love birds the option to select items from the à la carte menu throughout the day with endless choices.


Mag Cuisine

In The Love of Food…

Interview with

Cairo Foodie Couple By Ghada Sakr


relationship isn’t merely based on red roses, luxury gifts, late night conversations and morning texts; FOOD is also a key element in their connection; a passion that turned into a profession! We’re happy to introduce to you Cairo Foodie Couple, Melisse and Shahan; the Armenian foodies who’ve delighted our eyes with their mouthwatering food shots from all over the city. They represent the difference between Adam and Eve when it comes to foodgasm. And here they are to tell us about their journey, their love and their food lusts!

Tell us about yourself and your journey as food bloggers.

Our journey is based on three cultures in which food plays a big role! Since we’re both Armenians; one born in Egypt and the other in Turkey, we’ve always been into food. We started our food blogging journey when we first got married, Melisse would cook and post pictures of our home-made dishes on her personal account. But then, our friends started telling us to have a specialized food blogging page to share our recipes and ideas. And that’s how it started :)

How did you realize that both of you have the same interest in food? What is your favorite cuisine and why?

Shahan: Shawerma is life! Melisse: I love the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisines, especially the mezzes.

How did your food passion strengthen your relationship?

Cairo Foodie Couple became our baby and we’re raising it together :) That’s probably the best way to strengthen a relationship.

They say “you are what you eat”, what does that tell about each of you as a person?

Shahan: A typical caveman who likes his steak medium-rare! Melisse: If that’s true, I probably consist of 100% bread and cheese :D


Our relationship was based on food in the first place! Even at the very beginning, we started bonding over food.

A man and woman in the kitchen: would they What’s the most unique thing about your reach a healthy delicious meal, or burn the experience as food bloggers? Shahan: Making new friends from all around the world. house? Shahan: For us it’s always a feast, because we’re a good team. Melisse: Shahan sometimes makes a mess in the kitchen but the outcome is totally worth it.

Melisse: Travelling the world and sharing the experience with our followers.

Who are your role models in the What was the first meal you prepared together? business and what make them stand out? Melisse: It was Shahan who prepared our first meal. It was his

special recipe: Grilled Chicken And Baked Potatoes With Herbs. Shahan: I stole her heart with that MEAL!

Shahan: Casey Neistat. He’s the best youtuber-

cinematographer in the business. Melisse: I don’t have a specific role model but I admire bloggers who are natural and sincere.

Who’s the better cook? And who’s the best in A message for all foodies out there! figuring out foot defects? Melisse is probably better at cooking, but Shahan has some amazing specialties like sushi and burger. When it comes to criticism; Melisse has an elegant taste, while Shahan would eat anything and everything! :D

Shahan: Make sure you have good pictures & unique content, and always try to stand out! Melisse: Always follow your passion!

Do your think Adam & Eve have different food What are you craving most at the preferences and interests? moment? Apparently Adam couldn’t resist apples! And probably Eve was more into Nutella :D

Shahan: Shawermaaaaa! Melisse: A big slice of Chocolate Cake :D

Many people resort to food when they are feeling down, what do you advise them to try? Chocolate is a natural source of dopamine which is associated with higher levels of happiness; but of course everybody has their own source of comfort food.

In many countries food is a very important part of any celebration? What is the best celebration meal you had?

Shahan: We usually enjoy a good BBQ at home with friends; that’s our way of celebration! Melisse: I think all celebrations call for a good dessert.

People link food with both depression and happiness, is food that contradicted? Food can never be depressing!!

In your opinion, what makes a place an ideal spot for a dine-out? Shahan: A place that makes a good steak. Melisse: Nice ambience, delicious food and good music.

What are your top dining spots when it comes to special occasions like anniversary or Valentine’s Day? Shahan: Any place that please Melisse! :D Melisse: Esca will be our choice for our anniversary this year.

ADAM vs. EVE Who said ‘I Love You’ first? Shahan did. He’s the romantic one :)

Male-lead movies or female-lead movies?

We both prefer male-lead movies; because we’re into action flicks!

Name a book that changed your perception about food! Shahan: Actually what changed my perception about

Any preferences for a tasty breakfast and/or lunch?

food was a documentary called “COOKED”. I think every food lover should give it a look. Melisse: My life in France by Julia Child.

and eggs.

Delivery or homemade?

Shahan: A Melted Roomy Cheese sandwich makes my day. Melisse: I don’t call it a good breakfast without some cheese

Who’s your favorite food expert and what’s the best advice you got from him/her?

Shahan: The Argentinian Chef, Francis Mallmann who believes that “fire and smoke are always a good flavor”. Melisse: My mom! She always advises me not to be afraid to add a little extra butter :)

Homemade all the wayyyyyy!!!

What will you do if you had $500K? And what you think he/she will do with it? Shahan: I would have a huge collection of classic cars. Melisse: I would spend every penny on plane tickets :)


Mag Looks

What’s By Passant Essam

for the 2 planets?! “Men Buy, Women Shop” One of the infinite differences between men and women manifest during shopping time: why they go, how it is done, what they feel about it, all these things differ from the gents to the ladies!

For the ladies

It’s a voyage of meandering through the clothing collections trying the trendy newcomers, sprawling in footwear stores and choosing the most fashionable, and lounging the accessories departments to have what would make them glamorous. Opening and closing those glass doors make them feel like princesses. And those perfume samples and make-up testers are the icing on top of the cake.

For gents

It’s just a ridiculous mission that has to be done with. They pass through those damn glass doors to buy what they want, and get out as fast they can!


Wondering Why? Women have got a thick bridge of nerve cells

connecting their left side of the brain (which is responsible for logic computations and processing facts) with their right side (responsible for visual imagery and interpreting contexts) which allows them to use both sides efficiently.

Purpose & Brand Loyalty Women

are the shopaholics who spend days and nights patrolling the shopping malls to make sure that they are up-to-date with every new piece. First of all you should keep in mind that they don’t only go shopping for pleasure, they go for everyone. Women are the ones responsible for securing the household’s needs; they bargain the groceries, shop for the children, and get the parents what they need. This is not because they’re undermined or mistreated, it’s just because they’re designed to do such stuff. Women’s comprehensive structure makes them discovery-oriented hedonic shoppers. They consider the subjective side by asking friends about a brand and how do they feel towards a specific product. And the objective side by giving attention to the features, making comparisons and searching for offers to reach the utmost deal.

Men mostly use their left side only. That’s why they tend

to be mission-oriented, or in other words, utilitarian shoppers. They only get into the store when they need something, otherwise they’ll not even give a sight to the display. They are very objective while taking their purchase decisions. They always ask about the features and the mechanism of the product, and you have to get them to the point quickly telling them what they’ll get in return if they bought your product. They’ll not pay a penny unless it is beneficial.


tend to have more brand loyalty. When the bought apparel satisfies their needs; they stick to the brand and don’t waste their time in the nonsense of seeking for other options, asking friends, or comparing to other brands. Since they are more pragmatic; a good sales man for them is the one who gets them the right thing and helps them accomplish this horrible mission of shopping to get off those glass doors as quickly as possible. They don’t care if he’s got an amiable smile or a sweet tongue, they need a rescuer; and that’s why you notice the quick rhyme music in men stores to motivate them to rapidly fulfill the task.

For women it’s not just a task, it’s an amusing event that should be perfectly organized. They can spend an arm and a leg just because they’re touched by something or they admired the store’s atmosphere. That’s why female departments are usually larger with slow rhyme music, adorable scents, and distinctive décor. And of course such a luxurious cruise needs a helpful guide with a sweet tongue to give them advice about what can suit them; as the ladies are known to be attached to the good service more than the brand. A picture of a shopping couple paints thousand words about the divergent traits and habits of men and women. You can find it in every shopping mall or even little boutiques.

Just stand and gaze!!


Section Name Mag Looks

Backstage of The Modeling Glamour!

Interview With

Youssef Spahi By Ghada Sakr


goes hand in hand with modelling, and our Adam here is a free-spirited Egyptian who decided to break controversial strictures and follow his passion to the fashion profession. Now he is the owner of Face2Face _the first of its kind modelling agency, and the founder of the first Catwalk Academy in Egypt. He is Youssef Spahi, the Alexandrian who studied fashion design in Marangoni Fashion School but found his passion in the modelling business; acquiring the licenses of distinguished beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World. Here he is to tell us more about his journey of success, his opinion on the Adam Vs Eve stereotypes, and his vision for the future of modelling in Egypt!

Tell us about yourself and your journey with the runway.

I’ve loved fashion since I was a teenager. When I was studying business in Switzerland, I used to cross the borders to Italy to go watch fashion shows in Milano. Then, I got a chance to model in my college in Switzerland. After I got my BA degree in Business, I decided to move to Milano and study fashion design. Along with that, I worked as a model for Vertigine, one of the biggest agencies in Italy at the time. Then I worked in Paris & Miami.

Why is men’s fashion different from women’s fashion?

It’s because with women’s fashion you can go wilder and way outside the box. In the Middle East, men can’t go really crazy following the wildest of fashion trends. However, I see the difference is starting to decrease now, and men are beginning to care about fashion much more than before.

Why do you think Egypt needs a catwalk academy?

Egypt needs a catwalk academy & a professional modelling agency like any other country. Modelling is a profession, and it needs to be done the right way. People here tend to become models just because they are beautiful or handsome, but modelling is much more than just a pretty face & athletic physique. The academy teaches models how to be professional; how to walk, pose, walk with poise, and be charismatic; and of course how to deal with the different types of products. It also plays a vital role in promoting models & putting them on the right track, as well as guarantying their rights; because unfortunately here in Egypt modelling is very unprofessional.

How different is training male models from female models?

The difference is not so vast, but of course with female models we work a great deal with makeup, hair and styling. Actually many of our sessions are mixed, so we teach them to walk & pose together!


Who is better on the runway?

Can’t tell who is better in terms of gender; it depends on who is the model. But, I believe men are more relaxed on the runway, and actually have an easier task because they don’t have to put on heels :)

Do you think there are certain career paths that are better for women than men, and vice versa?

There are some stereotypes that we all know, but I believe as long as the person is well-trained and likes his/her job; any career could fit any gender. However, in my opinion men are much better than women as hairdressers, fashion designers & photographers!

Do males now have the chance to make a thriving career out of modelling, the same as females?

Yes, of course men can have a good career in modelling, but unfortunately most fashion shows are mainly for women. We need to invest in more fashion events for men, because the ratio is like 90% : 10 %.

Are there different kinds of training for different modelling types. In other words; are models for the runway, commercials, music videos, etc. measured by the same standards?

There are of course different trainings for different modelling types. Being on the catwalk isn’t the same as posing for a photo session. Even different types of photo sessions need different kinds of preparation. You know, there are lifestyle shoots, editorials, look books, fashion shoots, product shoots and resort shoots. The same goes for the catwalk, we train them to work with jewellery, executive clothes, evening wear, beach wear and bridal attire! Not to mention, the special training needed for modelling in TV commercials!

How do you see men’s and women’s fashion changing over the next few years? I believe men’s fashion is evolving these years. I expect men to accept wilder and more creative designs than before.

What are your favourite styles for both men & women?

My favourite style for men is always sport chic; to look elegant but not too formal. Jeans is my strong weakness & I trust that a nice pair of jeans with a cool blazer would pass in any occasion. For women I like elegant, sexy black dresses; and I love a woman in a classic formal man suit as well.

You have trained many models, what is the number one piece of advice you give them? My number one advice is to never be a stuck-up, even if you became a top model! Always respect the people around you and always be humble. And understand that, the modelling industry needs minds not only looks. I also instruct models to be punctual and flexible even if they don’t like the designs they are wearing.

What are the top styles you especially created for your students?

Name a women’s fragrance that smells good on men and vice versa?

There is no fragrance in my mind right now but my favorite is Terre D’Hermes.

Which is a better boss?

Any of them could be a good boss. It depends on their personality & the way they handle pressure & accumulating responsibilities.

What will you do if you had $500K? And what you think a person from the opposite sex will do with it? I would buy a nice beach condo. A woman would go shopping lol.

A man and woman in the kitchen: would they reach a healthy delicious meal, or burn the house?

They would create a good meal if they knew how to help each other & respect one another. If not, they could burn the whole neighborhood!

We created many styles & themes during the training: red carpet, beach, and others. Our last theme was really cool as it was about James Bond & Bong Girl!

Common mistakes models make when it comes to the catwalk?

It’s when they walk in pairs and don’t feel the other model; this could create a messy look on the runway.

