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Linfield Entry State Forensic Contest Winner "American Optimism," Theme Discussed in After-Dinner Speaking Contest Jack M. Baker of Linfield college won first place In the fourth annual After Dinner Speaking Contest of the Intercollegiate Forensic Association of Oregon, which was held in t h e Newberg Friends church, December 8. Mr. Baker's subject, a subtoplc to the general heading, "American Optimism," was, "Those Great Fundamental, Unshaken Values." During his speech he said that "few of the really fundamental things of life have been affected by the depression," and "most of the things that were swept entirely away were superficial." For that reason, he said he believed that the spirit of American Optimism at the present time is not only justifiable but very desirable and necessary for speedy recovery. Oregon State College, represented by George Robertson, speaking on the subject, "Everything's O. K.," won second place. He showed that such indiscriminate optimism is far from desirable and t h a t American optimism should not be substituted for active opposition to vicious forces "working to undermine politics and religions, two of the most won(Continued on page six)

T. W. C. A. CABINET ATTENDS CONFERENCE AT WILLAMETTE The T .W. C. A. cabinet spent Saturday, Dee. 9, at Willamette University in conference with cabinet girls from Albany and Willamette. Campus problems were discussed during the morning session. During the afternoon an inspirational two day conference for small colleges, to be held at "Willamette during the early part of February was planned. The theme of the conference is to be the meaning of Y. W. C. A. on campuses and how to make T. W. C. A. more vital in the lives of college women. The discussion leader will be Dr. Clarkson of Willamette.


All old students of Pacific are invited and earnestly urged to attend the Old Students' Reunion which will take place Friday night, December 29. According to Ralph A. Moore, president of the Old Students Association, the program will be: 7:00 P. M.—Basketball game, P. C. Ararslty vs. Old Students. 8:30 P. M.—Business Meeting. ' 8:45 P. M.—Program.

NEW MEMBERS DO WORK AS PART OF INITIATION INTO LETTERMEN'S CLUB The number of members of the Gold " P " , lettermen's club, was augmented by 13 when the informal part of the initiation was administered last Saturday evening-at the gymnasium. Believing that something constructive should be done, and at the same time having something that would really be an initiation, the Gold " P " club set its initiates to work cleaning and doing constructive work about the gymna-

BACHELORS ORGANIZE; (Continued on page three) ELECT OFFICERS AND MAKE BANQUET PLANS DELEGATES. GIVE REPORT ON ECONOMICS CONFERENCE Pacific college bachelors have formally organized for the first time in the On December 7, in the Y. W. room, history of the school. At the first meet- the International Relations club enjoyed ing of the new club, Thursday fore- one of the most interesting sessions noon, December 14, the following of- this year. The delegates to the recent ficers were chosen for indefinite terms: economic conference gave reports on First cook (president), Angus Henrick- four lectures and their respective tason; second cook (vice president), Virgil ble discussions. Hiatt; third cook, Elwood Egelston; Howard Richards spoke on the "NRA first dishwasher and secretary, Howard as an Instrument of National RecovRichards; second dishwasher, Clayton ery." The basis of his report was a Hicks; first drier, Wlllard Hehn; and speech given by Mr. S. H. Blalock, second drier, Ben Leuthe. It is still northwest district administrator of unsettled In the minds of the group NRA. Bernice Coppock then reviewed whether these officers are practical, ex- an address, "Russian Economic Recovecutive or honorary. ery Program," delivered by Mr. Bert A banquet, to be held In the near G. Mitchell, former T. M. secretary in future, was briefly discussed. Due to Russia. "German Economic Policy," the fact that this is the time of their given by Dr. Walter L. Reinhardt, Gerpre-Chrlstmas fast, the Bachelors de- man consul in Seattle, was the topic cided to set the time of this proposed of Helen Arney's report. The last rebanquet ahead to some evening early view was t h a t of an address, "International Organization and Economic Nain January. Besides the officers listed above, the tionalism," by Dr. Linden A. Mander, club claims the following membership: professor of Political Science in the UniAlfred Boyer, Harvey Campbell, Ken- versity of Washington, given by Maisle neth Fowler, Alfred Funk, Rex Hamp- Burt. At the end of each report, the ton, Charles Henrlckson, and Wendell club entered Into informal discussion of the topic. Morse.

