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Understanding motivation for communication of secondary school students behind volunteer work in an Interview with a social worker Prepared by Gigi Lo

Background and methodology

Findings and Discussion- examples

(First time meeting , preparation and performance , Evaluation) 


Interviewee: a certificated social worker

No. of questions: 10 with sub questions

Focus of questions:  Motivation to communicate  Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs  Three stages: (1) First time meet (2) preparation and performance (3) Evaluation 

need for knowledge and thinking (cognition)

the need to appreciate and enjoy beauty (aesthetics)

the need to selflessly help others (transcendence)


Situation: Passive and silent members


Situation: communication during work


Situation: evaluation after service

Partly follow the hierarchical progression

Some needs (e.g. security, self actualization)  satisfied continue  motivation to communicate

Several needs appear in the same stage / same time

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Motivation for communicaiton  
Motivation for communicaiton  

The presentation is about motivation for communication in community centres