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Wel com e back…

…where in purgatory am I?

In Frog’s room, to be exact.

And these are what…?

This gu y looks just like m e!

You know, there’s lots of these down there…

They’re salmon, Will…

…they must be som e stupi d fishes. They all swim against the current!

And who knows? Som etim es, followin g fate’s course withou t a fight can be even stupi der.

What’s on the other si de?

You find the sam e thin gs on both si des of a river, Will. When it all chan ges is when you go from the source to the mou th.

Got anythin g a little more straightfor ward ?

That’s the Realm of Memories, Will.

Can you take m e there? I need to know who I really am!

…so it’s true what they say…

What do they say?

“He who looks for himself in his m emories is a dead man.”



You got it.

Okay, Scarlett… you win.

It just ain’t worth it… you can b rin g m e in !

Enough with the surrenderin g and the cryin g and the whinin g… It’s unbecomin g, Will !

Listen, I got a proposal for you…

Like I’d really ac cept any deal from you… you think I don’t get it? This reward thin g is your work!

He’s actually learnin g! Bu t listen…

A Skeleton Story #4  

Fairytale in Tim Burton's noir style. Will Musil, Burma, Scarlett, Jack, John are no longer tenants of the world of the living. Will seek hi...

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