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R.E.C.O.R.D. courtyard oriented living

east/west section

The Harmon Park area of downtown Phoenix is one of the most poverty stricken areas of Arizona. Directly under the flight path of Sky Harbor International Airport and at the low point of the city, sound and water pollution are normal to the population. Third year studio asked us to develop a way that we could improve the lifestyles of the people of Harmon Park. Residents generally could not afford air conditioning and had a strong sense of community. The porch was a place for neighbors to interact and live their lives to the best of their ability. That’s where the concept for R.E.C.O.R.D. (Roof Encompasses Courtyard Oriented Residential Design) came from. The streets of Harmon Park encompassed their residents without prejudice and that’s why I wanted to design a house that embraced its owners. The main design goal was to develop a house that was affordable and blur the walls between exterior and interior. This was done by using using affordable materials and prefabricated mechanical systems. Correspondingly the house was designed around a system of outdoor spaces and courtyard which doubled the livable space. In addition lot usage was maximized by incorporated rental units so the owners could generate additional income.

sidewalk rendering


driveway entrance curb appeal

west elevation

single family and one rental unit

single family

double family

single family and two rental units


wall section

courtyard rendering east elevation



 


   



 


Paper Layers community arts center

In third year spring studio the students were asked to create an arts center from any of the disciplines of art. The site was located just north of the downtown ASU campus in an area of transition from the uptown cultural/arts areas and the downtown sports/entertainment areas. lower level floor plan

The downtown area is abundant with layers of culture and life which create the urban fabric of Phoenix. Paper Layers is an arts center in Phoenix which is surrounded and based on the layers which enclose the site. From vegetation to building systems each component is a layer that defines what the art center truly stands for. By creating a transition space between the many layers of the downtown area, Paper Layers will be an area where residents can learn, experience, and create masterpieces from all the disciplines of paper art. upper level floor plan

courtyard rendering east elevation


entrance rendering west elevation

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