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Greater Galilee Gazette Issue 6

Happy Fathers’ Day

The Lord Gives Wisdom Contrary to what you may have heard, experience is not the best teacher - evaluated experience is the best teacher! Everybody has some kind of experience; it's what you do with your experience that matters. We all begin our lives as empty notebooks. Every day we have an opportunity to record new experiences. With each page we gain more understanding. Ideally, as we progress our notebook becomes filled with observations. But not all of us make the best use of our notebooks. Some of us leave the notebook closed; we rarely jot down anything at all. Others fill their pages but never take time to read them, reflect on them and gain greater wisdom. But a few of us not only make a record of what we experience, we linger over it and reflect on it. Reflection turns into insight, so that

we not only live the experience, but learn from it. knowledge, but little understanding. They have the means, but they don't know the meaning of anything. What's the problem? Their life experience is void of reflection and evaluation. When 25 years go by they don't gain 25 years experience, they gain one year of experience 25 times! To win in life you must turn your experience into wisdom. So, slow down.

Wisdom is learned over time, not overnight. So, drill down. The treasure is there, but you have to dig for it. Finally, get down. Yes, get down on your knees and talk to God, because '… the Lord gives wisdom… ' Proverbs 2:6

Happy Father’s Day

June 4th - 7:00pm Faith Memorial Baptist Church Pastor McGowens, Revivalist

June 11th – 7:00pm June 12th 9:00am - New Member Breakfast 2:00pm - Vow Renewal 6:00pm - Couple’s Reception

June 13th 1:00 - 3:00pm Graduation Banquet McKissick Bldg 4:00pm Walls Memorial – Shelby, NC

June 14th-17th 6:30pm Church Empowerment Week (VBS)

June 19th 10:00am Church Picnic & Health Fair

June 20th - Father’s Day Joint Service 8:30 - Church School 9:30 - Worship Pastor Chester Hopkins, Guest Speaker 1st Baptist Fairmont, NC

June 25th - 27th Church Trip Washington, DC

June 26th - 30th City Wide Revival Ebenezer Baptist Church

Meditation Moment

We all know people with lots of

Mark Your Calendar

Chappell Memorial Tent Revival Pastor McGowens, Revivalist

June 2010

"F" aithful. "A" lways there. "T" rustworthy. "H" onoring. "E" ver-loving. "R" ighteous. "S" upportive.

Over the years, As we grow old, We remember our father; So brave and bold. He would give advice and understand; He was always there to lend a hand. God made fathers strong and firm, For he knew our lives would have great concerns. So he gave us fathers to teach us to pray, And guide our lives, and show us the way. So on his day let's take the time To say "Thanks, dad. I'm glad you're mine."

Someone You Should Meet

If you ever wondered who this seemingly shy teen is, she is 16yr old Keaja Black. She is the daughter of Tasha Black. Keaja has been attending Greater Galilee for approximately 3 years. This active teen is a member of WeRocc, Mentoring Program and the Media Ministry. When asked what she loves about her church, “Singing , I always enjoy the singing”.

This Tar Heel and Dallas Cowboys fan is not certain just yet about her college choice, but she does know what she wants to do. Cartooning is her first choice and then science. Wherever she attends she wants those to be her major and minor.

Keaja states she has a close relationship with her mother and Larissa Hudson who is like an Keaja & Tasha aunt to her. Outside of Greater Galilee Keaja My mother as given me great adattends Butler High School, she enjoys reading, drawing and Kung vice - she tells me….. to think before I act, always have self Fu movies. She is a fan of all control and to seek help if I need types of music, and admits to enit. joying rock. As most teens are crazed by talking on the phone she Now that you know who she is take a moment to say hello. states she is more of a texter.

