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THIRD PLACE IS GIVEN HULLS CONCERT AS LAST NUMBER ON LYCEUM HOOPSTERS'RECEPTION TO PACIFIC'S ORATOR COURSE EXTREMELY PLEASING TO AUDIENCE PROVES HUGE SUCCESS E. B. U. Wins First Place in Old Line Oratorical Contest Miss Mildred E. Choate, Pacific College's orator, w a s awarded t h i rd place in t h e a n n u a l contest of t h e I n tercollegiate Oratorical association of Oregon held a t the Oregon Normal school a t Monmouth on Friday , March 13. Miss Choate was placed eighth on the program , which was a handicap, because of the restlessness of t h e audience, and she competed with splendid orators, some of whom have had considerable experience in public speaking. Her oration was entitled, "Child L a b o r — A Nationa l Problem," and dealt very ably with this subject, being in substance a plea for legislation prohibitive of child labor. F i r s t place in the contest was won by Mr. J. E a r l Ladd of Eugene Bible university, whose oration was entitled, "Beyond t h e F o g , " having as its theme t h e virtues of n a t i o n a l solida r i t y . Mr. Ladd is a forceful speaker, being a minister of considerable experience, and there is no question b u t t h a t he r i g h t l y deserved the place he w a s awarded. Mr. Leland Chapin of W i l l a m e t t e university took second place with the oration, " T h e Greater J u s t i c e , " dealing with the history of civil law. Mr. F r a n k Brodersen of Pacific university, whose oration, "Progress of Civilization," w a s centered about t h e peace movement, the outl a w i n g of war, and the world court, was awarded fourth place. The r e m a i n i n g orations in t h e order of their r a n k w e r e : " T h e Spirit of J u s t i c e , " concerning moral ethics, and individual responsibility in law enforcement in t h e United States, given by Mr. J a m e s Johnson of the University of Oregon; " T h e F o o t p a t h of Good Will," a plea for peace and a suggestion for its realization on t h e foundation of common education, by Mrs. Dorothy Sellers of Oregon Normal School; " F e et of Clay," which had as its central t h o u g h t the foolish choice of men, and which held two splendid contrasts, one between Christ and the Caesars, and a n o t h e r between Napoleon and Joan of Arc, delivered by S t u a r t P a g e t t of Oregon Agricultural College; "A Promise Unredeemed," a cry for Philippine independence, given by Pedro Cachopero of Linfield college; and "Gand h i — A World Challenge," which as t h e title suggests, had for its subject t h a t magnificent Hindu character, Mohandas Gandhi, was given by Mr. Alva Laws of Albany college. The intermissions were pleasurably taken up w i t h musical selections by t h e Oregon Normal school orchestra and double q u a r t e t, and by Miss Alma Van Koughnet, vocal soloist. At the banquet following t h e contest a very interesting toast program was presented, t h e order of which was as follows: " T h e Trend continued

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A large and appreciative audience witnessed the last numbe r of this year's lyceum course which w a s presented by the H u l l s on Tuesday evening, March 10, a t Wood-Mar Hall. Professor Hull, vocal and 'cello, and Mrs. H u l l , piano, were assisted by R u t h Holding, H e r b e r t Owen, Orville Stalcup and Clifton P a r r e t on violins; Mrs. C. W. Grenfel, vocal soloist; and Mrs. Blythe Cramlet on the 'cello, who also played several piano selections. The following prog i a m was given: Menuet Bach F l y i n g D u t c h m an Wagner Orchestra All for You Martin Drumadoon Sanderson Come to t h e F a i r Martin Vocal—Professor Hull Tempo di Minuetto Zanella Theme w i t h Variations, Paderewski P i a n o — M r s . Blythe Cramlet Farewell to Summer Johnson A F a i r y wont a Marketing, Goodhart Vocal - M r s . C. W. Grenfel Recitative and Air from L a k m e . . Delibes Vocal --Professor Hull Two Romances — The Doubt Glinka The L a r k Glinka Orchestra

Valse Triste Sibelius ; 'Cello—Professor Hull Love's Coming Tours There's a L a r k in My H e a r t . .Spross Vocal—Mrs. C. W. Grenfel Do Ole A r k ' s a Moverin' Guion T h e Lady P i c k i n g M u l b e r r i e s. .Kelly Vocal—Professor Hull Lente Rischer Berceuse Rischer The Flatterer Chaminade Orchestra Special commendation is due to Mrs. Grenfel for her vocal solos and Mis. Cramlet for her piano selections which contributed largely to making the program a success. There were other numbers prepared for t h e program which could not be given because of t h e repeated demand for encores. In the responses to these encores the audience was especially pleased w i t h " T h u m b M a r k s " s u n g by Professor Hull and "Designs " by Mrs. Grenfel. Professor and Mrs. Hull can justly receive t h e praise of their audience for thei r splendid production; and the work of t h e entire company w a s a credit to their efforts. T h a t the community has learned to appreciate the H u l l s was shown by the fact t h a t the largest single ticket sale of the entire course occurred for thei r number.