JERICHO'S WALLS A blare of trumpet and the beat of drum Showed that the chosen people had come Inside the barriers of Jericho's wall And caused its cold, gray stones to fall. Just so 'tis happening in our day; The chiming bells of Christmas say: "Oh, hardened walls of the human heart, This is a place from which cheer must start! Forget your indifferences, selfishness, greed, Peace on earth, good will to men heed; With trueness of heart, ask the Savior above To make this Yuletide one filled with true love. When this is done, you will truly believe To give is more blessed than to receive." —By Dorothy Balcom.



Student Body Play "The Tinker" Wins Audience's Praise Performance Will Be Repeated Tuesday Night for Ladies Auxiliary Benefit "The Tinker," a three act play of the Christmas season, by Fred Eastman, was presented by the student body of Pacific college on Saturday evening, December 9, to a well filled house, and in response to many requests will be repeated a t "Wood-Mar Hall on Tuesday evening, December 18, as a benefit for the Woman's Auxiliary of Pacific college. The title role was played by Ernest Pearson who, as the Tinker, entered the troubled home of the Whitney family at the beginning of the holiday season and finding that they, like the grandfather Clock he had come to repair, had to be taken apart before they could be put together again, he contrived it all, bringing to them the true spirit of love and Christmas giving as he made the old clock run again. His quaint speeches were full of homely philosophy and a loving concern for the people who had forgotton family and friendship and kindness in their mad quest for money and social success, and in his gentle way he brought a broader vision not only to the Whitneys but to his audience as well. (Continued on page six) CHEW AND CHATTER CLUB MEETS FOR FIRST TIME Boys, girls, be careful, the royal order of the Chew and Chatter club has been organized and the charter members have already convened. The seven members (all of the fairer sex) met at at the home of Mrs. Don Larimer on Friday evening, December 15, and took the solemn vows of meeting every Friday evennig at the stroke of eight, in the House of Secrets to report the choice bits of the week. Use discretion, there may be one of these sleuthing creatures just around the corner. If, by any chance, you are summoned before this sage group, by all means make your appearance or else—you may be sorry!

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Published bi-weekly during the college year by the Student Body of Pacific College, Newberg, Oregon. Editor _ Blwood Egelston Associate Editor Virgil Hiatt Business Manager, Helen Lou Povenmire Advertising Manager Bob Wehrley Circulation Manager Ernest Pearson Adviser „... Prof. R. W. Lewis

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News Editor Marjorie Seely International Relations Mary Brooks Sports _ Delmer Putnam Treflan Marguerite Nordyke Chapel Louise F r a n k Exchanges Ray Hansberry T. M. C. A. Wendell Morse T. W . C. A. Ruthanna McCracken Dormitory Violet Braithwaite Artist Eva Hart REPORTERS Una Hicks, Howard Richards, R u t h Felton, Ruth Wilde, Elizabeth Clemmens, Eldon Bush, John Dimond Entered a s second-class matter at the Postofllce a t Newberg, Oregon. Terms: 60c the year. n

COMING FORENSIC CONTESTS With the completion of the After Dinner Speaking contest, there remain three more forensic events this year in which students with any public speaking or oratory aspirations should be Interested. There is, first, the Extemporaneous Speaking contest. In this contest t h e general toplm and several sub-topics are given in advance so that preparation may be made. Then three hours before the contest each entry draws a topic and in the time prepares his speech. Then there is the State "Old Line" contest in which any subject may be used. The only restriction is that it be not over 16 minutes in length or approximately 1600 words. Probably the most Important contest In respect to the reward received for the work is the Peace contest. This speech should not be over 15 minutes in length and must definitely deal with •the problem of Peace and how Peace may be accomplished. In this contest there are prizes of $26, $15 and $5 awarded each school's three highest contestants, provided there are six or more in the competition. Anyone interested In these contests should start to work soon, and there is no better time than the Christmas holidays. Speeches of the nature of those to be used in these contests cannot be prepared over night but require a good deal of time and careful preparation. Although it is over a month till the first contest, it will pay to get going on the speaches right away.

