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GENERAL INFORMATION Program Fees A - I t is the policy of the $ Parks & Recreation $ Board that program participants help defray the direct costs related to an activity/ program (i.e. leadership, equipment, park facilities, etc.) through the assessment of fees and charges. However, the department does not wish to exclude any City of Greenfield youth from participation on the basis of ability to pay. Persons who feel they are unable to afford the cost of a youth activity (i.e. unemployment, long term illness or other hardships) may apply for a reduction or waiver of fee and should contact the Parks & Recreation Office prior to program registration.

Credit Policy If you desire or are forced (i.e. injury) to discontinue participation in a program, the use of “credit” toward future participation is highly encouraged. The following guidelines will apply:

B - The City of Greenfield charges a $25 fee for checks that are returned as uncollectable by our bank. C - Program fees are not pro-rated. Please plan to register prior to indicated first session dates.

Waiting Lists If you are unable to register for a program due to full enrollment capacity, you may request to have your name placed on a waiting list. There are no guarantees for placement. If any openings become available, we will refer to the waiting lists FIRST to fill programs. Waiting lists are kept for the current program season only.

Refund Policy Refunds related to program fees will only be made in the following cases: A-P  rogram is cancelled by the department (100%). B-C  hange in the published day/time schedule of program by the department (100%) C - Cancellation by applicant* Prior to start of the program, a full refund will be given, minus a $4 service fee. * Prior to second half of the class/pro gram, a 50% refund will be given, minus a $4 service fee. * After first half of the class/program, no REFUND CAN BE GIVEN. All refunds follow the City Finance Department bill paying schedule. There are no cash refunds given. All refunds are by city check and mailed to the payee indicated on the original registration form. * Items listed in “C” (cancellation by appli cant) WILL NOT APPLY in the case of ADULT TEAM SPORTS PROGRAMS. A complete refund, minus a $4 service charge on TEAM/LEAGUE ENTRY FEES, will only be issued if notification is received at the Parks & Recreation office at least 25 days prior to the announced start of the season/league. Once beyond the stated period, the amount of refund will be prorated on a daily basis.

A - The amount of applicable credit is based on the date/time of request (received in office). B-C  redit transactions are not subject to service charges unless a future refund request is received for a previously “credited” program fee(s). C-C  redit use is at the discretion of the payee. D - Credit  cannot be given for class/session absences.

Cancellations 1. I f unanticipated school educational or athletic programming forces program cancellation, all registered participants will be notified (email, note on receipt, phone call, etc.). 2. I f inclement weather potentially forces program cancellations, all participants should call the 24 hour information line (414) 297-9008 to check on the status. (If the program is being held at a Greendale location, please call the Greendale Park & Recreation 24 hour hotline at (414) 297-9365.) 3. I f you have not been informed through the information lines or contacted by the Department, assume your activity has not been cancelled. 4. I f poor weather conditions develop within 90 minutes of the activity/event, report to the site if in doubt. Remember all sites are unique and activities may be conducted or modified. 5. O  nce at a program site, decisions concerning the cancellation or discontinuation of the activity will be in the judgment of the site supervisor/leader or game official. 6. Every attempt will be made to reschedule a canceled activity. Notification will be given to program participants.

Sales Tax Programs (non-instructional) and admissions include State of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, Baseball Stadium, and Exposition Center District sales tax. Registration Exceptions Programs are designed according to age and/or instructor/student ratios or level that will best benefit the student. Please do not ask us to exceed class limits, or put your child in the wrong age or skill level. Program Satisfaction Transfer Policy The department will do their best to accommodate your transfer request (move from one program or session to another). The following policy guidelines will apply: A - Transfer request for persons 17 years of age and under will only be accepted if initiated/authorized by parent or legal guardian. B - Registrants will be charged for program sessions that have been held prior to date of transfer request. C - Phone transfer requests will be accepted through “Time Out” dates. D - After designated “Time Out” dates, only in-person transfer transactions will be accepted at the Parks and Recreation office in order to ensure proper “new” program placement & confirmation. (Exception: swim lessons). Guaranteed! The City of Greenfield Department of Parks & Recreation is constantly striving to provide our community residents with quality public recreation programming. Our staff is confident that you will enjoy the variety of activities afforded to you and are dedicated to providing the quality experience you expect. We guarantee it! The staff guarantees programs will deliver the published expectations as described in our GREENFIELD RECREATOR activity guide. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a program, we want to hear your ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our services. If requested, a 100% refund or credit will be issued by simply contacting the Department office. Notes: 1) When applicable, requests made after the fourth (4th) session of a program would entitle the registrant/participant to a prorated credit or refund. Proration will be based on the number of sessions remaining as of the date your request is received in the office. 2) S orry, no refunds on class materials already purchased. Apr. 2019

(414) 329-5370 | 24-hour Cancellation Line (414) 297-9008



Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**

Summer 2019 Recreator  

Community Recreation, Parks & Service Guide for residents of Greenfield, Wisconsin. **UPDATED 4/30/19**