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April 2009

The Dean’s Editorial Judith Bouvard, Dean and Director of GGSB:

We are now well into 2009 and fast approaching spring which we are all looking forward to. Our last alumni reunion in New York in October 2008 was a great success with highlights such as a visit to the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange thanks to Christina Bartnikowski (MIB 3) and the company visit at Standard and Poors organized by Nina Fattahi, former CIB graduate. GGSB is continuing to gain international recognition with the latest Financial Times rankings; n° 5 in the world for the MIB program, n° 87 in the world and 25 in Europe for the MBA and number 30 as an institution in the Best European Business Schools. This success is also thanks to you all since the FT rankings takes into account the positions and salaries held by the graduates of the school. We are also very grateful to you for taking the time to reply to the questionnaires that the FT sends you. GGSB is also continuing its international expansion in London where there are about 300 students on our programs. As you all know Monique Cormons has taken over from Serena Rovai as the Manager of our international student alumni association which is part of the GEM alumni network. We have created an international student services department headed by Monique which covers all the services we offer to our students from housing and integration, the organization of the annual GGSB Gala and other social events, tutoring of students on internships and alumni relations. Monique is assisted by Ana Cecilia Mauchamp who had recently joined the school thus adding a new nationality to our staff since Ana is from Peru. If any of you have the opportunity to stop by the school in Grenoble you will see that we have made a few pleasant changes to GGSB on the third floor. The whole area looks more professional and welcoming since we have new carpet, a waiting area and green plants. We currently also have a temporary exhibition of photographs of Grenoble taken by a local photographer. Our objective is to exhibit work of our students if they have artistic talents! One final change is that GGSB now has a brand new International Executive Education department and we are currently focusing on developing this activity both in France and abroad. Gaël Fouillard (MIB7) is the manager of this department and would be delighted to hear from any of you who are in need of short programs for yourselves or your staff. Please continue to keep in touch! All the best to you wherever you are in the world.

Judith Bouvard Dean and Director of GGSB

A note from the President of the GEM Graduate Network Helene Pelloux-Macia: Dear GGSB Graduates, I would like to share with you a few words on what have been the main events over recent weeks regarding the Graduate Network. On Feb 7th we held the annual meeting of the association during which I was elected for another year to lead this network of more than 10 000 alumni. During those sessions together with Isabelle Fitamant, GEM GN Executive Director, we presented last year's results in terms of achievements (see bilan 2008on the web) as well as the next challenges. Wolfgang Zeller, VP in charge of the international network was also present during the day and during the ESC Gala night that followed. In terms of success you have all noticed our new Alumni web site which is not only more user-friendly in terms of info-sharing but also permits communities to be created. We now have an IT Club numbering over 50 members. The Casablanca community was launched last week. Last week also marked the home-coming of Christophe and Anna, two graduates who have spent their last 6 months visiting our alumni all over the world. I encourage you to visit their web site THE WORLD IS OURS which is available from our home page. They have probably met some of you during their various stops. We are also facing challenges with the economic downturn and have decided to start to invest this year in coaching sessions in French for our graduates. They will take place for the first time in Paris and in Grenoble. We will also post on the web site tools to help you continue to improve your skills for your next professional challenge. We also want to help the visibility of our alumni in the press. For this, we need to get support from a PR company. Those are just examples of a few decisions that have been made this year to improve our support to you. Again your participation in the network is essential. Please let us know what you feel is important for us to achieve to better serve your needs. GGSB graduates are all over the world, our home base is Grenoble but we want to be visible worldwide! Yours, Helene Pelloux-Macia GEM Graduate Network President

A note from the Editor, the GGSB Alumni Network Manager Monique Cormons: Dear GGSB Graduates, In September 2008 I was appointed to my new role to develop and animate the GGSB Alumni network. This is part of GEM/GGSB's strategy to focus on developing our Alumni Network. The objectives: ·

To reinforce the sense of belonging to our School


To increase the involvement of International students


To make sure our programs receive international recognition through rankings


To develop together a solid network How: To organize and participate in events:


Annual GGSB Gala on Friday March 27th: GGSB GALA 2009

An incredible success: there were 500 participants! A big increase compared to previous years! Just four years ago, we started with 70. But more than that, this year we had a very good organization during the event managed also by the very dedicated Lea Ovide, MIB 25, with an outstanding International show from our talented students conducted by the incomparable entertainer Martin Farr, MIB 25, President of Go Global association! This year SoonNight took some great shots during the evening, so now the GGSB Gala is an event that can be seen by everyone in the world. If you want to check it out please go to:,0,4,0,0,0.html look at Friday 27th March,1,4,0,0,171745.htmlFor the ad.,3,4,0,108,171745.html For photos. You can also go through our website to find information about the Gala: ·

GGSB Graduation Ceremony on Friday March 27th, 2009

The 2009 Graduation Ceremony was held in the new amphitheatre at 3:00 p.m. on the same day as our Gala. Students who graduated came from both on-site and off-site campuses from London and Singapore: MBA, MIB, MSc Finance and BIB. Contact: ·

Get in touch - Stay in touch : GIT SIT’s events

A good opportunity to meet, to exchange business cards, to create new opportunities, to find new customers, suppliers… GIT SIT GENEVE - Départ du tour du monde ! GIT SIT Munchen GIT SIT Barcelone GIT SIT - Hong-Kong GIT SIT - London ·

Annual International Alumni Reunion: GIT SIT New York - October 2008

The next Reunion will take place in Grenoble this fall from Thursday, October 15th to Sunday October 18th, 2009. After a successful Annual Reunion held in New York last year, we are planning to organize this year's event in our beloved School. In June we will provide you with specific information about it. Program to be confirmed! Not to be missed! ·

The 25th anniversary of Grenoble Ecole de Management

More information to come, to be combined with the Annual International Alumni Reunion. Program to be confirmed! To communicate with Alumni: ·

Through the GEM Graduate Network website:


Creating our own GGSB community (website under construction) and direct link:


Posting events and news


Job opportunity: It is during periods of crisis that our network of alumni can demonstrate its strengths. If you become aware of a job offer, traineeship or a business opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact the Graduate Network. And if you yourself need help, perhaps the Network can assist you too!

To communicate on rankings: To improve the School’s visibility among recruiters, we are currently working on a project designed to increase the awareness of GGSB and its excellent rankings in national and international academic media. MIB ranked 5th best Master in Management program by Financial Times :MIB ranked 5th best Master in Management programme by Financial Times GGSB's full-time MBA listed in "QS Global 200 Business Schools 2009” in February: GGSB's full-time MBA listed in "QS Global 200 Business Schools 2009” GGSB’s full-time MBA enters the Financial Time’s Ranking! 87th worldwide, 25th Europe... GGSB’s full-time MBA enters the Financial Time’s Ranking! 87th worldwide, 25th Europe... ·



Mail shots


Facebook group – please join the GGSB Alumni Network Facebook group to keep up dated of the latest events To listen to Alumni’s suggestions and expectations:


To implement changes after feedback from past students

· To improve GGSB’s visibility within the School: signposting, updating GGSB premises, specific seating areas, dedicated interview room, carpeting and plants, change of office organisation, etc... To maximise the unique values of our alumni: We are always seeking to maximise the unique values from the many alumni who have graduated from GGSB. Please send us news about your career progress. We recruit Ambassadors by country of residence, by nationalities, by professional activities: Become an Alumni ambassador for GEM GN We also collect Testimonials. GGSB often welcomes alumni and gives them the opportunity to participate in our academic life and contribute to our activities. Presentations, conferences held by former students are always highly appreciated by current students, so feel free to contact us if you would like to inform the current students about any opportunities within your company or to give a presentation on a specific topic, or simply share your experience with them. Lothar Schupet, former MIB student made a presentation to Msc Marketing students around the branding of the Mini BMW in Germany. Robin Maxe, former MIB student, came to promote the Sony Graduate Program this year to current students. Vygandas Jankunas, former LSBF Part-time MBA2, has just presented the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme" run by the Directorate-General of Economic in Grenoble. This program received a grant of 2 billion Euros, of which over a billion Euros will be offered to financial instruments to support innovative SMEs (Venture Capital or Bank Guarantees). Content: The EU Financial Instruments of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (2007- 2013): 1. Meeting SMEs financial needs: Risk capital for innovative SMEs used in their early stages and in their expansion phase through investments by Venture Capital funds. 2. Helping SMEs raise Equity and Debt Finance: Loan guarantees to encourage banks to make more debt finance available to SMEs, including microcredit and mezzanine finance, by reducing the banks’ exposure to risk. 80 companies were invited to participate in this event! Monique Garnier Cormons -GGSB Alumni Network Manager - Contact:

A note from our Director of Studies Patrick O’Sullivan: On Thursday 19th February 2009, GGSB welcomed eight company representatives for the Professional Advisory Board. ·

Cap Gemini










Protein’ expert




Tradedoubler Southern Europe & Benelux

This was a body comprised of representatives of industry and commerce which meets once every 2 years with a view to giving GGSB detailed advice on the strategy and broad content of our postgraduate degree programs. An open discussion was offered and company representatives gave their views on the adequacy and appropriateness of our educational activity in relation to the contemporary needs of the business community. Much attention was paid to the question of setting the students' expectations in a realistic manner for the workplace: it was suggested that too many graduates enter the workplace with inflated expectations as to the managerial roles to which they can aspire. To remedy this, the school has decided to put a greater emphasis on humility as a fundamental value and to prepare students for the role of followers or of team-players just as much as for leadership roles. The idea of integrating into the program a “living case study” was also mooted. This would involve companies assigning to the school some live real problems on which they require some research to be done and students would work on this research together with profs to produce results for the company and possibly a case study publication. Another suggestion was to integrate some more discussion of entrepreneurial issues into the MIB program: a proposal to introduce a Business Start-up Planning sub module (18h) on MIB will be presented to the next GGSB Board of Studies. In the spirit of developing realistic expectations in relation to the workplace there are also plans to develop the possibility for students on the specialist MSc programmes to “shadow” managers in a real company for 5 (possibly separate) days during the course of their studies, ideally during periods of school vacation. If the managers could be alumni of the school that would be excellent. Are there any alumni out there who would be happy to have current students accompany them for a few days in their daily work routines? Patrick O’Sullivan - Director of Studies Contact:

A note from our MIB Director Mark Exposito: «The MIB is one of the most compelling programs in the educational portfolio of our school and the students’ diversity, coupled by high calibre faculty members, makes this program just a great place to be. If we could be ranked by our cultural diversity, we would be definitely among the top 3 most diverse business schools in the world, given the increasing number of nationalities in our programs in all of the campuses..... So what is my role in all of this? Well to manage this fascinating Tower of Babel.... " Mark Exposito - MIB Director - Contact:

A note from our MBA Director Phil Eyre: New and old Program Director Phil Eyre says hello to all Alumni. I replaced Allison Vodden in 2006 but of the 5 Program Directors I am the one who has been in the job the longest (!) So what has changed since 2005? We have a Personal Development Week each February and this year was the best yet, with 40 MBAs from Grenoble, London, Moscow and Georgia. This week brings in sessions and conferences for career and managerial skills development : interview techniques, conflict resolution, corporate governance, networking… a wine-tasting session with a little-known Grenoble wine added to the fun of the week, and sun plus snow drew some participants up to the hills at the weekend. The Full-Time MBAs have started an Entrepreneurship Club which meets regularly with invited speakers, and on Feb 26 André MEYER, a famous figure in the story of HP France gave us some insights into Entrepreneurship. His internal start-up led to the creation of 3000 jobs during one of the company’s main growth phases in Europe. The MBA Specialization menu has evolved significantly. The well-established core that many Alumni will remember is comprised of: Finance, Business Intelligence, Technology Management, Global Management and Management Consulting. In 2008 Marketing was added and 2009 has seen the introduction of the Entrepreneurship, Small & Family Business specialization. There are plans to add further new recipes in 2010 : Purchasing Management and a sector-specific specialization in Biopharmaceuticals to meet the needs of a partner in this field. Several MBA students now opt to follow 2 specializations, and we also offer these 108-hour courses to external students as a certificate*. Contac: This requires two trips to Grenoble for some of the subjects and three for the others. Why not come back for another taste? Phil Eyre – MBA Director Contact:

Career prospects in the global downturn Susan Nallet: Young graduates face a challenging time this year as they apply for their first jobs or for internship positions. Recruitment in general has taken a downward swing worldwide and this year's graduating class will need to be prepared to lower sights and review options in order to land that first job. In difficult times the alumni network plays an essential role in sharing experience, opportunities and opening doors. If your company has positions to fill (jobs or internships), a referral program or graduate training opportunities, please think to share them with the alumni network. We will be happy to publish them on the website and pass on this vital information to our students and young graduates. If you also have time to reply to informational interviews or advise students about your business sector, please let us know. We will make sure you are not flooded! Some of you have already contributed via the Linkedin discussion “Your feedback from the job market”: thank you for your input! Your comments mention difficulties for new hires and cutbacks in Russia and Ukraine as well as in China, not to mention France. Alumni suggest that young graduates may benefit from companies recruiting less experienced and cheaper talent to reduce costs. It’s also mentioned that graduates shouldn’t be too choosy and should be prepared to gain experience rather than wait for the perfect job.

On a more optimistic level, alumni underline that there are jobs out there for the taking (Oracle is a good example) and that good preparation and ground-work can result in success even if it might take a little longer.

Susan Nallet Career Office Manager Contact:

Coming next: Career Fairs around Europe Careers in Central & Eastern Europe - Frankfurt 6-7 June 2009 Annual Careers in Central & Eastern Europe Summit connects high calibre graduates and professionals with the world’s best companies operating across the region.Don’t miss it if you are looking for jobs in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia & CIS, Slovakia… Find out more and apply before April 30th at

GGSB new programs Elizabeth Gorrilla: GGSB will be launching two new MSc programs in September 2009. To meet the continuing demand from companies world-wide, MSc programs in Management Consulting and Business Development have been created. Both programs will recruit on an international basis and are for recent graduates with less than 3 years' work experience or, as an additional offer, a part-time option is available to help GGSB attract an even more diverse student body. Marie-France Derderian is the Program Director for the MSc Business Development and Georges Knell, MSC Marketing Program Director has added to his responsibilities by taking on the MSc Management Consulting. For more information, please contact the admissions office at Elizabeth Gorilla Marketing and Admissions Manager Contact:

GGSB Student life New: Go Global, the GGSB student association has taken off! What is Go Global up to this semester? Go Global finally springs into action! With elections held just this past November, Go Global – GGSB’s first official student organization – has hit the ground running with projects and events. Our elected officers are: · ·

Go Global President – Martin Farr (England) Mr GGSB GALA entertainer, unforgettable! Communication Officer – Margrethe Ouren (Norway), the most discreet!


Academic Affairs Officer – Andy Greer (USA), the most insane!


Event Planning Officer – Léa Ovide (France), the most efficient!


Recreation Officer – Jae Hong Park (South Korea), the nicest one!


Finance & Sponsorship Officer – Sofia Ortiz (USA), the business woman!

They have set some ambitious goals for the little time we have, but with hard work and dedication they know that their objectives can be met. Here are the highlights of what they have in store for the rest of the year: · ·

Initiating a research project for GGSB students on their time at GGSB Setting up a feedback forum for class representatives

· Organising a home and away football matches against London School of Business and Finance, including performances by our very own GGSB students bringing some different flavours from all around the world which was quite a spectacle! ·

Creating GGSB’s very first yearbook


Recruiting for next year’s Go Global leaders


Looking for sponsorship If you have any questions about Go Global, please contact Martin Farr (

Also, if your company is interested in sponsoring Go Global please contact Sofia Ortiz (sofia.ortiz@grenoble-em)

Matched – Hatched An opportunity for Alumni to announce their happy events: births, marriages … Use the following link to keep us up-to-date. Link: Matched - Hatched

Looking forward to getting in touch and staying in touch soon! Monique Garnier Cormons International Student Services Manager

Newsletter April 2009  

Newsletter April 2009