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For Novelties and Prizes for Parties come to VINE'S VARIETY STORE HELP WANTED Here we find what Helen Leonard believes a series of notes between Dorothy Dix and her correspondent might possibly say. In her explanation Miss Leonard says, "I wrote this just a s simple mindedly a s I could—one would have to be simple minded to write to Dorothy Dix." Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a girl of eighteen years. I am reasonably good looking, have several accomplishments and am considered a good pal. Here is my trouble. I am in love. The object of my affection is a young man of twenty-five. He Is extremely charming, good looking and agreeable. He says he loves me and we a r e happy, at times. It Is wonderful when h e is around, but how can I keep him around enough? He has what is known a s a wandering foot, and that foot is always leading him away from me. But it always brings him back. How can I stop his wanderings? Unhappy. Dear Unhappy: My .suggestion would be; sometime don't let your young man wander back. Forget him for a while. Go out with someone else. D. Dix.

Dear Miss Dix: I have tried your suggestion and it has caused considerable trouble. My young man, Hubert, caused a frightful scene when he saw me at dinner with another man. Now Hubert won't speak to me. Tell me, kind adviser, what shall I do? Really Unhappy Now. P. S.—The other iellow was awfully nice. R. U. N. Dear Unhappy: You must call your young man up. Tell him you will be happy to return t o his side if he will only stop his wan"THE TINKER" AGAIN D. D. Many people saw "The Tinker" and dering away. really enjoyed It. It Is being given again for the benefit of the Ladies Aux- Dear, dear Dorothy Dix: iliary. This organization is one that Again I have followed your advice, is vital in t h e successful continuation but my lover feels that he has been of the college, but it needs help so it abused. He says be cannot be happy can do those things it wants to do. now that he knows I have gone with Let's show the ladles we are back of someone else. them in the same way we did t h e stuDannie, the main who took me out, dent body and have a large crowd here called on me and apologized for any tonight! part he might have had in that frightful scene that Hubert caused. Tell me, We noticed in the last edition that dear Miss Dix, how can I make HuJean Gardner wouldn't smoke Old Golds bert understand that it is he I love. Poor Unhappy. 'cause there wasn't a cough in (Coffin) a car load. We wonder how Dorothy Morse stands. Would she walk a mile MissMiss Dix: You did not answer my last note, but for a Camel (Campbell)? I want to tell you, I am to be married. Hubert forgave me. We observe that maybe there ought Not Really Unhappy. to be a park bench In the stack room Dear Little Unhappy: of the library. I a mextremely happy for you. Re-

member, dear, be faithful, loving and forgiving and your marriage cannot fall. I knew that showing him you had other admirers would make him realize the precious gift he had in your love. If ever again he wanders, use t h e same policy and he will return. Best wishes. D. D. My Dear Miss Dix: W h a t a n awful mistake I made. In my excitement I must have been very Incoherent. It is Dannie that I am going to marry. Happy. PEERING AT PACIFIC (By the brother of the "Gentleman a t the keyhole") The old soak—Pardon me, I meant sage of Pacific, observed this notice on the bulletin board: "Students Are Assigned as Follows to Members of the Pacific College Faculty as Their Faculty Advisors." Well, now, it sure looks like we was havin' a new deal. It took the members of the P . C. faculty a mighty long time before they'd admit that they needed us as their faculty advisors, but now that the die is cracked, I'll bet we can be of a lot of help t o them. The main trouble with faculty advisors is, usually, that the faculty won't take their advice, but, now they're going to take It and like it. This proves to me that Pacific is right up to the minute. We hope there will be NO REFUSAL of Advice. When it comes to grades, u s scatterbrains have known for a long time that "we're due our part." This assignment kinda segregates the sexes, though, I suppose the faculty had just admitted that a woman's advise ain't worth takln' by a man, and probably vlcy versey too. Now t h a t prohibition has been repealed, I suppose the faculty feels they is goin' to be needing some extra moral support. That's the only kind any of us kin provide anyway. If this idea works, good times are sure to come back, our grades will ba Inflated, and t h e faculty will become a regular brain trust;—that is, If they just take note of everything new they see on the test papers. Yes, sir, they'd sure learn a lot. This is just a little gift 'in our sock, but we're glad they're turnin' over a new leaf. Selah. There is no one who knows quite so much about how a thing should be done as the fellow who doesn't know anything about It. The less a man knows about a matter, the more free he is with his advice. What silly people they are who spend money they have not yet earned on things they don't need to impress people they don't like.