C C2


Jewel Moser Callie Holloway Laila Holloway Tiffani Jones Cheyla Wolfe Radaysha McCallum & Mekyiaa Walker

Greater Galilee Midway has a new ministry that has danced it way into the hearts of its members and pastor. Committed to Christ…. called C2C. These young ladies were very excited to become the founding members of a new ministry and even more excited about using their talents to glorify God. C2C made their first debut on Thursday, May 7th during the first revival service held at the Winston-Salem location. The first liturgical dance was performed to “Blessed the Lord” (Tye Tribitt). With a spectacular first performance, the guest church invited them to be apart of their upcoming service. We look forward to what God is going to do with these young ladies. C2C consist of young ladies ranging in ages 7-16 years.

Great, there went our chances for winning the Father & Son Bowl-Off!

A Celebration in Song Enter into most African American churches today and what you won’t hear much of, is the foot stomping, hand clapping and voices singing those old time songs known sometimes as old time spirituals or hymns. Not at Greater Galilee. Hymns have been a major part of the history and worship of our church. With several hymn choirs within the church, two choirs and other members of the congregation came Continued on page 4



Upcoming Events

June 12th 2:00pm Vow Renewal June 14th - 18th Church Empowerment Week June 19th Community Health Fair - Sponsored by Susan G. Komen Foundation * Presbyterian Hospital * Carolina Medical Free screenings, Blood & Bone Marrow Drive, Free health information and a Healthy Lunch. June 24th - 27th Washington, DC First Baptist Church, Marshall Heights, MD July 10th Daniel Boone Restaurant (Seniors $10.00) August 2nd - 4th Family Conference & Revival (Classes Held Nightly) August 5th - 8th Atlantic City, NJ Second Baptist Church

Men...You & Your Health

August 28-29th St. Louis, MO The Antioch Baptist Church (Young Adult Ensemble & C2C) Attention Men - Making healthier For more details check with your health care provider about specific screenings lifestyle choices such as healthy eatRecommended Ages Ages Ages Ages ing combined with physical activity, choosing not to use tobacco, limiting Screening Test 18-39 40-49 50-64 65 + your alcohol use, and getting regular health check-ups will improve your General Health Full Every Once A Once A Once A quality of life. Men frequently igCheckup (weight/height) 3 years Year Year Year nore symptoms and are reluctant to seek care until there is a crisis. GetHeart Health Every Every Every Every ting regular check-ups, preventive Blood Pressure Test visit visit visit visit screening tests, and immunizations are among the most important things Diabetes Every Every Every Every you can do for yourself. They can Blood Glucose Test 3 years 3 years 2 years 2 years improve your health and reduce premature death and disability. Take Colorectal Health Every Every 2 Every time to review the guidelines for Prostate Health 3-4 Yrs Yrs 2 Yrs screening test recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and HuOral Hygiene Twice A Twice A Twice Twice man Services. Use the chart to reDental Exams Year Year A Year A Year mind yourself of when you need to Every Every Every PSA Blood Test see your health care provider based Year Year Year on your personal health profile. Make an appointment today! Then, EKG-Electrocardiogram Every Every Every Age 30 become a partner with your health screens for abnormal heart 4 years 3 years 3 years care provider to decide when you need your screenings. Share your Blood Test & Urinalysis Every Every Every Every family history, speak up, voice your screens for cholesterol, dia3 years 2 years Year Year concerns, and always ask questions betes, kidney/thyroid dysfuncto make your visit more valuable. tion

Greater Galilee Welcomes New Members (May)

A Celebration In Song

Karen Pride

Diara Whitmire

Khalid Kimbrough

Wahi Kimbrough

Glenda McHenry

Sonia Kimbrough

Preston Fulp III

Herbert Sturdivant

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together to form Voices of Praise Combined Hymn Choir. On Sunday May 30th they celebrated their 1st Anniversary. Currently Brother Joe King serves as the Servant Leader of this great choir. The importance of this choir not only teaches the next generation these songs, but also continues to keep this part of our African– American ancestry alive. This choir is passionate about this traditional genre of music and is devoted to keeping it alive in the church. The Voices of Praise Combined Hymn Choir regularly accompany Pastor McGowens in local evangelistic ministry, revivals, out of town engagements, and special services spreading the message of God through song. The members dedication and belief in what they sing is evident in every hand clap, foot stomp and note sung. Congratulation VOP on your Anniversary!!!!

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