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Once again with this image I had to recut it several times. This first time I didn’t plan out the textures well enough but tested it out anyway. Once it started to go wrong I just used it as a test piece to try out some marks etc. I wasn’t happy with any of it really but it gave me a good opportunity to mess around and figure out what marks should or shouldn’t go where.

Test printing another cut that wasn’t successful at all gave me an insight into what I was doing wrong and what could be done to correct it. I wanted to see what certain areas looked like in black and some in white, so this was a good opportunity to check up on this. From this cut I then went on to create my final and successful cut. Through the trial and error process I managed to figure out the best outcome that I could achieve.

I’m happier with this final cut. The metal was hard to describe with the lino and it was difficult to achieve a mid tone, so this one is slightly different than the others as it doesn’t have that middle value as much - only ever so slightly to describe the wooden texture inside the iron maiden.

Iron maiden  
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