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A Competitive Ad-Vantage As many already know, last year we introduced Vantage™, a computer program that replaced Ed-Performance™. The truth is, Vantage is an umbrella name for three computer programs that we have introduced to OFY. The pictograph illustrates their relationship what these three programs are and who will be using them at our schools. Used by: Incoming students in place of Ed-Performance and in SGI classes for Benchmark assessments, PrePost testing, and CAHSEE prep. All Students and staff have a user name. www.vantagespms .com

-An automated Essay scoring system where students can write and edit essays while the program tracks their progress. -Used by ELA SGI classes. Uses the same log-in as SPMS

focus Curriki & Algebra 1

Curriki, a K-12 global community for creating, sharing, and finding open source learning resources, launched its free Algebra 1 course which addresses each of the Algebra 1 Common Core State standards. The project-based modular course engages students through real-world examples, engaging projects, interactive web 2.0 tools, videos and targeted feedback. Developed with funding from AT&T, Curriki Algebra 1 is modular so it can be used as a supplement, a foundation for Algebra 1 curriculum for students, in after-school programs, for teacher refreshing of Algebra skills, or homeschooling and independent study. Check it out at

-A data analysis tool where we have uploaded annual state test results and where SPMS and MyAccess data can also be analyzed. -Used by Directors, RSs, Leads, and Coaches

Connecting American Students A topic that has been gaining momentum in the news recently is ConnectEd. ConnectEd is a three tiered Federal initiative that is aimed at boosting the presence of education technology in all schools across America. The three tiers of ConnectEd are described as follows:  99% of schools shall be connected to the Internet, primarily via wireless technologies.  Funding shall increase for professional development, with the aim of training teachers in the use of new education technologies to change the overall culture of instruction.  Investment shall be made in private tech companies that are creating digital curriculum or web-based instructional tools. The Mooresville Graded School District in Mooresville, North Carolina is being heralded as a prime example of ConnectEd. To view a video of this showcased school, visit: ConnectEd is a plan commissioned by President Barack Obama’s to bring global connectivity to every U.S. classroom. President Obama is calling upon the Federal Communications Commission to build highspeed digital connections in all of our schools and libraries. He wants to ensure that 99% of all American students receive the benefit of technology in teaching and learning. The results of this initiative are impressive thus far. Mooresville School District’s graduation rate went from 80% in 2008 to 91% in 2011. On state testing, 88% of students tested met proficiency standards, compared to only 73% in 2008. Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA is a magnet school that was created to provide project learning in an effort to combat chronic dropout rates. In 2010, 97% of their graduating class went directly to college. To read more about ConnectEd, visit the White House publication at:

Make Your Point Powerfully! Presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, other applications) support a speech or help an audience visualize concepts. Poor slide design can distract an audience. The points below yield more powerful, professional, concise presentations: Compose your slides—don't copy and paste from different sources. Pick a simple font type. Leave room for highlights and respect the value of white space. Be consistent—use the same font type and size, and match colors. A company logo or special image is fine but don't overload a slide with these elements. Use contrast—black text on white is best but can sometimes be boring. Ensure that the combination is easy on the eyes. Project the slide and check to ensure that it’s not hard on your audience’s eyes. Apply colors brilliantly—carefully use color for highlighting. Don’t weaken one color by using too many others on one slide. Pay careful attention to contrast. KISS—Keep It Straight & Simple! NEVER use sentences, only key words. Do not read slides. Slides are for support only. Audiences will stop listening to you if they are able to read what you are about to say. Take-home message—provide a summary of your data, study, or message. Highlight it so it stands out. Use images—the proportion of images to text should be greater. Use images that complement your message. Don’t decorate! Browse Flickr or Google Images. Animations/Media—these can be powerful to explain complex messages, providing understanding and boosting recall. Audience—The audience always determines the content. What do they know? What will you teach them?

Animoto is a wonderful, engaging, versatile web-based application that provides video creation capabilities. Users can deliver a rich message by utilizing images, text and music. The resulting video is an engaging presentation for teachers and students to use in creating engaging content and student presentations. Animoto provides unlimited access to their services for educators for free, via an Animoto Plus account. Educational accounts expire every 6 months, so you will need to reapply in order to acquire a new code and renew your account. The free subscription will give you 50 student accounts per login. The educator site is Here are some teacher and student samples of ideas using Animoto in teaching Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.

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August 2013 ed tech newsletter ofy  

Options for Youth EdTech newsletter.

August 2013 ed tech newsletter ofy  

Options for Youth EdTech newsletter.