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Don't tell the dormites "there ain't no Santa Claus!" As formerly, we are planning to have a Christmas tree in the parlor and decorating it with popPACIFIC WOMEN LOSE corn, ornaments, etc. The freshmen are OPENING VOLLEY BALL the victims for the job of Christmas getting and as Allen is "the boy," GAM ETO REED 42-23 ittreelooks as though he is elected. W e are also looking forward to the Dig The P . C. volley ball team lost its Christmas dinner we are going to have opening volley ball game to Reed 42-23 on Monday evening, and maybe we will in a contest full of pep and spunk, on get little gingerbread men again as we the Pacific floor, Thursday afternoon, did last year. Dec. 14. We celebrated the twins' birthday The women, during the first half, used Wednesday night—meaning Audrey and the soft Reed volley ball, to which was I Lera. We had loads to eat and also attributed a score of 22-12 favoring Reed cracked loads of jokes during the meal. at, the half. During that first half the Did "Mamma Carter" approve? Also, P. C. girls did not seem to have any why did "Pappa Coffin" set such a pertoo much life and seemed to believe fectly good example? Afterwards we they couldn't play with the soft ball. played games, ate popcorn, and had a The hard ball was used during the good time in the parlor until time to second half and their spirits showed leave. a decided improvement, although Reed We also have a new boarder now; scored 20 points to Pacific's 11. Ruth Wilde whom we are very glad The P. C. team, having had a couple to welcome and hope she will enjoy of weeks of hard practice with some belonging to the big family. very good competition, has improved We are going to be scattered far and many per cent over what it was two wide during the Christmas vacation. weeks ago, and will undoubtedly show Miss Gould and Lera a r e going in the the Reed women a much better strug- direction of Seattle; Ruth Wilde to Vangle when they meet again. couver; Rachel to Salem; Audrey to The players on the team are: Garnet Linnton; and Allen, Gene, Mary Brooks, Guild, Elizabeth Aebischer, Isabella Wil- Mary Collver and Violet to Portland. son, Marguerite Nordyke, Rachel Pem- Miss Carter is the honored one, having berton, Jean Gardiner, "Violet Braith- so many invitations she does not know waite, and Pearl Kivett. The substi- which to accept. She has been invited tutes are: Helen Leonard, Marjorie Lew- to five homes in Portland but, she only is, and Eva Hart. laughs at t h e suggestion. Well, Merry Xmas, everyone, and THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS Happy New Year You've all had your Christmas stories Of sox hung by the chimney with N E W MEMBERS DO WORK care; AS PART OF INITIATION But in these sad days of depression INTO LETTERMEN'S CLUB Just how are you going to fare?

"Visitor (speaking of the little boy): "He has his mother's eyes." Mother: "And his father's mouth." Child: "And his brother's trousers."