What’s your wardrobe must-have piece?

Jeans and lots of black t shirts, same as Giorgio Armani.

A piece you would never wear? I would never wear skinny jeans.

What is your no-fail styling trick?

It’s to know your body measures and defects, and to dress right for the place and occasion you are heading to.

ADAM vs. EVE Some say Eve is the only friend for Adam on Earth, and some say Eve got Adam out of heaven. What do you think of the relationship between Adam and Eve?

The relationship is a long endless relation that created life & humans. It becomes perfect when each knows their real capabilities as humans & not as a gender.

What do you consider a style sin for Adam &Eve?

It’s a style sin for both when they follow a trend that doesn’t fit their bodies or looks.

What’s your ultimate wardrobe no-nos for him & her? A wardrobe that reveals their body defects.

My Joie-De-Vivre motto is… live & let live. - Things I barely go out without…


My sunglasses & mobile .

My all-time role model

… Anwar El Sadat for his wisdom, brain & patriotism.

Best places to learn about style & fashion…

Milan for sure. -

Life will be happier if… we respect the other.

Mag Looks

The Clash of Trends.. Style Sins For Him & Her! By : Reem Salem


ashion trends come and go, but some should have never appeared in the first place. Watch out and don’t fall into these traps especially if you’re about to meet your potential date. You will never have a second chance for first impression, so, ladies and gentlemen attention please!


Bug-Eyed Sunglasses

Ruffles, lace and bow - so pretty; right? Well not so much for men! It’s better to avoid them; not all people are into the eccentric stuff ;)

They are comfortable for us, but for him you look like a genie popping out of a lantern; and his only wish is to wipe those pants away.

They bring mom to his mind. And to a man; mom’s jeans weren’t hot and will never be. They’re fat-hiders that may impress your girlfriends, but don’t expect your hubby to go gaga over them.

Animal Prints

High Waist Pants

Harem Pants


Wardrobe NO-NO’s For Her !

You might think that guys don’t pay attention to our fashion but surprisingly they do. They notice what we wear every now and then, and they have their own taste as well. We understand that you dress for yourself; but if you’re dressing to impress, then you need to know what’s inside guys’ heads. Here are the bitter facts about some of your beloved trends that are disliked by men!

Hey, those prints for a man are just SO FUNNY.

It’s all in the eyes!

So you hide them, and he will keep wondering what’s behind those glasses; a gorgeous knockout or a medusa?! And it’s guaranteed that he’ll think you’re a psycho to come up to a first date hiding behind those.

Well, those are enough for you ladies, but always remember that guys pay more attention to what you’re wearing than you’d ever imagine ;)


We’re adults now; leave these for the ladies and wear your beard.



Easy … Don’t wear big belt buckles, unless you’re a cowboy.

Crocs Well, what grade are you in, 5th?

It’s for Barbie and our Disney princesses, not for you. Unless you consider yourself a Barbie or Disney princess, wink wink.



MAN! Frankly speaking, we’re tired of looking at your chest through the plunging neckline. And by the way it is not attractive; leave this one for us.

Pinky clothes

We have to ask; why do you need so many pockets? It’s not like you have a lot of makeup compacts, eight lip sticks and some mirrors. And P.S. they only fit Tom Brady and you’re not Tom Brady!

The Deep V


DUDE, honestly isn’t getting her attention one of the perks of a fashionable style? Well, since we’re all honest, then we’re going to conduct a rebuttal. Believe it or not, we’re not in love with all the stuff you wear; you mock us for spending hours deciding what to wear, we also laugh at silly things you put on. Get prepared for the worst, it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul, gentlemen.

Belts With Big Buckles

Ultra-skinny Jeans

Well, if you’re too embarrassed to say something out loud, then you shouldn’t broadcast it on your chest for the public. So, here is our deal; if you insisted on the graphic tees, we’ll stand for our ruffles.

Socks In Sandals

Graphic Tees

Wardrobe NO-NO’s For Him !


A necklace, ten bracelets and a watch; are you replacing Johnny Depp in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean or something?!

45 Section Name

Mag Looks

Between Fantasy & Reality Interview With

Ayman Lahmouni By Ghada Sakr

Bill Cunningham once said that


Q. Tell us about yourself and your journey in the fashion world?

My journey with fashion started since I was a child. I’m a simple man depending on my artistic sense and imaginative mind to bring creations born out of great pains.

Q. When did you discover your passion for fashion?

I was drawn to colors and illustrations since I was little kid, and they reflected the artistic soul inside of me.

“is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” And Ayman Lahmouni has his mind set into bringing the fantasy to the real world with some sophisticated pieces that surely redefine elegance and grace in the couture world. Ayman Lahmouni, who grew up in Syria, studied fashion designing in Beirut. He opened his first atelier in Syria in 2000 to showcase his simple, yet aesthetically glamorous contemporary line. In 2013, the young designer launched his A & L brand in Egypt… and in 2015; he presented his couture collection for the first time in Cairo. In a winter wonderland setting at Down Town Katameya, Lahmouni celebrated the opening of A & L’s latest outlet in Cairo and he gave us a little insight into his brand philosophy.

Q. What is the difference between how men and women design clothes? Both have their own distinctive mindsets; but I think when a man designs for a woman, he has the insight to create a design that would boost her femininity and self-confidence.

Q. ‘Fashion is architecture for the body.’ Tell us more about your brand and your vision?

Q. Who would you like to wear your designs? Every woman, girl and lady!

My brand caters to all tastes, and I have my hopes high for it to head towards worldwide recognition very soon.

Common mistakes women make regarding fashion?

Q. Describe your own personal style in 3 words? Practical, simple and elegant. Q. Why did you choose to design for women and not men?

Repetition and choosing poorly when it comes to their outfits; not considering their figure, skin tone or style.

Designing for women has much more art to it than designing for men, and it brings much joy as well.

Q. What kind of materials do you most enjoy working with?

Plain fabrics! They give me the freedom in creating unique pieces and don’t bind me to limited thoughts.

Q. How do you think your customers feel when they wear your designs?

I know that beautiful designs bring joy and self-confidence to the ladies wearing them.

Q. A piece you would never advise a woman to wear? Every woman should choose what is comfortable for her, and leave what worries her.

Q. If you could see one fashion trend come back, what would it be? The 60th fashion, it was something else!

Q. What’s every woman’s wardrobe musthave piece? A black dress. Q. In your opinion, which celebrity has the perfect look and why? Kate Moss. She’s quite an icon!

Mag Looks

Beauty Turnoffs

7 Beauty Newsflash: Guys love eyebrows to look natural, but not bushy.

TheProblem: Shaping eyebrows can be tricky; face type, eyes size and many other factors play in.

By Reem Salem

Makeup Tricks That Men Hate in Women!

is Power! Women are ready for any kind of beauty sacrifice just to feel the power of enchanting a man. But hey ladies! Believe it or not! Men do have preferences when it comes to the kind of makeup you wear. Just like there are things that are a turn-on for men, there are things that shut them off! When it comes to beauty tricks, we women are very good at them; we can perfectly give ourselves a complete make-over with just the right makeup and clothing. But careful there! Some beauty mistakes can really kill your chances of impressing your man. You may think you look like Scarlett Johansson; yet end up scaring him away. Okay.. Don’t panic ladies! Here we bring you the basic makeup turn offs for the gents out there!

1 Bushy Eyebrows

The fix:

Don’t overpluck your eyebrows or go for bold shapes; they look plain weird. Just trim the bushy hair and keep the natural look. The idea is not to have your eyebrows pencil-thin or thick as a forest... Got it?!

rosy 2 Very Cheeks


It was fashion in the 1960’s or 70’s but the world has moved on ladies.


Extra blushed cheeks just look ridiculous! Wearing extra blusher will take you form a flawless look to… eheem... sorry, a clown’s face!

The fix:

3 Heaps of Foundation

Apply just a lil’ blusher and you’ll be blooming! Choose the color that fits your skintone, don’t go for orange if your skin is a bit dark. And it’s a NO for dark pink tones, if you have a very light skin.

Newsflash: Foundation is the magic you need to even out your skin tone. TheProblem: Applying tons of foundation, concealer and powder turns you into a painting or a Geisha girl.

The fix:

If you want your gentleman to appreciate your makeup talents, try to embrace your natural beauty. Have a beautiful look using light weight foundation and use your concealer sparingly… Your Man and your skin will thank you.


Newsflash: go crazy.


Spidery Lashes

Even long lashes can

TheProblem: Long lashes

gummed up with clumps of mascara turn your eyelashes to SPIDER WEB!!

The fix:

Women love having fluttering eyelashes. But there is a limit ladies! Men think long lashes are sexy, so apply just a soft swipe; a single layer of mascara and you’re good to go.

5 Smoky eyes Overload

Newsflash: Smoky eyes can go from dashing sexiness to weirdness.


It starts off innocently enough. It’s just you, an eye-shadow palette and a mirror. But things can get nasty fast! You apply heavy, dark shadows on your beautiful eyes, and then… Whuuuuut! No way! You got panda smoky eyes! That would repel any date away, trust us on that!

The fix:


Try the different shades of black and grey to create a smoky effect that suits your eyes better. If you haven’t found your magical look yet, please girl, don’t do it!

Too Much Bronzer & Contour

Newsflash: Guys don’t like the metal look.

TheProblem: When poorly

done, the Kardashian effect can turn into catastrophe metal look. Wear too many coats of bronzer and contour, and you’re guaranteed to look like Snooki!

The fix:

A subtle bronzer glow is gorgeous. So, play it safe and go for one that’s just one shade darker than your natural skin tone.

7 Bold Lipstick

Newsflash: Bold colors can scare men away. TheProblem: When you wear bold lipstick in the wrong timing and match it with the wrong dress, it can be a lil’ vulgar.

The fix:

Bold lipstick is a bit tricky ladies; it is not just about the skin tone, the lip shape also matters. Try it on first, and ask for a friend’s thoughts of it. If… it isn’t appealing to her, please know that this color is not for you. But this doesn’t have to be the end, you know. There are endless shades of the same color. Just keep trying till you find your fairytale lips! Mirrors are not always honest. So learn how to see beyond them to get a sense of how the look is really like. Now beautiful, you have a date to catch, see ya ;)


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Interview With By Ghada Sakr

Rossano Ferretti Revolutionizing

the way haircuts and the accompanying salon experience are perceived, celebrity favourite Rossano Ferretti is no ordinary hairdresser. He’s a pioneer trendsetter and the artificer of the innovative technique “The Method” which he invented with Lorenza Ferretti to reflect each individual’s internal beauty. His technique depends on customizing the cut according to the hair type and the characteristics of each person. With celebrity clientele like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton and Salma Hayek; Rossano Ferretti has certainly took the hairdressing world by storm and is constantly taking it to whole new levels. The renowned Italian hairdresser, had the passion for beauty running in his family for generations. He opened his first salon in Parma, and now his salons are available in Rome, Madrid, LA, Monaco, New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Dubai and more. We chatted with Sig. Ferretti about his passion and beauty secrets, and here is what he had to say!

When did you discover your passion for hairstyling?

I discovered my passion when I was a child. My mother was a hairdresser with her own 2-chair salon and my grandfather was a barber, so they gave me the chance to follow the footsteps of tradition. At the age of 14, I found myself joining a hairdressing school.

Tell us about yourself and your journey in the beauty world.

I’m the person who always wants to improve, and I try to learn something new every day. I constantly travel around the world to visit my salons to create, with my team, the perfect hairdressing experience where every detail is built around wellbeing and bespoke beauty.

Describe your own style in 3 words

There are no words to describe it - it’s just me and the way I am! :)

What’s the top style you especially created for a celebrity? I don’t like to speak about “trends”. Despite the fact that I’ve been considered a trendsetter since my early stage, I believe in uniqueness and personalization; and to make every woman feel beautiful in her own way.

What are the trendy styles for winter 2018?

Again, every woman is unique in her style, skin tone, hair shade & eye color. So how can we think that everyone can follow the same trend? It’s impossible! Bespoke is the only way to create real beauty and most importantly to make a client happy.


What is your hair styling tip for a look to stand out? I’m all for not modifying yourself too much because true beauty is a set of characteristics that make a woman charming and radiant.

What are the common mistakes women make regarding hair products?

One of the common mistakes I see is using pure oil on hair. Unfortunately pure oils alone don’t penetrate into hair as much as they should, and you over-stress the hair to shampoo them. I created my own line Rossano Ferretti Parma with a selection of the finest ingredients; combining powerful natural-botanical elements with advanced active principles to provide oils that benefit the hair in the most effective way.

