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Construction and Detailing Exercise 1: Details 100mm diametre gum pole to support roof overhead plane

75mm diametre gum pole vertical plane

Metal rod fixed through to join gumpoles

75mm diametre gum pole

Nut with washer to solidify rod to gum pole

75mm diametre half round gum pole 75mm vertical plane gum pole 22mm thick plywood board fixed to half round gum poles with nails on interior

Nails fixing half rounds to full 75mm diametre gumpole 22mm Marine plywood board exterior wall cladding, nailed to gum pole facing stage o provide visual break Air insulation, to improve acoustic barrier

Sand and gravel mixture pourd into foundation trench

75mm diametre gum pole that is the main structural support to the spectators overhead plane

Depth of foundation set to structural engineers specification 75mm diametre half rounds which slot into each other. No nails used


ctd exercise 1