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The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC Now Offering Tips On How To Keep A High Credit Score Getting a credit card is really like getting a loan from a bank. It allows a person to purchase items they might otherwise have been unable to afford. Every credit card comes with a limit and each requires a minimum payment every month. The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC, bankruptcy lawyers in Brooklyn and the entire tri-state area, are now offering tips to help individuals maintain a high credit score. This starts with keeping the balances moderately low to ensure payments are maintained. Individuals need to have good credit in order to purchase large items, such as a new car or putting a down payment on a house. After all, if there’s a history of the person not paying their credit card bills, a realtor or car salesman will not be able to trust them to provide monthly payments on the investment. A variety of factors goes into diagnosing a credit score, and that takes debt into account as well as payment history. If individuals keep up with their payments, refrain from cancelling a credit card and don’t regularly apply for new credit, their scores will remain high and credit problems will not arise. For those that have trouble keeping up with credit payments, remember to keep the balance within 30 percent of the maximum balance. Maxing out the cards and falling behind on payments is sure to lower anyone’s credit score. To confirm the payments are up to date and the credit balance is controllable, be sure to review credit reports annually to check for any errors that may cause credit scores to plunge. If that is the case, be sure to contact The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC. As a bankruptcy lawyers Philadelphia, Georgette Miller and her team of associates will help clients receive a fresh start on their financial problems and work to put a stop to home foreclosures, wage garnishments and repossessions of personal property. Falling behind on payments will provide much stress, and The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC will be there every step of the way to work for a favorable outcome for their clients. If you need of a bankruptcy lawyer or to speak with an attorney about credit problems, please call 800-355-2193 today. About The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC: From start to finish, any legal matter The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC takes on will be under the personal direction of Ms. Georgette Miller. Ms. Miller’s desire is to help anyone who is in need of assistance with a personal or business legal matter in NJ, PA, DE, MD and NY. To learn more information, please visit

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