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JUDGE RUSSELL LECTURES ON "THE FINE ART OF L I V I N G " Life is a Choice, a Business and a Struggle and Yet the Greatest Thing in all the World. The third ''course" of the big dinner which Ralph Parlette promised us at the opening of the Lyceum this year, was served by Judge Rolland A. Russell a t Wood-Mar Hall, December 9 I His lecture was "The Fine Art of Living." Mr. Russell was, 1 for twelve years, judge of the


Coach Lewi$ During the basketball season of 1913-14 Pacific came within a very narrow margin of the championship of the basketball l e a g u e . This year we are starting the season with almost the same team, most of whom improved with last year's experience. The spirit of the team has been raised several degrees by the return this year of Emmett Gulley who held down the center position year before last. I believe that with the proper student support and the high grade of training and practice which the men seem to favor this year we have an exceptionally good chance of winning the league championship. R. W. Lewis, Coach.

probate court of the largest county of Illinois and has had abundant opportunities for personal observation on his subject. "The greatest work in all the world is man's work with man, because it involves eternity. If we lead a man up, how grand, but if down, how terrible! There are two currents in lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;with which shall we choose to g o ? " Life is a struggle. The greatest conflict in the world today is the struggle of the American citizen to master himself. "Living is a matter of business with us. Whatever profession a man chooses the most important question is still, which life shall he lead, the positive or the negative." "One sad feature of our lives is that we often nearly reach the point of dissolution before we acquire the art of living. It's a grand thing to paint a beautiful

picture but i t ' s a grander thing to live one." "Our country is a fairy-land, rich in beauty and possibilities, but it's people are a people of choice and, as a result, it is dotted with penitentiaries and almshouses." "It pays to investigate. We must study for ourselves the influences about us and our influence on our surroundings." CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE At a meeting called by Gale Seaman, November 29, a t Corvallis to which all the colleges of Oregon except McMinnville and Reed sent delegates, it was decided to unite the Student! Volunteer and the Religious Leaders' Conferences because of the number of conferences held each year. The conference decided upon

Schedule of Oregon Non-Conference Basket Ball L e a g u e At At At Newberg McMinnville Philomath p. u.... Phil Albany.. M. C P. C

Jan. 22 Feb. 11 Feb. 18 Mar. 3

Jan. 29 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Jan. 15

Jan. 14 Mar!' i Jan. 21 Jan. 28

At Albany Jan. 15 Dec. 17 Jan. 22 Jan. 29

At Forest Grove Feb. 10 Feb. 4 Mar. 11 Feb. 26

will meet in Corvallis, February 18, 19 and 20, and will be called a Ministry-Missions' Conference with the theme, "A Consideration of the World Wide Call for Christian Leadership." While the conference will be divided into two parts, the first part taken up with the Home Mission and the latter part with the Foreign Mission work, it is to be known as one conference with one purpose, that of promoting Christian Leadership. The students of Oregon are assured that the conference will be worth while for an excellent program is being arranged. How Capt. Replogle Says I t Never in my connection with P. C. have I seen such spirit shown as is manifest this year. There has been such consistent practice and training on the part of the squad that I believe the best teams in the state will know they have met a real basket ball team when they ' 'stack up" against us. Delbert Replogle, Captain, 1915-16.

Basket Ball: N. P. Dental College vs. Pacific, Dec. 18

merely for himself, will not go later was an original production to a Christian College. We will of snores and sighs sung to the Entered as second-class mail matter at will have to be good followers tune of an active newspaper, the the post-office a t Newberg, Ore. before we can lead. We will former a debate stated ' 'Resolved Published Semi-Monthly during the col- have to surrender our will. We that intercollegate athletics as lege year by the Student Body of should have convictions and no now played should be abolished. Pacific College, Newberg, matter what we do, we should "The affirmative was tali en by Oregon. do it for the glory of riod because Harold Hinshaw and the negative MEADE ELLIOTT, '17, Editor by Elmer Warner. No fellow in of our convictions. MARJORIE GREGORY, '19, Asst. Editor Pacific College can afford to miss HENRY KEENEY, '18, Business Mgr. Dec. 8 was a service of song. the next meeting. Be present PAUL ELLIOTT, '20, Asst Business Mgr. As a special, Walter Guyer sang, with an answer to the question, Raportera "He Leadeth Me, Oh Blessed "What Xmas has meant to me." ETHEL ANDREWS, '17, Locals. Thought." Prof. Hull directed. EMMET GULLEY, '17, Locals.


