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Are you concerned about the future of public recreation programming and facilities in Greenfield? If so, Partners of Greenfield Parks & Recreation, Inc. is for you! What is the “Partners of Parks & Recreation”? Partners of Greenfield Parks & Recreation Inc. is a member supported, non-profit, taxexempt organization dedicated to fulfilling the community’s need for the preservation and improvements of our local parks and recreation environment. Why become a “Partner”? To be part of a group that promotes the following mission statement: T o assist the Department of Parks & Recreation in the beautification of green space, purchase of park amenities, and development of park site activity areas for the benefit of the Greenfield community. Partners of Greenfield Parks & Recreation, Inc. is an avenue for individuals to make a positive difference in the promotion of public recreation in our city. The Benefits of Becoming a Partner... • Meet new people • Learn new skills & share expertise • Work references • Enhance fund-raising skills • Involvement in their community development • Self satisfaction of knowing you can make a positive difference HOW TO BECOME A “PARTNER” Membership application is available online.

Pam Panich, President-Partners Board of Directors (414) 881-5866 |

MILWAUKEE COUNTY PARK SYSTEM Information/Phone Numbers ­ • 24/7 Hot Line

(414) 257-5100

• Golf (414) 475-6222 (Tee Time Reservations) • Beach & Pool Hot Line (414) 645-4806 • Cool Waters Aquatic Center (Greenfield Park, West Allis) (414) 321-7530 • Wilson Park Rec. Center (414) 281-6256 • Park Administration (414) 257-PARK (7275) • Public Services (414) 257-8005 (Picnic Permits, Room Rental, Overnight Lodges) • Organized Sports

(414) 257-8030

• Mitchell Park (Domes) (414) 649-9800


• Whitnall Park Boerner Botanical Gardens (414) 525-5600

Cosponsored by the Greenfield Partners of Parks & Recreation / In cooperation with the City Engineering Department

• Whitnall Park Wehr Nature Center

4 D  o you have a “right of way” tree that is scheduled for removal due to a street improvement project?

• Milwaukee County Sheriffs Dept. (Non-Emergency) (414) 278-4726

4 A  re you considering removal of any trees on your private property?

• Milwaukee County Sports Complex (Franklin) (414) 423-9267

4 O  r, would you like to just find a new home for your tree, where people of all ages can enjoy it for many years come? If you answered yes to any of the given questions, please consider our “Dedicate to Relocate” Park Tree Program. The program is simple: if you have a healthy tree, between 10’-25’ in height, that needs to be removed, or you desire to have removed, please call us first! We will evaluate if the tree(s) can be relocated and utilized within a city park. Relocation expenses will be assumed by the Department of Parks and Recreation; however, special recognition will be given to those persons who sponsor the entire or partial cost of tree relocation. So if tree removal is in your future, please consider “Dedicate to Relocate” and contact the Department office.

(414) 329-5370 | 24-hour Cancellation Line (414) 297-9008

(414) 425-8550

• Kulwicki Park—Brooks Pavilion Rental Greater Greenfield Lions, Inc.



Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**

Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**