Pacific College Squad Loses Last Two Basketball Games of the Season F e b r u a r y 28, in t h e Pacific college gym, the Tooth-Pullers took the second game from Pacific's men. Though Coach Michener w a s absent Swak showed his ability to manag e a team. The contest w a s one of t h e most hard fought battles in t h e history of Pacific. The Dentists, as we all know, have a team of which most a n y institution could brag. They are good clean players, and " k n o w their stuff." Of course P . C. has a team of which any small school could b r a g b u t the Dentists are simply out of her class when it comes to basketball. With the Rassier b r o t h e r s as offensive men and t h e rest of the team equally as good at defensive and floor work, they seem to have a p a r t n e r s h i p with t h e score board. The fact t h a t the Dentists have such an excellent team does not mean t h a t they took t h e game as easy as t a k i n g candy from a baby. The game w a s fast from s t a r t to finish. T h e ball went like l i g h t n i n g and the referee had to watch very closely. The first half ended w i t h a score of 24 to 7 in favor of t h e Dentists. The second half was equally as good if not better t h a n the first in the respect t h a t Pacific's offense went into play a g r e a t deal more t h a n usual. Woodward found t h e hoop twice from the field and four times from the foul line; P. Brown found it once from the field and so did Lienard. Swak found t h e opening once from t h e field and once (Continued on page four)

Pacific's last basketball game of t h e season was played on t h e Linfield floor F r i d a y evening, March 6. The game was fast and comparatively clean, and Pacific's team work showed up well t h r o u g h o u t the game. Their failure in this game as in all the others of the season was in their inability to hit the hoop. The Wildcats played a good game and showed up well both in team work and in shooting. Wilson started the scoring for the Wildcats and P u g h , Konzleman and F l u h a r t y showed up equally well in shooting. At t h e end of the first half the score stood 15-8 and Linfield held a lead t h r o u g h o u t the game, 15-19 being the closest the Quakers came to t y i n g the score. Captain Swak, play'/ing' his last basketball game for t h e Blue and Gold, showed some excellent g u a r d ing. Pacific will lose one of t h e strongest defensive men in the conference when Swak g r a d u a t e s this June. E r n e s t played a consistent game a t g u a r d, this being the first time he had worked w i t h the first s t r i n g . Both teams called time out frequetnly and t h u s slowed the game up a trifle. Our team h a s n ' t won very many victories this season, b u t nevertheless the boys have fought h a r d in every game and have played the game in a most sportsmanlike manner, and have left no h a r d feelings with any team they have met. A great deal of credit is due Coach (Continued on page


Micheners Provide Novel Entertainment for Basketball Squads On S a t u r d a y evening, March 7, was t h e reception given by Coach and Mrs. Michener in honor of t h e basketball squads. I t was open to the public and a large number enjoyed the affairs of t h e evening. On their arrival the guests were entertained with guests in Room 14, the main a t t r a c t i o n being a basketball cross word puzzle. Next they were piloted to t h e a u d i t o r i u m where an original one-act comedy w a s to be presented by t h e J u n i o r s of t h e college. There were hushed whispers of a wedding. T h e scene opened w i t h an original poem read by Miss F l e t a Leland which depicted the v a l i a nt fight waged by Mr. P. C. Basketball the whole season t h r o u g h to gain consent to m a r r y Miss Victory. At the s t r a i n s of t h e wedding march (Barney Google) t h e bridal partyi entered and the ceremony proceeded in all solemnity, w i t h t h e exception of a n occasional foul o n t h e yell leader, until t h e minister called for objections "or forever hold your peace." At this point in rushed Mr. N. P. Dentist, Mr. Linfield, Mr. Albany and his umpire and Miss Monmouth with shouts of "Time out," "I'll have my r e v e n g e ! " "Miss Victory is m i n e ! " " I won h e r by t h e skin of my t e e t h ! " A terrible b a t t l e proceeded until the minister forced them to quietness and orderly objections were heard. These objections bore such w e i g ht with Miss Victory and Mr. P. C. Basketball, t h a t in due consideration of their antagonists t h e y decided to w a i t until next year. Miss Victory then t h r e w her bouquet to Captain Swak and the c u r t a i n dropped. The cast w a s : Miss Victory Mr. P. C. Basketball