CLARENCE JONES, '16, Athletics. NORMA HARVEY, '17, Y. W. C. A. GEORGE PETTENGILL, '19, Y . M. C. A.

Ross MILES, '18, Agoreton.








December 1st, the Voluntary Study Committee took us on mental tours through India, Teims, $1.00 the Year in Advance. Africa and Japan, showing us the Single Copy 10c. needs of the people of these countries and telling of the good COMING EVENTS work being done. Miss Lewis Dec*. 17—Columbia River Views sang. December 8th, Zoe Hibbs lead, at Wood-Mar Hall. Dec. 17.-P. C. II vs. W. A. A. taking for her topic, "Hearing and Doing." Our attention was C. at N. H. S. Gym. Dec. 18.- P. C. vs. North Pacific called to the great number of times the words "hear" and Dental College. Dec. 22—P. C. II vs. Dundee. "do" occur in the Bible. Then Dec. 22.—Christmas Vacation the importance of acting upon the good impulses that come with begins, 4 p. m. Jan. 3.—Recitations Resumed. the hearing of a sermon, a lecture, Jan. 10.—Chemawa String or the reading of the Scriptures, was emphasized. Quartet MYRTLE THOMAS, '16, Trefian. HAROLD HINSHAW, '19, Exchange.

to the other fellow now its to you—you alone. "Obey that impulse." Sent it to C. J. Hosk i n s , T r e a s u r e r , Newberg. Thanks.

J. Huber Haworth, '07, to-•o*o*o*o*o*o#o*o*o*o*o*o*o gether with his wife and children, left Sunday the 12th for Whittier, California, where they will locate in the hope that the Watch Maker and Jeweler • change will be beneficial to Mrs. Complete Stock Holiday Goods • Haworth's health. Waterman Fountain Pens i The Alumni Association has been asked to give an entertainG R A P H I C BLDG ment early in the year for the benefit of the college Piano Fund. » * • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • » • • • • • • • * A SPECIALTY It is probable that a committee will be appointed to have charge I HOME MADE CANDY t A Full Line of Groceries of the arrangements at an early • date. { J. L. VAN BLARIC0M & CO.

Miss Eva Campbell, '15 and _ inmiMnwiit" May Queen in the festivities last June, is teaching this winter at Banks, Washington Co. Careful supervision and extreme Enimer A. Newby, '02, is now care is taken to make our products located at Corvallis where he is the cleanest possible. TREFIAN LITERARY SOCIETY The Crescent wishes you a in the office of the Corvallis Merry Xmas and a Happy New • NewbergCreameryCo. | Lumber Co. The Trefians gave their regular Year. program, December 8, in the An attempt is being made by Next Saturday evening occurs dormitory p a r l o r s . For the the Crescent management and our first Intercollegiate event of opening number Esther Terrell the Alumni officers to have this the year the first time that our and Ruth Hinshaw sang a duet, issue of the Crescent reach every Musical Merchandise present basketball team meets a "Fleecy Clouds are Floating By." member of the association whose PIANOS Alta Gemm then gave a very team from another school. On address is known. We want you good review of current events. this first game depends, more Music, Stationery, Etc. all to know that forty members perhaps than many of us know, The second chapter of the con- of the Alumni Association have 5 0 4 FIRST NEWBERG the record our team is going to tinued story was read by Mary responded to our appeal for the make during the coming season. Pennington and following this one dollar membership fees inWe as students want this record the society joined in singing the cluding year's subscription to CLEAN GOODS, PROMPT SERto be of the very best and we be- college song. The concluding this paper. We desire to take ' VICE, RIGHT PRICES lieve we have a team worth be- number was an autoliography by this means of thanking you for Phone oiden receive our best attention ing proud of, then it is "up to Dula Cook, which was excep- this evidence of your interest in • Phone Black 198 us" to turn out and show our tionally well written in rhymed our organization, our school and HANNING'S GROCERY loyalty, and our faith in their verse and very interesting. our paper. We felt like writing "The Busy Corner" ability. personal letters to each expressThe next program will be given To do this we need to know just a week later on Dec. 15, in- ing this appreciation but lack of •o«o*o*o*o*o»o*o*©*o*oeo*o the yells and songs, learn them stead of at the regular time a time forbids. Please accept this t as such. Also if you know of and then come to the game with week from the latter date. } any items of interest to members the determination to do somePHYSICIAN AND of the Alumni drop a card to the thing. When the yell leader AGORETON SOCIETY Alumni editor. It will be grateSURGEON trysto kick over the "pep can" help him out by giving it a kick Who would say t h a t t h e fully received. Now a word to \ Office in t h e Dixon Building yourself. Show your spirit. "gents" literary society is not you other sixty or seventy mem- » N e w b e r g , Oregon "Come and shout and we'll all an organization that moves ever bers. What excuse have you to shout with you, if you've got a onward? We appreciate the ac- offer? If you have any, we will grouch, just leave it at home." t ive aggressive work of the ex- be glad to receive same. Is not A. M . D A V I S D e n t i s t ecutive committee. From all ap- our proposition a fair one? Is Office over Ferguson's drug store one dollar a year too much to ask pearances the treasurer means Y. M. C. A. NOTES for our dues and this paper for Phone Black 37 103 1-2 First Stbusiness when he passes out to one year or is it because you each man his program of absence. Dec. 1, Rev. C. 0 . Whitely led with the following thoughts: We can not all be members of the don't care ? We would rather believe it is just because you negSelfishness is one of the great executive committee, but we can lected i t Now please won't you sins of the world today. We try all help the present committee by sit down and sent it in before to help ourselves and no one else. "cashing in" before we spend all you forget it again? We're goJBWELEH Trivial questions will settle them- that Christmas money. ing to expect some response to selves if we settle the question, The two most important num- this final appeal so please don't "What is worth while?" The bers of the last meeting were the disappoint us. We're not talking EYE-SIGHT SPECIALIST man who goes out after things debate and the soliloquy. The

