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How To Maintain Your Fort Worth Batteries Car batteries might not be the most expensive part of your car or truck, but they are definitely one of the most vital. You won't be able to go any place if your battery isn't operating, so you should do everything possible to make sure that you take good care of your Fort Worth batteries. A few maintenance tips can help you save several hundred dollars in the long run. Cleaning the terminals situated on top of the battery every several months with a wire brush helps keep the connection and the battery nice and clean. Dust, corrosion or anything else trapped between your connectors and the terminal has to be removed so there is no disruption in the connection. It's also advisable to ensure that the terminals are tight and secure to keep power from draining out of the battery, which makes the battery work much harder to make your vehicle start. Consider taking off the connector from the battery's negative terminal if you will not be using the automobile for a long period of time so that the battery does not slowly lose its charge because it is still supplying power to the clock as well as other electrical components. Be sure the connector is well away from the battery when bringing down the hood in order to avoid a negative electrical charge unintentionally. If you don't drive your vehicle very much, starting it up and driving it around for twenty minutes twice a week should help the alternator to charge up your battery. You must drive the vehicle in addition to just starting it up or the battery is not being energized effectively. Your vehicle was created to go places, so let it do its job. If you have Fort Worth batteries that are maintenance free, you could actually be doing yourself more damage than good. Dead maintenance free batteries will require plugs that are large enough to fit inside the holes your going to be drilling in the battery itself. Battery plugs can be purchased for about five dollars each. It's also a great idea to get a battery acid tester, which won't even cost ten dollars. Next, you'll need gloves, goggles, the proper sized drill bit and a power drill. Locate the small grooves located at the top of the battery where each hole will be drilled and begin to drill very carefully. Do not unintentionally fracture the casing, so do make sure you handle the drill gently. When you've managed to drill through the plastic top, give the drill bit a very good cleaning before you take it from the hole. Repeat these steps until each of the holes on the battery are open and use the battery acid tester to check the acid levels in the battery to ascertain if they are level. A suitable charge can not be maintained in a battery that has weak acid. It is advisable to heat sixteen ounces of distilled water to one-hundred and fifty degrees prior to adding nine ounces of Epson salt, if you have a low amount of battery acid. Well before filling each hole, carefully remove the acid that is there and then replace it with the Epson salt and distilled water. Next, replace your plugs or caps and charge the battery for a day with a slow charger. You ought to have a fully functioning battery the next time you go out to fire up your motor vehicle. For your Fort Worth battery, keep up with the maintenance and you will not have to keep up paying for a whole new battery every several years or so.

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How To Maintain Your Fort Worth Batteries