Iris H e w e t t

Alfred Everest Minister H a r l a n R i n a rd Yell Leader and Best Man . . . . W a l t e r Cook Song Leader and Bride's M a i d . . Olive Terrell R i n g Bearer Helen Nordyke Score Keeper Fleta Leland Time Keeper Nina Johnson Miss Monmouth . . . . M i l d r e d Tucker Mr. N. P. Dentist Albert Reed Mr. Linfield Albert Windell Mr. Albany . . . . Wendell Woodward Umpire Homer Hester This was followed by an original song in t h e form of a duet by Olive Terrell and Helen Nordyke, and several i n s t r u m e n t a l numbers presented by t h e Holding trio. The next n u m ber on the program w a s a two-oct comedy, " T h e Red L a m p , " given by the Academy Third Years. The curtain rises showing William W o r t h who h a s secretly entered t h e Deering home in search of food. The scene of invasion is broken by t h e appearance of K e n n e t h Deering, whom W o r t h wins as a confidant by telling him tales of South America, the land of K e n n e t h ' s dreams. At the appearance of A u n t Mathilda, (Continued on page four)

be consoled for the d e a t h of his ary. This he did and in so doing and decided to leave h i s peace- found peace and c o n t e n t m e nt THE CRESCENT mother, ful home and t h e serenity of t h e val- the inspiration for which he had