! Butter, Ice Cream §


I Kienle & Son


C. A. Morris


A RED LETTER DAY Prominent Senior Has Varied Experience. "The longest day comes soon to an end."—Pliny. DRAMATIS PERSONAE.

Jones, a senior Himself "Wifie," another senior Himself Golly, husky antagonist Himself Upperclassmen, underclassmen, preps, profs., spectators, etc...Themselves Young ladies Themselves Scene I Men's Dormitory Scene II Dormitory, Campus, City Streets, Suburbs Scene III Springbrook Bazaar

W. Lewis' proteges was very gratifying to the fans present. Every man on the team showed up well. The line-up was as follows: Pacific College—Hinshaw-Elliott, r. f.; Replogle, 1. f.; Gulley, c.; Miles, r. g.; (Jolcord, I. g. Business Men—Van Atta, r. f.; P a r k e r - V a n B l a r i c o m , l.f.; Spaulding, c.; Dudley, r. g.; Gait, 1. g.

and join in the attempt to "rouse the natives." However soon her i A complete showing of dignity was likewise forsaken and f Holiday Goods, Christfar outstripped together with s mas Toy Games, StaMiss Harvey in a foot race. IS t i o n e r y , Candies, Etc. Numerous other events having transpired all finally arrived in town filled with vigor and health and covered with mud. Every- » • » • • » » • • • • • • • • • • » • • • • • » » » one pronounced the hike a sucWe send home everycees and R. H. D. a good social committee notwithstanding. thing but the dirt


