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M.I.P Essay Part 4: International Academic Design-Build Project

The winner of the Student Award for Sustainable Campus 2011 was the student-led Cornell University Sustainable Design Program, otherwise known as the CUSD for the Schoolhouse South Africa Project. It is an interdisciplinary design-build project and research endeavor, which aims to catalyze the development of sustainable design education and collaboration at Cornell. CUSD is partnering with Education Africa to finance, design and build a 6 000 square foot pre-school and teacher training centre, which will be constructed by in summer 2011 in Cosmo City, South Africa. The winners received a sponsored place at the oikos Winter School 2011 and attended to the 2011 International Sustainable Campus Network awards ceremony at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the 'Better Campus, Better City: Learning for a Sustainable Future' meeting. As a joint project with the International Sustainable Campus Network, oikos rewards outstanding student projects or campaigns contributing to the sustainable campus and encouraging other students to start their own initiatives to make a difference. The award covers student-initiated and run projects that make studying, living and working at the university more sustainable. The type of project is unrestricted, but should represent an effort to introduce the concept of sustainability into the universities mission, the educational experience, the residential life, or the local community. The projects or campaign may be supported by external funds, but projects must have been initiated and managed by students. Participation in projects is by invitation only. oikos FutureLab organisation participants are oikos members, alumni, and advisors faculty. Members can register after being nominated as one of two participants, the other one being the chapter president which is by their chapter. Further members can register for a waiting list that will be used in case of open slots and cancellations. The participation fee for members is 50 CHF. Alumni register directly on a first-come-first-serve basis. They can also register for a waiting list to be used in case of open slots and cancellations. Advisors, faculty and partners are invited and registered individually.

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International design-build project

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