College Students are Always Welcome at THE EEXALL STORE Lynn B. Ferguson

Entered as second-class mail m a t t e r ley and seek his fortune in the busy sought in vain on Calvary and in the world outside. Before he left, how- Garden of Gethsemane. a t Postoffice at Newberg, Ore. ever, his father gave him a beautiful and costly pendant, the gold of Y. W. NOTES PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Published Semi-Monthly d u r i n g which represented joy, t h e gems Mrs. P a r k spoke to the Y. W. C. A. t h e college year by the Student friends, and t h e alloy sorrow, and i girls in their meeting on March 4. V / Body of Pacific College, Newberg, told him t h a t there was one jewel, She gave a very interesting account more costly and beautiful t h a n all of t h e life of a missionary in Burma. Oregon. the others for which he must seek, The p a r e n t s of Mrs. P a r k were misGEO. WARD'S BARBER SHOP and when found it would appear on sionaries to the m o u n t a i n tribe s of CRESCENT S T A F F t h e pendant . Satisfaction Burma, and she spent t h e first ten Editor in Chief Ivor T. Jones All t h r o u g h his life Cadmir sought [years of h e r life there. Guaranteed Associate E d i t o r . .Mildred E. Choate for the Richest Jewel. He made Although a hard life as is usually N E X T TO YAMHILL ELECTRIC F a c u l t y Advisor. .Prof. R. W. Lewis many friends, and many times he t h e lot of missionaries, it must have t h o u g h t surely he had found t h e been very interesting. REPORTORIAL Mrs. P a r k s. > Society Rachel Lundquist Jewel, b u t a l t h o u g h jewels repre- Isaid t h a t it was not hard to b r i n g s e n t i n g friends, wife and children I Christianity to these people because Sports Floyd Lienard appeared upon t h e the of a legend they had. They t h o u g h t Chapel Glen Brown Richest Jewel was stillpendant, lacking. At ' they had once possessed a book t h a t Personals Mildred E. Choate last, however, he found t h a t which FRANK B. LAYMAN Specials Hilma Hendrickson surpassed t h e love of fath'jr, mother, told them how to live, b u t had lost it. W h e n t h e Bible was b r o u g h t to Y. M. C. A Wendell H u t c h i n s wife, children; fhe love of God. This Attorney-at-Law Y. W. C. A Edri s Raycraft he realized w a s t h a t Jewel for which them they were glad to accept it as CITY H A L L Trefian Bernice Newhouse he had sought, t h e love of God, t h e t h e book they lost. T h e meeting closed with a prayer Agoreton Charles Beals Pearl of Great Price. and t h e benediction. Academy R u t h Campbell • • * MANAGERIAL The oration "Child L a b o r — a NaWednesday, March 1 1 , Y. W. C. A. Business Mgr Sanford L. Brown tional Problem," was presented to was opened w i t h a prayer by Mr. Mc- FOR THE EASIEST SHAVE Circulation M g r . . . . Stanley Kendall t h e s t u d e nt body by the college oraand most up-to-date Clean. After t h i s we were given a tor, Mildred Choate, on March 12, very i n t e r e s t i n g report on t h e Stuh a i r cut go to T e r m s : $1.00 t h e Y e a r in Advance. and won g r e a t approval. dent Volunteer conference. Mildred * * • JAMES McGUIRE Single Copy 10c. Tucker told of who went, people of March 10 P r e s i d e n t P e n n i n g t o n interest they met and saw, some of OPPOSITE T H E POST OFFICE and other read a very s t r i k i n g article entitled the t a l k s they heard, EDITORIAL " P a l e s t i n e . " A certain American t h i n g s of interest. It made such an F o r some time Pacific has needed had longed from his earliest boyhood interesting report t h a t those who someone to uncover h e r l a t e n t p e p — to journey to t h e Holy Land, and h a d n ' t gone wished t h e y could have CREDE'S MARKET everyone h a s noticed it and m a n y t h e r e in t h e land where Christ had been there. Professor Lewis s a n g a Our Specialty: have remarked about it. The chapel lived and t a u g h t , get an inspiration very beautiful sacred song. period of Friday, March 5, showed and a stronger u n d e r s t a n d i n g Our own m a k e of s u g a r cured of in great measure t h a t t h i s someone Christ and His teachings. In t h e hams, bacon and bacon backs, TKEEIAN had been found; t h e student s came course of time he became wealthy lard and all kinds of sausage. An interestin g program on t h e across with better yelling t h e n t h a n and a t last his desire w a s to be fulQuality and Service Counts they have produced for many moons. filled. H e could visit those places N o r t h American I n d i a n s w a s presented at Trefian L i t e r a r y society on It's w h a t the old school has needed endeared to him from t h e Bible: March 1 1 . The life of t h e I n d i a n s t h e brush the " s a n d " from her eyss. Bethlehem, Gethsemane, Calvary and of today was portrayed by Edris RayConcerted yelling and concerted pep Christ's tomb. W i t h great eagerAn Electric Washing Machine in general m e a n s more L.) t h e "life" ness and expectation he set sail and craft, w i t h a picture of a w a r dance t h a t she had seen and other Indian makes LABOR DAY a pleasantry. of a college t h a n a n y t h i n g else we arrived in Palestine. 'customs. The characteristics of Inm i g h t name. But rooters need a It was a holy day when he arrived | dian music, or t h e imitation type Electric Supplies & Contracting leader to show Lhem how to express t h e i r enthusiasm. We have the best and m a n y people had come to visit I which is known best, were described Company yell k i n g in t h e conference now, so t h e tomb of Christ, but instead of |by Helen Holding. "It Serves You Right" quiet worship and reverence he A piano solo, "Olama," w a s next let's back h i m up and express some of our pent-up emotions; and if he found strife, fighting and confusion. Played by E t h l y n Root. Mildred Tucker t u r n e d over h e r " s p r i n g s " some novel ideas, let's give Wonderingly he t u r n e d away and Literature to him every o p p o r t u n i t y to p u t them w e n t out to the hills to visit w i t h subject of Indian t h e shepherds, b u t as he neared them Florence Lee, who told t h e queer across. J. C. PORTER & CO. he perceived t h a t t h e y too were legend of t h e " T h u n d e r Bird," beGeneral Merchandise q u a r r e l i n g a m o n g themselves. lieved by a few old Indians of t h e Your p a t r o n a ge appreciated CHAPEL NOTES W i t a troubled h e a r t he returne d Olympic region. Cadman's I n d i a n love song, " T h e In the first part of t h e chapel to t h e city, and on t h e streets met PHONE BLACK 28 period of Tuesday, March 3, Mary ragged beggars and lepers crying Land of t h e Sky Blue W a t e r , " s u n g Elliott gave some i n t e r e s t i n g facts t h e i r w a r e s in s t r i d e nt voices. Naz- by Miss Lewis, w a s followed by a concerning t h e magazines on t h e Pa- a r e t h was squalid, sordid and u n i n - 1 discussion of t h e Indian problems To illuscific college librayy's sub,script|ion spiring, no one seemed to agree on before our government. list. T h e r e a r e about fifty maga- t h e site of t h e Mt. of Transfigura - / t r a t q these, Olive A r m s t r o n g read an FAIR VARIETY STORE zines and papers afforded by our li- tion, and with a s i n k i n g h e a r t he ' article entitled " R e d l a n d ' s B u r d e n . " Wallace & Son b r a r y , t h e total cost of whllch decided to spend a n i g h t in t h e Gar- | After t h e critic's report t h e meeting a m o u n t s to approximately one h u n - den of Gethsemane and see if it was adjourned. dred dollars. Among these maga- not possible to come close to Christ * * * We sell everything in Notions zines t h e " A m e r i c a n , " " T h e Liter- t h e r e in t h e place where He had Trefian L i t e r a r y society will give Come in and look around a r y Digest," " T h e Nationa l Geo- known sorrow. But as he sat alone a public e n t e r t a i n m e n t in Wood-Mar g r a p h i c , " and " A s i a " magazines a r e in Gethsemane he heard cursing hall Thursday, April 2. Two come- v J t h e most p o p u l a r ; b u t there are camel drivers and careless flippant dies, "Martha's Morning," and countless o t h e r s just as valuable Americans passing, impervious to the " W h e r e B u t in America," aside from which a r e slighted. sanctity of t h e spot which was so good musical numbers and readings, C. J. BREIER COMPANY There are t h r e e main reasons why i m p o r t a n t in t h e life of Christ. As will be given. I he sat t h e r e the American was sorely Everything in Men's Furnishings magazine r e a d i n g is i m p o r t a n t in t h e s t u d e n t ' s life: First, the3e tried, Christ seemed far away, aloof Y. M. NOTES at Reasonable Prices magazines contain materia l for sup- and unreal . The " Y " meeting on March 11 was CLOTHING SHOES p l e m e n t a r y work in a n y curricular Persevering however he made his led by Charles Beals. He took as his course; second, they keep t h e stu- way to the place where Christ had subject "Tracing the Scarlet d e n t informed concerning the march said, " F a t h e r forgive them, for they T h r e a d , " and proceeded to discuss of c u r r e n t events; and third, maga- know not w h a t they do," and t h e r e the various references to blood and zine r e a d i n g can be made a very on Calvary he found, not inspiration its a t o n i n g power t h r o u g h t h e enKEENLE & SONS wholesome and s t i m u l a t i n g recrea- and s t r e n g t h , b u t d r u n k a r d s. tire Bible. This meeting was very PIANOS tion. interesting and w a s wcjrthy of a H e a r t b r o k e n and w i t h illusions Magazine readin g is too valuable dispelled he left t h e unholy Holy much large r a t t e n d a n c e . Musical Merchandise to be neglected; stolen time, if nec- Land and went back to New York, * * * MUSIC, STATIONERY, ETC. essary, can h a r d l y be too costly for years older in appearance. Years Robert S h a t t u c k discussed " P r a y 504 F i r s t St. Newberg, Ore. this indulgence. I. T. J. passed; a prosperous business man e r " before t h e Y. M. on Wednesday, / D u r i n g the chapel hour of March he had gained w e a l th and affluence March 4. He brought out t h e fact v 5, Mrs. Michener gave a very inter- b u t still t h e r e remained the longing t h a t we do not go to our heavenly office F a t h e r enough in p r a y e r ; and t h a t esting r e a d i n g by Shirley Holcomb, and doubt. S i t t i n g in his alone one night t h e r e came to him when we do we do not have faith entitled " T h e Richest J e w e l . " T h e r e a d i ng told of a family who a vision of Calvary and the sacri- enough to believe t h a t our p r a y e r s lived in a beautiful land known as fice which had been made there, and will be answered. t h e "Land of t h e Shining River." he decided to give up his home and * * * All was peaceful and happy u n t i l the position in the city and t a k e his wife (Let's have all the men a t the m o t h e r of t h e two children. Iris and who was failing in h e a l t h and be- meeting Wednesday. It is to be Cadmir, died. Cadmir, who could not come an humble settlement mission- election next of officers.

