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Distributor: Beth Albertson Editor: Janet Albertson Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2008 $5/year God’s Girls Newsletter, c/o Beth Albertson, 906 W. South 1st Street, Johnstown, CO 80534 “Enabling God’s Girls to encourage one another in the Lord, while developing creative communication skills.”

New Year Changes for God’s Girls Newsletter IMPORTANT Please Read Dear Girls,

email and are willing to get GGN electronically, you don’t need to pay anything for postage, unless the Lord lays it on your heart to do this to help others.]

This newsletter is getting to you late because I was hoping for some input from some of you, which did not arrive. I’m sure you all had company and Christmas If you get the GGN through the mail, I am rebusyness as I did and weren’t able to write, so I am try- questing that you pay $5/year. This barely covers ing to write the whole newsletter by myself. I much postage but not printing costs, the cost of which my parents have always paid. prefer when some of you help me out with your own inspiration and creativity! I have to send 2 of the GGNs to foreign countries, We have had several GGNs returned in the past 3 which is a greater cost than in our country. months because people have moved without letting me I will continue to send GGN to everyone on the list know their new address. I was not told to cancel their that I have correct addresses for in February. Then subscription and I didn’t know to quit sending it to starting in March, I will send GGN only to the girls their old address. It is VERY important that you write who have filled out and returned the enclosed subus if you MOVE or if you DON’T want to get GGN scription form with their $5. It makes me sad to anymore. It costs a lot to print and mail the GGNs think of paring down the list this way, because making every month, and I feel very sad when the money is money is not my object, ministry is. But I cannot conwasted by undelivered GGNs being returned to me. tinue to do it by myself. If GGN is a blessing to you, There have been a few girls who have helped with surely it is worth $5 a year. This $5 will be for GGN postage, and some have done it several times, but many during 2008. on the list have not paid or written to let me know if If you are sisters in the same household you ONLY you still want to get GGN. When most of the money have to pay the subscription fee ONCE for all of you has to come from my empty pockets, I cannot continue for the year 2008. to send it to someone who doesn’t care to get it or to If you wish to make a contribution to GGN IN ADhelp with the costs. DITION to your subscription fee you are more than [I do have the capability of sending GGN on email by welcome to help with printing or overseas costs! a PDF file which doesn’t cost anything. If you have Lack of writing on your part DOES constitute an emergency on my part! Keep this in mind and please Happy Birthday! write often: stories, poems, testimonies, Dear Sisters, Audrey Amaya Kristen Stephens prayer requests, and Jenny stories. Pictures of God’s January 5, 1994 January 22, 1991 Girls and drawings are also welcome. Stephanie Miller Rachelle Ferguson Prayerfully, Your sister, Beth Albertson January 12, 1993 January 23, 1996 Elizabeth Campbell Joyana Simmons “Enabling God’s Girls to encourage January 13, 1995 January 26, 1995 one another in the Lord, while develJudy Hunt Marcia Alice Barnard oping creative communication skills.” January 19, 1991 January 27, 1993

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God’s Girls Newsletter

Jenny Story 22 Age 17 - Beth Albertson During the almost three years of not having a Dad, Jenny and her family had done much more work than they used to. Of course they had not quit missing Daddy, though. During that time Mother had had to get a job, and with the help of some of their church family they had made “ends meet”. Gordon loved to cook, so he had done that to help out while Jenny took care of the housework after school.

coloring, riding her bike, doing school, and helping Jenny with dishes. One July day, while Jenny was ironing she thought about her life: She could remember when both Jordon and Grace were born. They were both so big now. “I guess I have grown a lot too.” Jenny reminded herself with a smile. “It was so much fun when we went to Uncle Dwight and Aunt Holly’s and went camping and cavWith the wedding of Mother and Don Douglas being with them. That was a long time ago. We sang hind them, Jenny and her family continued to grow in songs around the fire that night, and daddy played his love and appreciation of each other and the Lord. The guitar. Our favorite wintertime tradition always was wedding had taken place in February. It had been to sing around the fire in the fireplace while Daddy kind of hard to get used to having a new dad, but they played his guitar. Oh, thank you, Jesus, for the preall were loving it. cious memories I have of my Daddy. When I was The Johnson kids had finished a whole school year twelve and Daddy was getting ready to go to Iraq, I of homeschooling, and Gordon had graduated. He asked You to save me. I am so thankful for all You planned on going to Bible School in the fall. After have helped me through and the way You’ve taught that he wanted to learn plumbing from his new Dad. me to depend on You. That summer Gordon got a job at the local grocery Was it just last summer I went to Ukraine, and look store. Jenny sometimes cleaned houses and babysat how much has happened since then! I miss Ukraine; for people. Dad’s plumbing business was doing well. I’d love to go back someday!” Jenny realized right Sometimes Jenny and her friends gathered at the then that she had finished the ironing. park to play volleyball in the volleyball court. She enjoyed spending time with them, but more than that As Jenny was taking the ironed clothes to each of she loved being with her family and once again hav- her siblings’ rooms, she thought, “I am glad I will get ing a dad. to see Erin at camp next week. She has been a good friend to me this past year. She’d be wonderful to Mother and Jenny also directed VBS at their church have as a sister-in-law… Hey, I wonder if Gordon with the help of some of the other teenagers. After would be interested?” Just then Gordon came out of VBS was over, they had an afternoon Bible Club once his room and Jenny’s face turned red. © a week. The church had a Betty Lukens flannel “What’s up?” he asked. graph set which they used for the stories. Several of “Not much. I’m done ironing for our trip,” Jen said. the kids always had the memory verses memorized “Then why is your face so red?” Gordon asked curiand said “Hi!” to Mother or Jenny when they saw ously. them around town. “I just had a thought,” she hesitated, “and then it The whole family planned to go to the Peaceful surprised me when you came out of your room.” Valley Holiness Youth Camp in Colorado in late July. “Was your thought about me?” he teased. “By the Jenny had been keeping up a correspondence with way, thanks for ironing for us.” Erin Seymore, and was anxious to see her again. “Do you want me to teach you how to iron before As a ten year old, Jordon really loved to read. He you go to school?” Jenny asked, relieved that the subread books over and over again, and was faithful to ject had changed. read his Bible every day. Jenny was delighted as she “I suppose so, but let’s wait ‘til after camp; since saw steady spiritual progress in his life. He had been you’ve already finished with the ironing today,” he working on his attitudes, trying to please the Lord. said with a wink. Seven year old Grace spent her days playing dolls,

January 2008 GGN  

GGN Newsletter for January 2008

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