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I think… I think so.

Not con vin cin g. Third question : am

When a cop is killed,

I a wanted man?

in vestigations start in a hot minu te, with or withou t an order from the C ommissioner… b u t they don’t know who they’re lookin’ for, I swear it!

Police on the warpath lookin g for

Funny, you

a cop- killer b u t not


givin g a fuck abou t all the innocent victims that keep pilin g up. Are their lives worth less?

What’s funny?

Far as I know the sick fuck torturin g and killin g those

You read

wom en could b e



Marco ?

C om e on, Marco! We both know the tru th… and the tru th is that you care more abou t coverin g up than findin g ou t.

Might as well be written by the Mayor -- “Venice is the safest town in the world! Pour in, tourists, and com e with your money! It’s Carnival Tim e!”

Bu t sin ce at Carnival Tim e any joke is permitted, I’ll go alon g with yours. ’Cause you see, Marco…


I’m used to workin g alone. Keep

fulla shit.

ignorin g those deaths, I’m fine with it.

You don’t have the first i dea abou t who or what these perverts are. I’m the only one who can hunt them, capisce? Get between m e and them and yo u ’r e dead m eat.

maybe so, b u t the next cop on a slab could be

Marco Visentin !

th e i r work. Which m eans

Open up! Police!

a lot less quick and painless death…




Marco! What di d he do ?

The window! Get ’im !

So…do you love m e?

S ure thin g, sweets. And you?

The answer is “Yes, I love

“Yes, I


love you!”

M-my god…


What’s up, babe?

“Female calf in a canal: Di d the shark strike again?”

Please, don’t Where the fuck you think you’re

kill m e! I’ll do anythin g…

goin g?

Anythin g…


Well, you always get your m en…


Let’s go!

Christ. Now all the cops know my face… even in this condition.

It was m e.

Yesterday mornin g I went to the police. You sai d you slit a


cop’s throat…

His partner saw you… I thought he could be in dan ger.

I’m sorry, Gab riel ! Yes, now they all know your face b u t I di dn’t tell them where you live. Your hi deou t is safe.

What gam e are you playin g, little girl? You don’t believe in fairies, then you save my life from one of them, then you have m e arrested, then you set m e free… you’re just a little bit conflicted, do ya think?

Yeah -- I’m confused! Whadda yo u think? Maybe goin g around huntin g demons or whatever the hell they are is a day’s work for you… b u t not m e!

One last tim e tim e, Roxanne…

…With you. It’s tim e for a new hunt to begin. are you with m e or against m e?

Gore #3  

Demons invade the Carnival at Venice--horrible nightmare-reflections of beloved fairytales characters--determined to tear a permanent hole f...

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