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Pacific college had a representation of eighteen s t u d e n ts a t the State Oratorical contest, besides Mildred and Miss D u n g a n. Those going as delegates were: Mary Elliott, Florence Lee, Hilma Hendrickson, Esther Haworth, Retha Tucker, Floyd Lienard, W a l t e r S t a n b r o u g h , Wendell Woodward, and Ivor Jones. Those going as " o r d i n a r y civilians" were: Helen Holding, R u t h Holding, Rose Ellen Hale, R u t h Campbell, Wilfred Crozier. Robert Shattuck, Robert Holding, P h i l i p Haw o r t h , Wendell H u t c h i n s and H e n ry Beard.

* * *

Miss R u t h Holding was one, of the m a n y who were delighted by F r i t z Kreisler's concert In P o r t l a n d Wednesday evening, March 1 1 .


* »

R a c h e l — " I heard a g r e a t racket and woke up and found Eugene singing."

* * *

P h i l i p H a w o r t h , who was graduated with t h e Pacific academy class of '24, recently returned from sunny California, and a l t h o u g h he c a n ' t be back in school, it's good to see him a r o u n d again once in a while, anyway.

* * *

I n the local Peace oratorical contest Miss Olive Armstrong won first place a n d will represent Pacific in the main contest to be held a t Pacific University on April 10. The other contestants were H a r l a n Rinard, whose oration was "Success of Passive Resistance," and Miss Esthel Gulley, who gave the oration entitled, " T h e Church Faces a Crisis." The judges were C. F . H i n s h a w, Mrs. J. A. Hollingsworth and Mr. Raymond H o l d i n g .


