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Surrounded by  tropical  beauty  and  friendliness  

THE BEACH OCEAN GREEN  BEACH  VILLA’S  PRAMPRAM  (ACCRA)   The  Paradise  on  the  Atlantic  Coast  of  Ghana  


Come visit  us  at  Ghana  address:  House  No.H5,  Regimanuel  Estate,  Sakumono,  Community  15,  Tema   Tel.0249  703  299    

The proposed  development  of  the  Ocean  Green  Beach  Villa’s  Project  site  in  Prampram  was  born  out  of     • the  need  by  the  promoters  to  utilize  their  collective  experience  in  developing  a  unique  energy   efficient,  eco  friendly,  uniquely  designed  and  beautifully  landscaped  beach  front  “Paradise”  for  people   of  discerning  taste,     • the  recognition  by  the  promoters  of  the  lack  of  secure  leisure  recreational  villa  homes  and  the   opportunity  available  to  fill  that  market  void,   • the  increasing  realty  development  boom,  gradual  shift  away  from  the  overcrowded  Accra  city  to   locations  within  30minutes  to  an  hour’s  drive  from  Accra,  which  makes  the  Prampram  location  ideal   and   • The  ability  to  obtain  above  average  returns  on  investment  and  opportunity  of  replicating  the  project   concept  in  the  Country  and  beyond.       The  Environment:  Buy  beach  villa  at  Ocean  Green  Beach  Prampram  development   1. to  take  advantage  of  its  uniquely  designed  villas,  set  out  in  a  serene  environment  and  its  utilization  of   energy  saving  eco  -­‐  friendly  environment  to  provide  the  best  defense  against  current  and  potential   competitive  forces  ,   2.  to  take  advantage  of  innovation  eco  technology,  energy  efficient    brand  awareness  and  differentiate   your  distinctive  product,   3. to  take  advantage    of  the  project  concept    and  stay  ahead  of  the  competition.         Business  Definition  and  Distinctive  Features   § To  offer  above  average  returns  to  buyers,     § Unique    Environment  set  out  in  a  serene  atmosphere  catering  for  the  discerning  client,       § A   full-­‐central   service   unique   self   ownership   for   rental   luxury   eco   villas   catering   to   the   middle   and   upscale  individual,  family  and  corporate    market,   § Enabling  environment  where  guest  can  explore  and  appreciate  the  uniqueness  of  “  The  Ghana  Green   experience”  by  offering  personalized,  professional,  efficient  and  attentive  care  and   § Promoting  the  serenity  of  the  atmosphere  and  location       Functional  Advantages   § Development   and     Management   Experience   –   Our   project   management   team   has   over     50   years   of   collective  experience,   § Location  –  we  are  located  at  Prampram  on  the  tranquil  ocean  front  of  the  Atlantic  Ocean  40minutes   drive  from  Accra  and  15minutes  from  the  Tema  port  ,  20  minutes  from  Golf  Course   § Our  physical  asset  value   –    the  unique  villa  design,  well  landscaped  serene  environment,  fully  secured     villa  village  and  provision  of  centralized  services  in  a  clean  and  adequately  maintained  environment,   § Already  secured  and  fully  documental  ownership  of  landed  property,   § Utilization  of  energy  saving    and  eco  utility  technology   § Ability  of  villa  owners  to  generate  income  from  villa  rentals  and   § A  well  thought  out  project  plan             For  Enquiries  please  contact:         Ocean  Green  Beach  Villa’s  Prampram,  Accra  

Visiting  Adress:     House  No  H5,  Regimanuel  Estate  Sakumono,     Community  15,  Tema,  Ghana     Tel.  0249  703  299     Email:        

Our Partners:   Ghana  Green  Coast  Netherlands  B.V.     Van  Renesselaan  3   3703  AE  ZEIST,  The  Nederlands   Tel.  +31  85  877  86  75   Email:   Website:    

Come visit  us  at  Ghana  address:  House  No.H5,  Regimanuel  Estate,  Sakumono,  Community  15,  Tema   Tel.0249  703  299    

Life on the Beach in Ghana.  

proximity to major landmarks in Ghana. Ocean View. Beauty of Nature Maintained. Rejuvenate. balance yield and sustainability. www.ogbvillas....