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Lightweight Ranking  Website   in  node.js   Bella  Fortuna  SA   Version  1.0   November  2013  

Requirements I   •  CompeGGon:  

–  Contains name  (string),  startdate  (date),  enddate  (date)   and  notes  (text)  

•  Teams:

–  Contains name  (string),  compeGGon_id  (int)  and  notes   (text)  

•  Results:

–  contains team_id  (int),  points  (int),  Gme  (int?)*,  roundGme   (dateGme)  and  notes  (text)  

* The  rounds  of  the  compeGGon  are  between  2  and  5   minutes,  please  use  the  correct  database  field.    

Requirements II   •  Homepage:   –  name,  start  and  end  date  and  notes  of  the  actual   CompeGGon   –  Ranking  of  all  teams  which  have  done  one  round   •  Show  name  of  the  Team,  points  and  round  Gme  of  the   best  round  (more  points  and  then  beVer  Gme)  

–  Top 3  of  Teams  is  shown  always   –  Rankings  of  all  other  teams  scrolls  slowly  down   and  up   –  Language  switch  English  and  German  

Requirements III   •  Team  detail  page:   –  Access  this  page  if  you  click  on  the  team  name  on   the  overview  homepage   –  Show  Name  and  Notes  of  the  team   –  Show  all  rounds  of  the  team,  sorGng   chronologically   –  Bold  the  best  run  of  the  team  

Requirements IV   •  Adminpage:   –  Password  protected   –  You  can  add,  edit  and  delete  an  compeGGon   –  You  can  add,  edit  and  delete  teams  in  a   compeGGon   –  You  can  add,  edit  and  delete  runs  of  a  team   –  You  can  set  the  actual  shown  compeGGon  for  the   homepage   –  You  can  set  the  default  language  for  the   homepage  

Requirements V   •  The  website  should  be  in  English  but  we  need   to  easy  add  the  language  German  to  it*   •  Please  use  bootstrap3  for  the  website   •  A  nice  design  would  be  honored  with  a  bonus  

Ranking website  
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