By Debner Putnam

BASKETBALL SQUAD IN PRACTICE GAMES SHOWS IMPROVEMENT Pacific college may not have the best basketball team in the history of the school this year, but It will have one of the youngest. Seven out of the ten men reporting daily to Coach Emmett Gulley are freshmen. Two juniors and a senior complete the roster. The lone senior on the squad is Carl Sandoz, now playing his fourth year for t h e Quakers. Eugene Coffin and Elwood Egelston are the duo of juniors. The rooks Include Jodie Eggers, Ralph Scarborough, Louie Sandoz, Herald Welch, Allen Hadley, Ned Greene and Delmer Putnam. An entire team of rooks started the opening practice game of the season here against Linfleld college December 8. The Wildcats won 42 to 28, but the first year men showed promise of bright things for the future. The Quakers missed shot after shot in t h e first period, but the Wildcats were equally eratic and the session ended even Stephen at 6 to 6. A couple of Henry Lever's younger stars, Brown and Harrington, regained their eyesight In the second stanza and Linfleld grabbed an 18 to 8 lead. In the third period the Wildcats sang the bell five times for 10 points before Pacific could find the range. The Quakers rallied brilliantly in the last 15 minutes of play, but the big Linfleld lead was too large to overcome. Brown led both teams in scoring with 14 points. Roy Helser, a teammate, garnered four field goals for eight counters. The Sandoz brothers paced Pacific in scoring, but Allen Hadley played a splendid floor game. The Quakers looked pretty ragged against the Newberg Townies Tuesday night, although they swamped Joe Wilson's brigade of hoopsters 56 to 32. Pacific ran the poorly conditioned Townies off their feet in a second half outburst that gave the Quakers a commanding lead. Joe Wilson and Dot Wohlgemuth starred for t h e losers. Pacific played its best basketball of t h e season at McMinnville Thursday night, but lost to a strong Linfleld college five 82 to 28. A desperate last quarter rally by the Quakers fell two baskets short of tying the score. Coach Gulley's men missed enough cripple shots in the first half to win a dozen ball games, while Arnol Neely, Phil Brostrom and Paul Durham, the three aces of Henry Lever's smooth working combination, were potting long and short shots from all over the court. The halt time score favored Linfleld, 18 to 9, and the Wildcats increased t h e lead to 28-14 as the third session collapsed. Durham and Neely did not play in the second half. However, In the final heat the Blue and Gold staged one of their now famous last minute do or die rallies and almost closed the gap before the game ended. The Quakers showed a decided improvement in their defensive play and ball handling against Linfleld, but how those boys did manage to elude the basket! Coach Gulley believes that this deficiency can be remedied by more practice. Be loyal to your school and buy "Pacific College" stickers. I t pays to advertise. Miss Audrey France was honor guest a t a round of dinners and parties a t Linnton and HiUsboro this weekend. Ask Audrey the occasion!

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We're at school, away from our papas (Continued from page one) And our checks' now come few and sium. slow; During the course of the evening the Though we pinch and we scrape for step-seats, the border of the gym floor, every dime, the outer room of the girls' dressing The money still seems to go. room and the men's dressing room were Now, aunty, she needs a new tooth- swept and mopped, the clothes closet in brush; the equipment room was finished, and Bernard would like a toy drum; several other repair jobs were done. And Joe would be tickled to death with The neophites were then lined up and a pen; two rounds *of spats were given each. But where will the money come from? Raw meat in long strips (commonly Should we write a line to the president? known a s rattlesnakes) was then cooked, There are thousands, they say, that more or less, on the ends of sticks, he feeds, after which buns and chocolate were for Christmas And 'twould take but five dollars or so served, to be eaten while the teeth were To cover my Christmas needs. Look Your Best sharpened on the meat. A number had second helpings of meat. I tell you my mind is a quandry; Duart . $3.75 Those initiated into t h e organization 1 can't eat; I'm all upset. were: John Dimond, Ned Green, Herald Leon Oil $2.50 Last year I had faith in old Santa, Welch, Cal Hicks, Jodie Eggers, Paul But this year they say he's all wet. Shampoo, Wave, Ringlet Ends Abner, Leonard Vincent, Allen Hadley, —R. Wilde. Kenneth Fowler, Harvey Campbell, Ben BLUEBIRD BEAUTY SHOP Luethe, Delmer Putnam, Louie Sandoz, Phone 207W Newberg PLAY GIVEN AT TREFIAN MEET and Wendell Morse. The new members had charge of the Treflan Literary Society Wednesday, December 13. As was fitting for the last meeting before vacation, the theme carried out was "Christmas." Capital, Surplus and Profits $150,000.00 The first number on the program was a vocal solo, "Star of the East," by Accounts of students, faculty and friends of Pacific College invited Helen Lou Povenmire. The next numINTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS ESTABLISHED 1889 ber was a short one act play taken from part of "The Byrds Christmas Dinner." V. * Mrs. Riggles, portrayed by Dorene Larimer, was giving her ten children, who had been invited over to the Birds for WISHING EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND Christmas dinner, some lessons in manners, until, as one of them declared MOST HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR that they were so full of manners they wouldn't be able to eat any dinner. Following the play, Rachel Pemberton played a piano solo, "The Silent Night," and Mary Collver read a ChristGeneral Gasoline mas story, "Mary Lou Decides." The "BOB" HARRIS 'DINTY" MOORE HARRY BEATY lust-number on the program was two poems read by Mary Brooks.

