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Spice up your workout with a variety of full body movements. Burn calories, increase cardiovascular endurance, and develop overall body strength. Enjoy the privacy that this completely submerged workout can provide as you reap the benefits of a deep water workout. Swimming skills are necessary – must be able to tread water and float. Flotation belts and hand buoys are provided.

Staffed by American Red Cross Lifeguards This extremely wet and fun “drop in” program for kids and adults is designed for lifeguard supervised free time use of the pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult who goes in the water with them. The diving boards may not be available. Patrons must exit the pool following Open Swim to facilitate our Learn to Swim program that follows. Everyone entering the pool during the Open Swim period must either pay the daily admission rate, have a season pass, or be participating in the “Practice Makes Perfect” option of the Greenfield Parks & Recreation’s Learn to Swim program.

Adults & Seniors (Ages 18+)• • • • • • • • • • Janet Haefemeyer, AEA certified Instructor Tuesday / 7 sessions 6:35-7:35 PM June 11-July 30 (cancel July 2) 304122-01 Greenfield High School Pool $21 (R) / $31 (NR) Time Out: Tuesday, June 4 Thursday / 7 sessions 6:35-7:35 PM June 13-Aug. 1 (cancel July 4) 304122-02 Greenfield High School Pool $21 (R) / $31 (NR) Time Out: Tuesday, June 4 Adults & Teens (Ages 16+)• • • • • • • • • • • • Freda Wright, Instructor Wednesday / 7 sessions 5:45-6:35 PM June 12-July 31 (cancel July 3) 304122-03 Greenfield High School Pool $21 (R) / $31 (NR) Time Out: Tuesday, June 4


Adults & Teens (Ages 16+) Freda Wright, Instructor Water Fitness breaks through the typical confines of land-based classes to help you move your body differently. Water Fitness is located in the pool and is an ultra-low impact combination of cardio, strength and stretching exercises. Instructors infuse their individual style into classes that build muscle, improve balance and burn calories in an environment that reduces stress on joints and muscles. Truly for all levels. Each participant decides his or her own pace and repetitions. No swim experience is necessary. Wednesday / 7 sessions 6:45-7:35 PM June 12-July 31 (cancel July 3) 304124-01 Greenfield High School Pool $21 (R) / $31 (NR) Time Out: Tuesday, June 4




Teens (Ages 12+), Adults, & Seniors One lane will be set up during the hours designated for lap swimmers to use the pool. Lap Swimmers must check in with the Lifeguard and swim in the lane. Participants cannot play in the pool, cross lanes or get in other swimmers way. Greenfield School District Fitness Center members who are current can participate in our Lap Swim program at no additional cost when they provide their membership number to the staff at the pool. Youth enrolled in our Learn to Swim Program who are taking Level 4 or above classes may participate in the Lap Swim program at no additional cost during the dates of their swim class by showing their program receipt to the Lifeguard as part of our “Practice Makes Perfect” option. Greenfield High School Pool (deep end) (60th & Layton, use entrance #11) Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:40-8:20 PM June 11-August 1 Drop-in, pay $3 (exact change) at the pool (swim staff do not have change) Please note: Our Learn to Swim program has priority in use of the pool. There will only be 1 lane available for Lap Swim. It is possible dates could be cancelled.

(R) = Resident Resident of Greenfield or child attending either Greenfield or Whitnall School District School. (NR) = Non-Resident

DAILY ADMISSION Collected as you enter the pool (bring exact change) Youth $2 / Adults $3 Family daily rate - $6 (household - 2 adults, 2 kids or 1 adult, 3 kids)

GREENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL POOL Monday-Thursday: 12:30-1:30 PM June 24-August 1 (cancel July 4) Fridays July 12, 29, 26: 1:30-3:00 PM

WHITNALL HIGH SCHOOL POOL Monday-Thursday: 11:00 AM-Noon June 24-August 15 (cancel July 4; July 15-18; and July 22-25)* (*) Due to additional maintenance, dates

differ from previously published. Updates as of 4/30/19.

Practice Makes Perfect Swimming is a recreational activity that will last a lifetime. Learning to swim happens with swim lessons and spending time in the water during Open Swim for water exploration and play. By enrolling your child(ren) in the Greenfield Parks & Recreation Dept’s Learn to Swim program, you are automatically able to attend our Open Swim time at no additional cost during the dates of your class, by showing your Learn to Swim program receipt at the door. You and your child can come to the pool to have fun while providing time for them to practice and develop their skills.

Summer 2019 Recreator |

Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**

Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**