What’s the most common question you are asked about hair?

The question I hear most commonly from women is how I think about their haircut or color. Of course only after an elaborate consultation, with me or my team, do we have the answer. Only understanding a woman’s needs would get us the best results. And consultation is key in this process.

What is your number one beauty secret? YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

In your opinion, which celebrity has the perfect hair and why? Every woman is a celebrity to me.

Do you think there are certain professions that are better for women than men, and vice versa?

I don’t think there are certain professions that are better for women than men, or the other way around. What is important is for us to follow our dreams and passion with respect to ourselves and the environment. In the beauty and fashion industry, it’s the way it is.

Do you consider having male clients?

In our world salons, we have lots of male clients. It is only our UAE salons that are ladies only.



hemistry By Reem Salem

Women fragrances That Smell Great on Men & Vice Versa!

How much time do you think it’d take to become more attractive? We think, may be a few seconds. How, you wonder? Easy…Just spray on some perfume! One more question, have you ever used your girlfriend/wife’s perfume _ maybe by mistake, and liked the scent on you? Well, there’s no crime in a man wearing a woman’s perfume but would you dare to do it, or you’re gonna freak out fearing the fact that you’d smell like a woman! ;)

Anyways; if you are brave enough to give one or two a whirl, here is a list of women’s perfumes that you, guys, can wear too. And if your girl has been sneakily using your perfumes, now it’s payback time!

Lust by Gorilla Perfume

It conjures the ideas of hot summer nights and sticky heat through its overtness. It’s intense, full of bravado, carnal, with raw jasmine & honey notes, and is definitely not a wilting wallflower of a perfume. Just let this jasmine perfume show you a whole new world!

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

It is spicy, yet fresh and very sexy, it’s a combination of woodsy notes, dark chocolate, vetiver and vanilla that will work for men as well as for women. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Shalimar by Guerlain

This is a great, classic fragrance that men can easily wear. It has a woodyvanilla-spicy base that is quite unisex and very sensual. Give your back to those who assign perfumes to genders, and wear this bae.

Rodriguez for Her Narciso

Imagine a beautiful combination of musk, sandalwood and patchouli that give this perfume a floral blend with a warm, smoky and musky scent. Wouldn’t that be hypnotically captivating?!

Chanel No.19

Fine, we know what is going on in your head… Chanel? Isn’t that a pure woman’s thing? Worry not… We promise you; this is a unique blend of green notes, rose, iris and vetiver that is going to have you 100% mesmerized, and feeling your best!

Now let’s steer the wheel to the ladies with some pour-homme perfumes to indulge in!!

Dylan Blue by Versace

Although women are known to go for rosy fragrances, surveys showed that 77% of women love to smell masculine woody or spicy perfumes on them. So, here are some men’s fragrances that are perfectly fit for les dames!

Any woody fragrance will suit both women and men, but this one is highly distinctive with a fragrant woody aroma and exquisite qualities of natural citrus, bergamot and grapefruit; combined with musk and mineral accents that bring about an incisive, Mediterranean freshness that are irresistible to the ladies.

Unscripted by Patrick Dempsey This is a masculine woody aromatic with notes of cardamom, pepper, fig and lavender that are light enough for the ladies’ everyday use and are sure to make them feel gooood!

Prada AmberPour Homme Like Oud, Amber is a perfect Arabic perfume. Its base note of vanilla and orange blossom is guaranteed to help the damsels de-stress and get in a relaxed mood.

Power Cologne by Kenzo

This is more of an “eau de toilette” with a breezy scent that’s so refreshing and light it would make any woman feel so tempted to wear.

Noirof Bath & Body Works

This men’s cologne is perfect for both sexes and is set to make you feel classy and cool. FYI, any men’s perfume that has a note of mandarin or cardamom to it would be extra appealing, and newsflash, will never smell weird on you ;)


When Style meets Comfort Interview With


Wearing heels

is every woman’s struggle. She wants to be stylish, so she ends up sacrificing her comfort! After failing to find chic yet comfy stilettos, Silvia Lago; Barcelonabased shoe designer launched her brand of luxury high heels with a goal to upgrade shoe comfort without giving up the glamorous and sophisticated look! We chatted with Silvia about her story of dazzle where biomechanical science met high fashion to create heels that look great and feel even better. Let’s find out how she became a leader in the shoe designing industry _which is dominated by men; while gossiping about style, trends, and the never ending battle between Adam & Eve!

Q. When did you discover your passion for shoes?

I have loved shoes since a very tender age. As many other girls, I learned to walk in heels by trying my mother’s shoes. I very fast developed a taste and admiration for beautiful, elegant and well-made high heels, and couldn’t wait to wear my own when I was a teenager.

Q. ‘Fashion is architecture for the body.’ Tell us more about your brand and your vision? Silvia Lago was born out of a personal need. I couldn’t find shoes that were both stylish and comfortable to wear all day in the office. I had to choose between sophisticated but uncomfortable stilettos or more wearable but less stylish high-heels. I moved to Alicante in Spain, one of the world’s top regions of luxury shoemaking, to learn the art of making a pair of shoes and start a new line that offers both elegance and wearability. With the help and advice of a team of shoe experts, podiatrists, artisans and biomechanical experts, we developed the first high heel shoes that improve comfort without sacrificing the look!

Q. Describe your own personal style in 3 words? Timeless, feminine and elegant.

Q. How do you like to use colors?

I like to use very bright and lively colors in my designs. Fuchsia, empire yellow, deep green, teal, bright red, etc. They bring light and life to shoes. However, sometimes the occasion calls for more discreet colors. That’s why I like to experiment with pastel and neutral tones as well.

Q. Common mistakes women make when it comes to their footwear?

Sacrificing comfort for style is very common. This can lead to chronic foot pain and deformed feet. It is very important to take care of our feet, since they carry the weight of our body. We should always choose shoe styles that fit us well with the right size & high-quality materials.

Q. Some people believe ‘Beauty Is Pain’ while others think beautiful heels are just for celebrities who don’t walk around the street so often. What do you say to that?

I believe beauty and comfort shouldn’t be opposed to each other. That’s why I created Silvia Lago. We are the first innovative luxury shoe brand to fuse the best European craftsmanship with innovative comfort technology, LagosFit®. There is a need for wearable luxury high heels, but the traditional luxury brands are not providing any solution. We use the knowledge of biomechanical science to introduce innovative features that improve the wearability of our high heels. Our branded system features a reinforced shoe structure, high performance cushioned insoles, anti-bacterial leather lining, stable heels with shock-absorbing caps, and soft leathers with natural stretch properties; amongst other comfort features.

Q. What do you think of women’s sports shoes? Is there a way to make them more feminine?

Of course, they could be designed with more feminine aesthetics! But more and more brands are embracing that niche market and expanding the offering with more elegant styles.

Q. Is it in your plan to hit the men footwear market? We are currently focused on women shoes and plan to stay here in the near future.

Q. What’s your wardrobe must-have piece?

A good pair of black stilettos is a must-have in any wardrobe; always classy and on trend.

Q. Shoes can be really feminine and can be rebellious, which type do you prefer?

I am always on the feminine and sophisticated side, but I like to give my shoes a modern twist.

A pair of shoes you would never wear? Croc-style shoes.

Q. In your opinion, which celebrity has the best footwear choices and why?

Blake Lively. She is always very polished and elegant in an effortless way. She likes to experiment with shoe designers and shoe styles, and she always wins!

Q. Do you think there are certain career paths that are better for women than men, and vice versa? In the fashion arena, I see very talented designers both men and women. Talent is everywhere and we should celebrate it regardless.

ADAM vs. EVE Some say Eve is the only friend for Adam on Earth, and some say Eve got Adam out of heaven. What do you think of the relationship between Adam and Eve? Who is a better boss? The one who brings out the best of his/her team. Mum or dad? Both, always.

- My Joie-De-Vivre motto is…

“You must do the things you think you cannot do” a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

- Things I barely go out without… My phone!

- My all-time role model… Audrey Hepburn. - Best reads about fashion & beauty… A classic, Vogue.

Who should say ‘I Love You’ first? The bravest.

- If I weren’t a shoe designer, I would be…

Which are harder to raise, boys or girls? Depends on the child!

- Life will be happier if…

Mother-in-law or father-in-law? Mother-in-law. Male-lead movies or female-lead movies? Both, although I am especially interested in female-lead ones. What would you do if you had a $500K? And what do you think a person from the opposite sex would do? I would invest it in Silvia Lago, to keep searching for innovative ways to improve the comfort of our shoes to further empower women. I have no idea what a man will do! :D A man and woman in the kitchen: would they reach a healthy delicious meal, or burn the house? With a good team work I am sure they will cook a great meal.

An actress.

We all were more compassionate and loving.

Section Name

The of Wearing The

By Sue Ryan


In many Eastern cultures men and women used to wear similar clothes – robes or tunics and pants, which were distinguished as masculine or feminine by fabric, color, embroidery or small differences in style. In most Western cultures, men and women were dressed with more differences – dresses or skirts and blouses for women, trousers and shirts for men. In the 1900s this began to change as some garments traditionally considered “menswear” were adopted by women, mostly because these clothes were more comfortable for sport or travel.

Between the 1950s and 1970s, trousers or pants gradually become accepted as womenswear. In the 1960s jeans, which were originally hardwearing pants for men doing demanding physical or factory work; and t-shirts, which were originally male underwear, were adopted by both genders. With the globalization of fashion, today in both Western and Eastern cultures every day we wear or see others of both genders wearing suits (sometimes with a skirt for women), jeans or pants, and t-shirts.

We still use the phrase “wearing

the pants” on English to refer to the person in charge.

Fashion designers in the past 60 years have sometimes included skirts or stockings for men in their collections, but these have not become mainstream fashion, most men prefer to wear clothes that declare they are male. Meanwhile, women have far more enthusiastically embraced male styles. Some wear male clothing for purely practical reasons – it is often of better quality, longer lasting materials, and their shirts and pants have more pockets (women don’t always want to carry a bag). Aside from practicality and comfort, reasons women have for wearing male styles include wanting to convey strength or power (or a wish for these), to challenge preconceptions of male power, or to avoid unwanted sexual attention in a male dominated workplace. Some women include male styles in a basically feminine wardrobe just because it is fun to mix our style up sometimes. Many elements of male clothing have been adapted and accepted as womenswear, specifically trousers and suits, and now we don’t even think of them as menswear. Every few years there is a flurry of fashion stories with titles like “The Shirt Off His Back”, ”It’s A Man’s World” with women wearing pinstripe suits, shirts, braces, ties, masculine hats and shoes. Usually these clothes are not really borrowed from the boys, but tailored specifically for women. Recently, “dapper” (a term previously used just to describe smartly dressed men) has become a big trend especially in the USA, where blogs and websites are dedicated to the women who chose male dress all or most of the time.


There is a long history of publicly prominent women dressing in menswear, even before it became part of mainstream fashion. To see the women we refer to who dress in male style, take a look at


Hatshepsut was a female ruler of Egypt in the fifteenth century BCE, one of few queens to take on the traditionally male title of Pharaoh. She was depicted in female clothing, but also in the male clothes and the false beard worn by a male pharaoh. Unfortunately for Hatshepsut, projecting a male image did not assure she retained power. Musicians, entertainers and artists have been among the most visible female wearers of menswear.

Om Kolthoum

For her early performances dressed as a young man, because at that time it was not socially appropriate for a woman to sing as she did.

Many women entertainers wear traditionally masculine garments not as drag or to pass as male, but to emphasize their femaleness.

Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn were early adaptors of dressing man-style.

Frida Kahlo

chose to dress as a man for at least one family photo, before evolving the image most people are more familiar with, the feminine Kahlo of skirts and adornments.

In August 1992, the cover of Vanity Fair featured

Demi Moore in man’s suit, waistcoat,

shirt and tie, painted onto her by artist Joanne Gair. Many other actresses have also dressed male-style, but used real garments to create the illusion of being male in films, or when they star in fashion advertising.

Women in rock and pop music often wear traditionally masculine garments. Many choose variations of the unisex uniform of jeans - T-shirt - jacket.

Marianne Faithful

In the 1960s was one of the first pop singers to favor male style and although she then spent much of her early career looking softly pretty, in later years she revisited the masculine edge, mirroring the strength shown in her musical and personal evolution. Her reaction to designer John Galliano’s first menswear show in 2004 was ‘That was fun and there were lots of things that we women could wear’.