* »

A n u m b e r of college and academy s t u d e n t s were present a t a banquet last T h u r s d a y evening given by the Ladies' Aid for t h e members of t h e F r i e n d s c h u r c h choir. The regular choir practice was held a t 6 o'clock and at 7 o'clock they repaired to the dining room where sumptuous t h r e e course d i n n e r was served. Lively conversation prevailed throughout the evening, and after the singing of songs f i t t i n g to the occasion and t h e giving of nine r a h s for the cooks, t h e guests departed. The game between Pacific Academy and Oregon I n s t i t u t e of Technology showed t h a t it took t h e Academy to put t h i n g s over in basketball. At first t h e Pacific men did not seem to be able to find the basket for they shot four times in succession from their own foul line w i t h o u t a score, b u t thei r pep soon overcame t h i s difficulty and they had r u n up the score to 14 to 4 by the end of t h e first half. T h e sceond half saw t h e P o r t l a n d team playing b e t t e r basketball, b u t t h e i r form did did not equal t h e fight of their opponents as far as scores were concerned T h e lineup: P. A. (26) (16) O. I. T. Terrell F Huntington Sweet F Mulligan Elliott C Seiglinger Kendall G Hemphill Hester G Day S Taylor Referee, Wolfe


Sherlock's Restaurant

Atwater Kent

"Good Goods"


Linfield O. N. S O. A. C W. U U. of O * * * P. U I v o r — " L e t ' s see. It was ten E. B. U miles to Monmouth when we were Pacific back there three miles, so it's only I Albany six now."

" H e r e a drop, there a drop, E v e r y w h e r e a drop, drop. Here a break, there a break, Everywhere a break, b r e a k ."


No, of course we do not believe in supersititions, b u t why did that black cat have to r u n across the road in front of R e t h a and Floyd last F r i day morning? The bunch t h a t went C. A. M O R R I S to Monmouth In Mr. Hanville's car Optician—Jeweler is sure t h a t their experiences are due to t h a t black cat and the. date. At one o'clock, Ford and passengers were buzzing r i g h t along, fully expecting to reach Monmouth in plenty of time for t h e business meeting. A few miles this side of Rickreall, there was a sudden emphasis BIG EATS FOR on the buzz, and all of us piled out LITTLE MONEY to see w h a t ailed the blessed Ford, hoping it was b u t a m o m e n t a ry disability. But whence all this volume of w a t e r flowing down t h e road? Ah, trouble indeed! The a r m of the CITY MEAT MARKET fan had loosened up, one blade had "The Home of Good Meats" broken off and had punctured the radiator and one of the hose connecDeliver before and after school tions. Then t h e fun began. Phone Red 66 Blessings on t h e man t h a t first MOORE & SON brought a sense of h u m o r into t h e world. Wendell H u t c h e n s w a n t s a petition sent in to farmers down the line to get thei r pumps repaired befor time for a n o t h e r trip so he won't For Good Things to Eat I pump all day and get no water. Ivor Van's Grocery Can't Be Beat so relieved a t finding a new hose Mrs. Michener—"Does every sen- felt connection in the car he hurled t h e tence contain a subject and predi- old one far into a neighborin g field, J. L. VAN BLARIC0M. cate?" Phone Green 114 b u t when he found the new one was Philip H.—"No, ma'am." miles too big his joy turned to a n x Mrs. Michener—"Pleas e give me iety as he set out to search for the an example." broken one. (n. g. He found it.) P h i l i p — " A forty-day sentence." The sweet smiles t h a t W a l t e r S t a n - Watches Jewelry Clock3 brough and H e n ry Beard sent us as they sped past cheered lis up to furE. G. REID ACADEMY SOCIAL t h e r action, though t h a t w a s not of On t h e evening of F r i d a y t h e 13th much m a t e r i a l aid. Watch and Clock Repairing Floyd's musa spirited group of young people tache deserves t h e prize. It p u t s All Work Guaranteed g a t h e r e d a t t h e college building in both H e n r y 's and Phillip's in the 906 F i r s t St. Newberg, Ore. room 14 to enjoy a real "good t i m e . " shade. Wendell still w a n t s to know t To s t a r t t h e evening off r i g h t music if Mr. Hanville always carries an was played and songs were s u n g af- e x t r a Ford a r o u n d w i t h him. Mary ter which such games as " l u n g ca- Is going to apply for a job of coat pacity," " p o p u l a r i t y , " "tee h e e , " rack somewhere for she got such Black 122 Office Green 2 "London bridge," "living a l p h a b e t , " good experience on this trip. She "puppies fly" and "empt y c h a i r , " e n t e r t a i n e d us by telling jokes she DR. H. C. DIXON were played with much enthusiasm. w a s n ' t saving for t h e toast program. P a r t n e r s for the evening were DENTIST Half a mile out of Rickreall we chosen by descriptions, t h a t is: as each, girl entered her description was had to h a l t for repairs a n o t h e r time, immediately written on a slip of pa- so Floyd and Wendell began practicper, and when t h e time came each ing for track, and ran to Rickreall CITY GROCERY boy present was handed a slip by and back to get new hose connections, since two of the old: ones were which he was to find his lady. Call Black 231 for Fresh Fruits by t h a t time passe. It must have When all were seated delicious rean inspiration to them to hear and Vegetables and Your freshments were served, after which been us sing, "Speed away our bonny, Grocery Wants a clever s t u n t was presented by S t a n - bonny boys." While they were gone ley Kendall and W i l b u r Elliott, and we profitably spent our time work714 F I R S T S T R E E T all bade good night. E. R. ing a cross word puzzle out on t h e front fender. Ivor believes in carPACIFIC'S ORATOR TAKES THIRD r y i n g one around with him in case of an emergency. Never mention (Continued from page one) EVANS PLUMBING Ivor's notebook to Florence. Her job w a s to keep all notes on all COMPANY day;" Mr. W a r r e n H. Day (Will- b l i g h t sayings wafting around, but amette). t h a t note book w a s never in th;> "Idols," Miss Mary K. Elliott, ( P a - r i g h t place a t t h e r i g h t time. Some 311 First Street cific college). Linfield folks told us a t the banquet "Curious Customs in America," t h a t they saw us stalled near RickMr. Leonard Alley (Pacific U . ) . reall, b u t t h a t we all seemed to be "Oratory and American Ideals," h a v i n g such a good time they decided not to stop. P e r h a p s t h a t was one Mr. Oscar A. Brown (U. of O.). Toasatmistress—Miss Dortohy Jo- of the times we had just had some h u g e samples of R e t h a ' s cake. You hansen (O. N. S.). Below are given the complete r a t - would have looked happ y too. The Finest in Radio ings made by t h e judges. (The F i n a l l y we reached Monmouth numbers in parentheses are t h e r a n k LEWIS RADIOPHONE WORKS ings, and the numbers opposite are about five o'clock. It took us only / the grades given by each j u d g e ; the four h o u r s to make the forty rails v schools a r e in t h e order in which trip. Nevertheless, it -was a relief i " ii _ i i •• ii i • when Ivor remembered t h a t it would they appeared on the program.) no longer be F r i d a y the 13th when Mr. McBride who acted as one of he would be driving home. the judges, is one of the justices of t h e supreme court of Oregon. i Patronize Crescent advertisers. I. T. J. T h e track e n t h u s i a s ts are busy about the college and from all appearances Pacific will have a t r a c k team to e n t e r in the W i l l a m e t te Valley conference meet a t Linfield college in May. A v a u l t i n g pole and discus have been u n e a r t h e d and a r e now being used by prospective t r a c k ers. In order t h a t all t r a c k ability may be discovered, an inter-class track meet is being a r r a n g e d for t h e afternoon of March 20. The following events will be featured: 100 yard dash, shot-put, 220 yard dash, high j u m p , 440 yard r u n , broad jump, half mile run, pole vault, mile r u n , half mile relay. It will be a t r i a n g u l a r meet w i t h the teams a r r a n g e d as follows: Seniors and Sophomores; J u n i o r s and F r e s h m e n ; and t h e Academy. W i t h the exception of t h e half mile relay all teams will be allowed two representatives in each event. A first place will count 5 points, a second place 3, and a third place 1. The meet will s t a r t promptly a t 4 o'clock and the events will t a k e place in the order named. D. W. M.