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PLANNED MISTJLE-TOE HUNT ENDS IN GAMES AND FUN AT WOMEN'S DORMITORY (Ruth Wilde) Although hearsay has it that the inhabitants of Oregon are equipped with webb feet, the twenty-four students that assembled at the girls' dorm Sunday afternoon for the scheduled hike were Inclined to .think that webb feet were not quite adequate equipment for a storm of that nature and gladly stepped into the gaily decorated parlors of Canyon Hall rather than to set forth in search of dripping evergreens and mistle-toe. There were three, however—yes, three brave souls who ventures forth into the teeth of the storm, that Pacific might not suffer the humiliation of a mistle-toeless Christmas. And to these three. Garnet Guild, Elizabeth Aebischer and Una Hicks, we bow low in gratitude. But If you think that a little bit of rain dampened the spirit of the day, you are all wrong. Once the heavy door shut them away from the raging elements the disappointed hikers gave no more thought to the misfortunes of the weather, but started indoor activities, with a group of high bidding Rook players at one table, a crowd engaged at anagrams and checkers at another, and a band of supple young ladies in the center of the room (down on all fours) attempting to roll three little balls onto a game board. This sort of parties may not seem very thrilling to the outsider, but the"y are lots of fun and we sincerely hope that the whispers we heard concerning another such party were not just idle plans, but will soon materialize and that those delicious refreshments will hold out till another time. MX FIRST ROMANCE (If you want to find who wrote this, ask your friends. They may not know either. If everyone were as observing of his own conduct as the author of this story is, what a world it would be!) My first romance struck me like a thunder-bolt and passed off like a recuperation from the measles. Sally's folks moved into the empty house across the street, and the second day afterward I was desperately in, love with their daughter. I got a job from them to mow their lawn, and spent most of the time in the back yard where Sally spent the same amount of time taking care of a few flowers. I don't see how I was able to land that job, for I had never mowed a lawn in my life before. Perhaps Sally did a little "electioneering" for me. Before I knew Sally, I looked with disgust on those whom I saw courting. Whenever I saw a couple walking down the street, anger would well up within me, and I would "thank my lucky stars" that I was able to control myself, and I knew better than to display myself in such an unsightly manner. But when she came into my life, everything was changed. Everything seemed to favor her and me; the birds sang for us alone, the flowers bloomed for us alone. The rest of the people were unimportant, they didn't need flowers to look at, nor birds to sing, nor stars to look at, nor beautiful paths to walk on. Especially appealing to me were Sally's beautiful blond curls. They hung around her head in a fashion suggesting an angel, if you can picture an angel with curls. Then her soft eyes just drew me to her, and my love for her rivalled a negro's love for watermelon. We were very happy for a long time, in fact, we were fanatically devoted to each other. I saw where I had made a mistake about girls. They were not such bad characters after all, but very