Section Name

The many other women musicians who have worn menswear to

Patti Smith

challenge stereotypes or just to look sharp include who wore a shirt and tie on the famous cover of her album “Horses”.,

Grace Jones

, who looks more powerful than most men in a suit, sang of “Feeling like a woman, looking like a man”, and named her performance DVD “A One Man Show”.

Annie Lennox

of the duo Eurythmics wore suits that were usually masculine in cut (often identical to the suits of her male musical partner Dave Stewart), but she often mixed it with feminine hats, gloves, jewelry, and distinctly female makeup.


in Express Yourself chose to wear a doublebreasted suit complimented with a monocle to drive home the message that power is yours, if you chose to wear it. She was

Britney Spears

joined in her enjoyment of menswear by for the video Me Against The Music. Both wore suits customized to accentuate their curves. Britney chose menswear for other appearances: men’s hats have been a favorite, though sometimes it’s simply because they make a good dance prop.


dressed as a man for the video Like a Boy which she opens with the statement “2007. Ladies, I think it’s time to switch roles.” Ciara had worn unisex streetwear in previous videos, but Like a Boy went much further. She studied videos by musicians including Jay-Z, Tupac, and 50 Cent and explained “We looked at how they rocked their clothes… I’m a tomboy at heart, but I don’t usually go full-out like I did in this video.”

Kylie Minogue flirted with male style in serious suit and glasses for the

cover of her fifth, self-titled album. This look signaled a creative change for Kylie, a plea to have her music taken seriously after years of being regarded as a disposable pop princess.

Shania Twain

humorously criticized how women are presented in music through her video for “Man I Feel Like A Woman”. In Robert Palmer’s video for “Addicted To Love”, we see the male singer looking powerful and smart in a suit, surrounded by revealingly dressed female models who look sexy but brainless. Shania reversed this - she dressed man-style in a coat, shirt, tie and top hat; and was surrounded by revealingly dressed male models that looked handsome but dumb.


Even has dressed as a man for her video If I Were A Boy and also for Upgrade You, where she plays her husband musician Jay-Z in the video. For most of this video Beyoncé dressed as a woman, with multiple high glamour costume changes, but her mimicry of Jay-Z was a highlight. Thanks to the tricks of editing, Beyoncé as female was dancing around Beyoncé as Jay-Z! During filming Beyoncé got into the male character as well as the costume, she said “It was great not wearing the heels. I could slouch, I could be a little more tough, a little more aggressive. I didn’t have to be so prissy. It was fun having the male mannerisms. I love it because it’s completely out of my character, or at least the character that people think I am.”

There is less need now for women to wear men’s suits to project a sense of power. Choosing menswear or male styles now is mostly about having fun with your clothes, and perhaps bringing out a different side of your personality. That may not be as easy for women in Egypt as it is for women in many other countries, because of the Egyptian society’s old fashioned concepts about how women should dress and look, but there is really nothing to stop you trying it! Start by adding one male-style garment or accessory, perhaps borrow something from your brother or partner, and see how it feels for you.

You may find that there are aspects of male style that you really enjoy and that can be part of your own unique style!


Mag Décor

Decor Battles The Challenge of Designing Your Home Together (and how to overcome it)


ouples don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to details, regardless of how much harmony they have together. Creating a place to live in can be challenging! Each one has their own beauty standards and their own priorities when it comes to their vision of home. For some people, the definition of home is comfort and practicality; for others it’s beauty and covering all the details. Many of us have always had this expectation of their dream houses. Some would be reluctant to change, others are huge risk takers.


By Marwa Hassan

It all depends on your character, your background, and your ability to be creative and imaginative. Every place sends a certain vibe according to the sense of the person decorating it. Sometimes, it’s feminine, others it’s masculine. So what defines a feminine decor from a masculine style? Here is a list of the characteristics of both feminine and masculine decors, which will pretty much explain how men and women act differently when it comes to designing their future homes.


Decor • Colors: A feminine decor tends to have

a background of light colors like pink or pastel shades.

• Accessories: Expect flowers, lots of cushions, vases, paintings on the walls, etc.

• Patterns: Floral details, abstract

patterns and pretty ornaments (they can be portrayed on wallpaper, fabrics or even furniture)

• Metals: Gold and brass accessories. • Materials: Soft fabrics, smooth textures, fluffy rugs and faux fur.

• Furniture design: Delicate

furniture with simple lines, tufted, curves, and intricate details.

• Styles: Shabby chic, Scandinavian and Country.

Masculine Decor • Colors:

Dark colors with a gloomy and bold atmosphere.

• Accessories:

Dead animals and logs.

• Patterns: Rough textures, exposed construction beams, pipes and ducts.

• Metals: Black, silver & chrome. • Materials: Raw rough materials like leather, animal rugs, distressed wood, concrete, bricks and metal.

• Furniture design: Straight lines, heavy furniture and solid wooden parts.

• Styles: Industrial and Rustic.

The challenge here is to bridge the gap between feminine & masculine styles when you are making your home together. It happens more than often that a man feels like his woman is trying to impose her style on him, and vice versa. Your place, however, should reflect both your characters so that you don’t feel alienated in your own house!


So let’s end the feud and start the treaty by following some simple decorating tips for couples!

Take the time to understand 1. each other’s style With the help of mood boards or Pinterest boards, you can pin anything you like to discuss it with your significant other. You can then get on the same page or at least know where both of you stand when it comes to the aesthetic aspects.

2. Break it down It might be overwhelming to decide on a theme or a style for the whole house, but it doesn’t have to be like this. You can actually break it down to one room at a time. Just make sure to have a basic plan for the finishing, the furniture and the accessories. Then start on discussing colors, materials, lights, furniture setting and everything you might need in a room. Do that for each and every room, until you have your house all planned out.



Nobody likes to live in a house where it doesn’t feel like home. That’s why it’s important to find a common ground when designing your future house. By blending and mixing your personal preferences of both masculine and feminine styles, you’ll be creating your own customized style. This way you’ll be conveying your character through your house, not to mention how fun and amazing you’d feel at the end of the process.

4. Neutral colors

Hot Tip: You could mix a metal headboard with soft linens. Or add some floral paintings or a soft rug in a room with exposed bricks wall.

Color palettes are essential when it comes to creating your own place. So, it’s important to steer away from strong colors and opt for neutral shades, which work as gender-neutral palettes.

Hot Tip: You can play with different shades of the same color, or use contrasting colors like pink and dark brown or black and white.

5. Complementary items In order to create a complete scene, you will need to work together. Keep in mind that sometimes men are not big on details, so it’s advisable to use trial and error until you get the result you both like.


Hot Tip: Add a pop of color to set the mood using cushions, accessories, or even wall art.


A corner of your own

Set up ‘his’ and ‘her’ corners, where each of you would have the freedom to decorate your areas just the way you want. It’s important to have a creative outlet and place of your own, where you could just recharge and relax.


Trust each other

Designing a house can cause a lot of stress and pressure, which can bring up the control freak in you two. It’s important to be kind to each other. In fact, you need to give your partner the opportunity to express their opinion and to trust them. It shouldn’t be a challenge of who’s got better ideas or who is right!

8. Work as as aa team team 8. Work Please! Please, work as a team. You are partners, and working as a team will make you discover brand-new, amazing ways of communication. It will help you create your own character and voice as a couple while having the best of merge between your two worlds.

9. Be willing to take risks Sometimes you would want to design your home in a certain way. Maybe in a way you dreamed of since you were a kid. But still, you don’t have to only stick to what you know. There are new styles, you might have never considered, that might be great for you to explore. Be willing to Mix & Match!

10. Understand that it will take time Settling on something you both like, planning, buying furniture, and resolving the decor conflicts will take time; and that’s ok. Designing your own home is a long process and it can take a little while for things to be perfect. And if anything didn’t go the way you like, you can always renovate and upgrade as you live together.

Hot Tip: The eclectic style is a great pattern. The modern style will give you some room to be creative. But if you want to opt for a simpler choice, then go for the minimal style.

Let your decor decisions evolve as does your relationship. Let it tell your story together… 63

Body, Mind And Soul

What You

Don’t Know About



Men vs. Women: Differences in nutritional requirements By Hana Arafa We can’t agree more that men and women come from different planets. And when it comes to one of life’s best pleasures; FOOD, men and women show diverse interests, habits and perceptions. Women tend to talk more about diet and nutrition, and usually believe they are fatter than they truly are; unlike men who show a higher percentage of satisfaction about their weight. So, when it comes to nutrition, calories and metabolism; do Marsians and Venusian’s bodies share the same needs? Let’s check it out together!


1 cup of milk=300mg calcium

A fairly active woman who weighs 60 kg requires around 2000 calories daily while a man in the same age group and similar activity level who weighs 75 kg will need closer to 2,800 calories per day. The reason behind this difference is that men tend to be taller and possess heavier muscles than women. However, men and women with a sedentary lifestyle will need a less calorie intake per day than their active counterparts.



Women are four times as likely to develop the bone crippling disease Osteoporosis than men. In the years after menopause, women can lose 20 percent of bone mass. Men lose bone too, but excess dairy may hike risk for prostate cancer.

He needs: 800 mg/day She needs: 1000 mg ages 19-50; 1200 mg after 50


As a result of the high-protein diet hype, many people eat more protein than what’s basically required. In fact our protein requirements are really quite modest for both men and women. Excess protein accelerates calcium loss in urine. Therefore, women with a high risk of osteoporosis should be careful not to eat too much protein. The Institute of Medicine recommends anywhere from 10-35 percent of calories come from protein.

There’s not much doubt about this one. Vital for keeping immune systems in top order and good for energy, iron requirements are dramatically different early in life for women due to monthly menstruation. Iron from vegetable sources isn’t absorbed as well as the iron in meats, but both are valuable. In fact, adding foods rich in vitamin C (like citrus and tomatoes) to any diet boosts iron absorption from even fruits &vegetables.

He needs: 8 mg/day She needs: 18 mg/day

(27 mg if pregnant)

100g of chicken liver = 11mg iron

He needs: 60 gm/day She needs: 60 g per day 100g tuna = approx. 30g protein




Carbs are gender-neutral. But that doesn’t mean you should be neutral about the carbohydrates you eat. Carbohydrates should provide 45%–65% of your daily calories. Most of those calories should come from the complex carbohydrates in high-fiber and unrefined foods such as bran cereal, whole-grain products, brown rice, beans and many fruits and vegetables.

He needs: 38 gm/day as his body is bigger She needs: 25 gm/day

Now is it true that men can eat more than women without gaining weight and that they also lose weight faster?! Slightly yes, and the reason can be found in biological differences between men and women. While gender differences in metabolism do exist, the differences in terms of total weight loss are modest. On average, women’s total energy expenditure_which is the number of calories burned for metabolic needs including breathing, blood circulation, digestion and physical activity, is around 5 to 10 percent lower than men’s. The reduced energy expenditure can be partly explained by their body composition which is the different amount of muscles, fat and bones in their bodies.

Bottom line, nutritional differences between men and women turned out to be slight ones. Variation is really a sizething; women are smaller and less muscular so require fewer calories. Yes, the pink planet might need a little more calcium, a little more iron, but general consensus is that both sexes benefit from the same healthy diet strategies —plenty of whole grains, healthy fats, lots of fruits and vegetables, and lean sources of dairy and protein.


Body, Mind And Soul

HE adds SHE subtracts... In The

By Passant Essam

Why do you hit the gym? A ridiculous question, isn’t it? The answer is definitely to keep fit, build strength and maintain flexibility; daffier I guess. By digging deeper in some gender segmentation, the answer is summed up in two phrases: “Men tend to add, while women tend to subtract”.


he motives differ from males to females. Males usually hit the gym to pump iron to add bulks to their upper body, that’s why you always find the weights area overloaded with men rather than women. Working out is a sport for the machos! And as they are super competitive, they prefer athleticbased classes and to fulfill their goals of getting bigger.


On the other hand, adopt a holistic fitness approach which involves different type of activities and classes. You’re gonna find them bombarding cardio and dance classes to slim down their waist lines or grabbing their yoga mats for mental relaxation. Rarely will you find them in the weights arena because they fear bulking up; which is a misconception that needs to be fixed, but this isn’t our issue here ;). Women are also interested in the social aspect of the gym, they tend to go for group classes to make new friends or at least to make sure their bestie is there to support them.


That was just a warm-up, and now let’s get into more details about the different acts & routines of the pink and blue planets in the gym.