Judge McBride ( 8 ) | 85 (6) 88 (7) 86 ( ) 90 (3) 91 ( ) 90 (1)100 (2)194 (9)] 74

Judge Clark (5) 87 (7) 85 (8) 83 (1)100 (4) 88 (3) 92 (2) 95 (6) 86 (9) 82

Judge Parker ( 8 ) | 86 ( 3 ) | 95 ( 5 ) | 93 (2)1 96 ( 6 ) | 90 ( 7 ) | 88 (1)|100 (4)j94 ( 9 ) | 77

Final|Final Grade R a n k 258|(8) 268(6) 262(7) 285(2) 269(5) 270(4) 295(1) 274(3) 237(9)

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DR. JOHN S. R A N K I N Physician and Surgeon Office Phone Black 171 Residence Phone Green 171 Office over U. S. Nationa l Ban k

E. C. B A I R D GENERAL MERCHANDISE We appreciate your p a t r o n a ge Phone Red 37

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School Supplies and Stationery H. A. Cooley, P r o p r i e t or

In t h e Associated Student Body elections held on March 2 t h e following- were elected to office: President H a r l a n Rinard Vice p r e s i d e n t . . . .Marion Winslow Secretary Hilma Hendrickson Treasurer Robert S h a t t u c k Editor of Crescent Ivor Jones Associate Editor . . .Mildred .Choate Business Mgr Sanford Brown Circulation M g r . . . .Stanley Kendall Property M g r . . . . Marie Hester Forensic M g r . . . Wendell Woodward Yell Leader Wendell H u t c h i n s Song Leader Carl Crane Secy. Old S t u d e n t s' Association. . Olive Terrell Representative on Student Loan F u n d Com Floyd Lienard AGORETON Agoreton is actually alive now. Two meetings have been held, arr a n g e m e n t s for a constitution have been made, and officers have been elected. Meetings a r e being regularly planned for every other week. JOKES Wendell (after one of t h e numerous s t a r t s ) — " I had a cap a few m i n u t e s ago, will you please w a i t while I r u n back a n d get i t ? " * » * M a r y — " A r e you slow or fast now?" F l o r e n c e — " N o , I set myself." 3



