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No Act of Kindness, However Small, is Wasted.

There once was a frog named Fareen, And though they liked this scene, Of their home they were fond. But they were a long way from the pond, So Fareen waited for the log train. “Hurry now,” they thought, “it may rain!” They stood thinking of the clouds, While someone stepped out from the crowds.

An old turtle named Tanan came limping close, He came only to exclaim, “How gross!”

Fareen was confused, “Are you talking to me?” Tanan grumbled, “Yes, yes, for you see...”

“You are quite a ghastly sight, You’re still a guy despite Your flowered dress. Though I must confess, Your earrings are confusing. Lose them so people won’t be accusing!”

“Fit the mold my boy, People don’t like a decoy.” Tanan left with a smirk Fareen’s head could barely work

But as soon as the log train made its arrival, Fareen jumped in, as if for survival.

They sat and felt the whispers and stares Of the crowd silently saying prayers. Fareen’s head was racing, Their eyes seemed to be pacing. They were trying to figure out, If being themselves was worth the turn-out.

Fareen looked up, defeated, And saw Eble the Ermine in front of them seated. He had something that made Fareen Feel quite a bit serene.

Looking around, Fareen saw Something that made them stare in awe. His nails, they were blue! Fareen wondered, “Could it be true?�

Fareen, every once in a while, looked at the nails Trying to take all the details. They wondered about Eble, “What made him such a rebel?� Breaking their thought, Eble moved, about to stand. So Fareen decided to do something grand.

They looked up, and they smiled, “Please don’t think I’m being a child, It’s just you don’t fit the mold You’re uncontrolled! I wish to be like you To be so true.” Fareen hoped to say with their eyes

Eble smiled back and said, “I love your shirt, don’t let them get ahead.”

He was heading to leave, picking up his things Fareen rushed, �I really like your nails, they match your rings!�

Eble looked radiant as he said, “Thank you! You know, they’re a thread, They lead to what’s inside of me. It was a long road to find glee, So I’m glad you're finding your key.”

Both exchanged smiles again He left, and Fareen was full of joy for the rest of their time on the log train

The End

Hello, I’m Gimena! I wrote this little fable for you, and I wanted to give you some context for it. The whole story is based on an experience I had on the CTA this year. One day I was dressed quite masculinely, and I was getting home on the train. Waiting, people stared at me weirdly. Presumably, because I was still wearing ‘feminine’ hoop earrings, and my face is very feminine. Anyhow, when I got on the train and saw a guy in his early 20’s with blue nails. He was also getting stares and side eyes but he didn’t bat an eyelash! I kept looking up at him every once in while until he was getting off, then I looked up and smiled at him. He smiled back and said “I like your shirt,” and I replied, “I liked your nails!” We exchanged smiles once more before he departed.

An Act of Kindness  
An Act of Kindness