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I chose to use my own photo from the Kriminalmuseum as a reference for this one

This cut went surprisingly well and I managed to get a successful image out of it from the first attempt. I really took my time with this, making sure I carved every spike as carefully as I could, and found a way to describe the wooden elements in an effective way.

It’s rare that I’m ever completely happy with work that I do but I’m definitely really pleased with the way this turned out. I tried really hard to find appropriate ways of describing different values in this piece, and I think it has a lot of impact. There is clear difference in the aesthetic of the wood, compared to the metal spikes etc. The part I’m most pleased with is the casted shadow from the chest strap. I wasn’t sure it would work but I’d just avoided carving spikes in that area of the lino. I think it’s worked really effectively.

Chair of torture