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Our GGSB Gala on 25 March 2011! A PHOTO STORY Dear colleagues, This year you are cordially invited by GGSB to discover a very special, dreamlike world of international photographs, symbolizing the many cultures, great men, destinies and values that GGSB has been hosting for some years now! Surprises, talents, elegance! And time for students and some graduates to be on stage to carry on our mythical international show! Where: The World Trade Center Program: 19h45: Cocktail 20h30: Dinner 22h30: Coffee, arrival of present GGSB students at the party 22h45: Awards for the Photomaton photo contest organized for our current students! 23h00: International Show 23h40: Dancing and champagne 4h00: Time to say goodbye and “see you next time!” Please confirm your attendance to from the Gala Committee Registration deadline: 1 March 2011

Looking forward to celebrating with you the success of our graduates …. Monique Garnier Cormons, GGSB International Student Services Manager

Invitation permanents GGSB Gala 2011  

com permanents GGSB Gala 2011

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