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I spent some time getting an idea of how to shade and highlight different sections. Here, I was working out how to draw up the point of the end of the screw. I drew it with highlights heading in the opposite direction that demonstrate the form

Adding in the pattern work that I’d seen on some of the examples I’d found online totally changed the sketch and brought a whole new element to the object. It added detail where before it would have potentially been a bit difficult to create anything interesting.

Cutting this was a much more enjoyable process to the thumbscrews I’d been trying to cut. Because of the smoother lines and curves etc, it was less challenging as there were fewer sharp angles and straight lines.

I’m really happy with the outcome of this cut. I think I needed a win to be fair, but I’m really pleased with the mid tone lines on the inside of the ‘leaves’ which I think describe the form really well. The pattern has worked well too, and the perspective is interesting.

Pear of anguish  
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