Women are likely to go for “Ladies Only” gyms or classes than mixed arenas. They are more comfortable with it as they’re annoyed by the idea of jiggling cellulite or sweating in public. Do men really care about that? We all know the answer ;)


Women are better in taking instructions. You’ll always notice them asking what to do next and if they’re going well or not. While men are rarely accompanied by trainer.


Bench press and weight arenas are over populated by men. While treadmills and elliptical machines, yoga and zumba classes are dominated by women.


They’re both admiring themselves in the mirror. He gives more care to his front look, while she cares more about the rear angle. And of course mirror selfies are for everyone in the place.


Males outnumber females in fitness centers. This is mainly because of the bulk of responsibilities falling on women’s, especially married ones, shoulders.


As always her sack is much bigger and heavier. She has it filled with water, apparel, towel and toiletries; while he doesn’t necessarily need a bag at all.

On the bright side, both genders can learn from each other instead of just listing the differences. Ladies, you can learn not to be afraid of hard work and start lifting some weights (to enhance the lean muscles which would burn more fats) and to be more confident to work out in public without thinking about who’s watching around. For men, it’s a good thing to try diverse classes to maintain your flexibility and relax your always thinking and calculating minds!


Body, Mind And Soul

t nS

e m E

t SU i m

m o




u do


M al

Options….. I S Fewer More Responsibilities



“Fear of Commitment” and “Commitment Issues” are two terms we hear quite often nowadays, but they ultimately refer to one thing! Some people believe that being committed to someone or something is like being haunted by a shadow of responsibilities and obligations that wholly restrict their freedom. Humans are born with innate tendencies to be free, and for most people, commitment comes as a heavy burden that leans over their shoulders and intends to drag them down.

e n i f l o u e c n s i a in M m e e F h T d an

Commitment phobia has become one of the major diseases of this era. Some think that those who do not want to “commit” are self-centered and lack maturity. However, commitment-phobic people are merely tortured souls full of fear _with a constant state of emotional conflict, because of their negative irrational beliefs about love, attachment and relationships.

Here are some symptoms of being commitment-phobic, & yourself!

check test 1)

Absence of long-term relationships in your life.

2) Having a history of frequent career shifts, and thriving in environments that provide good amount of space and freedom.

3) Preferring to feel in control and creating time frames that suit you.

4) Tendency to compartmentalize your life keeping your work environment, friends or family off limits.


Creating excuses for your reasons of quitting a job and/or avoiding marriage.


Having mixed feelings when relationships start to grow with no intentions from your side of ever doing so.


Being moody or aloof and blaming others for feeling this way.



Having a history of unavailability and inaccessibility.


Lying or being evasive and secretive about where you are and what you are doing to create space.

10) Hating planning ahead because that means commitment.

When it comes to buying anything, you go through hard times feeling like you’ll be stuck with this item for eternity.


Being overly committed to your work… as it will not break your heart to quit. Simultaneously, you are fully phobic to relationships and love issues.

13) Often choosing to travel, play multiple sports, and be involved in many projects.

14) Words as “forever”, “always”, and “for eternity” terrify you.


Both men and women have commitment issues when it comes to marriage, work or even having friends. People have different perspectives, enjoy different things, and have different needs. In fact, such “fear of commitment” for some women means having fewer options, especially on the scale of personal success, as the mere responsibility of being a wife and a mother calls for too much sacrifice; which would affect a woman’s social life and career path. For women, commitment and marriage traditionally lead down to the path of children, care-taking, defaulting to their husband’s career goals, and possibly leaving their own work. In other words, women fear commitment because it means the end of independence.

For some men, marriage is like having only one meal for the rest of their lives! It is believed that men are more likely to not “completely commit” to their partners, but they are more prone to settle down as they grow older. It is also notable that friendship for women is different than it is for men. Mostly, women tend to have intimate, long-term attachments to their friends; unlike most men. On work scale; while many women have started “leaning in” to their jobs and stay-at-home dads are more commonplace, there are still major discriminations when it comes to women in the workplace.

It is more likely to find someone committed to one thing at the expense of another. In other words, people who find themselves successful proceeding with their careers, might be phobic about marriage because they’re not sure whether or not they can master social life the way they master their career path.

It takes more than love to call someone “committed”. It needs thoughtfulness, self-sacrifice, liability and mere devotion to be fully committed to something or to someone in a proper manner. 69

“What on earth is going on with you, men?”, “why are you escaping your responsibilities these days?” We’ve been hearing this kind of statements nowadays from many women; regardless of their marital status. So what’s happening here?! Well, let’s just take a flash back to 1899… when a woman was so helpless, staying at home, waiting for the future husband to knock on her door and take her as a house wife; who cares for nothing except for the house and children! Each woman was keen to be up to her husband’s satisfaction. Even if the husband cheated, she would be patient and protect her home and never ask for divorce. Not only that, she might also blame herself thinking that maybe she wasn’t attending properly to his needs and that’s why he cheated on her! It’s the time when the biggest culture legend of (SY EL SAYED) created weak, helpless women giving in to unsuccessful marriages and losing their rights of freedom and to look after their own needs and wants. Then a different generation came out refusing to stay bounded to the irrational traditions that put all pressures on women and give men the right to cheat, lie, abuse, etc under the belief that “men are the masters who have the right to do whatever they want”. All of a sudden, came the super hero of all women” Qassim Amin” with his book, “The Liberation of Women in 1899”. Amin believed in women’s cause, and he has been historically recognized as one of the first Arab world’s feminists. At the beginning, many people were against his ideas, but he managed to defend the cause and achieve the purpose.




Career Coaching

By Sarah Osman

Since then; women have proudly taken their role in society, started to join many occupations, and started to be independent! They learned how to work things out on their own. They challenged themselves; and managed to be pilots, ministers, police officers, and other occupations that were known only to be for Men. Women were thinking; we are multi-taskers, we can do it; and they actually did it! But, are they happy now?

To be a strong independent woman or not to be… that’s the question! Nowadays, most women miss being pampered, miss enjoying their feminism. They have to work hard to gain their living. It’s not about just building a career path; it’s about fulfilling their own demands without the need to ask for help. They believe now

have reversed!

the roles

If you believe the roles haven’t reversed that much lately; well take a quick look around you!

See how many women now are responsible for taking care of their homes financially. See how many girls now break-ups from a relationship because their partners are not responsible enough to face any financial or emotional problems, and just leave all work on the girl. The 80’s generation especially has witnessed too many unstable relationships, and the main reason for breakups was “irresponsibility”.


So what do you think happened nowadays

Now that the roles are reversed, girls started to feel so independent and boys started to make use of that. They started to depend on their women to handle any problem because they knew they would be strong enough to face it alone without any help. And the result was miserable eventually! Women started to feel they are playing both roles, and men started to be so fragile, rarely using their masculinity in the right way. Is it a problem in bringing up boys and girls? Are boys now spoiled by their mums who make all their wishes come true, and don’t bother asking them for any kind of responsibility? Or is it because the dads are bringing their daughters up to be responsible and to face society so courageously, which resulted in having more responsible girls than boys?! We’re not talking about all men of course. It’s just that real men are really becoming a minority. Being a man is not about body building, amazing muscles and strong physique. It’s about your traits and the way you treat your lady.. how you make her feel secure no matter what! Even if you are 100% confident she’s strong enough to deal with all the difficulties life has to put in front of her, make sure she feels that you’ll always be there for her!


Career Coaching

Who’s a Better

Men are good in time management. Women are multi-taskers. Men can control their emotion and think rational. Women can socialize and set plans. So who is the better BOSS?!

By Sarah Samir

According to Catalyst’s Women in Leadership “Women held under a quarter (24%) of senior roles across the world in 2016—an increase of only 3% from 2011. In addition, one third (33%) of global businesses had no women in senior management roles—a number which has not changed since 2011.” So, does that mean that women are horrible bosses? Does it mean that men are more successful in higher managerial positions?

Shilly-shally, isn’t it?! In fact, preferring a male or female boss differs from one person to the other. So to discover the preferred gender, we searched for some opinions on who is the best manager and why!!

On the gender, Ahmed Halim, former call center agent, told us “the best manager I have had was a man; actually an upper; a young man who had experience much more than his age. I admired the fact that this manager understood the mindset of the youth and was always aiming at development!” Nouran Ashraf, a young recruiter, said “Although I believe that gender of managers has nothing to do with their competence, I would prefer seeing more women in higher positions. I still think that women in power are fighting social stereotypes along with inequity in the workplace. The concept of diversity and equal employment opportunities isn’t that active still in the Arab World and Egypt in particular.”


Meanwhile, M.M, a younger employee, said “a female manager is better for sure, as she has a better sense of appreciation than a man.” Aya Adel, former English Teacher, told us “I’ve worked with managers of both sexes, men and women, and to be honest sometimes I feel that a woman as a manager, or in a powerful position, is a lot firmer and kinda merciless as she feels that she has a lot to prove. The pressure basically comes from society pushing women to work so hard to prove they are better than men, I think.

Conducting a survey on “Ambition and Gender at Work”, the Institute of Leadership and Management discovered that 73% of women felt that barriers exist for any of them seeking seniorlevel management position. According to the survey, “women’s aspirations and clarity of career direction lag behind men’s, with 52% of men having a fair to clear idea of the particular role they want to have whereas only 45% of women did.” These figures show that the number of men seeking to climb their career ladder is more than the women’s, which shows a bit of indecisiveness from the women’s part when it comes to their career path.

r orme an, f loyalty s s a ed H and orked Ahm relation ew r e 4 I hav m custo ve, said “ agers and i y n t r a u e exec 6 male m rs and ev ng i e h h g t t na wi me le ma t ed so fema hem add only 3 lef t r re f e e o v w e e on ow h2 c H i . e h e to m arks, of w ho was th w m sa their and one, had, wa ve r n ie e e wom ader I ev est, I bel rk e n l o o best , to be h do the w o n S a the man. genders c ever, for ys both ctly. How , it’s alwa of ion perfe s growth binat ads s m e o c n i le s a bu have diversity o t r s e bett enders a tion.” g rfec both to pe

So, whether it is better to have a female manager, or a male boss; it is still unanswerable! But, one thing is for sure… The competition between Adam and Eve, careerwise, is always worth their while as long as it lies within a healthy competitive frame.


A Macho Thing


For A Reason!

hile single women around the globe panic with every Valentine’s Day that passes, single men seem to remain relatively calm. Is it solely because they don’t have a ticking biological clock telling them that it’s time to start a family, or is it that they simply enjoy being single? If you ask a guy about his marital status, he’s most probably gonna give you the “I’m only awesome because am single!” Not generalizing here, but it’s how most guys are… If it’s someone to cuddle with every now and then, sign them up! But someone to break bread with for the rest of life! Stokes!! Of course a man would want someone who loves him and who he would love back. But, somehow being “the bachelor” is more intriguing. Sure, some guys might just not be ready to marry YOU! But, it’s still safe to say that many of them really aren’t ready, or don’t want, to marry!’

Why Men Choose to be Single?!!

By Reem Salem

Wondering why? Here’s why guys plan to fly solo for as long as they can, let’s have a journey in their minds to know!

No Gossip Girl

Guys can’t stand women who gossip constantly, and they would quickly opt for being single than having to endure a “gossip queen” girlfriend or wife. Let’s just try to stop this girls! Enough is enough!

Mr. Flirty

Sometimes it’s just fun for guys to know that they’ve still got “it”. “It” being the ability to make a total stranger laugh or blush. Being single means he can flirt with whoever he wants whenever he wants, and that’s a liberating feeling. Flirting also keeps a guy young at heart, and we all know that men are in no rush to grow up. LOL.


Section Name

Sleeping Tight

Who doesn’t love sprawling out in bed, alone! Solo sleeping for anybody, and especially for guys, means there is no one wiggling around besides _and most importantly, no one will steal their beloved covers, zzzzzzz!!!

I’m Married to My Work Not being big on multi-tasking, the truth is it’s always easier for guys to accomplish a goal when it’s their sole focus. Without the distractions of a complicated home life, single men have the ability to really thrive in the workplace. But don’t forget guys that ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’!

