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Annoyance noun ; the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation. When personal space is invaded annoyance is the primary reaction due to boundaries not being recognised.


Blinking adjective, adverb ; to open and close eye at a rapid speed. Rapid blinking occurs when in an uncomfortable situation such as; someone standing too close for comfort.


Confront verb ; to stand face to face with another person. Allowing somone into their personal space who are not closely connected to can be seen as a confrontation and a negative occurance.


Distance noun ; the measurement of the gap inbetween two points. There are three kinds of distances to abide to when initiating a conversation; personal, social and public space.


Escape verb ; to break free from confinement and avoid a serious situation. To feel the extent of uncomfort when speaking to somone, enough to want to remove themselves from the situation


Flinching verb ; to involuntarily wince from suprise or pain. On occassions when people stand too close to eachother their eyelids will involuntarily want to sheild eyes from supposed harm, this often happens when personal space is invaded.


Grimace noun ; to contort the face as part of reaction to pain or suprise.

People may unconsciously contort their face as a natural result of discomfort.


Hesitate adverb ; to stutter through conversation due to uncertainty or pressure. Hesitation can be present through speech when unfamilliar people cross the barrier between social and personal space.


Intimidation noun ; to feel the weaker person and be timid in response. Intimidation can be felt when people dominate space both horizontally and vertically.


Justify verb ; to find validity in a point of conversation. Justify the spaces around, are there interferring objects and initially limited space that would change perpectives.


Kinesics noun ; non-linguistic body movements that produces communication. Subconsciously people can portray their feelings when in an uncomfortabe situation.


Leeway noun ; the amount of freedom to move within limits. The amount of freedom you give someone to be in your personal space.


Margin noun ; the edge or the border of something contained.

According to Hall’s theory there are clear defined measurements as to where people fall in spacial zones.


Nature noun ; the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation. Natural reflexs present how people feel in a situation highlighting their level of comfort without knowledge, this can be seen through facial expressions.


Outrage noun ; an instant act of anger in the form of a reaction. Outrage can be an initial reaction to the invasion of personal space when the relationship between the people is not close.


Proxemics noun ; the socialogical aspects of spacial distances between individuals. This judges where people are in relation to others which can also be used to identify which space zone can be applied.


Quaver verb ; to feel unsteady or weak which can be shown through interaction. The person whos space is being overtaken may feel intimidated and shown the weaker in conversation.


Rude adjective ; an uncivilised manner through discussions and gestures. Violating personal space can be seen as rude or inconsiderate.


Step verb ; a distance travelled by placing one foot in front of the other. Stepping backward would be an initialy reaction oppose to standing still, this also informs the other person of the comfort zone.


Temper noun ; a build of emotions that results in negativity. When space is not appreciated or recognised occasionally the response from the person would result in temper.


Unnerved verb ; to display unsettlement.

People can display an unsettled response when personal space is overtaken instead of using social space for conversation.


Violated verb ; to have privacy disturbed in an unwelcoming manner. Violated is the word most used when discussing privacy, disturbing what should not be.


Withdraw verb ; to remove yourself from a situation.

When personal space is invaded annoyance is the primary reaction due to boundaries not being recognised.


Xiphopagas noun ; conjoined twins connected by a band of flesh around the torso. Some people are born joined to their sibling, if healthy and surviving they work together and share their space.


Yourself pronoun ; a reflexive form of you.

Space distances are personal, varying on individuals and their perception of comfort and also who is allowed in the space.


Zones noun ; An area or a region distinguished by a distinctive feature. Zones can be a term to define the range of spaces surrounding a person, to catagorize where people are in relation to social space..

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