M a r y — " S h e is quite a likeable girl." Wendell —"Yes, we likeabled h e r . "

CAMPBELL'S CANDIES ALWAYS THE BEST sees t h e light of t h e red lamp. The red lamp has come from South America a n d, so W o r t h says, brings good luck. A u n t Mathilda is going o u t to tea and h a s made a r r a n g e m e n t s to place t h e red lamp in t h e window so her hostess will know when to put t h e tea w a t e r on to boil. Alice, aided by Annie, t h e maid, feigns illness so she will not have to accompany h e r a u n t to tea, b u t finally confesses t h a t Archie Clark is to call when he sees t h e light in t h e window. A u n t Mathilda highly disapproves of Mr. Clark because he is a penniless lawyer; and even t h o u g h Alice declares t h a t h e h a s a rich uncle, h e may live for m a n y years yet. W h e n W o r t h comes in a n s w e r t o t h e light, he is taken for Archie and receives from " A u n t i e " a sound lecture, t h e pearls and diamond " h e " h a s given Alice, and orders to leave t h e place. Archie soon appears a n d is mistaken for W o r t h whom K e n n e t h h a s engaged as gardener. T h e plan of Archie's a n d Alice's elopement is interrupted by t h e news of t h e rich u n cle's accidental death. W h e n t h e fortune falls to Archie, A u n t Mathilda decides t h a t she h a s liked him all t h e time a n d consents to t h e marriage of t h e two. W o r t h is found to be Annie's old sweetheart, and K e n n e t h is promised his longed-for t r i p to South America. T h e Red Lamp b r o u g h t good luck to all. T h e cast w a s :

erly portrayed and t h e a c t i ng was carried out perfectly to t h e most m i n u t e detail. To conclude a delightful evening, dainty refreshments of punch and wafers were served to all present.



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DENTISTS TAKE TILT B Y LONG SCORE / " \ (Continued from page o n e ) William W o r t h Donald Crozer WE HAVE IT K e n n e t h Deering Harold Smith WHAT? from t h e foul line. Jones hooked Mathilda D e e r i n g . . J o h a n n a Gerrits one foul and E. K n a p p one field goal Alice Deering Elsie Reed The best in quality, lowest averand one foul. B u t . W. Rassier al- Annie O'Shane Leela Gulley age prices a t most made u p for this by six of h i s Archie C l a r k . . . .Seth Oliver Terrell u n m i s t a k a b l e aims a t t h e r i n g from All t h e c h a r a c t e r s were very clevTHE 20TH CENTURY STORE the field. Lutz found it four times and Douglas four a n d Erickson twice and Babcock, Hord, and L. Rassier each once. T h e game ended THE FAMOUS CANDY SHOP with a final score of 64 to 26. T h e lineups were: Home Made Candy FINE PRINTING Pacific College N o r t h Pacific Woodward 7 F 14 L. Rassier Hot Lanches Served OF ALL KINDS P. Brown 2 F 18 W. Rassier Lienard 7 C 10 Lutz , j Armstrong G G Kiefer Jones 1 G 8 Douglas E. K n a p p 3 S 2 Hord S Plant FIRST NATIONAL BANK S 6 Babcock N E W B E R G , OREGON S 4 Erickson KEEP YOUR RESERVE FUNDS WITH US WILDCATS VICTORIOUS OVER INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS THE QUAKERS (Continued from page one)

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DR. THOMAS W. HESTER Physician and Surgeon Office in Dixon Building NEWBERG, -:OREGON



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Michenenr for t h e faithful w a y he labored w i t h t h e team this year. He greatly helped our boys to develop team work t h a t compared well w i t h any o t h e r team in t h e conference, even if t h e boys couldn't h i t t h e basket. T h e lineup for t h e Linfield game was as follows: Pacific (17) ( 3 5 ) Linfield Woodward 5 F 4 Moorehouse P. Brown 2 F 7 Pugh Lienard 2 C 4 Wilson Armstrong 2 G 8 Konzelman E. K n a p p 4 G 2 Sho waiter D. K n a p p S 6 Fluharty Everest 2 S 2 Mullen S 2 Skinner S Martin S Lehman S Manning HOOPERS' RECEPTION A SUCCESS (Continued from page o n e ) W o r t h leaves t h r o u g h t h e window J w i t h t h e promise t o r e t u r n when h e

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UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK Capital, Surplus and Profits, $125,000 Accounts of Ptudents, faculty and friends of Pacific College invited I N T E R E S T PAID ON SAVINGS ESTABLISHED 1889

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