Money, Money, and Money Believe it or not, guys can save a lot of money flying solo. Simply put, a single man only pays for what he wants to pay for, which is at the very least half of what he would spend being part of a couple. He might go out with his friends more than he would if he was in a relationship, but still ends up saving a lot of dough. Yet they still joke about girls only caring about money! ;)

Too Fit to Flirt

Single guys have a lot of extra time to spend at the gym. They want to look their best to attract the ladies, and that motivates them to drag themselves to the fitness center as much as they can. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great place to hook up with some slamming hot divas as well ;)

No Relation, No Pressure Well, final word machos, we know you enjoy being single so much. But if George Clooney got married, isn’t that a sign that you all have it deep inside to want the same, Just saying ;)

Men think that there’s a pressure in having a girlfriend. The pressure of getting married, the pressure of buying a house, and the pressure of having kids! It seems that there is no point in having a relationship. If they’re single, they won’t have to deal with such drama!


A Macho Thing




Of Commetment

Your fix

One of the most important aspects of knowing whether or not you’ve met the right person is trying to imagine your life without them. So if you closed your eyes for a minute and saw yourself continuing your life happily without that person, you might want to reconsider your feelings. But if you ached with the thought of waking up without them by your side, then know whole heartedly you met the ONE to spend the rest of your life with; so walk bravely and get hitched!


“something Better”

Well, the risk of wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision; making a huge life decision is quite scary, but do you know what’s even scarier? Regret! Men take quite long time to make a decision in fear of uncertainty. Even though it looks like a match made in heaven with this spacial someone, their doubts still come hunting!

The pursuit of

The Hesitation she loves me …she loves me not

There comes a time in every man’s life when he falls for someone thinking she is “the one” to settle with for the rest of his life. But as gents’ comfort zone is “No Strings Attached”; the fears of long-term commitment become more and more daunting after he masters the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. Worry not friend, there are ways to overcome those doubts. And the best way to overcome something you fear is to understand what’s causing it, so let’s break down those uncertainties! Men are very competitive. They will always be on this life-long pursuit of “something better;” whether it’s by traveling, a new career, a better car, a new significant other, or even a change in lifestyle.

Your fix

The fear of commitment just because you might find something or someone better is seriously a selfish disaster! You don’t always need to drop one thing in exchange for the other; you can travel with a significant other and you can change your lifestyle together. Ultimately, commitments don’t have to be treated like trading cards. You may think there’s someone out there who’s better than what you have but the same goes for them. It’s your feelings that should be guiding you here; if you think you need an “upgrade” then this might be an alert that you haven’t found “your ONE” yet.

Unrealistic Expectations

We are creatures of habit, and we either crave what we can’t have or we create a checklist inspired by a combination of what media and the public depict as the “perfect” relationship. Going into any long term relationship not knowing for a fact that there will be sweet and sour days is you fooling yourself that it’ll be a fairytale.

Your fix

Checklists are for grocery shopping, not people. Don’t wait to find a person that you think is “perfect” just because they fit some listed criteria. Relationships require compromise and lots of patience, there will come days when you can’t live without each other and days when you can’t stand even being in the same continent. No one is perfect; but with all your imperfections, you can still be perfect for each other.

Letting The Past

The social society

Predict The Future


We all have self-prescribed anxiety and we all have deep-rooted scars that cause us to have commitment issues or create the anxiety that causes us to end things before they begin. Our past is a significant factor in how we conduct ourselves in the present or will do in the future. Experiences work like shock therapy. You get burned enough times, then you naturally become conditioned to stop doing it.

Start considering why you want to commit or why you chose to commit. One of the biggest things that might lead to the downfall of a relationship or a marriage is pressured commitment. It might be family, age or society that is creating the pressure; nagging you that “it’s about time to get married!”

Your fix

We all want to believe that the reason for our issues can be explained by a chemical imbalance we can’t control, but in reality, we’ve just been conditioned to sabotage our own relationships and life choices. The logic we use allows for no margin of error. For instance, if we get burned by enough tall girls, the next tall girl that comes our way doesn’t even get a chance! Don’t dwell on the past. It’s there for a reason and that reason is to help you deal with your future.

It’s not about “time” yet

It is imperative to know that you’re making that long term decision just because you truly and genuinely want to share your life with that person, and no one else! Once you’ve come to grips with that, you can rest easy that you’re making that commitment for the right reasons. Otherwise, being single is much better option! Have you ever seen something you really liked in a store but didn’t buy because of a covert reason you gave yourself? Have you done this only to find yourself back at that same store hours, days, or weeks later; buying that exact same thing or missing out on it and regretting it later? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you say, “I have time, I’m only 20-something and fearful of losing my freedom”.

Your fix

Your fix

Don’t put off committing to something or someone you feel strongly about because you’re too young, you’re not ready, or because someone told you to wait. Fear is temporary but regret is forever; and time is something you can never retain, so why waste it just because you’re telling yourself NOT NOW?! Time doesn’t wait for you, so don’t wait for it. Don’t let the right person go!

Love is not just a feeling; it’s a commitment and above all a sacrifice. Commitment is not a simple task, nor will it ever be. So be prepared! While the notion of being prepared always brings to mind your finance, it’s actually one of the least important aspects! An essential aspect that guys always manage to overlook is that commitment is understanding your partner’s needs and doing whatever it takes to make them happy; sharing their hardest days and moments as well as their most joyful ones. Walking into any relationship without being prepared for that kind of responsibility could lead to heartache for you and your partner. Compromising for your partner’s best interest means that you are truly in love.

“When confronted with a challenge the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape!”


Happily Ever After

Who Should Say it first?


By Sarah Samir


“WHAT” and “IF” are two words as nonthreatening as words can be. But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life! Letters to Juliet. It is commonly believed that men should say “I love you” first. But, what if?! What if you waited for him to say it and he didn’t? What if you lost the love of your life because both of you was too scared to admit it! Is it really that hard to tell a guy that you love him! Is it true that a woman should never confess her affection first?!

Many women find it hard to say ’I love you” first and prefer waiting for the guy to say it. I am not talking here about the desire for a crush or the blind feelings at the beginning of a relationship. I am talking about these torturing sentiments when you are almost 80% sure of what you feel; and his glassy eyes and random actions around you tell you more than any words can do.

Is he playing, confused as well, or scared to confess? You ask yourself. Shall I take the first step or I’ll lose him forever? You are afraid he’d run off. You are scared of him turning out to be just a player. Or is it that you feel confessing will sweep away your pride, or his, and may make him feel less manly and you don’t want to take this illusion of manhood away from him.


Let us get the facts straight!

Men Think:

First of all, we’re no longer living in the 18th century where a gentleman might get offended by a love confession!! Actually, speaking of present; and since women are all working and going out, the odds are women might reject love as much as men do! A.K. _a young gentleman, said that he was afraid to confess his love and get rejected. That’s why he was over the moon when his love affair told him about her emotions first.

Women Believe: On the other side, S.E. _a young lady, thinks that there is nothing wrong with a woman telling the man she loves about her feelings. She said that women want to be evenly matched with men and want to be have control over their lives; so they should not let the chance pass them by if they are sure about the attraction.

What is Gonna Happen! Come to think of it, what is the worst that could happen if you confessed your affection? He is not feeling the same?! In this case, you will know it before it is too late and save your time and emotions for a person who would feel the same towards you. Other scenario is that he would be loving you back, and so you get to figure it out sooner and end all the fuss going inside of your head! In both cases, you are a winner!!

Real Confession I said “I Love You” first… It took a great deal of courage for me to say it; I won’t lie… I was scared… but I had to find the truth about his feelings. I had to take the initiative and face my fears! Yes, I confessed my love first, but in return, I received a marriage proposal from the man I loved. He said he would be happy to share his life with a brave partner like me who would be there to build a new life with him, step by step. My man thinks I am courageous and trusts my decisions. So, what about your man?!

A final word, women are no longer following men, women are now leading lives with their equals. You want to be an equal, don’t be scared of being an equal in love! There is no right and wrong in love, do what you feel! Seize the guy! It is a misconception that men should say it first. You are the one putting the rules, together, side by side! We are the ones creating the norm! We are the ones creating the conceptions! !


Happily Ever After


WOMEN & MEN Really Want?! WHAT


It is a difficult question, isn’t it? However, a woman doesn’t really need much from a man. Women’s needs from their men are the same. And we bet all men know them, but they keep forgetting! So let us give them a manual to how to be the perfect hubbies!

By Amal Hejazi

Be Strong

That need for strength is not because she is weak or can’t take care of her own stuff; she needs you to be strong to feel protected. The more she feels protected, the more she is secured. And this feeling of security is very essential for all women. If you see a woman who is strong enough to have a life, a career and a house by her own, you might think why would she need a man anyway? But believe us, no matter how strong she is, she will always wish for that knight in a shining armor to be her shield and comfort.

Be honest Most would agree that women have a kind of super sixth sense, that would make them more qualified than Mr. Colombo himself! Only a highly intelligent man would be able to escape in peace; but if you are not, take care because sooner or later you’ll get caught! A woman would prefer that you tell her the truth yourself. So don’t lie! Be honest, and she will forgive you; only because you confessed. Of course we have to remind you that in some situations, complete honesty is not really recommended. Cases like when she asks about her new hairstyle, brand new dress; or her cooking talent; there you can lie just a little bit ;)

Be Smart

Care is the keyword She wants you to be there for her. Care is another word for love. You care only when you are deep down in love. Sometimes as life goes on, and we get trapped in every day’s responsibilities; we forget to show care to each other. But when life gets tough, a woman can dispense anything but care.

To know her, you should fully understand her, inside and out. A woman feels that her man truly loves her only when he knows what she really wants. It gives her pleasure when he understands her without talking. When he recognizes that she’s tired, bored, or wanting to tell him something. Perfect case scenario is that he figures out that “something” without even asking! It means the world to her to have someone who gets her for who she really is. This is when there’s no confusion, no misunderstanding or misconception.



For men, it’s all about finding the right woman; someone who he can ride the waves of life with, who will stand by his side for better and for worse. Men are always afraid of commitment. It might take them a while to find the right one. And unlike women, men search for different traits in “The One”. You won’t be able to find two men who would say ‘yes’ to the same woman. They may “like” a certain woman but when it comes to love and marriage, everyone has their own needs. So, today we’ll try to sum up the most common traits men are searching for in the ONE.

Loyalty No matter how close you are, no matter how far you travel, a man always needs to make sure that you are his. That specific word “loyal” shows how strong your relationship is. No need to say that: No man on Earth would love a woman he, for a second, suspects her loyalty.

Support In his great book: Act like a woman, Think like a man, Steve Harvey tells us the three things every man needs: support, loyalty and “the cookie”. Of course, we all recognize the first two. As for the third one; it’s a euphemism Harvey uses to express giving sex to a man ;) But let’s stick to the first one. Support. It means she is there for him whenever he needs her. She cares for his work, appreciates his efforts and shares his whole life with him. Support can be given physically and emotionally. Either way, it digs deep in a man’s heart to feel his woman’s support.

Affection Men are very physical human beings. Everything for them elevates with a touch. So, a woman who shows compassion and care is always special for them. Holding hands, hugs, and being physically close together symbolize connection. It’s always a warm, beautiful relationship when they both know how not to waste a moment without showing love to each other.

Character Yes, we didn’t begin with beauty, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Being truly beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like, but everything to do with who you are! Of course beauty is something that all men are attracted to, but it’s how attractive your personality is that matters the most.




Gender Preferences!

By Sarah Osman


hroughout decades, it was believed that baby girls should wear pink, while baby boys should wear blue! And if the opposite happened, that would be a big problem; as if it’s underestimating the boy’s masculinity or the girl’s femininity!! These are some eccentric habits that we got used to without knowing their real origins.

But, is there really scientifc evidence or is it all just a big myth Believe it or not, not very long time ago, both baby boys and baby girls used to wear white dresses and diapers. There were no color preferences when it came to boys or girls belongings. Just take a look at your parent’s childhood photos, and you’ll see them both wearing white with a big smile on their faces! While there were no concrete rule about what colors are exclusively feminine or masculine, this pink and blue mentality emerged as a survey! Boys and girls were asked about their favorite color. And the results of the survey ended up showing that girls prefer colors relevant to red and pink; while boys prefer the shades of blue. Since then, brand shops started promoting the idea that Pink is for girls and Blue is boys. In following surveys, Radeloff found out in 1990 that women are more likely than men to have a favorite color. In expressing the preferences for light versus dark colors, there were no significant differences between men and women. However, when asked about the preference for bright and soft colors, women leaned to soft colors and men preferred bright ones. So, maybe it’s related to gender preferences, maybe it’s just a myth. It’s up to you to decide to go with the flow or better yet teach your children to wear what they want as long they are comfortable with it. But would the society taboo enforce you to believe in the general fact taken for granted?! And what if you, dude, were offered a pink Jaguar for free? Would you hesitate to accept it? And you, girlfriend, would you accept an amazing wedding dress in the shade of blue? You know what, it all depends on what you prefer not what people are used to, so go with your gut and go pink or blue, it’s all up to you!