Emerson said, ' 'Who has more obedience than I masters me, Rev. Aron M. Bray was a col- though he should not raise his lege visitor December 9 and spoke finger." Have you ever wondered at the subtle compelling SCENE I. at the chapel service. power of some silent person} Jones—common name, that; uncomRoss Miles. '18, spent the week There is no presumption there, mon chap, this. Saturday, December 11,—just an ordinary day? Perhaps so; end Dec. 10-12 at home in Salem. no swagger, no braggadocio. He perhaps not. In this case, the latter. Most of the students attended rings no sounding brass to proBy the combination hangs a tale. the public music recital, given by claim himself your superior. Yet It all started in a bit of domestic inwhile you are inwardly commentfelicity. How sudden and unfo-seen the advanced pupils of the Music ing upon his lack of initiative, he Department, Monday evening, are these little squalls on the sea of life! How quietly they slip upon us Dec. 6. It was thoroughly en- has mastered you, and your comment changes to reverence for only to break over our heads with dev- joyed by all. his leadership. Men trust those astating fury, and leave us changed (D. R. at dinner, to H. H.) who can obey. Men fear the forever! How it started not even the near relatives know: it was suddenly "Pardon me." physician who can not heal himin their midst without warning—Jones (H. H. dreaming) "What was self. This seems to be the secret in flight, "Wifie" in pursuit, A well it, the butler?" of the mysterious forcefulness of known authority states that "the high The seniors have succeeded in the silent leader. To be sure the hills are a refuge for the wild goats." Well, Jones i&n't a wild one; just the having a representative in chapel sounding brass has its place in ordinary domestic variety. Besides the every time for the last two leadership, but the cardinal force in leadership is within. It is at hills were far away and "Wifie" was close on his heels. But a refuge was weeks. once silent and dynamic. It is near. He bethought himself of the Say! do you realize that next consistent. It exemplifies what topmost recess of the closet. There Friday, Dec. 17, the N. P. D. C. it commands. lay safety. Jones soon lay there, too. basketball team will be here? It is a mark 'of truly great minds that they can harbor but one thought at a •This is the first big game of the time. Jones didn't think about how he season and your presence, pep Get Your Fancy Boxes would get out of the closet; he was and yells are needed. thinking about getting in. He got i n Do you think you would enFROM clear in—all in—down—and out. But joy midnight lunches? From the the last two came later. "Wifie" was armed; he had a door key) More than odors that floated through the that, it was the exact "key to the halls of the boys' dormitory one W I L S O N S KITCHEN situation." It fit the lock. The place night last week someone does. of refuge became a prison. For particulars enquire of R. M. »»•••>••••••••••»••••••••« Soon "Wifie" relented, as good or H. H. Shoe Polish Shoe Laces 4 "wifies" sometimes do. But the lock Miss Lewis was absent from wasn't ready to relent yet. The key was obdurate—it no longer fit. Alas! school several days last week on When in need of a "bow" for 4 Domestic grief can be measured only account of sickness. your Oxford shoes come and see us i LOCALS

I N e w b e r g Steam Laundry >»»•••»••••••••»•••••••••• O*O*O*O*O*O*O«OAO*O*O*O»O*


108 College St.

» • • • • » • • • • • • » • • • • • • • »• • • • • •

P. F. Hawki ns I DENTIST Office over First Nat. Bank Q0QOOODCbC>OCHaC«K«X83OC8Ke500g


THE ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP Ladies' waiting room

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School books, stationeryLowneys candies, Camera i and photo supplies. Guaranteed developing work at the lowest prices. THE REXALL STORE 303 First Street Phone Black 106


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Girls, Take Notice ]

by anger of the same brand. "Wifie" raved, but it availed nought. " H e " invoked, imprecated, same result. " H e " JUNIORS TRAMP AND RETRAMP almost became unhinged. Friends and "Pass the "dogs" Norma!" neighbors intervened, and this distress"Where are the weiners, Robert?" ing malady was transferred to the "Didn't you bring them?" offending door. Exit the prisoner. "Why I thought you had them." Reconciliation scene. Exeunt omnes. "No one wanted weiners anyway." Quiet. Such is a likness to the con(Scene II will appear in the next nun.ber.—Ed.) versation of the juniors as they



500 First Street

Newberg, Oregon


Newberg Auto Company


College and Second Sts. W. ft. Ballard, Prop., Successorto S. A. Mills



The Gem Barber Shop %



4& WARD,




with their chaperons gathered • • • < " "PACIFIC DEFEATS BUSINESS MEN" around a smoky fire at the •MADE IN OREGON" "Zenith" of their tramp up Chehalem mountain on the eleventh. In the second practice basket ball game of the season, played The disappointment it seemed Friday evening, Dec. 3rd, thesame near making Emmett G. PENNANTS AND PILLOW T O P S . GENTS' FURNISHINGS O R D E R E D ON SHORT NOTICE. CLEANING <& PRESSING varsity had little trouble defeat- "peeved" due to the large ing the Business Men's team by amount of wind he had wasted on HOD SON <& ELLIOTT an entirely useless fire but presa large score. 70S First Street Phone Green 118 ently he was pacified with a well Although the former stars were hopelessly outclassed in done bun." every department of the game, One interesting feature on the they put up a stiff fight and way to the mountain was the atplayed a fast game. tempt of Meade K. to lead a The varsity five showed much real live dog astray. Another improvement over their play in was the almost desperate state of Also Coats, Suits, Dresses and Waists the game against Fernwood, a mind forced upon Miss Sutton A Good Line of Xmas Goods Cheap week previous. The consistent by the tendency of the other CORNER FIRST AND BLAINE NEWBERG. OREGON Chap" to forget his dignity team-work shown by Coach R.





