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Studiowork Exercise 3: My main Hub function is a performance theatre, so this function firstly requires a performing stage. After conducting research on performing stages, I found that this function is best served on an elevated platform or stage. •

Elevated Base Plane - the horizontal plane is elevated above that of the ground level. -by elevating the stage, it created vertical edges along the side of the stage which reinforce a visual break between the ground plane and the elevated stage platform.

The next part of my Hub design is for he performers to have a changing/waiting area before appearing on stage to do the actual performance. This area is also used for storage purposes as well as the DJ who controls the sound and audio during performance. •

Vertical elements -the vertical elements, which are the gum poles enclosing the back area of the stage, will be used to define the space. These vertical linear elements are used to define the transparent volumes of space in the changing area.

The area that the spectators will occupy during performances is also an important area to define. This will be done by the use of an overhead base plane, I find this defines a space well for spectators, as they will feel like there is nothing else to distract their view of the performance taking place on stage.


Overhead Base Planes The horizontal plane which is located overhead defines the volume of space between the overhead element and the ground. This function will be reinforced by a vertical plane which encloses the back of the spectators.


studiowork exercise 3

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