Professor Macy gave a talk on the "Preparation of the World for Christ's Reverend Rarrick of the local M. E. Coming" at the T. M. meeting Decem- i church gave a talk in chapel December ber 6. He gave the historic background I 7, called "The Use and Misuse of Powand the trend of religious thought at er." tie stated that power has always the time of Christ's birth. Mankind, he been with us, but has not always been said, was seeking after a new way of used. Man has now seized upon, and life,—was seeking God; and God was | handled the power of God. Electricity, seeking man. Conditions are much the I gas, etc., all represent this power. The same in the world today, said Mr. Macy. United States has more power than any There is the same need and the same other nation in the world. seeking, both on the part of man and We are going through an economic, on the part of God. political, and character crisis. The sellRev. Carl Miller, pastor of the New- ing of influences has caused much of berg Friends church, addressed the T. this. If Americans struggle against M. December 13 on "The Need of Je- each other for power, our democracy sus in the World Today." He reviewed will be overthrown. One of the greatest tests of civilizathe financial situation, the crime situation, the liquor situation, and the vast tion is what the strong do to the weak. If our intelligence is spineless, power amounts spent for armaments and luxuries, declaring the great need for Jesus will run wild. The transforming of powand His principles in each case. He er will do away with human greed. expressed the the need of Jesus at the The misuse of power and science Peace Conferences, and the need of Him comes when people believe in science to teach men to love one another in but doubt God. Rev. Rarick closed, saytheir homes as well as in their church- ing, "He that cannot rule his soul is es and religious organizations, but first, like a city with broken down walls. and most of all in their hearts. He that can rule his soul is stronger than he who conquers the city. Mrs. Fury lived well up to her married name. Following one of her outAlexander Hull presented a short probursts her husband asked: "Helen, how was it I never discovered this trait of gram in chapel on Dec. 11. The first yours during our courtship days? How number was a song by the schooKchorus entitled "Noel." The whole student did you restrain yourself?" "Well," replied the Mrs., "I used to body then united in singing several go upstairs and bite pieces out of the Christmas hymns. Veldon Dlment closed the program by singing a German artop of the oak dresser." rangement of "Fairest Lord Jesus." Acordlng to Cupid's directory in the Read the advertisements in The Cresfront of Sherk's History book, the school cent and decide from among our adveris in a terrible mess. tisers the places where you will buy your Christmas gifts as well as anyIf there were a hen that laid two thing else you need. The ads represent eggs a day, all the hens would eventu- business and professional people who ally standardize up to that. are making possible The Crescent. Our advertisers have anything you may nice. I was ready to give advice to want and at any price you wish to anyone, for I knew all about it. pay, so help those who are helping us. After a long time, I noticed one day that Sally didn't look like she used to. Sherk: "What would you like, dear?" She had a few more freckles on her Millicent: "Well, I'd like some fruit nose, and she had big ears. I tried to make myself believe that I was just cocktail, some cavier, an order of frogs' dreaming, for she was surely the same legs, some fruit salad, a sirloin steak as she was before. After a while her smothered in mushrooms, a large lobvoice grew rather cold and snappy. Of ster, a demltasse and some pie a la course her voice didn't change, but it mode." Sherk: "That ds all very well, but, seemed so to me. It was just different. Why didn't I notice it before? I didn't now, what will you have?" know, and I didn't try to explain It. The more I thought about it the more it troubled me, so I though about it less and it troubled me less. Of course I still walked to school with her, for she always waited for me, but I failed Pianos, Norge Refrigerators, to bring her flowers any more. I didn't Radios, Everything Musical notice it and neither did she. She was 604 First Street Phone Blue 23 evidently going through the seme development I was, and each of us cared less each day. If she dropped a book, she picked it up—and expected to. She actually got on my nerves once in a while. She walked more like an old cow than a human being, sauntering along. I would walk around the block to keep from meeting her. Her nose was now turned up and peaked. Her beautiful blond curls were actually mixed with brown, and they were almost straight. One time I gave her a saucy reply and she refused to speak to me for a long time, and then only for your on business. All this time I cared less and less for girls, actually realizing that they CHRISTMAS DINNER were fickle and no good. I realized it was no use to pay any attention to DELUXE them, for one never gets anywhere. Of course I knew I was right, for hadn't I had experience with them? Yes, I knew all about it, and didn't hesitate to give advice to any other young man Who I thought might be embarking upWe Deliver Phone 66R on such a dangerous and useless journey.

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"Hart's for Parts" Expert Repairing — Fine Tow Car Plymouth and Dodge Cars Phone Green 4 813 First St. HART MOTOR CQ.

Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year

Wesley Boyes& Son J. C. Penney Co. Inc. The Home of Values

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