Parlor Pharmacy

We are duly thankful to Mrs. Hodgin for overcoming Prof. Hull's excuses of bashfulness and his consequent visit to chapel on November 30. It was next best to visiting San Francisco, to hear his descriptions of it, especially of the hotels and restaurants- The dinner, taken at an I t a l i a n b o a r d i n g house, sounded interesting but it's doubtful how many of P. C.'s faculty and student body would care to have the same experience.

Why not give her a box for Xmas? There is nothing so good as our fresh Chocolates. Anything else in t h e Xmas line you want —Toilet Sets, Persian Ivory Goods, and in fact everything t h a t a lady would desire. Make our place your headquarters for Xmas goods. Come and look them over. E. W. HODSON, Pharmacist Phone White 35 Newberg, Oregon " W E NEVER S L E E P "

United States National Bank NEWBERG, OREGON

Capital and Surplus . . $75,000.00 Accounts of students, faculty and friends of Pacific College invited. : Interest on Savings

i W E INVITE YOU to o p e n u p a c h e c k i n g a c c o u n t w i t h that n e x t remittance from h o m e .


CHRISTMAS YELL Rah! r a h ! r a h ! Z i p , boom, wow! Come to LARKIN-PRINCE— come right now. Get ALL your presents for Christmas time; They've got 'em for a dollar and they've got 'em for a dime; Real, classy gifts, t h a t will make your friends smile; We want your business NOW, and we want it all the while.

"Do you get up early or late?" Mrs. Hodgin told us that early rising means beginning the day with a victory. Who gets up y MILLER MERCANearly is master of himself and TILE CO. his surroundings but he who rises \ » The store t h a t sells H a r t , Shafflate, is mastered. j" ner & Marx Clothing, Utz & On December 3, Prof. Weesner * Dunn, Florsheim and Nettleton Shoes, Royal Worcester and Netold us something of the different \i mo Corsets. theories of light. Prof. Lewis' chapel talk on Dec. 4, was on the traits of Daniel, which everyone of us \ 7fewberS 9/?eai Co. § f.fcsdfl 'should imitate more. i Ham, Bacon, Lard j Aaron Bray had charge of Sausage and all kinds of Fresh chapel on Dec. 9. He spoke of *f and Cured Meats. Fresh Fish the progress of Friends in the i and Oysters in season. Phone Blue 129 $ last fifty years, which has been ? 621 First St. v accomplished largely by the 0OC«8»»aOOOO«OO0Cfl5OOOOOOOO<5 "speaking" method.

Cook With Lightning YAMHILL ELECTRIC CO. "It S e r v e s You R i g h t "



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In a fast and hotly contested game last Friday evening, Dec. A complete line of Ladies and Gents Furnishings llth, the college second stringers defeated Springbrook Athletic GREEN WHEELER SHOES FOR WOMEN Club, 29 to 11. STAR BRAND SHOES FOR MEN The first half was rather slow, You will find in our Grocery Department the Best of Good Things to Eat neither team being able to get started in their team work. In the second half the play was faster and considerably rougher. Near the end of this half, Edwards was disqualified for having more than the maximum number When you want Job Printing of any of fouls called on him. The seconds had it over Springbrook kind, leave your order at the old remore than the score shows, and liable printery and you'll not regret it missed many good shots. With a little practice they will be able to put up a more consistent game. This is the first game of the league and each team will play one game a week from now on, our rext game being with W. A. vacs3FXwxw <rfrmm: A.. C., December 17th. 1 OREGON^ H A R D W A R E J ^ ^ The line-up: P. C. Seconds—P. Elliott-PetFORD AUTOMOBILES AND FARM IMPLEMENTS tengill, F; Jones, F; Nichols, C; Edwards, G; Guyer, G. Always patronize Crescent advertisers. We'll appreciate it Springbrook A. C . - F . Mills, F; V. Hadley-Newhouse, F; M. Mills, C; Shires, G; V. Rees, G.







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J. c.


DENTIST Office over U. S. Nat. Bank Phones: Office Black 171, Res. Red 36 a n a I T i*i a I T r i ^ i T n T i > r i s > i * i t \ i * i s l i * i > n

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Will supply your needs for EXCHANGE the table. Phone in your orders White 49. Corner We are glad to hear from the i First and Maine Sts. McMinnville Review and to be N. C. CHRISTENSON assured that they are still on the map. Better late than never. ••••••••»••••••••••»»•»••*>

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