Last word on this, Pink vs. Blue is not the real debate; the real debate is ‘society taboos’. These taboos that we have been brought up on, and that limit our imagination, freedom, and creativity! None of the two colors would reflect your personality, only your actions and perceptions will.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. Orson Welles


Cheating is a Choice, Loyalty is Responsibility

Who’s More Likely to


By Sarah Osman

Since we’ve been born, society has been feeding us concepts, beliefs, and sometimes obligatory customs that had become part of our culture for some reason. Our male dominated society bounded women and broke all men’s chains in a culture that taught us that women should be calm and coy _not revealing their feelings, while men have the permission to show their emotional and physical sentiments, no matter what! However lately, we’ve been witnessing so many “unsuccessful relationships”, and when we tried to figure out why; we found out that it is mostly about “Infidelity”!

Who’s the bedswerver? Are men the only cheaters? Or are women more likely to cheat nowadays? Is it only arousal of some emotions or it has leveled up to physical relation? We’ve got used to the fact that men are the whole time backstabbers, however lately; women took a part in the game too.. The reasons differ from men to women. Men tend to cheat “physically” to satisfy their sexual desires in a quick emotionless manner, just for the sake of an affair, and to escape the responsibilities and routine life of a committed relationship. Women, inversely, mostly tend to do it for emotional purposes; searching for care and indulgence, or to survive a troubled relationship. A married woman may consider an affair when she starts to feel unsafe or when romance vanishes away after a long marriage. She would appreciate the man who praises her femininity yearning for this feeling of having googly eyes looking at her. It doesn’t have to be a physical thing, but she might develop warm feelings towards that person. There is no sole reason for infidelity, but keep in mind that the catastrophic killers of any relationship are “routine” & “taken someone’s feelings for granted”. Marriage can’t guarantee that there would be no more playing around from any side. Sometimes, it may become the curtain that hides other affairs!!

Our advice to


Don’t take your partner’s feelings for granted! She might consider some extracurricular activity not because she’s a bad person but because she misses the feeling of being wanted. She might be involved in a relationship just emotionally; chatting over a social network and admiring another man’s character. That’s a call for “warming to your boring relationship together” giving more pampering and attention. Maybe your woman just desires to see that romantic eye glance again. She needs to feel that you are always there for her. She’s just calling for intimate feelings that may have vanished away after the long years of commitment.

Our advice to


Don’t play the victim’s role if your husband is having a fling, and don’t ignore it either under the nonsense cultural concepts of “be patient and protect your marriage from failure and your husband would change for better for sure”.. If you really love your husband and can forgive him, then do it! We are not angels. Maybe both of you have lost that intimate connection and you need to get it back together! Your man might be yearning for that old girlfriend he loved (which was you), not the 24/7 routine wife who became over-aggressive accomplishing her mission of bringing up the kids.

“Cheating” may be the potential consequence of years of ignorance of your partner’s inner feelings. It can be a call for a new blank page of successful relationship or a deadly catalyst of destined failure. It all depends on the couple and how they would love, understand and appreciate each other even after such a deadly bump in the road..


Apple Of Z Heart

Time By Reham Meky

Baby in the House

A new


abies are life's best blessing to many homes and families. But, many other responsibilities come hand in hand with the new comer. This little angel brings many smiles and lots of hard work. And you gotta understand that this “new baby in the house” thing is quite different for mums than it’s for dads. They perceive things differently and have contradicting parenting views, and in most cases they‘re poles apart when it comes to raising the new kid.



Women are mothers by nature! This is their edge when it comes to dealing with the new born. Almost all moms have been anticipating this moment ever since they were little girls playing with their dolls. They have a lot of love piled inside of them and it pours out the moment they know they carry a human being inside. They spend 9 months of pregnancy cuddling, connecting and dreaming of that baby. “Mothering has been associated with compassion and affection and particularly been attributed to women,” Andres O’Reilly, the Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Volume 1.The feelings of nurturing and compassion build up inside a mother much earlier than they do for a father. Fathers seem to develop the bond with their kids later on… when they carry the child in their arms, when their babies connect with them either by a grip or a smile.

Worrying VS.



Mums are all about the essentials; feeding, changing, going to the pediatrician for the check-ups, putting the baby to sleep....etc! But the lovely dad enjoys one thing the most; playing and making that cute angel laugh. Daddies are usually more fun; and when it is hyper time, smart babies usually look for dads to deliver. Mums meanwhile are left with a list of responsibilities to attend to. They worry so much about the details: the last time the baby has pooped, what made him/her cry yesterday at 6pm, or that baby girls should not be wearing baby blue :D In the meantime, a dad would instantly buy a mini Spiderman stuffed toy for his baby girl just because he liked it! :D

When it comes to


Mothers usually spend more time planning for their baby’s arrival. They research and read more about every detail in the baby’s life. They feel responsibility towards the new comer and try their best to do the right things. Dads, on the other hand, happen to be more spontaneous. They prefer to learn the tough way through practice. They don’t strive to achieve perfection and may miss out on a lot of details. But they’re known to add the fun element to whatever time they’re spending with their babies, and that’s a huge plus for the baby. It is only fair to mention that parenting has changed a lot across the years, and many parents now join hand in hand through the whole process. Some families may only have a single parent that delivers the role of both; sometimes even better! But, when it comes to the majority of how things work out, the case is usually different between men and women. The most proper way to raise a child is when there is mutual support and respect. And you don’t need to worry about the differences between both mum and dad because they create the proper balance for the child needs.


“What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all” Benjamin Spock.


Who is Easier to raise?!

There has always been a great parental debate over which gender is more challenging to raise. Is it harder to raise a gentle responsible man or a classy yet independent lady? If you are a first time mammy or daddy, then you’re a lucky one; here we bring you other parents’ experiences along with some expert tips on how different it is to raise boys and girls.

By Passant Essam

“I’ve got two girls and a boy; both girls are too stubborn and not easily handled, and of course, sometimes, drama queens. On the other hand, the boy is calm and more responsible, but more physically active”, said Yasmine. On the contrary, another mammy highlighted that “My little Sally is more responsive and obedient to what I say; while Ali is more tactile, I always need to pick him to the naughty corner. They’re 3-year-old twins, so too little to tell if this difference is due to gender or character.” Sara, a mother of two female teenagers had a different point of view “Raising girls in our society is not as simple as I thought. I want them to be strong achievers and do whatever they want; but deep inside me I’m afraid of people’s reactions to what they would do; not because I care about what they’d say but I’m scared that they’d harm my girls by hostile words or actions.” Throughout several other interviews, we’ve got some more insights; the most common ones are that boys are more physically active and aggressive, and need more physical effort; while girls are more sensitive and stubborn sometimes, and need more communication efforts. Some say it depends on the character not the gender, but others say it depends on their age and stage.

Experts have got other perspective. Here’s a drop of their wisdom when it comes to the different aspects of parenting!

1. Physical Activity

Boys are more physically active than girls; they run and jump all over the place, kick and smash their toys. It is not because they’re violent nor need a therapist, it’s their nature. Just let your boy get out to the park, join a sports team, or get involved in any activity that would help him discharge.

2 .Communication

“Girls talk, while boys walk”. So your girl might be stubborn always wheedling to change your mind, or talkative and always speaking up hers. Either way, embrace what she is and help her reach her full potential. Maybe her verbal skills and persistence will make her a renowned lawyer or a seasoned politician one day. It’s all about the right communication. Discuss the topics that would help her lead a better future. Don’t push her away, listen to her, and keep her secrets. Having your daughter seeing you as her best friend is worth every single effort.

3. Fear

Your boy would be more fearless than your girl. This is usually the case, and rarely is the opposite! Whoever of them is fearless and whoever is timid, here is how to deal with either one. If they are fearless, motivate them to slow down and teach them to be more cautious. And if they are timid, push them to face their fears: to swim, try the bigger slide, or jump two steps at once.

4. Discipline

“Does my boy have something wrong with his ears or he is just not paying attention to what I’m saying?” How many times have you asked yourself this question? Calm down mammies and daddies, nothing is wrong with your boy. Simply, the verbal centre of your boy’s brain develops slower than the girl’s. That’s why he’s less responsive to your orders than she is. He just doesn’t get what you are saying as quickly as she does!

Raising children regardless of their gender is not an easy task. Be prepared for a whole lot of sleepless nights and endless efforts. The gender doesn’t have much impact as some might think. Sometimes it’s that some characters are more difficult to handle than others. All what you need is to assess your children’s weaknesses and work on them, and identify their strengths and build on them. And don’t look at the developmental differences as a problem; it’s just the way your children are!


Media Corner

By Marwa Hassan


That Will Change Everything You Know About




he way we were raised and the movies we have watched growing up, were the preface of our dreamy fantasies and naive e x p ectations. We grew up with those unrealistic ideas in our heads, about relationships and marriages, expecting that our lives will turn out as pretty and simple as those we see in fiction. Sadly, life is not that simple! Yes, love could be easy to find, but harder to maintain. Relationships need work to flourish and prosper, it’s not something you could acquire overnight, and it’s not something we could just quit because it didn’t live up to our expectations. In order to adjust those expectations, we need to learn about ourselves; and about the other side of the equation to face reality, and be able to play it in our favor. One way you could learn is to read. But reading is not enough. You need to assess your life and work accordingly. You need to make your own mistakes, to learn, and to be able to live the life you deserve. Here are some books that are great for that…



ome might think that the title is a bit cheesy, but this book is very informative and helpful in understanding how love can be miscommunicated and how to fix it. Each one of us has their own different way of communication when it comes to interacting with other people. We’ve seen relationships fall apart after the honeymoon period is over, even for people who were still in love! This is because they speak a different love language than their partner, which makes communication harder, and in turn make them feel unloved. Why This Book? Reading this book will help you understand the 5 languages of love with a simple explanation of what so often go wrong in relationships. It’s not about men vs. women. It’s about the way people give and receive love differently. At the back of the book, there is a great quiz that would help you quickly define your own language, and tell you very specifically what you can do to learn to “speak” the language of your loved ones.



(John Gray, Ph.D.)





his might be the most famous book in the relationship genre by far! It might not be the best (according to a lot of people), but if anything, it’s an eye opener; especially for those who have 0 experience when it comes to relationships. Why This Book? Reading this book will be useful because it will help you adjust your expectations. It will ease up those Hollywood fantasies and adjust your compass. One result of reading this book is learning how different we are from one another, and that we should embrace our differences and not make fun of them; or even think of them any less.



ohn Gottman is a therapist who has been doing research in that area for 40+ years, and he’s the best when it comes to relationships. In his sessions, he could predict the failure and success of a marriage with 91% accuracy. Gottman’s approach in “fixing things” is to help couples work on their emotional intelligence.

Why This Book? In his book, you’ll learn about major principles: What makes a marriage fail or work? And how can you predict it yourself? Love can fail because of a list of signs: harsh startups, four horsemen (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling), flooding, body language and ad memories. You will also learn what makes a marriage work, which should be friendship, positive sentiment override, repair attempts, acknowledging that not all problems are solvable, honor and respect. This book will help you upgrade your marriage to the next level. It will create a great shared meaning of life to be able to have a healthy marriage and a healthy life.







(Allan Pease, Barbara Pease)


n a world that insists on the notion of how men and women should be equal, we seem to forget that there are natural differences between both genders. Our bodies function differently and our brains have been wired differently, and we’re still reproducing as we innately meant to do. Why This Book? In this book, the writers will take you back to the basics, as they investigate from a biological, psychological and social standpoint. They believe in the evolutionary aspects which dictate the differences on how men and women think and communicate differently. In their research, they’ve compiled data from all over the world, from different cultures and languages. Some of the ideas in the book might not be politically correct to a lot of people in this modern age. But, we have to admit that there is a difference between men and women. At least biologically! So, you don’t have to agree with this book, but it makes great points which will open your eyes to new aspects.







fyou think that your life is hard, try walking a mile in a highly sensitive person’s shoes. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) are all around us, in fact, they’re found to be 20% of the population! It’s not easy being an HSP. They tend to be afraid to love or open up to people! They can’t afford to get hurt. They’re badly affected by any criticism or remarks, and are always struggling to feel heard and appreciated for who they are. The problem starts when an HSP gets in a relationship with a less sensitive person. The HSP will naturally be perceived as a drama queen, clingy, or have a tendency to dwell longer in the moment. Why This Book? If you’re an HSP yourself or in a relationship with one, this book will be a game changer, because the author is well-versed about this topic. She made this guide to identify and teach. The book offers practical help on how to deal with your sensitive partner to be able to have a healthy relationship and make a better way of loving and living.






