WCC Annual Report 2021

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As we come to the end of another year, it provides me an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been over the past year, along with taking an introspective look as to where we’re headed as we move into 2022. As the year progressed, not only did we begin seeing a substantial increase in bidding opportunities with some of our existing clients, but through our marketing and sales efforts, we have been able to procure bidding and job opportunities with many new clients. During the year, we were “on the road” doing some industrial projects in Kansas, Arkansas, and Georgia for both new and existing customers. As somewhat of a diversion to our usual project scope, we also started construction on a new bank in Pryor, Oklahoma for RCB. We have been an RCB customer for many years and are excited to be a part of their growth in our community, along with constructing a building they will be proud of and able to showcase in the downtown Pryor area. I’m also excited to welcome my nephew, Marty Williams back to Williams Construction! Marty will be working with his brother, Chris, in our Business Development group as Manager of Sales. His business acumen will be an asset to the growth of Williams Construction and in our focus on new-client development. We start this new year with our core focus (“To improve the lives of our clients, employees, their families and the community”) always at the forefront, a strong backlog of work, a commitment to our marketing and sales strategy, along with continuing to maintain our high safety and quality standards.

Williams Construction will celebrate their 69th year of continued success in business during 2022. This success could not have been possible without the hard-working and talented employees (both past and present ) that I have (and had) the opportunity to work with over the years. Their compassion and dedication to the company, the industry and our clients will continue to provide specialized and critical construction and maintenance services for many years to come. With every new year comes greater opportunities and challenges in our lives. I wish all our employees, clients, friends and families the courage, hope, health, and happiness for a safe and blessed New Year. Michael McGehee President, Williams Construction Co.


TEAM HIGHLIGHTS Steven Brusich, Carpenter When did you begin working for WCC? 2016 What is your role? Carpenter What has been your favorite project to work on? Why? The sanitation pump in Bartlesville. It was very unique to build that 20’ tall wall and see a pour that big. Where do you hope to be in 5-10 years? I would like to be with Williams for as long as they will have me. What is working at WCC like? I think it’s great. Williams has treated me great. There have been many times when Williams could have let me go but kept me on payroll until the next project. That means a lot, that’s not how everyone else works. What are your favorite hobbies? I am building a small woodworking shop at home, and I want to begin building custom furniture. Favorite travel spot? I have been to Jamaica once and it was fantastic. The beach was great, you don’t get to see scenes like that every day.

Chance Castleman, Laborer When did you begin working for WCC? 2018 What is your role? Layout and concrete finishing What has been your most challenging project? I liked working on the coal dumper in Maryland. Everything must be lined up so precise. It was challenging, but that made it fun. What do you like most about the work that you do? At the end of a project, being able to look back and see what you have accomplished. What is your favorite part about working for WCC? The comradery, everybody seems to get along real well. Do you have a nickname? They call me Clarence around here for some reason. Favorite travel spot? Camping, fishing, and swimming on the Buffalo River in Arkansas with my family.

Jolie Linker, Ironworker When did you begin working for WCC? 2021 What is your role? Ironworker, general maintenance What did you do before coming to WCC? Working at the nuclear power plant in Russellville. What has been your favorite project to work on? The Heat Exchanger at Dupont. I enjoyed rigging up the equipment and watching it fly up and down. What do you like most about the work that you do? Working at high elevations and always learning. What is working at WCC like? I like it. Williams really takes care of us, especially when we are on the road. I really enjoy the environment and the people I work with as well. What is your favorite movie/tv show? Probably Stepbrothers for movie and Yellowstone for TV show. What is something about yourself others would be surprised to know? I am a 4th generation ironworker.

Daniel Johnson, Operator When did you begin working for WCC? 2017 What is your role? Operator Foreman – Anything that has to do with industrial maintenance, moving heavy equipment, putting cranes together, dirt work, setting concrete slabs, etc. What did you do before coming to WCC? Worked for a company that did steel driving, heavy excavation, and shoring. What has been your most challenging project? Phillips 66 Sub-station at their research facility in Bartlesville. It was a difficult project but that made it fun. Where do you hope to be in 5-10 years? I would like to be in the same role or move into a general foreman/superintendent role. What is working at WCC like? It has a family feel, most of us hang out after work. It’s a good place to come to work, you don’t get treated like a number. What do you like most about the work that you do? Working for Williams, every job is different. We have so many different projects, it keeps you on your toes. What are your favorite hobbies? Hunting quail in Kansas and hunting pheasant South Dakota If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? My great-grandmother’s ranch back that backs up to mine.


On September the 17th, Williams Construction Co. hosted our 23rd annual Ivan & Adina Williams Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting the Mayes and Rogers County United Way. Each year our golf tournament features business sponsorships, silent auctions, contests, delicious food and even better company. We are proud to be part of a community that pours its’ heart into giving back year after year. We would like to thank all the teams and sponsors who participated, with your generous contributions and participation we were able to raise over $20,000. We had perfect weather for a fun-filled day of golf and fellowship. In the last 23 years, Williams Construction Co. has raised over $370,000 for the United Way. Thank you for another year of giving back to our community! We can’t wait to see you on the golf course again in 2022.


Souter Limestone This project in Gore was a perfect example of our team’s capabilities. This design-build project began with the purchase of a Dolese sand plant. Williams Construction crews traveled to Mustang, OK to disassemble the plant, piece mark, and ship it to Gore, OK. Our crews built up a large pad for the site, designed and installed all new equipment foundations. The silos, conveyors and dryer will be re-assembled at the new location, as well as additional equipment to produce a new food grade additive.

IFF Tube Bundle Exchange During a 6 day scheduled shutdown, WCC crews worked around the clock to change out inner tube bundles in two separate double-expansion joint heat exchangers located on the roof of the IFF plant. Ductwork had to be removed to access the heat exchangers before utilizing a 500 ton hydraulic crane to remove both 37,000 lb tube bundles. The outer shells were brought down to ground level and re-insulated before being re-installed. WCC crews finished this 6 day shutdown a day early.

Piedmont Green Power WCC’s bulk material handling crew traveled to Georgia this year to replace the lower slew bearing of Piedmont Green Power’s stacker-reclaimer. Work began with removing drives, detaching the reclaim boom and removing the corresponding counterweights. Then a Pull-Up-Gantry (PUG) system was utilized to jack the stacker up approx. 4”. Then a slide-out-table was installed to remove the old slew bearing and install the new, both weighing approx. 14,000 lbs.

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