UNDERSTANDING GUYS (Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo)

eading this book is very important for each and every girl who felt neglected, rejected, stuck, confused, or given mixed signals. Because going through relationships, boys will do anything just to avoid telling you that they’re not that into you. Not calling you and then coming up with an excuse. Or getting back after breaking up with you, yet not necessarily wanting you back! Maybe he’s lonely, or he just misses you! Maybe you just remind him of some better times! But even if he’s not that into you he will still be around. Crazy, we know!

Why This Book? This book teaches you that the right man will not keep you guessing, he will take it upon himself to let you know how he feels, and most importantly, he will not let you go. So until you meet Mr. Right, reading this book will be your salvation. The truth is liberating and empowering because it frees you of all your denial and naive dreams. No more excuses! No more settling for less! You deserve more than wasting your time with somebody who can’t make up his mind, or who is not that into you!





nother guide for Allan and Barbara Pease that will help you know more about your differences, but in more specific ways. This time you will know why men would want to rush to bed and women would want to rush to the altar! And most importantly, why men or women cheat? Why This Book? This book will teach you about the types of love! What turns men and women on and off? And what are the common mistakes that people do in relationships? According to the authors; the differences are influenced by our historical and biological needs, which are proved by scientific researches about behavior and attitude.

In our upbringing, Hollywood and society might have put a lot of pressure on us. But you should read and decide for yourself what identifies with you and what helps you achieve a better and more successful life.


Media Corner

He, She and the

By Sarah Samir

Yaaaaay!! It’s cinema time; “Wait a minute… what we are going to watch??!!” This endless debate with your man usually ends up with you going for whatever screened romantic feature. Well, guess what?! Men don’t usually like romance! Okay ladies, let’s be honest… we’ve heard it zillion times that we are different from men… We make different choices… We have different secret societies… And we enjoy different hobbies. But when it comes to the big screen, everybody leaves whatever in hand to watch the season’s hits, right? No, no, no; we still have a lil’ difference to consider, our diverse movie preferences!!


No one will ever say “no” to a Harry Potter movie, right? If your man is a fan of the series, he will surely thrill to every single scene of the movie, and you too will take joy in the spinoffs. And if you haven’t watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” or “Lord of the Rings”, it’s time to go check them out together.


Comedies, comedies, comedies! We’ve all heard that laughter cures every disease. Well, laughter also melts the difference between your hearts. Any comedy starred by Sandra Bullock or Ben Stiller is sure to bring you closer.


Yes, you heard it right! As much as you want to deny it, you still love the adrenaline rush you feel in a horror movie. And what is better than watching a scary adventure with the man you trust the most? Don’t think twice; it is your chance to watch a horror with someone and not be scared! If you love fantasies and horror, you will very much love adventure pictures. You know deep inside that you like “Pirates of the Caribbean”; and not just because of Johnny Depp ;) That’s right, now you can watch “the Mummy” and “Indiana Jones” all you want together.


Ladies tend to choose the movie according to their mood swings; sometimes they love watching rom-coms, and sometimes they opt for a gloomy tragic feature. Gents, on the other hand, think other way. Their top preferences go along with the “Fast and Furious” theme… Yes, men love movies that have speed, action, and maybe a little bit of crime ;) But this is not set in stone! Your guy might enjoy a chick flick every now and then as much as you might find yourself in the mood for some high-octane thriller. So let’s get our hands on some movies that you two will surely enjoy whether you’re heading to the cinema house or spending a lovey dovey night in front of your TV.

Spy Movies

Well, this wouldn’t be a firstrunner, but I won’t hate watching a ‘James Bond’ movie every now and then. A spy has a lot of action and remains enjoyable! “Mission Impossible” is a great option too… But if you love spy flicks with a bit of comedy inside, go for “Kingsman 2” on the golden screen.


Last Tip- don’t mention how Patrick Dempsey is awesome, or how you wish to meet George Clooney; if you don’t want to hear about Monica Bellucci… ;)

87 Section Name

Media Corner

To Enjoy Watching As a Couple For a peaceful intimate time with your beloved; what’s better than a movie night?! Now, lay the ground; prepare your cheesy popcorn, order your pizza, get the drinks, and we’ll take care of the most challenging part: your list of movies. Fortunately for you, we compiled a list of underrated flicks that would take you into a world of different relationships you’ll both enjoy.

1 Take This Waltz

A happily married housewife is hit by an intruder who will rearrange the deckchairs of her titanic. She starts exploring this new life and ends up committing unforgivable mistakes. This film can be a life lesson to us all. It’s about a situation that you may be a part of someday, and brings something that we all can relate to, especially those in long-term relationships.

“Life has a gap in it... It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it”

2 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 3 Mr. Nobody

“When I’m around you, I kind of feel like I’m on drugs. Not that I do drugs. Unless you do drugs, in which case I do them all the time. All of them.”

Fantasy fans! Here is your turn; you’d regret missing this one… Have you ever stopped at one point in your life and started wondering “What if my choices were different?” This movie will definitely blow your mind. Mr. Nobody, the 118 old man -who is the last mortal human on earth- is having his memory fading away. He can’t remember much of what happened in his life. The only thing that he has no doubts on is that his life had a wide range of possibilities. This interesting scifi will make you rethink your life, the futility of decisions, fate and future. This is a cinematographic masterpiece with surreal scenes that will get you out of this busy world.

4 Perfect Strangers 88

Addicted to video games? This one is sure to be your cup of tea. Our hero has to defeat 7 evil ex-boyfriends of his daydream girl. Only then, he will free her and will be able to win her heart. A hilariously creative movie based on a comic book that you’ll definitely enjoy.

“Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.”

If you think you know your closest friends, think again! This Italian drama introduces a group of friends who play a game in which each of them has to share whatever they have on their phones with everyone at the dinner table; to prove that they have nothing to hide. You’d be surprised at how much they don’t know about each other, and how can relationships change with just a pop-up notification.

Bianca: “If you talk to her for 30 minutes a day, you’re in love.” Peppe: “What if I talk for 60 minutes?” Carlotta: “Then you’re madly in love.” Lele: “Then you stop talking, which means you’re married!”


The Adjustment Bureau The battle of fate, soulmates, and free-will; a sci-fi romance played by Matt Damon and Emily Blunt who ooze chemistry together. The thrill of the chase will keep you at the edge of your seat.

“Most people live life on the path we set for them, too afraid to explore any other. But once in a while people like you come along who knock down all the obstacles we put in your way. People who realize free-will is a gift that you’ll never know how to use until you fight for it. I think that’s the chairman’s real plan. That maybe one day, we won’t write the plan, you will.”

“Unrequited love kills more people in the year than tuberculosis.”


6 Café Society

One of Woody Allan’s most recent movies; It’s rather not popular, but it’s definitely realistic. It takes you in to the 1930s vintage world, moving back and forth between New York and Hollywood. A Bronx native moves to Hollywood and falls in love with his uncle’s secretary; it shows you how complicated love stories are, and how love could bring sadness. It’s about taking hard decisions, moving on, and the conflict of the naive dreams and the truth of the real life all together. Get ready to see some vintage fashion, feel artistic vibes and listen to great conversations.


Although this movie might be categorized as an eerie animation, it hits so close to home. It basically shows, in an abstract way, the idea of not being able to communicate with people because of the illusions you create in your head about relationships, and shows you how feelings can change.

“Sometimes there’s no lesson. That’s a lesson in itself.”

The Disappearance of 8Eleanor Rigby trilogy The movie comes in a trilogy: Him, Her and Them. Each volume shows every individual’s perspective, proves that we see things differently and go through various hardships, and shows how we handle life tragedies; together and solely. It introduces you to the life of marriage and teaches you how to deal with it through people who have had succeeded and failed in it. My favorite part was the script, which was poetic and quotable..

“Everyone starts out thinking marriage is forever. But then things get some point or another. And then other things don’t pan out the way you thought they would. I suppose the trick is not running for the hills,even when you think it’s the most rational thing to do.”

Our protagonist is suffering from bipolar disorder and is hoping to get his life back after getting out from a mental institution. He’s trying to stay positive to have a shot for silver lining. And we get to witness the challenges and frustrations he faces while he is striving through his new life, with the world so disappointing and heartbreaking for him. He plans his life in a certain way, only for life to work out differently! In this feature, you will learn a lot about the magic of mediocrity. It’s less about inspirational phrases and more about attitude and actions. “I’m gonna take all this negativity and I’m gonna use it as fuel and I’m gonna find a silver lining”

This black and white movie is centered on Frances, a dancer who came to NYC to follow her dreams. She’s trying to get her life together; pursuing her passion for dancing and making a living. The movie is about her relationship with her surroundings, boyfriends & best friend; and it shows us how she deals with them despite her awkward character. The best thing about this one in particular is that it brings about nostalgic, romantic vibes reminding you of an old Woody Allen movie.

10 Frances Ha


Silver Linings Playbook

“It’s that thing when you’re with someone, and you love them and they know it, and they love you and you know it... but it’s a party... and you’re both talking to other people, and you’re laughing and shining... and you look across the room and catch each other’s eyes... but - but not because you’re possessive, or it’s precisely sexual... but because... that is your person in this life!”



The Astrological

Truth Behind

Men are from Mars


Women are from Venus

By Passant Essam

It’s one of the most popular books about relationships and differences between men and women. But, why did John Gray choose this name? When we asked a random group of people this question; the most common answer was “To express that they’re totally different as if they came from two different planets”.

Then, why Mars and Venus, not Saturn & Jupiter??!! Truth is astrologists have divided our zodiac signs into two groups: masculine and feminine signs. This division has nothing to do with one’s gender, personal manner or physical appearance. Astrology and Metaphysics’ classification to masculinity and femininity is based on how people respond to the energy, act with the surroundings, and handle problems. Mars (men’s homeland) rules the most masculine sign ARIES, while Venus (women’s homeland) rules the feminine TAURUS. Little confusing, but interesting indeed, isn’t it? Now, let’s have a look why our Pisces male friend whom we always feel acting like a girl is subtle and patient, while our Libra female friend is reactive and spontaneous, and always asked to get rid of her boyish ways?!!

Masculine Signs Signs of life and intellect

Feminine Signs Signs of practicality and emotions

They are Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) and Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius).

They are Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) and Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer)

They reflect energy to the surrounding, rather than absorbing it, and translate it into words and actions. They push things forward and always look forward to what’s next; unconstrained, they change the world and make things happen rather than adapting to the norms. They are life’s movers-and-shakers.

They absorb energy from the surrounding and translate it emotionally or sensually. They feel things deeply and experience the moment rather than seize it; always waiting to see what will happen before spending energy on changing the world.

They are blessing in disguise. Communication for them is factual and their words are forthright. Emotions are apparently nuisance for them, and they don’t mind if their words harm anyone. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care, they just have their own way to say that you mean a lot to them. Take a look back on your history together, you’ll always find them by your side not by rosy words but by real actions. They are just not concerned with the social protocol and appearance. In the daily life, masculine signs are reactive and risk takers. They rebel negative feelings and hate being stuck in a situation; using their intellect and intuition to react to the problem rather than opting for deep thinking and calculation. Their concern is to move to a positive stage, quickly, not concerned about what’s there in the next corner.

Masculines always say “I WILL GO TO YOU”


Feminine signs live in a gray zone of the in between, unspoken communication, and reading between the lines. Their cautious and careful character urges them to avoid direct confrontations. They prefer to take their time and think twice before talking or acting to dodge any losses. They use their charm and carefully chosen words to bend the world to their will. In the daily life, feminine signs always go for the passive approach and use defensive strategies to protect themselves. They don’t take risks; slowly taking actions and carefully making decisions so as not to harm their selves. However, their overthinking nature and fear that thingsmight go wrong increase their tendency towards negative ways of thinking.

Feminines always say “YOU COME TO ME” Each of us has got both masculine and feminine energies inside, but with different levels. We need to embrace both sides of ourselves and learn how to balance them for a better life. If you are man, don’t be ashamed of your feminine side; enjoy your sensitivity and grasp others’ feelings. For the ladies, enjoy being fearless and proactive!

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